PHP1,500 Off the Grill buffet of Nostalgia Lounge and Bar in Joy Nostalg Hotel

Its our first time here at the Joy Nostalg Hotel in Ortigas and Im not aware that building in Ortigas is a hotel. And when there’s a hotel, there’s also a restaurant. I visited this building many time and I didnt noticed the sign at their lobby that there’s a cafe and bar above that can welcome guest and non guest of the hotel.

The most interesting about our visit is that we are amazed about the interior design of their Nostalgia Lounge and Bar, the hotel’s resto bar located at the 6th floor.

The resto bar offers a comfort for dining and also privacy, I know some people know this but posting this as a blog post might generate more visitors, especially for people who are looking for a nice dining venue for their private date, meeting or a friend get together.

Nostalgia Lounge and Bar offers breakfast, lunch and dinner ala carte and buffet. I read on a sign at the lobby that they offer PHP999 for a lunch buffet every day, they also offer a great tasting coffee for only PHP140 (super low rate for a hotel price for a coffee)

We are here at Nostalgia Lounge and Bar to try their offering -- the PHP1,500 Off the Grill Buffet every Wed-Thurs and Friday-- in all beef, chicken, pork, lamb, seafood grill, also includes pasta, pizza, desserts and salad, comes with refillable iced tea. They also give out freebies like one red or white wine bottle if a table is booked by 6 person, or get a free 2 bottles of win for a group of ten people in one table or get 1 1/2 bottle of win for 8 person in one table.

This the dining area of Nostalgia Lounge and Bar, it might look so vintage, but the feel is some kind of glam and rich.

Nostalgia Lounge and Bar located at the 6th level of Joy Nostalg Hotel in Ortigas.

The off the grill buffet is open from 6pm to 10pm only. You get to enjoy an unlimited seafood and meat grill + any other food offered on the table.

Dinner date with friends Ted, Jessa, Kat and my wife Lace.

The buffet area of Nostalgia Lounge and Bar. We arrived here at around 5:30pm, just 30 min before the opening of the buffet, and arriving early is a good start for dining guest, so that they can do an ocular first before the buffet opening.

Feel free to start with some appetizers, salad, pizza and then followed it with some freshly grilled seafood and meat.

Raw meat area for your off the grill buffet.
The resto bar staff is there to assist you if ever you are not sure where to start.
But the good advice is that -- start with the tastiest meat -- Rib Eye, then followed by Lamb chops and then Lamb ribs.

For seafood, I’ve tried the expensive one like the salmon and squid.
Wow!! Their salmon here is the best!!!!

Salad making area

More ingredients for your salad

To pair it for your grilled meat and wine --- cheese!!!

The buffet also offers a wide range of desserts.

They have this metal pan for you to place the raw meat and deliver it to the grill master.
I decided to get all the seafood that I want and placed it on one metal pan
And then go back for the meat afterwards.

The grill master is there to cook your raw meat on charcoal fire and for seafood it will be cooked on a hot pan

Perfect grill!!
I love the taste of the salmon, prawn, squid and the tuna panga.
Im not a fan of other sauce dip, but for my preference, I just want to dip it on a toyo-calamansi
Dipping it the pinoy way!

Trying this.. Gin tonic.
Super refreshing!

This cocktail has a lot of rhum kicks!!
Sarap!  I didn’t get to finish it… I just dont want to get drunk that night
Actually.I did get drunk that night hahahah

For my 2nd plate..this heavy hitter
Rib eye, Lamb chops and Lamb ribs

I super love the taste, the cooking is just right and taste more better if you use the lemon butter sauce for your steak.

I didn’t get another plate or 3rd plate for my grilled dinner, but for me that’s already a heavy meal So I end my dinner with some sweet desserts and hot latte to keep me awake and kill the tipsy feel hahaha

I super love their coffee! Wow!! The caffeine kick is so strong --- made me super awake til 3am.. Seriously!

Every Wed-Friday night at Nostalgia Lounge and Bar, dinner guest can also join the Salsa dancing activity. The resto bar invites everyone to try the salsa dance that will be mentored by Salsa Manila, a Salsa dancing group who promotes the dance by teaching the guest and also do salsa dance demo.

Thanks for the awesome dinner Nostalgia Lounge and Bar!
Me and my wife has experience a different kind of dining + salsa dancing.

For those who are interested to visit the resto bar
Just go to Joy Nostalg Hotel  in ADB Avenue Ortigas Center

Inquiries & reservations can be made through email ( or phone (716-1160).