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Friday, July 16, 2004

Blog Knight Returns
its a hell of a week for me...and I think it is a very unproductive week for least.that my ankle is fully healed!! wohoooooo!!!

as Peter Parker says! "IM BACK !!!!!!!!"
then..afterwards....."aWWWW MY BACK !!!!!!"

i know it will hurt..but problem is..i have some difficulty in walking too fast and running across the street, a painful experience last fri..and it hurt so bad!

Audiobook Marathon
i got this new addiction of listening to Audiobooks..yup.thats right
my first was...(except Star Wars) Batman Knightfall Audio book.
i got a copy from the internet and i was really excited on the flow of the story. I read the full story in its original comic format, but listening to the audiobook is really cool...its just like a movie..

and my first time to listen the voice of the character Azrael.

Story was..Batman mets Azrael, the avenging angel of st. dumas, then 1st appearance of Bane, who then breaks the spinal cord of Batman, then Azrael takes in charge and wears the Batman-suit.

here are some audio samples.

1st Appearance of Jean Paul as Azrael

Appearance of Bane.targets the Batman

Azrael wears the Batman costume in a battle side by side with Robin (Tim Drake)

photos from the baul

Janet, Nelz, (back) Azrael, Ariel and Ryan

got this photo from Rollan of Artists' Den, he took this pic i think 3 years ago..and im laughing at my seat when i saw it..all of us were... young! and taken inside the cafe of Liberty Center
i was still a newbie that time..i met people like Ariel Atienza, Lyndon Gregorio, Nelz Yumul, Jo Rayton, Rollan Rodriguez, Fluxx, Ryan Orosco, Janet...and some unforgettable faces the i already forgot their names..
i was recruited by Jaclyn Lim to join to the group. and im glad that i met them all! My Life really changed when i met them. cool art group!

pa-baby effect Azrael hahhahaha!

Ragnarok Anime showing

last saturday i went to watch the free showing of Ragnarok Anime in SM Megamall Cinema 4, sponsored by Level Up , Nokia NGAGE and Gravity.

i arrived at the cinema at 4pm, there are lot of people lining up but they already closed the gate, coz the registration ended after 3pm.
so many people are disappointed and then waited for the second screening at 5pm.

so me...why wait..?? i like to watch the first screening so that i still have time to go to Star Wars Philippines meeting in Podium. I tried to talk to the girl ticketeer but she was ordered not to let anyone inside coz its already a standing room only. SM Megamall will not allow their cinema in full jam pack. So im cool at that i used my Jedi power mind trick to the girl..and gave her a nice wink..and then...i went inside in a matter of seconds..there..i watched the first 2 episode of the standing room mode.

Ragnarok Cosplayers
they will wear their costumes this saturday in SM Manila screening.
btw..there's Irene, Mage cosplayer last Toycon 2004. one eye popper to all Toycon audience...cute pala sya...kahit wlang costume.

Jedi talks and Jaba dance
ehheh..its nice to see these Jedi..and i enjoyed hanging out with them.
im so late for their assembly..but got the time to in the hot mode discussions of some starwoids stuff.

after the meeting we dine inside Mcdonalds and there..the horrible revelation has begun!

Burt Gabot a Trekkie and head of Sci Fi Philippine group...seen in the picture examining the Star Wars Galaxy Map and i think he's interested in assimilating the whole SW-verse, actually he's already a SW boy. hehhe
peace Burt! i miss your Shuttle POD runaway mission ride.

Sis Meann and Jedi master Gary give us some talks about the next Power Puff movie, the who's who will be the actor for Dexter's Lab and more Space Ghost coast to coast talks....and love to that Praying Mantis creature.

then after the talkies...the big guy spoke to me..and apologize..
thanks man...glad your brave to face it.....hehe.thanks for the Hug hahhaa

Thursday, July 15, 2004

"Comics Do Not Have Research Value"

i got this...very interesting article by Mr.Gerry Alanguilan, I found this entry in his online journal, also got an experience like this before in MTRCB when we got some trouble getting a permit to exhibit of a short film...they asked..and they didnt even know what a short film. all they know that it is only the end credits. geeez..

Komikero Comics Journal

Posted 7/12/2004 08:26:50 PM by Gerry Alanguilan
If you are a publisher and you wish to publish a comic book here in the Philippines, it is preferable that you acquire an ISBN for stand alone comic books and an ISSN for serial comic books. An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a special number assigned to a single publication, like a book. This will facilite cataloging, inventory, and sales. If you wish to sell your book abroad for instance, an ISBN is essential if you wish to be carried by places like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. This ISBN is a simplified way of identifying your book and its exact edition. It is encouraged that all publishers use it, and in fact in certain countries, it is required by law.

In the Philippines, the local ISBN Agency is the National Library along Kalaw Avenue. If you try to apply for an ISBN, you will be in for the shock of your life. You will be told that comics are not allowed to have ISBNs or ISSNs because comics do not have "research value". They will not give it ISBNs because comics are not "books". Asked why comic books like Pugad Baboy have ISBNs, you will be informed that it was a "mistake". They will tell you that they based their policy on the International ISBN Agency's ISBN User's Manual published in Berlin, Germany.

This is based on the experience of several of my friends who have published their graphic novels and were denied ISBNs by the National Library. Some of them were eventually given their ISBNs, but with GREAT difficulty.

Incensed by this baffling series of events, I tried to learn all that is to learn about ISBNs from its history, to this "User's Manual" that National Library employees gleefully point to as their source of guidelines. I even wrote to the International ISBN Agency in Berlin to find out just what this is all about.

And what have I learned? It turns out the National Library people's assertions and policies are a whole load of HORSESHIT.

The Director of the International ISBN Agency himself, Dr. Hartmut Walravens wrote me back with the following reply:

Hi, Gerry!

You are quite right - ISBN is a technical identification tool without
any connection to the contents of publications. So if they are
monographs they are eligible for ISBN.
We will pass your message on to the Manila ISBN Agency, and I hope
everything will be all right!


Hartmut Walravens

So the assertion of the National Library that ISBNs are not given to comic books because it has no "research value" is baseless. Their opinion, no matter how uneducated and unlightened it may be, does not have any bearing whether a publication is given an ISBN or not. Indeed, they are in NO position to deny ISBNs to any publication. All that matters is for them to follow the guideliness (if they even bothered to read them, and if they did, understand themn correctly) faithfully and decide what numbers to give, be they ISBNs or ISSNs.

The term "book" or "monographs" in the context of ISBNs, according to the manual, is meant to mean "publication" of limited, definite length. This includes pamphlets, maps, transparencies, books on cassettesm or CDs, CD Roms with text contents, Internet Publications and so on.

So their assertion that comics cannot be given ISBNs because they're not "BOOKS" is so simpleminded that it's mind boggling.

It's terriby frustrating when you encounter people so uneducated to be in power and in charge of something important for the county such as the dissemination of information and preservation of culture. For anyone in their position to believe that comics have no "research value" is insulting and dangerous. Their lack of respect for this material bodes ill for the preservation of a true artform.

Some with the power and the brains needs to fire these people immediately before its too late.


I did not vote for Fernando Poe Jr., but times like this I wish he had won. It would benefit Philippine Komiks greatly. It's no secret that FPJ was a huge supporter of comics and the people who worked in it. He was friends with lots of comic book artists and writers and he would often hold parties in his home with comic book people as his guests. I heard he recently returned bound comic books to writer Pablo S. Gomez which had been given to him by the writer because he was concerned about damaging them, preferring to have photocopies instead. That simple act tells me that this is a man that has a huge respect for comics and considers them worthy of preservation.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

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