National Shrine of Our Lady of the Visitation of Guibang - Bambanti Festival 2019 part 3

A member of the media who are with us requested that if ever we can drop by to the church of the Our Lady of Visitation of Guibang in Gamu, Isabela. It was okay, because the route is near to our next destination: Ilagan City, where the Bambanti Festival ground is happening.

There’s an info banner in front of the church and it says that the image of Mama Mary was found on the river during the 1900s, and then was given to a poor family since they dont have money to buy an image of Mama Mary, the image found from the river started to show some miraculous activity, and then the town decided to build a church and house the image there.

Here are some photos from inside the church

We drop by here for awhile and offered a prayer and give thanks for our safe journey here in Isabela

Thanks for reading for my short post about this church

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