Staycation: RedDoorz Plus at The Ridge Tagaytay - get your 20% off promo code here!

I’m back in my blogging page, after a 2 month break, I finally I got the energy to come back here in my blog site - Azrael’s Merryland Blog and Im here to post a lot of good content + I;m going to share some freebies, so don’t dare miss my blog post.

My new blog post is about my immediate staycation in Tagaytay, it was a very rough week for me last August 15, 2019 and I just need to have a mental break. Because of a lot of backlogs and content creation gig, My mind and spirit already pressed that SOS button, it means that I need to take a break even I am on a break! Hahaha

Im going in and out of the town and the traffic in Manila adds more stressful feeling to me, there are times that I  dont want to go out because I’m tired and I need more break --- while on a break!

So I decided to go out of town for awhile and inform my wife and kid that I need to check out that place in Tagaytay, so I booked on a Reddoorz hotel via the app and I got that Reddoorz hotel room at Cityland Tagaytay.

Then on the next day, I was traveling to Tagaytay, I noticed that my booking is weird.

I learned that the hotel gave me another booking and its at RedDoorz Plus at The Ridge Tagaytay, they transferred me to another hotel because Cityland is already fully booked. Ok that was weird, but then the sudden change of room is a blessing.


Because I’m targeting to get a nice room with a view at RedDoorz Plus at The Ridge Tagaytay AKA Tagaytay  Econo Hotel, and few months ago that room with a nice view is always fully booked.

So when I learned that I'm transferred to RedDoorz Plus at The Ridge Tagaytay, it is OK for me.

My check in time is at 12nn but I arrived at around 1pm, because I made a stop over in Fora Mall to eat my lunch, then I rode the tricycle going to Tagaytay Econo Hotel for my RedDoorz Hotel room.

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Upon entering the hotel’s front desk, I asked for assistance on how I can process this reference code to get my room. The friendly front desk girl help me get a verification of my code and after a few minutes, she said that I can sign some documents --- the usual hotel guest registration, and then after that I got my hotel room key.

The front desk girl also informed me that my check out for the next day is at 12nn, I can call them on the phone if I need some assistance, I'm glad that they have a phone inside the room, but the saddest thing that I learned is that they dont have a restaurant inside, they have a nice and big dining area but they are not serving food. But the hotel girl told me that the owner of the hotel has a restaurant across the street, we can buy food and let it deliver here in our room, I just told her that its okay, I'm interested to visit that resto and eat my meal there. 

So here’s the look of my room at RedDoorz Plus at The Ridge Tagaytay
My room key is letter “L” hahaha I think it stands for “Lace” the name of my wife.

I didn't carry my own toiletries that time, but the hotel managed to prepare some soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, tissue and towel for me

And here’s the terrace with a view!

This room cost around PHP1.7k at RedDoorz Hotel

If you are looking for a quick getaway then I suggest you check out their simple hotel and enjoy a very relaxing room with a terrace view

My stay here is awesome! Because of the super fast 40mbps high speed internet. Wow! That’s the fastest internet speed here in Tagaytay.

The Wifi internet is free when you check in here at RedDoorz Plus at The Ridge Tagaytay

They also provide 2 bottled water.

The phone….medyo old but its working properly

The best thing also is that they posted emergency hotlines.
Few hotels do this and Im glad that RedDoorz Plus at The Ridge Tagaytay is doing a great job

Here’s the closet, cable tv and super cool aircon

The bathroom
Did you noticed that bidet ???   grabe that’s the best tool ever in a hotel. Another good job to RedDoorz Plus at The Ridge Tagaytay

Another plus is….the hot shower is working properly!!! Hallelujah!

RedDoorz Plus at The Ridge Tagaytay uses refillable bath gel and shampoo.
Im surprised that they are practicing zero waste and avoiding to use plastic and sachets

LOL naka pikit pala mata ko dito

Bathroom sink.  Oks naman yung flow ng tubig.

Here’s my view

My hotel check in is done!!
Pwede na ko mamasyal around Tagaytay

I called on some friends who lived here in Tagaytay, para naman may kasama ako
So they visited me in my hotel room and then we went around Tagaytay, parang weekend lang..but this was on weekday, wala gaano traffic and konti lang tao around tourist spots.

Newt and Marco’s drink, and that cookie...bili ni Aki haahah  ang laking cookie!

For our dinner, Aki brought us to this popular Tagaytay Lomi House near NBI, and after I seated in a wooden long chair. This house cat sat on my foot and making pa cute and begs for lomi food.

And here’s the PHP 60 big bowl of lomi from Tagaytay Lomi House

Wow ang laki!

Tambay night with Newt, Marco and Aki and then after some hours Millie arrived to visit us.

Next morning!

We ate our breakfast at Kaye and Ryan Resto across the street. The owner of the resto is the same owner of Tagaytay Econo Hotel.

Btw, Newt and Marco booked their hotel too, so they stayed in another room.  I forgot to mention earlier about their stay.

And here’s my tapsilog and coffee!
Grabe. Sarap ng breakfast ko tapos the weather is cooler and the view is great!

So that’s it guys!!! I hope you enjoyed my come back in blogging and also my feature about RedDoorz Plus at The Ridge Tagaytay.