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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Davao City - street dance and float parade - Kadayawan blog series part 3

For my final blog series featuring my trip in Davao City and the Kadayawan Festival, Im featuring here some of the photos I took during the street dance competition and the flower float parade, this is the main highlights of the Kadayawan Festival and people come here to watch the street dance presentation performed by high school students and then the next day is to watch the arrival of the flower float parade participated by popular brands and company who gave support for the success of this year’s Kadayawan Festival.

Its my first time to absorb the good energy of this festival and what I observed is that the festival is much more different from other popular festival here in the Philippines, while some festival are celebrated because of religion, but here at the Kadayawan Festival its about thanksgiving for bountiful harvest and also to honor the 11 tribes of Davao.

The Kadayawan Festival was upgrade last 2017 during the mayorship of Davao Mayor Sara Duterte, the festival is not just about thanksgiving, but also a way to honor and recognize the harmony with the 11 tribes of Davao.

While in Davao,  I felt that Im not in the Philippines, but I felt that Im in another country, because of its diversity of heritage and culture coming from different tribe of Filipino.

Kadayawan Festival came from the Davaoeno word "Madayaw" which means good or beautiful. This year they are celebrating its 33rd year and 2nd year for including the 11 tribes of Davao.

For travelers who want to experience more culture and tradition here in the Philippines, I highly suggest that you visit Davao City, because you will learn and explore more because of the introduction of the 11 tribes of Davao.

During the Kadayawan Festival, everything here in Davao is all about the harmony living of different tribes. Not just being a person from Davao, but also the people who lives in the mountains and at the sea, the lumad and the moro.

During the events that I attend here I observed that there are three kinds of prayer that are being recited before the start of the program, there’s the prayer of the lumad, the christian and the moro.

Watch the video here of Davao’s enumical prayer during the start of any events

Ang galing, so everyone prayed and it was like the perfect prayer for the Filipinos

Kadayawan Festival street dance contest and parade.

Wow!! Almost everyone here in Davao are here to watch and give support to all the dancers of the Kadayawan street dance. We are here so early at around 630am just to enter the closed roads and we’re glad that we’re on a media team of the TPB, we get to enter the area so easily.

But for others, they need to walk all the way from the other town just to reach the main festival ground near the municipal hall.

If you will attend and watch the festival events, I suggest you go here so early, bring lots of bottled water, or the good advice is that you book a hotel near the festival grounds, because its so hard to find a CR there, but my advice is go to a Jollibee or Mcdo store, if you plan to use the CR and have a rest there.

Lessons learned, I should be wearing a festival attire and not a photographer vest ahhaha. I look like a photographer for a newspaper or magazine.

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#EATGetaway team meets Asus Philippines team!!!

#EATgetaway with the TPB team

Blogger team from Manila are ready for the Kadayawan Festival

Here are my photo coverage from the street dance and float parade
All photos are captured by Fujifilm XT100 and for my selfie photos are captured by the Asus Zenfone 5

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