ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY opens new branch in MOLITO Lifestyle Center Alabang


Looking for your daily dose of chocolate? if yes, then you have to check this cafe and store that sells 100% pure chocolate. I'm so late with these kind of store and cafe concept but I'm glad that I've learned the existence of ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTOR CAFE, they have 4 branches here in Manila, the 3rd Asian country to have a branch outside Durango, Colorado, USA. Everything they sell is pure chocolate the uses the most highest quality of chocolate that is from the USA.

We know that the biggest and best chocolate maker is in the USA, like Hersheys for example, but that brand is the only mainstream chocolate maker we know since we are kids. But then there are chocolate brands that are much premium and taste better than the chocolates you know since you are a kid.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY  is one of the brand that make sure that you live like a kid again because of the different kinds of chocolate bites they offer, and plus, you get to taste the best and premium chocolate kind and we are so happy that we have it now here in Manila.

Short History:

It all began in May of 1981, high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, in the picturesque town of Durango. A new concept in candy stores was created when Frank Crail (pictured below), Jim Hilton, and Mark Lapinske opened the first Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. 

The idea for the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory began with a few batches of homemade fudge. From those humble beginnings the company has grown to have franchisees open stores across the United States, Canada, Guam, in the Middle East, and now in Asia. The chocolate for the retail stores is made at the 57,000 square foot factory in Durango. There they produce close to 3 million pounds of chocolate products per year.


The new branch is now open in MOLITO Lifestyle Center in Alabang, and their new store is a cafe concept that you can sit down, relax and enjoy drinking some coffee and chocolate based beverages, hot or cold, and then eat the best chocolate in town, of if you are just trying to chillax, just grab a cup of coffee and watch the window display filled with different kinds of chocolate.

Just take note: looking at the glass display cabinet filled with chocolate will tempt you to grab and take a bite. Be ready when you are inside the store


Here in the Philippines, ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY is operated by Royal Bear Confectioneries Inc.

I heard that their other branches in Manila are much different, because 2 of them are just store and not a cafe type. 

But here at their Molito branch, ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY  is a cafe and also a store.





The menu:

According to ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY , if you are here at their store, they are suggesting that you try their best sellers:

1. Signature Triple Chocolate Soft Serve - Decadent soft serve made with real chocolate on a crunchy chocolate waffe cone

2. Signature Chocolate Shots (only on weekends) -- I was actually looking for this, but too bad that it wasn't available when I was there this Tuesday

3. Chocolate Lava Cafe and Brownie Ala Mode - both served with vanilla ice cream and a dollop of chocolate

4. Sandwiches and Pies - puff pastries with sausage, chicken curry, chili con carne, or tuna toast. I also tried their salmon sandwich --wow!! its the best


Here are some chocolates that are displayed on their chocolate factory glass display cabinet
Take note that the chocolate item are sold as per piece.

Example, this Snowbal White Truffle is sold at PHP 165 per piece and the Birthday Cake Truffle is sold at PHP 165 per piece

Holy crap! I was there at the grand opening and I forgot to try some of these small bites. I will have my revenge when I visit their other branch in Shangri Mall Plaza or at SM Megamall.



They also have crispies cakes and cookies filled with chocolates.


They also have snacks available and also coffee beans that are blended with chocolates.




Chocolates for your take home snack.


For the Christmas season, ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY made some of these sweet candies that you can use for your chocolate cake or add on to your apple dip on caramel


ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY's hand dipped caramel apple are one of the crowd favorites and kids love this because of its colorful design


ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY presented this to us and its a wow!!!
its a milk chocolate cylinder filled with whipped cream and top with fresh strawberry fruit.


We got to try their custom your own hand dipped caramel apple. According to ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY, that their cafe can let kids and group of customers to try decor an apple filled with caramel, candy sprinkles and choco candies.

The SRP for each of that apple are around PHP360+

Im not sure if all branches have this activity, but try to ask the barista if they can help you make your own hand dipped caramel apple.


Here's my snow man!

I was planning to make a demogorgon caramel apple, but making a snow man is much easy than that Stranger Things monster.


Iced Hazelnut Chocolate


Strawberry Avalance
--- omg!! you have to try this!  it will be my favorite drink here at ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY Cafe.

The strawberry sweet taste is mixed with an iced coffee.

For me, this is the best!


You can also order hot coffee, espresso, flat white and etc







Visit Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Cafe in Molito Alabang
and also in Shangri La Mall Plaza, SM Megamall and UP Town Center in Katipunan

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