A visit to Hacienda de San Luis - Bambanti Festival 2019 part 2

For our 1st day tour around Isabela, since we are in Cauayan City, our tour guide from the Provincial Information Office of Isabela brought us here in Barrio San Luis aka Hacienda de San Luis.

I did some research that the entire barrio is the hacienda, during the early times this hacienda is a tobacco plantation. The Hacienda de San Luis was named after the saint of Spain - St. Louis.

The hacienda was badly affected during the war then it took years to recover with the help of the Philippine government. The hacienda is a witness of historical events and it also helped the community because of its agri production.

More info here about the hacienda at http://cityofcauayan.gov.ph/index.php/94-65-barangay/95-brgy-san-luis

Hacienda de San Luis is now a tourist destination, they now offer tours to their museum,the former warehouse for tobacco is now a function hall, they have a zipline, picnic area and bike area for kids and adults.

That old house pictured above is one of the original house from the past.

La Flor De La Isabela or The flower of Isabela is a cigar manufacturer back in 1887, the cigars are produced here in Hacienda de San Luis.

They use that large warehouse as their storage and production of cigars.

Here’s the tabacalera warehouse for La Flor De La Isabela

The old warehouse still uses the old materials. Old wood, nails, windows, walls and etc.
It is now converted into a function room that can house some events and parties

Pic via pinoy kollektor

I did some research and I found this old photo, Im not sure if its the old warehouse in Hacienda de San Luis but looking at the walls and post on the photo, it look the same as in the present photo of the warehouse

Entering the old warehouse will make you imagine that the town folks of the past are busy stacking dried up tobacco leaves and some of them are busy turning the tobacco to cigars.

Hacienda de San Luis has a museum, they’ve converted that old house which I believed as former barracks during the war.

There’s a big statue of St. Louis inside the museum and also different kinds of cigar that was produced by the tabacalera.

Miniature diorama are on display showcasing the early community life of San Luis in Isabela.  Photo above is a diorama during the Spanish times.

In one of the room showcases the modern community life of San Luis. The room is filled with photos of the first mayor up to the present mayor of Cauayan City, Isabela.

Here’s a traditional press for cigar making. Its made from wood and people use the apparatus to flatten the dried tobacco leaves for the cigar making

There was a boodle fight session that day for guest of the Governor of Isabela, I didnt got a chance to take pics of the food on the long table, but we got an awesome listening time with these kids playing some guitars and rondalla.

The kids played Huling El Bimbo...which I requested..galeng!

I used my Ryze Tello drone to record and snap some footage fro my vlog
So here’s a low aerial shot of us - Ely, Ted and me

The zipline area.

Aerial photo of the entire media guest from Manila.

I didn’t tried the zipline. I was so lazy that day hahaha, I just want to take some photos, video and also fly my drone.

But I realized that the zipline height is not that higher, so its okay and so safe to try it. Some members of the media and bloggers tried it and they say that the wind is much cooler from above.

Thanks for reading my Isabela travel journal, Im not sure if my information are accurate, but if not, feel free to correct me via the comments about Hacienda de San Luis.

Up next: A trip to church along the way and the first coverage for Bambanti Festival