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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Stuff of Legends
They say Batman is the Stuff of Legends, thats why every part and story in the comic is very mysterious and lots of eerieness, Life in me is like a Legend, full of weirdness and extraordinary story that you will not find in other normal person. Am I normal? is this my gift or a curse?

for now.. I want to be alone, hope all my gurlets, should leave me alone for a moment, its time for me to get busy in work, and I dont want to be distracted. well for some other close girl - friends, its normal to meet and talk to me. putang ina! ang gulo ko noh?

Lightning Crash
Lightning Crash....a new mother cries.
Not a Typical Song you will hear everyday, but everytime i can hear this lighthning storm, makes me remember the horror of my life. i know its hard to live a life today with out a PC, my Pc is my whole life hehhe. even in High school, i used to call this a girlfriend, having the initials CPU, and my classmates thought that it was our Highschool girl classmate Cristina P. Uy, having the same intials with CPU as Central Processing Unit.

maybe have a girlfriend named GPU, thats Graphics Processing Unit, and not Grace P. Urdaneta (who the hell is she? hmm..hope she's real! hhhehehe)

Where's the MAP !
damn! im having some hard time surfing the net just to get a clear image of the vicinity map of Makati. why am i doing this?

because, im not familiar in the area of Makati, (sorry im just human)
I have this Cocktail Party of some business people in Makati, and the venue will be in Makati Sports Club, to hell! I didnt even know where it is located in Salcedo Village. oh damn! il be going out wandering in Makati in a formal suit, carrying my bag with Hockey Ice Skates, Jersey and Hockey stuff.

and to all my stalkers...i wont even tell here in my site when and what time. ehhehe..
Give me back my P5.00
I was walking in Rosario and then i got attracted to this Cover of a candy wrapper, with a Daredevil movie cover, and at the back is Elektra,
i really love Jennifer Garner, she's the sexiest babe in my life...

Php 5.00 for that candy and the sign said free with toy inside.
what i did is, I bought the item and hoping to get a Elektra-Jennifer Garner toy figurine or hoping to get Daredevil -Ben Affleck, or any character, so i grab one, and i zap my way riding the FX going to Megamall.

and here what i get !!!!
fuck !!! one small biscuits and one magnetic toy!
where's daredevil? elektra? jennifer garner??
i've been rip off by this food-toy gimik!!!!!!!!

Book haven
at last..i will be having my own hardbound book of Harry Potter, For FREE
complete set and i was thinking of getting also some Star Wars books.and add this to my collection, at books for my bookshelves,thanks to our sponsor Scholastic Book Fair.

also for other sponsor, thanks to Karen "Katch" Cheung, lovely girl and great artist, who volunteered to give away some prizes in our upcoming Aug 7 Deviant Art Manila Meet Up, for our Best Design Name Tag.

Deviant Art Manila Meet Up
A very success meet up of subscribers, a total of 30 artist went to our eyeball last wednesday. The event starts at 8pm and we finished at 12MD, Thanks to the Artists' Den in helping this brand new community emerge from the shadows.

here are our Deviant ARt Manila Attendance.

here are our Deviant Art Manila Eye Ball Poster
art by: Lionel Nelz Yumul

30,000 Hits Celebration
Yesterday i saw my counter hits logging 29,900 plus and now it reaches 29,952 hits, in a couple of hours or days, my site will be having a 30,000 hits !

im still thinking how will I celebrate this 30K hits!
thanks to all who visit and support my site !!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Crisis on Infinite Az
Everything is in chaos, every day...every minute I encountered this terrible disaster, im glad that i survived and faced this fucking challenges that nearly kicks my ass out to space orbit.
there some good news and soem bad news. well..thats what we call LIFE.

Lightning Strikes

it was raining that time and its like the end of the world. our home is into nearly high waters, that afternoon i didnt expect that it will happened to us. That's why i am scared of lighting, coz when I was a kid I was nearly stroke by lightning, I though it was a joke, but its not.

During the Mighty Rain, i was checking my mail and using the internet, i was making a special website for an Art event. Then i heard a lightning bang! outside our house and I saw flashes of lights in our window, then after that the ground starts to shake. I realize that the lightning has hit us. I immediately turn off our TV and computer.

Then after the rain, i tried to connect to the internet and no longer connects, my modem didnt recognize any dial tone. then we noticed that our caller id got busted, and then we found out that an electric current from the lightning flowed through our phone line to the caller id to the modem, im glad that we shut off the unit before it get toasted.

so countless days i got no internet connection, i bought a new one. but i found out that PCI slot for my brand new internal modem was toasted,it was useless. so thanks that i have to buy an external modem for my Serial port system..

Fate of the Sugardrops

well..goodbyes cant be avoided..but its the right thing.
some of our bands members are busy so they can no longer play for the band. and busy can go make up for the band too. differences is one of the reason of the band rest. and lots of training needed for me to play the guitar. and also for some matters that we discussed. its up to me and TJ be having a possible gig this saturday in Makati.

Empty Gas Tank
well..after the lightning disaster..i lost a big amount of cash for the repairs of my pc, and im in bog cahoots for some events coming in my way.
must do something!
will sing for money
will dance for money
will scrub your back for money
will do anything for money, except wash the dishes

Erase my mind
i just encontered a massive memory loss in my digital camera..and damn! it happened to me 2 times in one staright day and I lost 2 group files of pics of my trip, and here ...i dont have a nice pics that i suppose to be featured here in my website.

heres a pic from my trip somehere in the mountains

Reach my deadline
oh after the countless days of no internet connection, im here working lots of web works for a deadline i posted and promise for my contacts. right now im in establishing our own Comic studio, and hope everything is okay. got some gigs for my artists friends who trusted me on this work.

Az Video Game news
at least..i have some good news here! New screen shots of the game
Azrael's Adventure in Merryland. The Video game release will be on September 18, and hope it allows us to exhibit the game in the upcoming event U Got Game, a interschool game developement competition.

The Story: It's about a kid name "AZ" having its own ranch with 8 sheeps in Merryland. Suddenly, dark forces stole all the sheeps and kept in different caves. When the kid woke up from that sudden impact, a cute little fairy gave him powers such as "wings" to fly and his wooden stick with a "spark" at the end. His mission is to rescue all 8 sheeps and destroy all dark forces.

we will be collaborating with other indie artist. combining indie music, film, comics, art and etc.

hope this brand new indie gaming developement brings new grounds to the gaming industry here in the Philippines.

Deviant Art Manila Meet Up
organized by the Artists' Den

visit <--future website event organized by: Azrael Coladillla
Ariel Atienza
Jaclyn Ting Lim
Artists' Den
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