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Saturday, March 06, 2004

The Artists' Den Meet up

from mind controlling children shows to pamela wan song.....
this is what we do...

maraming salamat dun sa nagpunta sa meet up kanina

attendance check !

-hapi bday kay camy! astig talga!
salamat sa brownies!

nag blow ng candles si camy sa meet up! astig! tnx kay Rg and Ariel sa photo shooting ehheeh..kulitan ng mga pics siguro natin

-talkies..about comic...ideas....teletubbies mind control etc.

-toilet incident ...opps...might be another comic release by lico

-battle of the nerds...hehheh...beat that finger cutting joke!

-coffee! more coffee! na ko maaksidente..take my pic baka di nyo na ko makita next week.....joke lang!

-incubus concert!!!! camy made a skin tatoo promoting the concert...hope she wins the one on one meet up with incubus band!

-work! work! work! shifting from advertising to...the next chapter!
nuff said

-ito ang beat sabay sabay....chant..camy and Rg!!!

-pamela mela wan!!! oh no!!!! stop it lyndon!

-deviant art party?? friendster party?? beerkada partty??? whats next??

- welcome to the next level !....

-AStroboy 3d long sleeve shirt for sale! and red jacket Johnny blaze skull embroiderd design (glow in the dark ba yan?)

-more Az ghost stories...and ABS CBN's NGINIG! ......nakakanginig nga ba?

-pictures here! picture and lyndon will have our own digicam..ahhahe..kakaingit...we want to take pics too!

-camera with mp3 player...thats different?
how bout camera with cellphone? instead of cellphone with camera?

-Wormtounge is taking over the losing weight and my hands are growing!

-computer keyboard and mousepad hand can i avoid it.
tnx to syeri and ariel for the hands are floating while typing.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Flyz under the chair
why these BOys....are their eyes wide open!
click the pic to find out..and read that @$@@% comic strip

comic strip by Lico Reloj (Asong Makulit Prod. and Artists' Den :)

thanks Lico.

Unexpected visitor
damn! last night Me and Ryan was visited by a ghost outside our house.
and man..our neighbors pet dog are freaking out...and now while im typing this...the ghost is outside.
and i can feel it!! damn......
i can feel my hair raising! and a low sound entering my left ear....oh...i got goosebumps now!

Download Azone

Ito ang beat Coke Commercial
click here to download

Always by Erasure
click here to download
low version

Komikero Hiking Society in Lake Padin in Laguna
click here to download
Jonas and Johnny naked moments! eheheh (for 18 above only!)

Megalomaniac az
ya im a little hooked on this new album of Incubus. also im buffing up for the upcoming concert
coz some fallen angel told me that theres someone will treat me to their upcoming concert here
im check a good boy...!!!

music is cool ! check it out 14 tracks and a 4 track vcd covering some live concerts and interview
a semi-cloudly music walking in my ears!

Az's Mom
just talked to my mom last night. and its fun to talk to her again in Yahoo Messenger, discussing some things that i havent discuss in my about having my own family soon.. geez..its a grown up talkies..but its great to have that first time. lab ya mom!

Hm...i think il be out of the country soon! maybe next year ! wow...(crossing fingahs!)
and hope that my life will start there with my baby.
miss u baby!! more chocolates for you next next week!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

long long time ago

in a galaxy far far away

Star Az
Hyper Episode 1

After the long battle in Mos Eisley and near end of the clone wars, the galactic empire
almost won the final battle, but to their mistake they forgot about the Stormballs.

Where are these funny guys with helmets.
The Stormballs are out in Mos Eisley for they will under go a one year training for the great battle and performance next year. it will be the FATHER OF BOY BANDS!

And then the Oscars Awards finally released their winners and the whole nation was
stunned after seeing that The Lord of the Rings won all the category
The Empire will have their revenge next year.

The solo flight star wanderer Azrael, cruise its way outside the deserted place in Greenhills together
with the bands of Mutants, and then ended with happy goodbye and smiley faces after hanging out with the mutants.

Today the star wanderer is back again in his own planet.working his way and driving away bad spirits(washing clothes)
then the ever beautiful princess finally talked to him, and got all the instructions for the next episode of his life.

so much word to describe to these events, but all i can say is....P#@#@ !!! IM BACK !!!!!

tnx to :
lily for the tips
oneal and SWP for the pics
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