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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Makatizen unified ID card powered by GLOBE launched in Makati City


Makati residents are so lucky today because they are stepping into the future  for being the prime city model to have a local unified ID system called MAKATIZEN ID CARD that is powered by Globe, Gcash and iBayad. Turning Makati City as the country’s first connected city.

500,000 residents of Makati will soon replace their old Makati card with the high tech card provided by Globe Gcash and iBayad. The MAKATIZEN ID CARD will serve as the city’s primary valid ID with a feature that you can use to transact cashless to any stores, payment of bills and also receive cash allowances for seniors and etc.

Here are the features of MAKATIZEN ID CARD
- Card holders can access city government services and transact with the city government
- Paying of bills and other government payments in the city hall
- receive cash allowances, stipends and other cash benefits
- Pay fees, taxes and for personal remittances and other financial transactions
- For city government employees can use the MAKATIZEN ID CARD to receive their salaries and allowances
- It can also be an ATM card with a valid government ID CARD
- with zero transaction fee if used in any Landbank brances
- receive Globe Gcash rewards for using the card
- The card also displays the card holder’s account number from the OSPITAL NG MAKATI, with a swipe can help gather medical records and data of a patient and can be shared to other clinics or hospitals digitally

According to Mr Ernest Cu,  President and CEO of Globe Telecom “Thanks to Makati for taking the step for their citizen in launching the MAKATIZEN ID CARD with Globe, this is inline with the Globe’s creating a purpose and to build a better nation and we are proud to do this project with the premiere city in the country. The MAKATIZEN ID CARD contributes to the development of the city and it can help streamline the connectivity of the local based system.”

With the MAKATIZEN ID CARD, the residents are no longer needed to carry their cash or coins with them. They can now use the card by swiping, tapping or use the Gcash app to transact cashless to any stores, restaurants, cafe and even the smallest sari sari store and fish ball vendors. The MAKATIZEN ID CARD also help reach the marginalized sector from being a trike drivers, jeepney drivers, street vendors and etc. To be equipped with the latest tech system that can help everyone live in a convenient way.

The MAKATIZEN ID CARD can also make the card holder buy load, pay bills, water and electricity bills or send money to another Gcash holder. No need to go to an over the counter, you can transact and transfer money via tap or via an app.

Makati Mayor Abigail Binay says that the people without an ID can have this MAKATIZEN ID CARD. The card has a credibility and its a strong primary ID. A memo was sent and distributed to the business sector to let them know that validity of the MAKATIZEN ID CARD.

The most effective thing that the card can do is that you can use it to pay TRAFFIC PENALTY via Gcash immediately.

The MAKATIZEN ID CARD was launched first for the Makati LGU employees, and then later on, Makati residents can visit a caravan to their baranggay to get the new card. They need to bring the old Makati card and they will replace it with a new one. For those who want to apply for a MAKATI ZEN ID CARD, they can simply visit the city hall and apply one – but they need to wait first for the announcement when ready for application.

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