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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Meet Jovi, Vivo's AI personal assistant

Smartphones today are no longer simple communications devices that surf the web and offer a few apps. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), today’s smartphones should be perceived as ‘platforms of intelligence’. Today’s phones strive to understand user behavior in ways that will elevate the user experience to greater heights. Gartner[1] has predicted that by 2022, 80% of smartphones will have on-device AI capabilities, this is up from 10% in 2017. In coming years, an AI smartphone will no longer be a ‘nice to have’, it will be critical to fulfilling consumers’ needs.

Most AI enabled smartphones in the market today are highly priced. However, Vivo is set to shake up the industry by including AI features into their phones at a much affordable level. The V11 model for example, is designed to understand the needs of users in an ‘intelligent’ and personalized way. For Vivo, the development of its AI features essentially elevates the user experience through better understanding, improved interactions and ‘decoding’ of scenarios in smarter and more personalized ways.

Meet Jovi, the personal AI assistant

The V11 comes with Jovi - Vivo’s AI assistant, that aims to take the user experience to new heights. Users will not have to stress about missing an action item on to-do-lists with the help of Jovi.

Picture a world where you have a virtual assistant to help you with your everyday mundane tasks. Jovi comes with features that are creatively incorporated into the V11 to enhance such experiences.

With Google Assistant, users can now utilize voice commands to complete actions with more convenience and more precision. With this feature, completing tasks, such as playing music or videos, sending messages, booking hotels can easily be done anywhere. The best part? These can all be done hands-free.
Jovi also enables Funmoji - a new and fun way to socialize with friends and families. The V11 can create a unique set of cute expressions using the AI algorithm by detecting changes in users’ facial expressions. This adds further fun and engagement when communicating with each other.

“Jovi - Vivo’s AI assistant, that aims to take the user experience to new heights”
Detects and recalls context and situations
Jovi also comes with Jovi Smart Scene and Google Lens that can easily decode context and situations accordingly. These two features are designed to help users to save valuable time while automating simple chores.
Jovi Smart Scene is a thoughtful and dedicated personal assistant that specializes in recognizing different scenarios and learns how to proactively support the user accordingly. It helps to provide users with more personalized services that are efficient, interactive and able to assist them in making decisions. From preempting users on bad weather forecasts to checking in on them when they are staying up late at work or updating them on the latest sport results - Jovi has it covered. Essentially, Jovi is the intelligent assistant that understands users’ needs in a better way.

“Jovi Smart Scene specializes in recognizing different scenarios and provides efficient personalized user experience”
Have you ever seen something you really wanted to buy but had no idea where to purchase it? Just point your V11 camera at an object, and the integrated Google Lens will identify it and perform related searches. Whether you see your dream dress in a magazine, or a dream travel location – just point your V11 at it and Jovi will tell you where to find it.
AI engine optimizes performance
The V11 is also here to accommodate the busiest workaholics. V11’s Jovi AI Engine delivers a more efficient allocation of CPU and memory resources than ever before. By ‘reading’ user phone usage habits, the CPU will provide a custom operating mode to consumers. For the high-performing professional, when the V11 detects that he/she is constantly working overtime based on their location and timing, it will remind them to take a rest early. The heart of the V11’s AI features is the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 660AIE processor, which features first-class energy efficiency and processing power that  seamlessly accommodates the busiest schedules.
Imagine having a smartphone that could detect the current apps being used and allocate exactly the correct processing power to optimize performance? This could be the hardcore gamer’s new best friend. The V11 also features an AI Game Mode to ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience, with features such as Game Assistant to access floating call alerts and background calls, and an Automatic Game Mode to run your game in the background while the screen is switched off – so you never lose your progress.

Beyond the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 660AIE processor, the V11 comes with a 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM setup which ensures storage is enough for all users. Not only that, Vivo’s Dual-Engine Fast Charging also safely tops up the large 3400mAh capacity battery at a rapid speed, ensuring that the phone battery is well-charged, so gamers can focus on winning.
The V11 is designed to provide a more personalized experience, and to streamline heavy workloads with ease. AI will be the catalyst to stimulate the growth of modern smartphone software and hardware. Essentially, it will be the core engine for understanding and interacting with users in a more intelligent and engaging way.

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