Frontside of the DarkSide!

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My ticket is here with me, as they say for a Star Wars fan, this ticket is GOLD!
I'l be watching the Ep3 movie tonight at 7pm, and I'm a little sad coz I can't bring anyone with me. but maybe on the next screening I'll watch it again with my girlfriend, ( heheehe show them the darkside of the geekyness)

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Food of the Dark side

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Sith Apple Ice Slush

I read this on Meann's blog, and then I was surprise my sister bought some yesterday, at first It looks like an ice cream, but its some kind of Ice monster clone, with a blue color and apple flavor, the toy inside has a good design, we got Obi wan mini bust statue aka a pencil topper. price of this ice slush is Php 36.00

I was talking last night with my Lace, and she jokes on me that im too excited for this movie, and I said not..hahahaha..have to re-focus my mind and body to watch it, I said to her that I might cry If I saw the Lucasfilm logo, and told her that I'll call her before the movie starts, I'll just share this moment of happiness with her, even if its a geeky feeling hahahha.. and hm promised her to watch Kingdom of Heaven this week.

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Anonymous said…
Cool ticket! I'm going to put a photo of mine up soon! ;-)