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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Imelda: Documentary Film
Directed byRamona S. Diaz

Imelda, the documentary hit with controversy over its content and its delayed release, is a solid film to watch and not only that it is also very educational and very informative.

Despite the title, Imelda is not really a biographical flick of the former first lady of the Philippines as it concentrated more on the political side of things from Imelda Marcos' attractive campaign for her dictator husband in 1965, adding beauty to the country in a personal way, meeting varied world leaders "the human way" (she met Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro just to name a few), governing Metro Manila, enjoying the richness of life while millions of Filipinos suffered, running as a presidential candidate in 1992 and 1998 and the road goes on!

Complementing the informative archive media footage of historical events were interviews with a huge variety of people from Imelda's childhood friends to reporters to former government officials and to US officials.

What makes Imelda striking is the huge amount of information that can be learned. Imelda Marcos has her delusions until now even claiming that she's "innocent" from being involved with human rights violations on 70,000 Filipinos, salting away money, etc.

True to documentation, Imelda had interviews of people from both sides of the arena: one side telling the negative view and one side favoring Marcos.

Cinematography's very good. The shots of Leyte are very beautiful and polished in grand fashion. The film's pacing is fast enough to keep viewers awake and interested.
Hat's off to Ramona Diaz for this very solid documentary. Imelda may even start a trend of political documentaries on Filipinos. Better not miss this movie!

Imelda Docu Film: Az  Take 1
I watched Imelda docu film..with my friend Ricky and Reitchand astig sya..eheh..medyo di ko din kasi alam yung mga history ng mga marcoses and grabeyung story.i really like the treatment they made for this docu..ok yungcinematography nya. and the execution of the visuals are wellpresented.

No special effects karamihan ng mga pinakita ay mgafootages and live events kamakailan lang.hindi lang tungkol sa 3,000 shoes yung documentary film..medyo may mga laughs at mga nakakatawa eksena sya.well..some of the viewers are mad while watching the film, coz Imeldastayed innocent as she said. vs. all the accusations against her..i think she had more than 100 cases

if you like politics and the history of pinoy politics.ok sa inyo itong movie.pero just keep your angst for the moment you watch it and later release it after the movie na lang.coz some people in the cinema got over reacted on some scenes in thefilm...(shouting inside the cinema) , which..really !

..after I saw Imelda discuss on some topic about Peace and Order...and what the hell is PACMAN doing at the topic..and..some sort of 7 Portals of the movie if you want to and find it out.

When I was in grade school.during the presidency campaign , i think that was 1986..not sure.. the time Cory Aquino run for president.I got a news with my neighbors that the caravan of Pres.Marcos andImelda will arrive in our street in Forbes. so my play mates told methat they are going to show the president their Philippine Flag flyer(which the marcoses use the paper flyer flag as the symbol of its candidancy),my play mates told me that they are going to wave the flag and rip itoff in front of them,,and then i told do it.but when the time the caravan arrived, i saw them raised the phil flag flyer(colored back to back) and they ripped it when the caravan arrives in front of them.

In matter of seconds i told my self that.why should i rip the Phil.Flag.its the flag of mg country why should i do that. then thecaravan approaches in front of me..i was staring at the Pres. and Imelda , waving their hands and cheering the people.some of the people crowded at the back of their caravan, and itleaves no people left in front of the caravan, as they passed infront of me. 

I was standing and looking at them with no reaction.then suddenly Ferdinand Marcos looked at me and said "hey boy, we aregiving away some free Hats and goodies at the back why dont you gothere and get some free stuff" , then Imelda look at me and wave atme. and said that i should go at the back to grab some that time..i cant believe that some powerful person talked to me.and that was a great experience for before i watchedthe docu film, memories started to flashback and it is still fresh inthe back of my brain.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Ultimate Hero Clix Comic

Events and Conventions
Filbars Launching at the Ayala Center Cebu
There are anime cosplays, hobbies displays, fashion show, anime showing, video games, drawing contests, tournaments, local bands and dance numbers.

CosParade on ICE

The YAOI Dudes in cooperation with the SM Ice Skating Rink invites all of you to...

Cosparade On Ice (aka Anime On Ice)
July 31, 2004
SM Megamall Ice Skating Rink
Skating starts at 4pm, Show Proper is at 6pm
Ticket Price: 80pp (Look for Itachi Uchiha & Gaara)
For Advance Ticket purchasing ask your friendly neighborhood YD for more info.

With the special Dance performances by:
Mini-Moni Philippines from WAA
Hello Morning (Comic Alley Girls)
Ice Musume (Cosplay Skaters)

*special NARUTO headgears to be given away

We'll see you at the ice.

ps. Anyone can post this msg to any Mailing list or can also be forwarded to any given email account.

note: ( * ) - the NARUTO headgears will be as a special prize for early patrons and /or advance ticket purchase to be specified on the next post

Comic series coming in Philippine TV

On Feb 1977 at the age of 15 Lorna Tolentino
did the short lived Darna TV series for KBS 9.

Gma 7 has recently signed up Darna and soon it will be aired on Philippine TV. News that Iza Calzado will be the next actress to wear the Tiara of Darna. Mulawin also a new comic series will be aired together with Darna., ABS CBN 2 got their own comic series...Krystala, a new heroine will be launched in ABS, actress Judy Ann Santos will be the main super hero of the comic series.

TV is now capturing this chance showing comic related tv series and also in movies. I think they got the vibes when all of the superhero movies previously slam bam to box office hits

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The AZ video game
me and my game developer are talking everyday and he updates me on the new developement for the "Azrael's Adventure in Merryland"

The Game is about me, having this adventure in my own Merryland, where all of my Sheep is gone and kidnapped by unseen foe.

the mission will be I'l be gonna search and rescue all my Sheep and bring them back to my ranch in my Merryland.

By the use of this Whoop Ass Magic Stick, i can eliminate all enemies blocking my way. and every stage..i have to fave each enemy stage boss.

the game play is like Mario Bros and Castlevania.
its a sidescrolling game...with lots of laughs..and look at the game so cute!!!

The game developement started last week and this was planned, i think 3 months ago.

today. he send me the game demo, and the it was great! i can see the animated me...walking and wields its magic stick.

this game will be available and soon be exhibited on our upcoming event on November 2004, The Philippine Game Developers Conference 2004.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Digital Bath
Thanks to Gabe for inviting us to her party last night.
and its cool and nice to meet and dance with your cute girl twin cousins...twins ba sila?

Gabe Party photo album 1

Gabe Party photo album 2

i was late that night. because of the heavy rain, and im 1 hour and a half late.I arrive almost 8:30pm. and Im glad that the party started a minute after.
Ariel, Ricky, Hec, Miao, Carl, Priss was there..and we are in one big table.

there are lot of people at the party.all of them are Gabe's family, its like a family reunion and bday party.

after the meal, Gabe invited me to a dance...and she introduced me to her friend Mark, and twin girl cousins, it was a hell of a dance floor. we rocked the whole night. I was little careful, coz my broken ankle just healed, and after the straight one hour dance, me and the others left the party.


While inside Reitch mobile, we got the idea to go to The Last Full Show gig in Gasoline Alley, its me, Ricky and Reitch Jam up at the Gasoline Alley, just in time to watch Sugar Free, Musings of the Cigarette Smoking Man and Quail Quartet, Mikah's new band after Fish Trio, jazzy music with Saxophone.

after the gig we ended hanging out inside Mcdonalds St. Francis Square, there we tested its 24 hour service..problem is...The Airconditioning is BAD !

problem 1: my right leg is some how....injured...i dunno why.
problem 2:i failed to go to Gackt Day
problem 3:no more money left in my pocket
problem 4: my body aches !!! im so tired.

but its one happy night !!

Az How I Cook part 2
hello Food fans!
welcome to my cooking show!

Ingredients are:
Cheeze powder
Light Saber
Screw driver
taste buds
Led Zeppelin Mp3

Star Wars Jedi Training

This game will attempt to make a worthy Jedi Knight out of you.
The force is strong within you and you have been selected to train under Jedi Master Yoda himself. Will you master the art of the Jedi? Will you learn to hit things while blinfolded and various other party tricks?
Only you, the player, can answer that...

Download The Game size:2.3 mb date:5/9/01

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