Happy 8th Birthday Ashton!

I need to post this in my blog, and hopefully that it wil remind us in the next decade about my son’s 8th birthday party. Happy birthday to my son Ashton,  enjoy the party and glad you chose to be an Avenger!

Save all your stories til we meet next month, I have lots of stories to tell too, We’ve been to many places and didn’t got a time to show each other our photos and videos of our own travel adventure. Im excited to be with you, because I don’t have someone here at home to discuss about Star Wars, the new Transformers toys and also Megaman. I haven’t bought your Megaman figure...been saving for something,  but I promise I will have it before you come back home.

Enjoy your stay there in Australia and we will be together again next month!!!
Daddy and Mommy Lace loves you.

Happy 8th year to you!

Thanks to Lace and her family in Australia for organizing the best birthday party for Ashton.
I hope I can have an Avenger party too here at home hahaha