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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Games all day @ G2show

G2 !!!!!!! GAMES GAMES GAMES !!!

another event is happening...and its not yet too late to attend !
G2 Games and GAdget Show is 3 you have 2 more days to visit our event!
This post contains pics and some short report on what happened this afternoon.

and maybe you'll see again the band AGENT SMITH on sunday....
willbe performing their original song single "Inlove ako sa isang Cosplayer"

rock and roll out mon ami !

-Azrael Coladilla

Jan 8, 2005
Day 2
11am - Technology Fashion Show
11am - PC Modding
1pm - Bayantel, Sky DSL, Sky Internet
2pm - Tools on Sales and Inventory Management
3pm - PC Modding
4pm - COSPLAY Contest and Program with live act by Morning Musume Philippines
5:45pm - Neutral Ground Announcement of Winner
6pm - Tantra Grand Eye Ball

[b]G2 Report DAY 1[/b]

Artists' Den booth - comics!! toys!!! and free caricatures by professional comic artist!

Check out the booths and modules - TANTRA and other MMOG game booths

This Big Life Size Figure guards the Half Life BOOTH

A Preview Trailer of FINAL FANTASY VII : Advent Children Movie

COSPLAY Contestants for DAY 1

Cosplay DAY 1 Finalist
Winners : Vincent Valentine, Cutey Honey, KOSMOS, Ava Kara, Shield Guard, Macross VF-1 Skull Leader

G2 Game Girl Contestants
winner: (middle) Charlene Mae as KOSMOS from Xenosaga

G2 Games and Gadget Show Co-Organizer and HOST/EMCEE
Ronald "RG" Guanzon of WE ARE ANIME and
Azrael D. Coladilla of Omake Omake News Philippines and All around community hahhahahah

Trivia Game Contest hosted by: Pristontale Philippines and Tri-Isys Internet

Jpop Showing! : Morning Musume videos...

Sky Blade Girls

Tantra GIRLS

MegaExchange Girls

G2 Games and Gadget Show EVENTS TEAM

Friday, January 07, 2005

Dead Horse Event Organizer

G2 set up day zero

today is our event G2 Games and GAdget Show..

yesterday i was like a dead tired in the set up and production of the event. im glad that we have our own marshalls "Arch-Guardians" helping us setting up the event.

and everyone already saw me sleeping in Starbucks Shangri La during our ARtists' Den meet....i need to recharge my batteries! i hope my girl friend is here with me.

this is another BIGGIE event we handle and im craving for the ultimate biggest event...and next month a 5 days anime convention..wohohooh...beat that! hahhahahah

good luck to us!
and hope all of you visit our convention this fri-sun

G2 Games and Gadget Show 2005
Jan 7,8,9
SM Megamall, MegatradeHall 1-2
entrance fee - P25

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Beware of the Azrael imposter and clone

someone is acting as "ME"
dont entertain them.. its not me!!
and pls dont give anything. if they asked for something..

it happened last convention.
this was reported to me by a friend and also the situation was seen in a public message board.

there's this guy who acted as me "Azrael" and he told to some convention attendees that he is "azrael" and he is the main organizer of the event.

and for that he even gave a tour to the attendees, showing all the booths and explaining all the activities of the event.

as the attendee said, that he encounter the "false Azrael" and said that he was approached and as a proof saw me taking pictures during the event.

- you see its impossible for me to give a tour to any person, coz that time I was with my girlfriend the whole day in that event and I only talk to people who i know, or talk to people who knows me.and yes i took photos of the event., and maybe this false guy used me and to take advantage, and wants to drop a bad blood to the community in my own name.

the case is that the convention attendee who encountered the "false Azrael", personally doesn't know me. and this False Azrael took the advantage in fooling people and acting as "ME"

-another case, I didn't claim myself ever as the main organizer of UP AME Anime Fair, I have an ID with a label "PERFORMER" coz that time me and my band are performers in that event and also im heading my group Art Group.

if you ever encounter some imposter or clone of Azrael, its best to approach someone who knows me to confirm if it is me or not.

or try to snap a photo of the imposter/clone so that we can Identify the culprit.

- this is the 3rd case reported happened after 4 years of the 1st case reported.

if you have a report or encountered the guy pls email me at


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Ala ungga!

Metro Manila Film Fest Merryland Review 2005

Lastikman : Unang Banat
"they watched it, my mom wants to see my screen time when i was hired as an extra actress"
"but...its better that we bought several copies of the Lastikman comics"
- Lei

"A cross of Spider-Man 1 and Spider-Man 2"
-ctfabian of

"Sarah Geronimo the movie"

Spirit of the Glass
"what??!! no one dies! "

Enteng Kabisote: Okay Ka Fairy ko The Legend
'Eat Bulaga the movie!"
-Syeri and Jon

"ohhh Kristine Hermosa!"

"the repair shop scene, at the back near Oyo Boy Sotto, that was me!"
-Elven aka Retsu

Panaghoy sa Suba : The Call of River
"its a Foreign Film"
-Syeri and Jon

"wow! superb! Cesar Montano Vs. ninjas"
"the movie with the longest movie trailer"

"This movie will go as one of this year's best Pinoy movies"
-ctfabian of

Ashite Imasu : Mahal Kita
"Japanese Generals aren't that punk!"

"ANIME !!!!"
-Syeri and Jon

Mano Po 3 : My Love
"another Foreign Film"
-Syeri and Jon

"Mulawin the movie!"
-Syeri and Jon

"the full movie trailer tells the whole story"

So...Happy Together
"I want to touch Kris Aquino's boobs too, but still i dont want to die!"

and for some serious news in the Game industry!

2004 Independent Game of the Year

Congratulations to Anino Entertainment and its team!

Number 6 - Anito: Defend a Land Enraged

Released just after our deadline for the 2003 awards Anito found itself as one of the best games of 2004. Anito isn't your typical RPG game. There certainly is some hack and slash to the story, but the game is much more adventurous then that. Instead of simply having random monsters always walking about that you run around and kill, the game focuses more on providing a solid storyline, and it does so with stellar results. Instead of just wandering about killing things, in Anito you become deeply involved in an adventure.

The most interesting thing about this adventure is that there are actually two completely different adventures in the game. Players can play as Agila, the son of the missing tribal leader, or his sister Maya. In most games, choosing your gender at the beginning of the game is something to do for fun. It may make the game play differently, but it doesn't really affect the game all that much. In Anito, choosing Agila or Maya will completely alter the game that players play. Each character has a completely different set of tasks to undertake as they travel through the land. The storyline is one with two main characters instead of one.


Sunday, January 02, 2005

First Four Days

its Jan 1 and F* working and doing lots of stuff for the upcoming convention and for my latest gig. my blood is running like thunder and i think the unstoppable urge in making a deep punch for the upcoming event G2 Games and Gadget Show and for the Magazine gig.

Been organizing some meetings and it will until Jan 4, and another BIG convention is coming up on February 2005. This is the 2 most Biggest convention I ever Gaming con and an Anime con...

this is the best of the best ...hmm..close to that best..but im still have this dream convention and it will top all conventions in the Philippines, think of originality with the spirit of True Pinoy. Toycon 2004 is one example and expect more of my blood sprinkeled in one of these blood....means success...

Im glad that I have a team partner..thanks to RG Guanzon for being the best partner in this pop culture, it seems that Im having this idea of doing some more events, but i already made a promise to quit for a moment after the Feb big event, well..i dont know..but i have to focus more on college and the magazine gig....but hey..maybe soon after college il be back and in full gear in events organizing... but still it depends if my USA Visa is approved...awwww...dont worry il be back after 6 months if ever that happens.

such a long warming up for tomorrow and i want my readers to be informed on what am I doing... damn it! im not that a not that too good to be writer..i dont want to be writer...but im one of those kids who wants to be writer, I wish i taken up those communication course when i'm in college, im a little bit ashamed of myself coz im the only guy who isn't that too very proficient English or in writing, and people around me are the experts..thats why I push myself sometimes to improve this writing and communication skills, so that i wont be hanging out and tagged again for having a bad grammar...geez..I really hate my Boss back in magazine of a broadcasting giant. i know she shuts up, but sometimes continues to attack from is like that..even now i can hear some stories of some back stabbing he/she did years ago.

been almost 7 years in the industry and im glad that someone already notice my own company...well sort of...Omake Omake News Philippines is included as co-organizer of the event G2 Games and Gadget Show, thanks to the organizer MMOG for trusting me on our event. Its the 2nd time i saw my logo in their sponsors..and Im surprised that below my logo is a tagline included that it says "The Anime-Comic Alternative Pop Culture News Maker in the Philippines", whoooaa! now i have to work on that website....

to all my readers here in Azrael's Merryland, thank you so much for the humongous support, thanks for the emails, messages, tags, love mails, hate mails, txtmate invites, friendster invites, EB invites, SEB invites (sorry im not allowed for this), party invites, freebie invites, overnight invites, and bday invites...and more.....whew...

2005 will be blast...for Azrael's Merryland will invade the MAGAZINE WORLD !!!!!! just brace very afraid...

are you willing to buy a magazine with a 2-page article of Azrael's Merryland?, written by me !!! of course...who else will write that.

expect more adventures,stories and educational tour in that 2 page feature every month....coming this year 2005.

Incubus makes Az happy new year is fine..i just spent all day at home waiting for the clock for New Year, always online, chatting to my Girlfriend and surfing reading the net, listening to my Girlfriend's gift - Incubus CD album, and remember that Lace really makes my life happy..every minute..seconds..nano seconds...

My New Year is welcomed by a phone call from Lace.. Heart pumping and im so in love with this girl..and as I hear her voice in my cellphone,my voice began to turn soft..being the cool me... im glad that theres technology that we can communicate in an instant...thanks God for internet, mobile communication and etc.

Check out this video i download yesterday morning.its the 2nd thing that makes me happy this New Year.

Incubus does The Police

It all happened last dec 12th at the 2004 kroq almost acoustic xmas in los angeles. Incubus played these Police covers featuring Andy
& Stewart

Stellar/De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Message In A Bottle

view the 16 minute performance (35 MB)

or download my convert uploaded low res file of Stellar/ De Do Do, De Da Da Da
download it here, click Save Target As (900KB)

G2 Games and Gadget Show
Jan 7,8,9, 2005
SM Megamall, Megatradehall 1,2

entrance fee P25

click here to view poster

Azrael the video game exhibit at the G2
Azrael Adventures in Merryland the video game
produced and developed by: WAA' Soft
visit the WAA booth (near the stage)

Deviant ART Manila meet -
all Deviant ART Manila community are invited to come and have a meet at the G2 Games and Gadget Show

Assembly will be at the Artists' Den Booth (near
the stage)

bring your artworks, art materials.
and lets have our first DA meet for the year 2005

Artists' Den @ G2 Games and Gadget Show
Artists' Den group will be there at the G2 Games
and Gadget Show, and they feature their latest
comic and art works to the public.

some of it are for sale.
the latest comic release, merchandise and art

Live Demo at the booth
-character creation
-comic creation
-coloring techique
-comic strip contruction
and more....

live demo will be conducted by members of the
Artists' Den, professional and fresh artist
members of the group

watch our for the official release of their website
at the Games and Gadget Show

Cosplay contest @ G2 Games and Gadget Show
visit the event website and you can register your
costume entry online

TransFormers Philippines joins
TFPH will join the booth and will feature the latest hi tech toys of TransFormers, featuring the 2005 release of TransFormers Galazy Force.
visit the Artists' Den or WAA-Omake News Booth

Philippine Hobbyist Magazine
PHM will give a big signal to all hobbyist and collectors, for the Premiere Collectibles and Hobby Magazine in the Philippines will resurrect after its 4 years of sleep, and it will be the best Hobby Magazine in our country.
visit the Artists' Den or WAA-Omake News Booth

Tantra Eyeball!
What: 1st Grand Eyeball @ the Games and Gadgets Expo
When: January 8, 2005 6PM onwards
Where: Tantra Booth - Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall

January 8, 2005
6:00pm to 6:30pm – Registration and Body Art
6:30pm to 7:30pm – GM Interaction
7:30pm to 8:00pm – Raffle of Prizes
(source: TOP official forums)

Get a chance to finally meet fellow Tantra players!
Come with your Ashram members and avail of exclusive Tantra prizes!
This is one awesome gig not to be missed!

2004 Gamers' Choice MMOG/MOG of the Year
Awarding will be at: SM Megatrade Hall 1 & 2 on January 9, 2005 Sunday, at the afternoon. Courtesy of WeAreAnime, Omake Omake News, and of course the convention organizers MMOG Philippines, Inc. - Games & Gadgets Show or G2 Show - January 7~9.

organized by: MMORPG
co-organized by:
We Are Anime and Omake Omake News
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