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Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Az How I Cook show

Barilla Pasta
Hunts "Real Tomato Pasta Sauce"
Armour Chili Turkey Meat and Beans sauce
Kraft 100% Parmesan Cheese
Jif Peanut Butter (n/a)
San Miguel Beer (n/a)

Do As Infinity
im busy again here at home. fixing and updating all the website that needs lot of attention. like Toycon website, Matrix Phil website and other website the needs facial lift.

for now im stil experiencing pain in my injured ankle..oh man
when will this thing stop aching!

Ordinary Az
Me and Tin went out for a movie last wednesday and it was a great movie out with her, we watched Spiderman 2 (me again) and Kill Bill Vol.2, nice to hang out with her again.. i really enjoyed the whole day work-break-free time we had that day. thanks tin and hope we hang out again. miss ya!

this SPider-man doll cost P3,500 in Robinsons Galeria, so cute..and you can hang it in your wall like the wall crawler. size hmmm.i think the doll is in 3 feet.

work time
me and my team will be working on a Audio Visual Presentation for a company in Greenhills and this will be my new work for this month, I was very unprepared for our meeting and im glad that i didnt disappoint the President of the company for I arrived so late. Im happy that my team mate is very cooperative for this new project. im crossing my fingers for this and hope our plan convinced them,.

Megamall video softday
me and RG hang out in Megamall, then we stayed inside Digital Playground inside Megamall's Cyberzone, where they showcase the technology of some Pc, DVD, and the video editing tool 'Pinaccle', one of the guys who manned the store made a chit chat on us and then after that RG start to demonstrate the software Pinaccle, while me was asked by the guy to show him to edit audio files in Sound forge.

Event Time
Level up, Nokia NGAGE and Gravity will have an event this saturday in MEgamall Cinema. for they will feature the anime series Ragnarok, from the hit Multi Mass Role Playing Game now has an anime series.

the anime is airing now in Japan since April, so maybe its time that they show this anime here in the Philippines.

program will start at 3pm and film viewing will start at 7pm

Nautilus comics will host a free comic seminar and workshop this saturday in Powerbooks Greenbelt, lecturers will be headed by Nautilus top comic artists and creator, workshop will start at 1pm-4pm.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Yao ding ni

i was invited by my sis' friend ALmond to her bday party , and i prepared that night, coz i dont have any gigs this week. i just stayed home for the past 2 days, for my ankle injury rest.

and for the latest update on my injury, the swollen part of my foot depleted and i can still feel this terrible pain in my ankle.
im having some problems in climbing and going down to the stairs.

all day! i fix our washing machine. instead of buying a new one, i have to fix it my self. and damn! i got electrocuted after i fix it. and it hurts! ..grabe ! my finger got burned!

and then...after i fix it...(they call me Mr. Az Fix it!) i do my laundry right away!

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online every 1am and sometimes in the afternoon!

Almond party

it was her bday ! and the food is great!
thanks ALmond for the invite ! i love the pasta! and tnx to your mom for recording the Toycon coverage of Pop Myx.

geez..never been to a girl night out party! ahehhe.tnx to Gold, Katz,Lauren, Almond, Myka, my sis, and to the other 3 girls for that marathon and bday party! also at the party newly wed Acel Bisa, former vocalist of Moonstar88 was there with her husband.

thanks again to Almond for the Spiderman 2 poster!
Happy Bday to Us July babies!

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Enter Sandman
its been a busy weekend for me and still trying to fight the pain in my ankle. im still in not a good condition and im trying to find a way how wo cure my injury, now im staying home, resting coz i got a really bad night after i experience a great pain in my ankle glad that im home.

Exit Light! Enter Night!

My outfit that night!
thanks to Your own Art airbrush shop my shirt
shop located in SM Manila, top level

Boys at the old Cafe

its me, rG, Lydon and Ryan that night, in Starbucks Megastrip, our old hang out of Artists' Den, topics are Why do people like to cosplay?, About the Spiderman 2 movie, Rg shoot us with his digital video cam with us doing some funny stuff!

Lyndon: Hello im Lyndon Gregorio! Welcome to
Ryan: hello! im Ryan Orosoco Welcome to
Azrael: Hi! im Azrael and welcome to my Merryland!

Az Chii ! this one beats the Chii Cosplayer ahhhahaha!

Mcdonalds photo


Mini Stop photo
look at this Spiderman wrist candy!
check out the Totoy Mola Drink! haahahahha

MTV ink party
party night out last friday in Mega Strip. I was late and but got in time for the live performance of NARDA, nice to see friends like Bernie Sim of MTV ink and NArda manager Jovan, rocker friend Therese, nice to chat again Katwo, vox of Narda, and her fiancee Mico, also a Star Wars fanboy!

after their live act, me and RG left the venue when 6cyclemind performed, just to fill our empty stomach in Mcdo! Big MAC !!!!!! then Ryan and Lyndon followed us at the venue!

it was a fun night!

Me and Katwo(vox of Narda)

Free Comic Book Day

its the annual celebration of comic stores around the world
i stayed at the Comic Quest in MEgamall just to check out the crowd and for the event! people there welcomed me and congratulate me for the success of Toycon 2004! wow!

here are some photo scenes of the Free Comic Book Day!
Comic Quest crowd, and check out the ala-Matrix bullet stop Superman

Dr. Octopus of Bong Seriosa, very funny!

Carlo Pagulayan and Dennis Crisostomo (Comic Duo for Emma Frost (Marvel))

Lolla Paul ozza party
Happy Bday to Paul! they name his party Lolla Paul ooza bday party
also..tnx for inviting was like me bday party too hahaha
tnx everyone! and tnx for the band Silme and the Sugardrops!
tnx paul! matanda na tayo ahahahaha!
Happy Bday to us !!!

my arrival caught in pic! im late !!!!!


The band!


Azrael VS. Dante
Camera Duel
my shot! ( i lost!)

Dante's shot! (he wins!)

Bday hot night
i left the Lolla Paul ooza that night, and stayed for only 2 hours just to go back for my girlie friend Mai, who just finished watching Spiderman2 in Sta. Lucia..sorry girl!! i left you there! im glad that you r ok ahhahhahah... after that! we hang out and then she gave me my Bday Massage! wow! last year it was like that to my other friend. but this really make me so relax and put me to sleep in no time!
tnx and hope to meet ya again!
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