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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Popcorn, Honey, and Bazaar Adventures

It was a shopping day and bag hunt for me, a hunt for a new bad and it seems i got a hard time to pick up a new bag, a perfect bag for me, i call my bag the Utility bag or TEchie bag, which i put my CD Discman, Digital Camera, Shades, notebooks and etc. I searched it everywhere in the far reaches of the malls and bazaars and here my adventure starts.

Hunt 1 - Sta. Lucia Mall
i went there last monday, i think and i met some girl who bought Lace's Jrocker tshirt designs, which is now the best buy gift for xmas, after that I decided to begin my hunt there to buy myself a new bag for the coming 2005.

The bag sold there is fine, I really like that Samsonite body bag but my budget is not fit for the bag, and also I saw the Jansport body bag which i want it, but i decided to buy the cheapest bag coz i want to save money for January events.

Hunt 2 - Megamall
after my film marathon at home with Lace, I went to Megamall to check out the latest stuff of bag sold there, also same set of bags i saw, Samsonite and Jansport, but i saw a perfect bag with the brand Hawk Gear, but the problem of the body bag is that its color is too gayish and for girls, the shop attendant said that the color black is no longer available - poor me.

after that i went to dinner in KFC grabbing the biggest chicken and it will be my last full meal for the year 2004, eating and enjoying in KFC

Hunt 3 - Divisoria

its like a battle zone in Divisoria, its very crowded and too many items to choose and buy, I decided to stay away from the toy stores coz it got me distracted and almost bought that action figure. The bad sold there looks cool, but i dont want it coz its too common, i dont like to wear stuff that everyone already have it, i want it to be unique.

I was with my sister and her barkada, during the Divisoria shopping and lots of cool stuff they bought..all in F4 aahahaha

after that i went to Glorietta to watch Enteng Kabisote the movie, I watched the movie coz i got free tickets to movie...sayang naman kung di ko ito gamitin kasi dec 31 anf expiration nya.

Hunt 4 - Glorietta
after the movie, i ended up in Glorietta Mall and surf all the kinds of shop to look for that bag, and I saw a Lacoste body bag.but i didnt get the price and it already understood what will be the price of that bag...and then...while going home... i went inside "Human" shop, and whooollaaaa... i found my perfect bag...which is fit for me. not too small, not too big, and its the same size as my gray body bag (w/c is my fave bag that my daddy owns).

I decided to not let go of the bag, After checking it and then paid it to the cashier...

Prelude Hunt - Riverbank Marikina

I went here to buy a DVD for our film marthon with Lace on the next day and i decided to check out the bags and bought that Ultraman stuff toy priced tag P100 only, but my mission is buy a movie for our home date...and got a winning grab of Dvd video of Chasing Amy and Supersize me. and felt guilty and sinned myself for buying a pirated item...but its okay...its for our xmas home.

Az and Lace film marathon - Chasing Amy, I-Robot
thanks honey for the Incubus:Morning View CD Album

wahuhhuuhh...these are my cousins who celebrated Xmas in Sacramento, California,, and my sister and 1 cousin are left behind here ..and maybe soon we will join them on the next xmas.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Leg cramps and Chocolate Cake

im back here in Manila, fresh from our family gathering in Lucban, Quezon, and I almost cursed myself for not eating coz there are lot of foods and drinks at the party, it was 5 hour long drive from home going there,.but the fun never stops as I equip my self a digital camera taking some photos, feeling again like a tourist and listening to my discman, music booze of Brit Rock, indie rock, Kitchie Nadal, Linkin Parkm, classic music from the X-files, and damn.i forgot my Jrock and jpop audio Cds.

eeheeh..ang laki ng puto!

now im back home..after the 2 day stay in our im suffer a massive involuntary muscle pain in my leg, coz of the long trip and enjoying eating Chocolate Cake and chatting my girlfriend..wohooh.. (what a day!)

( playing in my dvd player Aliens Vs. Predator)

Artists' Den Battle Royale VIDEO DOWNLOAD

last year it was a serious meeting with the core members of Artists' Den,..Ryan Orosco, Ariel Atienza, Lyndon Gregorio and me Azrael Coladilla, made a schedule to have a serious --very serious meeting with the group for the preparation of C3con 2003.

but things didnt end the 4 of us argued on something and manage to hold a battle and face our ultimate fears.

it is serious....and we learned a very good lesson for our meeting.
beating each everyone doesnt solve the problems.. to explain..but here's the video of our SERIOUS meeting last year November 2003.

just point the mouse and then right click, click save target, aftert download, view it using Windows Media player.

Lyndon, Azrael Versus Ariel and Ryan Battle Royale

Face your fear

Lyndon jumps to a river, luckyily survives

Azrael gets dizzy of something.....

Azrael bares it all

Lyndon and Ryan closes the meeting Part 1

Lyndon and Ryan final farewell....Part 2

In the Middle of Screaming Mimis

Here's a video download, while i was hired to do a coverage of an event and we are trap in the middle of screaming girls at the NBC TENT

download here Azrael with Jerry Yan

Boycott the Manila Film Fest

Film makers and some serious film people are like pissed off on the exhibiton of movies this Metro Manila Film Festival, well...they have good points and reason why they should boycott it, as they say the film industry here is already dead.

here's the article posted in and i just want to share this....

Note: If you agree and choose to participate in the
boycott, email your name to:


It has long been said that Philippine Cinema is on its
death-bed. This statement is incorrect. The
Philippine film industry, not Cinema as a whole, is;
and rightly so. Hundreds of millions of pesos are
wasted by the Film Industry investing in works that
can not hold a candle to smaller, independent
productions, both long (Lav Diaz's towering
achievements: the 5-hour "Batang West Side" and the
11-hour "Ebolusyon ng Isang Pamilyang Pilipino," which
has screened in New York and Toronto, and will also be
travelling to Rotterdam and Goteborg) and short
(Sherad Anthony Sanchez's 11-minute "Apple," a
powerful moving, elegy on the loss of youth and
innocence through child-prostitution, premiering in
Rotterdam this January, alongside "Ebolusyon" and
works by Khavn Dela Cruz and Rox Lee) that are
invested with passion and made with purpose.

Earlier this year I wrote I an article about the Metro
Manila Film Festival for
lamenting not just the lack of desire to show quality
films, but also the ridiculous selection process of
the "festival". Said article can be read at the end of
this email.

This year's festival is an even bigger mockery than
the last, with 4 of the 8 participating films being
produced or co-produced by Regal Films head Mother
Lily and 3 films being directed by Joel Lamangan.

How is that for pushing for a progressive diverse

The Philippine Film Industry is on its death-bed...the
Metro Manila Film Festival is holding the last nail to
seal its coffin. The audience holds the hammer.

If you want to see the best of what Philippine Cinema
has to offer, if you want stand up for the choice of
better movies, better values, and a better cinema, do
not watch any of the films in the Metro Manila Film
Festival. I certainly won't.

The Possibilities of the Metro Manila Film Festival
by Alexis Tioseco

Alexis Tioseco writes about the inanity that is the
Metro Manila Film Festival, and suggests ways in which
to improve the farce.

Audiences and industry folk alike have long been
preaching the death of Philippine cinema. We gaze back
fondly through sepia shades and smile at the glory of
our past, shake and scratch our heads lamenting over
our pathetic present, and blink and miss opportunities
to improve our future.

The Metro Manila Film Festival is a great idea to
support the local film industry. It reserves the time
of year when most people are able to enjoy days of
leisure, and allows only locally-produced films to be
shown in commercial theaters. At the same time, it
stages a "film festival," a term that carries with it
the connotation of presenting films of a
higher-than-normal quality, and supposedly highlights
our best works, bestowing them with awards and
showcasing them: allowing the films to humor, move,
teach, challenge, identify with and unite the country
in a celebration of art and the best of what the
Filipino is capable of.

The Metro Manila Film Festival is a great idea to
support the local film industry.

Unfortunately, it is only an idea.

>>>>read more here <<<<<
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