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Friday, January 28, 2005

Inside the Green Gate
it was a fun and cool day inside DLSU, and also our lecture is a success, even theres only less than 20 students, but im glad that there are still interested in our topics, it easier to hold a class if theres a small number of students. interactivity of lecturer and student is not a problem, im glad that they participate in our lecture.

funny thing is that my honey Lace is one of my student, and some friends in DLSU join and attended our lecture. its cool to use the facility of DLSU. ohh...airconditioned classroom, clean CR, friendly enviroment, and lots of food resto everywhere.

at the other building...Luna, Aids and Miker of the Artist Society lectures on Animation

and also Elbert Or lectures on the other side during the morning class

Azrael lecture about Comics events and convention

Lyndon Gregorio starts the lecture about How to sell your comics

Ariel Atienza lecture about How to make and sell comics in the market

Gary Mayoralgo lecture about Selling your work and self to the International Comic Industry

After our morning lecture..Kix, our head master for the lecture, treats us a lunch in Pizza Hut

Lace documents and take photos of the lecture.
a photo addict like me!

sometimes...this incident happens..a sleeping student in our lecture!

more photos...
VIEW photos here

Pizza monster attacks!
it was a fun celebration for our 1st month last tuesday, and its a food fest for the both of us in Sbarro. stuffed our tummy with giant pizzas and sweet talkies. describe our day..My Sassy girl, Sbarro, Billboard music award, The Azrael Plush doll and no work out day. ^__^

we are Pizza eating monsters!

L'Arc~en~Ciel event for all Pinoy LARC fans tomorrow!

we shout out this announcement for all Laruku fans in
the Philipines, to come out and join the party

as the event marks down the pinoy celebreation of the
success of L'Arc~en~Ciel in the music history.

its your chance to meet and greet your fellow Laruku

with tons of activities and a special live act of a
japanese inspired pinot rock band.

so...lets go tomorrow and feel HEAVENLY...

-Azrael Deasis Coladilla
Omake Omake News Philippines

LArc~en~Ciel: THROUGH THE YEARS, Jan 29, Crisanta
Towers, Pasig
Philippine Cielers and Juujiro J-Culture

Organization proudly presents

celebration of Laruku Bests Years Ever!!!

When: January 29, 2005
Where: Crisanta Towers, Pasig City
Time: 12:00-8:00 pm

Program Schedule
11:00 - 12:30 >> Registration
12:30 - 12:45 >> Opening Remarks

>> Philippine Cielers & Juujiro J-Culture
12:45 - 02:00 >> Film showing Part 1
02:00 - 02:30 >> Intermission (Raffle + Games)
02:30 - 04:00 >> Film showing Part 2
04:00 - 05:30 >> Laruku Fans Bonding

05:30 - 06:00 >> Intermission (Raffle + Games)
06:00 - 07:00 >> Film showing Part 3
07:00 - 07:45 >> XeVen:Thursday - band performance
07:45 - 08:00 >> Announcement of Winners

>> Closing Remarks

Other Activities
EXHIBIT AREA (showcasing original stuffs)
VIEWING TIME: 1:00-6:00 pm

KARAOKE AREA (show your great talents)
- first-come-first-served basis
- choice from a wide variety of Laruku songs from past
to present

DRAWING AREA (participants for the contest)
- size white cartolina, 1 free cartolina upon
registration, P2 per
additional sheet
- any medium can be used
- own concept/own theme
- insert description
- submit as many entries as you want
29, 2005 -- pre-judging unannounced

Yup! LARUKU PROJECT is back, this time it's back with
a vengeance!!!
Calling all Laruku fans to show off their talents and

Create your own scrapbook with you and your friends
and submit the
scrapbook you personally made to the REGISTRATION
01.29.05 not later than 6:00 pm.

All scrapbooks submitted will be compiled and shall be
delivered to
LE-CIEL Japan tentatively FEBRUARY 2005 together with
the video
compilation of the said event.

Scrapbook Instructions:
- margins (1.5" Left, 1" Top, Right, Bottom)
- front only
- can be an individual or group entry
- maximum of 4 sheets per entry
- any medium/materials can be used
- create your own concept and theme of your choice
- neat Some ideas for scrapbook-making:
- own photo showing laruku stuffs in your room
- you and your friends making the scrapbook
- you and your friends having fun time watching larc
videos/or having
karaoke fun
- poems/fanart you made for laruku You can also send
video clips/files personally made, some ideas

- can be you and your friends singing larc songs
- watching larc videos

Any ideas will do as long as it is originally made.
So, therefore, show those talents and creativity and
make Laruku
see what the PHILIPPINE FANS can do! Yeah!!!

LARUKU PROJECT aims to unite all fans with same
interests, to show
the love and passion for L'Arc~en~Ciel. Laruku Project
shall be our
proof that there are `REALLY' Laruku Fans in the
Philippines, So,
therefore, SUPPORT Laruku EB - 01.29.05!!! By the way,
there will be some `prominent guests' on the event
let's show them what we've got!!! ^-^x

ENTRANCE FEE: P100 (inclusive of food and drink)

For more questions and inquiries:
Call or text: Bubblychan - 0917-2513029 /
Tetshugar - 0920-7446652
Email us at:
Poster & Map

Again, mark your calendars NOW and be part of this big


Thursday, January 27, 2005


today i'l be giving a lecture about events and convention organizing to students of De La Salle University. the topic is about "Making Business through Comics", il be there as lecturer with my Artists' Den friends Lyndon Gregorio, Ariel Atienza, and Gary Mayoralgo.

here's a flash file that will be used in my morning and afternoon session.
you can download it here

and here's my lecture.
I composed this lecture notes last night
and thanks to my honey Lace for helping me formulating this for the lecture

Write ups I composed as what I experienced in events organizing

Comics Events and Conventions
by: Azrael Deasis Coladilla

Events and Convention for comics are the amusement, entertainment and fairground for the comic fans, comic creators, and merchandisers. It's a big promotional gathering and it's a yearly and seasonal activity for the comic pop culture.

Functions of Events and Conventions


The importance of having these events and conventions is for all comic fans, creators and publishers to gather in one place and promote each other's comic related products and services.


The interaction between comic readers and creators is established.

Market Research

It's a big opportunity for the comic publishers to know more about their target market, environment, competitors and trends.

This will help them with product development. Their next product releases just like any product in the market will be designed based on the current market situation.

In short, events and conventions serve as a market place for comic artists, publishers and enthusiasts.

Elements of a successful comic event

1. The event should be fan friendly

2. It should promote interaction
a. Comic fan - comic creator
b. Fan to fan
c. Comic creator-creator relationship

3. Art appreciation

Organizing 101

1.organize a small-scale event
2.organize a big scale event

a. Make a plan for your event
b. Prepare list of programs
c. List of contacts
d. Guests
e. Activities
f. Venue
g. Budget
h. Sponsors
i. Making business
j. Public Relation
k. Promote the event

Plan the event
1.set a date
2.time and schedule
3.timetable of organizing

Programs: set of activities, itinerary for the event
-It should feed the interests of all the stakeholders:

1. The corporate persons
2. The target market (readers, fans)
3. The publishers
4. The advertisers/sponsors

2.affordable for the target market

1.always try to plan a "no budget event"
2.divide the budget for venue, production, talent fee, and prizes

Getting sponsors
Sponsors reduce the cost of organizing an event. Sponsors are willing to give a certain amount of money or anything of value in exchange for their company's exposure, promotion and participation in the event.

-Submit a good proposal (mostly for budget)
-Should be SMART
S- simple, specific
T-time bound

-Present a working idea
-Show your back track

Possible Activities
1.Comic book launchings
2.Comic creators panel discussions
3.autograph signings

Turning everything into a business
-Events organizing like any other forms of marketing activities are for profit.

1. Entrance fee
-Get profit from volume and not from high mark ups if possible
-Pricing depends on the lifestyle, age and income of the target audience

2. Sponsorships
3. Entry fees for other contest
4. Divestitute: sell your big idea to other events organizers or publishers if you feel you lack the time and resources to do the job.

Public Relation
In events organizing, you need to have good public relation skills, because it is easier to move in the event organizing field if you know the key players, and if you have connections, organizing will be an easier task

Promoting the event
the best way to promote and advertise your event is through word of mouth, it serves as a direct marketing tool and the credibility level is high

If you have a budget, you can use the "tri-media", TV, print and radio; however, there is another form of media that should be exploited, the Internet.

The Internet is a good medium to advertise products, services and in our case, events. It is the least costly advertising tool that we can utilize.

Whichever medium you choose, the layout and content must always be fit to the target audience's demographics and psychographics

Monday, January 24, 2005

The Warm up week

behold! from the sciene lab of Dr.Frankenstein
its AZRAEL the plush doll
been thinking if this will be available for orders ehehehe
but the 1st one will be owned by my girlfriend Lace.

im warming up for the upcoming event, and now my blood are circulating properly. have to write the script for the stage play that im going to direct and present it to my honey Lace and to present it to my friend in PETA who are experts in stage acting. Have to update the Artists' Den website and do some write ups on our previous events, work on that E-Media Kit. Settle the layout and sections for the upcoming magazine, and we already slept for almost 2 weeks, i guess its time to work on this before the AnimeXplosion 2005, coz i can see that im really busy.

crap! another event that has been offered to me. and its a million peso budget for the event.and holy moley guacamoley,. i dont have any idea what the hell is that million peso thing. I dont know if i can commit on this coz AnimeXplosion will be my final event. but i think they need my consulatation about events organizing. head is going to pop out! more writings need to be done this week. deadline !!!!!!

Siena Tour

the Artists' Den , enjoying some freebies from Siena. (photo by Lei)

last sunday was our campus tour in Siena College QC. The Artists' Den pulled another succesful campus tour and having an ART Workshop for kids.

i came late that time, coz i felt dizzy and sick in the morning, and failed to catch the 1st batch of the workshop, but when i came to the school. its time for lunch! lots of food everwhere! its like a food fiesta... then theres a note in my head that says "I love Crispy Pata".

Thanks to Mrs. Payoyo,Siena Faculty and Principal for inviting us there.

Lico is a Spongebob lecturer hahahaha

it was a fun lecture, can't believe that all these kids are too much addicted to Sponge Bob Sqaure pants, so our lecturers like Lico did some Spongebob examples during his lecture. Lico taught them on how to make a story and explains on some elements of the right way to generate ideas and concept in comic making. next was Lyndon about Character Developement

Drawing time..thanks to Melch's drawing manual.

and final - Melch teaches them on basic drawing and drawing activity.
Me and Syeri hosted the lecture, sometimes we clown around in front to give amusement to kids.. hahahaha.."Syeri Baet of Siena Batch 1995 pls proceed to the office for the 3'o clock habit!" hahaah..this is one of our joke on her during the was fun..and funny!

some on the stop ARTworks of kids for their FAMILY DAY theme event.

Artists' Den campus tour @ Siena College QC

check our more photos here
and look at those funny and cheesy pics aehhhehe

my honey

oh wow...she's graduating..and im next year.(i think)

Lace Llanora ready for October

and its our 1st month Anniversary tomorrow Jan 25, 2005!
wohoohohoh!! im so happy ! i love you honey!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cold feet

while ago i snapped, and almost broken my keyboard. as this anger came up on something that i cant even handle myself at that time, and i was very afraid to myself whenever that happens, my mind got blank, and almost did something bad to my love one. im glad that i take that deep breathe and let the air flow to my heart, but the coldness of the darkside consumes me for almost 30 minutes, and its frickin' freaky.

some goofball triggers my entity. and i released it and almost burst my chest open and let all the nega energies out of my body.
i thought i was going to lose someone because of that. and im glad that everything became A-OK.

and greatest fear in my self...

must control the uncontrollable.

its my frickin fault.....i think i need that coffee talk again with Heffer Wolfe and Matric Aros.

Friday, January 21, 2005

the late Superhero

its 2:30am, and im about to take a rest and sleep for i will be early tomorrow, suddenly a YM buzz came to me, a friend from Assumption Anitpolo, she said that if it is okay to talk to me, and i say "yes" its okay...and then i noticed her YM status " FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! " status message. and she's pissed on her mom, coz her mom is shouting at her and praying that her daughter will fail and not graduate High School.

pause*** im watching the music video of DRIP (song #90) oh ni Beng kumanta ahhahha!! damn.. i missed her band's live act.

and then..there's this tendency of suicidal act..or she will kill her mom.. at that moment..i stayed with her, and told her that she must not do anything bad or worst that involves taking of owns or others life.
*kulang nalang kunin ko baril ng nanay ko eh
*mamatay nalang isa samin
*at least one of us would be out of our misery
*eh bkt hindi?
*mas ok nga un eh
*wala naman ako use sa mundong toh so it wouldnt be a waste
*at least masaya na nanay ko nun
*talagang di ako maggraduate
*putangina naman kasi... as if i wanted to study in assumption in the first place

this are some of her words...and some of them are really disturbing.
she already out of her mind. and she no longer thinks of any goodness.
that night.i stayed with with her. and let her be cool.
and im really pissed on her mom, coz this is the first time i saw someone's mother not so very supportive, instead of helping her daughter, they still bad mouthed them and let her die

she mentioned so many times to kill herself, and for me i dont want that to happend. its a pain in the ass and in the heart if you see someone you know die, or die..while you talk with them. so what i did this to stop her in killing herself, she's just a graduating highschool student, and really stress out of school and projects, plus a not so supportive parent, this case is not so rare. it happens to everyone. and i dont want to happened again an Artist friend who dies coz of family problems. and because of something that they refure to let their daughter to have a better college.

**crap...i was so supposed to make a write up for Gerry, for his bday message...and i think il skip it now..coz of this incident.
and i hope she stay put and being strong.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Pink colored world

**This entry is re-published, thanks to Lace Llanora for editing. love you honey!**

Alright! I admit..i am so lazy this past weeks, and i haven't finished anything, all a bunch of promises to myself, it sucks when this kind of laziness sickness strucks me. there's a part of me that triggers this kind of sickness and for me it is very unproductive, wasting my time thinking of nothing...geez..i need to get busy again before all ideas turn into stones again.

for that part im glad that my girlfriend is here talking with me about it, and its the only thing that i can release some angst and rants about what's happening around. it can affect me coz i dont want these bad stuff happening to anyone and it also affects the community, the community is getting is already consumed by greediness and lack of interest in the pop culture. i know it changes a little and i dont like to be a part of it anymore..thats why my decision will be leave that part of the world for now. and have to gear up on something big that will give a change for my own.

But that doesnt mean im already gone.. my presence is still there.
and a new Azrael will emerge..bringing again the fun in every event and convention.

and im happy now..coz my vision is full of pink colors...

Campus Tour 2005

Sienna College QC
the Artists'Den will have their 1st campus tour for the year 2005, and
it will be fun coz we will hold an Art Workshop in Sienna College QC for Elementary students. tour will be on Jan 23, 2005. @ 9am-5pm.

Last Tuesday, we went to Sienna College QC with Lico, Patrick and Syeri.
it was fun going there and meeting up with the school officials, they gave us a warm welcome and were happy to see us visiting their school.
we joke sometimes on Syeri Baet coz she's an alumni of Sienna College, since kinder to highschool. and she graduated 1995. as Syeri said going back to your alma mater is pretty weird. there she was welcomed by old teachers and staff from the canteen.

Art Attack Artists' Den - Azrael, Syeri, Patrick, Lico

During our meeting with the Principal of Sienna College QC, we were asked if we can help them in judging their Mural Art Contest, so at first we thought that the judging will be on sunday, and to our surprise the principal gave us the pencil and the tabulation sheet and then we proceeded to the exhibit area, there we judge the Art contest, category of Grade school, High school and College.

The ARt contest has 4 categories, representing the school, Makakalikasan -for elementary, Makabayan- for Highschool, Makadiyos-for highschool, and Makatao-for College.

we noticed that some of the artworks are irrelevant to the theme, there were good visual arts but don’t fit the theme, but there are some Art that were unfinished, we just found out that they did it only for 2 hours on the spot. the elementary artworks are fun to judge, kids these days are very smart and they do really know whats happening to our nature. I really like the other art of a kid who builds up her own Animal Sanctuary, a very unique idea from other artworks, coz some of them concentrated on Trees and Air, but this one is about animals.

photos below are some artworks that I give my big bet on winning

College level entry for the Art Contest "Makatao" theme

High School entry for " Makabayan" Theme

some photos are stored here
visit this link to view all the photos
photo gallery from Sienna College

De La Salle University
Jan 27, 2005 LEAP (Lasallian Education Alternative Program)
hosted by: DLSU and NIHON KENKYU KAI [NKK]

To give a general idea to the students as to what happens and the process of having comics-making as a career

they have given me a slot to do an hour of lecture about comic events and will be my first time discussing to them about the importance of comic events, showing them the right marketing style and promoting comics,. even if i dont have my own published comics yet, through events organizing i can see that participating in some events and conventions really boost up the promotions and advertising of one's published works. and i can see that in my group Artist's Den. lots of offers and school tours are now being petitioned to us, and i think i have lots of examples to show to the students.

I'm not sure if the slot can fill up 50 students in one day, we have 2 sessions, 9am-12nn and 2pm-5pm, will be my first time to have a lecture in DLSU having 2 sessions.This time i need to gear up.

Ariel Atienza and Lyndon Gregorio will give lecture about having a comics career here in the Philippines, while Gary Mayoralgo will give lecture about making comics as a career in the international comic industry.
it will be a tough ride for a student but im glad there’s a lot of them interested in our lecture.

ahhahhaa..Lace will be one of my student, and i feel weird coz this will be my 2nd time being her Professor..ahahaha..and she's giving me threats of distracting me while teaching, hahha...better not wear a skirt honey!.

Anime rebirths

Leigh, a student of DLSU asked me to make a write up about the History of Anime in the Philippines, and she will use that write up for her entry in their Japanese Speech Contest on Febuary in College of St. Benilde (CSB).
so..i made one, and il post it here for added info for some.

I may be not that expert in making the History of Anime here, but this is only based on what i observed and based on the people who told me way back..

thanks to Lei Mungcal for editing my write up.

History of Anime in the Philippines

It all started when people got very curious and began asking questions.
What would it be like to have a different culture? They didn't have any idea then that they will be exposed to the Japanese pop culture.

Enter Anime. During the 1970's, the anime robot series "Gigantor" was
shown in national black and white television. People were entertained and amused with the series, initially tasting science fiction in animation.

The mighty invasion of giant robots occurred with "Mazinger Z" starting a craze for everyone. Fighting evil for the good of mankind became a genre that really convinced people of its story and moral lessons. When "Voltes V", another giant robot series focusing on alien invasion, revolt and family affairs, was shown, Filipino viewers became consumed with the series and began reflecting on what they see. Under Martial Law, the late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos ordered to stop airing all kinds of Japanese related media using the threat of a Japanese invasion as the reason when in actually, he saw people being influenced to fight for their freedom.

The Filipinos broke free from Martial Law in the 80's. The people got their freedom and enjoyed being able to make their own decisions. With their newly found independence came a new set of anime starting from Battle Ball Soccer, to Dragon Ball Z to Macross and to other Japanese animation TV series for kids by Nippon Animation like Ron Ron the Flower Girl, Candy Candy, etc.

Anime has penetrated the underground mainstream in the 90's. That's more than a decade ago yet, people did not know that what they are watching is anime until some local group of fans organized themselves and devoted their lifestyle in searching and collecting Anime items in order to prove that anime is a pop culture thing and not just for kids.

Anime started rising during the middle of the 90's. Various anime series has popped out from the tin can of studios and new ones were shown to the public. This started the viewers' quest for answers to their questions. Viewers set off looking for more anime, because anime distribution that time in Manila is secretly made. A local group of fans was made and they started their business by selling merchandise straight from Japan and organized underground film showings. They even have school tours for awareness about anime informing people about anime and that it is not just for kids.

The year 2000 came and with it the increasing demand for Anime in the Philippines. The said local group of fans organized the release of the 1st Anime Convention in the Philippines called "AnimeXplosion", together with the Animation Council of the Philippines. They invited a popular comic artist, Ms. Yuu Watase. She is the creator of "Fushigi Yuugi" which is a hit Anime TV series that time.

Many anime fans emerged and revealed that they are anime fanatics. The said event brought a big gathering of anime fans, which in the end formed their own anime fan groups. Anime now has a big pop culture following with the introduction of costume play or Cosplay and Pinoy bands playing and covering Japanese music

From the year 2000 up to the present, Anime has dominated the pop culture in the Philippines. This coming February 2005, another big anime convention will be held in celebration of the success and stay of Anime in each Filipino heart. "AnimeXplosion 2005: The return" will run from Feb 16-20, a 5 day anime event for all Filipinos. It will be organized by the Animation Council of the Philippines to be joined by a new core.

In this event, expect a big change again for the Anime and Japanese Pop Culture in the Philippines.

Animated me
its so funny, that this write turns out to be some sort of press release hahha..maybe il use this for the promotion of AnimeXplosion 2005.

right so mentally blocked by this coming new gig im into.
im on the preparation for being a stage director for an upcoming stage play on February,. and it will be a lot more different from film making, coz in stage play we dont need takes, cameras, and cuts.. this will be done im preparing myself for being a stage director and im now making the script for the play.

damn ! its a lot more difficult in making a script if the cast is still being chosen and picked up, coz there are character requirements for the play, and choosing from 1,000,000 different kinds of characters, makes my mind frozen...what if i made the script for this character, but in the end the character i need is unavailable and another new character is placed for the will be a major disaster for the script...oh well..i guess i have to take the other part of the hanging making the script now...

Az is reading a book

ahhahaah !!! at last a good book to read after my first ever complete read of book. The last book i read was Star Wars:dark hunter and Xfiles:tiger. it is so weird coz i dont like books, and im only into comics!..... but now.. Lace introduced me to this book titled "The Alchemist" a story by Paulo Coelho. and when i started to read it...i was so surprised that i can relate to the story...and in that story. i can see my self in the character of that boook...see this..
a shepherd who likes to travel and wants to have his own Personal Legend..
..went to Egypt to search for the treasure he saw it from his dreams, and he met lots of people during his during his journey and met this alchemist who can help him on his is very creepy for me .coz its just like me! me..Azrael who likes to travel, and continues to search and fulfill his own Personal Legend.
...i havent finished the book. but il finish it before the next week ends.

its a good book! i recommend it that you should try it!

oh..goodness..a stage play of the Alchemist..

oh..goodness..a stage play of the Alchemist..

Lovers in Paris Photo Manipulated

my sister asked me a favor for her friend's friend to edit this photo of her friend’s professor and put the face of her daughter into the face of the Korean's female actress, and i converted the color into Sepia, coz i got a hard time removing the daughter's make up..

check the photo here in my Deviant Art page

for me its a horror film

Lace invited me to watch this movie titled "The Search for the Impotent Man", and the title really disturbs me, as a guy..this is a horror film!

well..the very funny. although that it is not a sex comedy like American Pie, but the movie is based on a book, and the quality of the film is a Be Movie type. a little exciting part when this female character scraps all the men for always breaking up with her and going out with another woman, she found a solution that she will go on with her life with an impotent man, that will live only for love without having SEX!!!!

at the end..we enjoyed the movie..coz i was dragging her to watch Oceans 12, and Blade Trinity...but my request was fulfilled coz we watched Oceans 12 last monday.and it was really fun!! fun fun fun!

next movie will be ELEKTRA !!
wohoh..the sexy babe Jennifer Garner...
me and lace like Garner so much, coz of her sexy body and action skills..

Monday, January 17, 2005

The Last Underwear

crap...i just found out that im wearing my last underwear and for the run of the last week. i forgot to wash my clothes and set of undergarments.

its very creepy..i have to buy some new ones for this week...

It was a fun movie out with my honey Lace
at last we just saw Oceans 12, a very cool movie..and as everyone said the 1st movie is better than the 2nd one, but im expecting a big hit on the 3rd movie. i hope so...

Im a little busy for awhile..
managing the website of ARtists' Den
visit and log on to our online to our Filipino Artist and Writers

and at last we are fixing our logo

Thursday, January 13, 2005

The 13th day

G2 Cosplay Winners : Macross G2 2005 Cosplay Winner, Yuna 1st place, Sektor 2nd place, with Azrael and RG stunned during the pic taking :)

at last...the G2 event is finished and im on my stage of hibernating for almost 4 days, staying at home, sleeping and having a good relaxing week.
im saving my energy for the next gig and convention were we are in organizing mode.

tons of meetings coming up for me this coming day, and a victory dance for the success of G2 Games and Gadget Show 2005. and expect a big convention next year 2006.

I really enjoyed the G2 event, its 3 days of hosting the convention, organizing the cosplay event, managing the Artists' Den, having a good time playing online games, meeting new people and making myself prepared for the coming event.

and being busy for the 1st 9th day of this year has come to an end.
im glad that i have time to rest and clean my house ahahaha..its a mess in here.its like theres a typhoon. paper everywhere. Cds in every place, comics sleeping around., toys in their disturbing positions, and tons of dirty laundry which awaits a good sunshine.

I guess I'l be busy here at home.

and I miss my Honey.....

The Azrael

Azrael for sale?
ah yes..that's right..but its not me...
it's my GMAIL account.
there's this guy who emailed and asking if i like to sell to him my Azrael Gmail account to him and asking it it is not important to me.
hell yeah! my gmail account is important, coz people use this to contact me and im having a thought, what if i sell it P2,000,000.00 ?? kakagat kaya?

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 12:06:10 -0500
Subject: Purchasing this gmail account.
Hey Man,

Just wondering weither you are actually using this gmail account, and
if it isn't too important to you weither you are willing to sell it.


S. Tompkins

PS Please reply regardless, willing to pay using Paypal.

hmm...what do you think? shall i sell it at P100,000.00 like pesos?

now i'm starting to think of a business hahahahaha!!!!
**logging to**

its weird and funny when people already knew about the imposter/clone of mine. and during the G2 event people are greeting me and asking if im the real AZRAEL hahaaha. and it seems that they are very interested in meeting the Az CLONE.

I think people are loving the CLONE haahaha..they love to kick his butt off.

and now a guy from the industry is interested in making the AZ CLONE a big box office movie! aahahhaah!! kidding...
wohohoh.. this is cool eh? the CLONE makes me more famous!

AZ CLONE news SIGHTINGS at G2 Games and Gadget Show!
a female friend txted me and she said that she will meet me inside the event. But im so busy that time hosting and cant event get out of the stage. Then after a few days her sister talk to me if I was able to meet her sister, but i told her that i didnt have time to meet her coz i was busy.

the case is....she said that i met her sister, coz her sister said the sister approached me at the event and makes a simple greeting and then I told her that I didnt recognized her coz she gain some weight.

As she narrates this to surprised coz its not ME !!!!!

Crap!! i think this CLONE is everywhere!!!!
beware people ! this is not a feaking joke!

Internet Junkie

Starting to Love again FireFox
im starting to use my new web browser. i just got back again to use Mozilla Firefox, i just trashed my Internet Explorer this time.
i just noticed that i have a fast internet connection using Mozilla.
also i trashed a little my Neoplanet browser and OPERA. but i might use them in the future if ever i encounter some problems in Mozilla,.
but in Mozilla you cant use html in sending a Yahoo! Mail.

Fucking Yahoo! Messenger Attacker
i was attacked this morning by an unknown user of Yahoo! Messenger.
i was surfing that time preparing to update my blog and then suddenly theres an alert pop up window of a YM chatter with a user name "Pritoka01" and "Pritoka02" and then i noticed that the alert BUZZ became multiple and it wont stop, my window is filled by this YM window of Buzz attacks.

What I did is I signed off my YM account. and re-started again.
but again..the attacker appeared and buzzing me with a massive attacked like a virus and notice the same user YM and another different YM.

fuck!!!!! someone wants to put me down.. i just noticed again that the user name is in Filipino, so my guess that this person is someone who knows me...coz the other YM is "Pogiakoxxx" something like that.

i booted off after the second attack. and log in using my other Instant Messenger "GAIM", which is very useful Alternative IM software using Yahoo. and then i notice that they cant Buzz me there, coz GAIM has no buzz tool or incoming.

then what i did is I log on my YM in invisible mode just to hide from the attacker and reset my Privacy preference to "IGNORE ALL WHO ARE NOT LISTED IN MY BUDDY LIST", its a solution to prevent it from attacks.

I therefore conclude that the attacker is not a virus or computer software. its like a group of people who are using the internet at the same time at the same place who runs a joke on me on spamming or disturbing and makes my YM offline by attacking me a series of Buzz, which prevents me on talking to other YM, but im glad that I was not talking to anyone that time who is important.

its better to set our YM preference to ignore all who are not listed in our buddy list.

Artists' Den Forum

during the week off, i have a chance to update and finish the Artists' Den website and forum

i got a mental block on the layout, trying to figure out what it will look like, i began layouting with tables and images like a piece of paper. construction from nothing and bit by bit i just build a website.
Lace was bugging me that time in YM when i do the layout of the site, but i think it makes me more creative when she's present about inspiration ! yeah !!

and now.. www.ArtistsDen.Epinoy.Com is born !!!!!

yup..just finished constructing the online forum for Artists' Den
open to all artist....

are you an artist?
so join with us in our online public forum boards!

whats next?
damn!! we need a decent and formal Logo of our group.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Games all day @ G2show

G2 !!!!!!! GAMES GAMES GAMES !!!

another event is happening...and its not yet too late to attend !
G2 Games and GAdget Show is 3 you have 2 more days to visit our event!
This post contains pics and some short report on what happened this afternoon.

and maybe you'll see again the band AGENT SMITH on sunday....
willbe performing their original song single "Inlove ako sa isang Cosplayer"

rock and roll out mon ami !

-Azrael Coladilla

Jan 8, 2005
Day 2
11am - Technology Fashion Show
11am - PC Modding
1pm - Bayantel, Sky DSL, Sky Internet
2pm - Tools on Sales and Inventory Management
3pm - PC Modding
4pm - COSPLAY Contest and Program with live act by Morning Musume Philippines
5:45pm - Neutral Ground Announcement of Winner
6pm - Tantra Grand Eye Ball

[b]G2 Report DAY 1[/b]

Artists' Den booth - comics!! toys!!! and free caricatures by professional comic artist!

Check out the booths and modules - TANTRA and other MMOG game booths

This Big Life Size Figure guards the Half Life BOOTH

A Preview Trailer of FINAL FANTASY VII : Advent Children Movie

COSPLAY Contestants for DAY 1

Cosplay DAY 1 Finalist
Winners : Vincent Valentine, Cutey Honey, KOSMOS, Ava Kara, Shield Guard, Macross VF-1 Skull Leader

G2 Game Girl Contestants
winner: (middle) Charlene Mae as KOSMOS from Xenosaga

G2 Games and Gadget Show Co-Organizer and HOST/EMCEE
Ronald "RG" Guanzon of WE ARE ANIME and
Azrael D. Coladilla of Omake Omake News Philippines and All around community hahhahahah

Trivia Game Contest hosted by: Pristontale Philippines and Tri-Isys Internet

Jpop Showing! : Morning Musume videos...

Sky Blade Girls

Tantra GIRLS

MegaExchange Girls

G2 Games and Gadget Show EVENTS TEAM

Friday, January 07, 2005

Dead Horse Event Organizer

G2 set up day zero

today is our event G2 Games and GAdget Show..

yesterday i was like a dead tired in the set up and production of the event. im glad that we have our own marshalls "Arch-Guardians" helping us setting up the event.

and everyone already saw me sleeping in Starbucks Shangri La during our ARtists' Den meet....i need to recharge my batteries! i hope my girl friend is here with me.

this is another BIGGIE event we handle and im craving for the ultimate biggest event...and next month a 5 days anime convention..wohohooh...beat that! hahhahahah

good luck to us!
and hope all of you visit our convention this fri-sun

G2 Games and Gadget Show 2005
Jan 7,8,9
SM Megamall, MegatradeHall 1-2
entrance fee - P25

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Beware of the Azrael imposter and clone

someone is acting as "ME"
dont entertain them.. its not me!!
and pls dont give anything. if they asked for something..

it happened last convention.
this was reported to me by a friend and also the situation was seen in a public message board.

there's this guy who acted as me "Azrael" and he told to some convention attendees that he is "azrael" and he is the main organizer of the event.

and for that he even gave a tour to the attendees, showing all the booths and explaining all the activities of the event.

as the attendee said, that he encounter the "false Azrael" and said that he was approached and as a proof saw me taking pictures during the event.

- you see its impossible for me to give a tour to any person, coz that time I was with my girlfriend the whole day in that event and I only talk to people who i know, or talk to people who knows me.and yes i took photos of the event., and maybe this false guy used me and to take advantage, and wants to drop a bad blood to the community in my own name.

the case is that the convention attendee who encountered the "false Azrael", personally doesn't know me. and this False Azrael took the advantage in fooling people and acting as "ME"

-another case, I didn't claim myself ever as the main organizer of UP AME Anime Fair, I have an ID with a label "PERFORMER" coz that time me and my band are performers in that event and also im heading my group Art Group.

if you ever encounter some imposter or clone of Azrael, its best to approach someone who knows me to confirm if it is me or not.

or try to snap a photo of the imposter/clone so that we can Identify the culprit.

- this is the 3rd case reported happened after 4 years of the 1st case reported.

if you have a report or encountered the guy pls email me at


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Ala ungga!

Metro Manila Film Fest Merryland Review 2005

Lastikman : Unang Banat
"they watched it, my mom wants to see my screen time when i was hired as an extra actress"
"but...its better that we bought several copies of the Lastikman comics"
- Lei

"A cross of Spider-Man 1 and Spider-Man 2"
-ctfabian of

"Sarah Geronimo the movie"

Spirit of the Glass
"what??!! no one dies! "

Enteng Kabisote: Okay Ka Fairy ko The Legend
'Eat Bulaga the movie!"
-Syeri and Jon

"ohhh Kristine Hermosa!"

"the repair shop scene, at the back near Oyo Boy Sotto, that was me!"
-Elven aka Retsu

Panaghoy sa Suba : The Call of River
"its a Foreign Film"
-Syeri and Jon

"wow! superb! Cesar Montano Vs. ninjas"
"the movie with the longest movie trailer"

"This movie will go as one of this year's best Pinoy movies"
-ctfabian of

Ashite Imasu : Mahal Kita
"Japanese Generals aren't that punk!"

"ANIME !!!!"
-Syeri and Jon

Mano Po 3 : My Love
"another Foreign Film"
-Syeri and Jon

"Mulawin the movie!"
-Syeri and Jon

"the full movie trailer tells the whole story"

So...Happy Together
"I want to touch Kris Aquino's boobs too, but still i dont want to die!"

and for some serious news in the Game industry!

2004 Independent Game of the Year

Congratulations to Anino Entertainment and its team!

Number 6 - Anito: Defend a Land Enraged

Released just after our deadline for the 2003 awards Anito found itself as one of the best games of 2004. Anito isn't your typical RPG game. There certainly is some hack and slash to the story, but the game is much more adventurous then that. Instead of simply having random monsters always walking about that you run around and kill, the game focuses more on providing a solid storyline, and it does so with stellar results. Instead of just wandering about killing things, in Anito you become deeply involved in an adventure.

The most interesting thing about this adventure is that there are actually two completely different adventures in the game. Players can play as Agila, the son of the missing tribal leader, or his sister Maya. In most games, choosing your gender at the beginning of the game is something to do for fun. It may make the game play differently, but it doesn't really affect the game all that much. In Anito, choosing Agila or Maya will completely alter the game that players play. Each character has a completely different set of tasks to undertake as they travel through the land. The storyline is one with two main characters instead of one.


Sunday, January 02, 2005

First Four Days

its Jan 1 and F* working and doing lots of stuff for the upcoming convention and for my latest gig. my blood is running like thunder and i think the unstoppable urge in making a deep punch for the upcoming event G2 Games and Gadget Show and for the Magazine gig.

Been organizing some meetings and it will until Jan 4, and another BIG convention is coming up on February 2005. This is the 2 most Biggest convention I ever Gaming con and an Anime con...

this is the best of the best ...hmm..close to that best..but im still have this dream convention and it will top all conventions in the Philippines, think of originality with the spirit of True Pinoy. Toycon 2004 is one example and expect more of my blood sprinkeled in one of these blood....means success...

Im glad that I have a team partner..thanks to RG Guanzon for being the best partner in this pop culture, it seems that Im having this idea of doing some more events, but i already made a promise to quit for a moment after the Feb big event, well..i dont know..but i have to focus more on college and the magazine gig....but hey..maybe soon after college il be back and in full gear in events organizing... but still it depends if my USA Visa is approved...awwww...dont worry il be back after 6 months if ever that happens.

such a long warming up for tomorrow and i want my readers to be informed on what am I doing... damn it! im not that a not that too good to be writer..i dont want to be writer...but im one of those kids who wants to be writer, I wish i taken up those communication course when i'm in college, im a little bit ashamed of myself coz im the only guy who isn't that too very proficient English or in writing, and people around me are the experts..thats why I push myself sometimes to improve this writing and communication skills, so that i wont be hanging out and tagged again for having a bad grammar...geez..I really hate my Boss back in magazine of a broadcasting giant. i know she shuts up, but sometimes continues to attack from is like that..even now i can hear some stories of some back stabbing he/she did years ago.

been almost 7 years in the industry and im glad that someone already notice my own company...well sort of...Omake Omake News Philippines is included as co-organizer of the event G2 Games and Gadget Show, thanks to the organizer MMOG for trusting me on our event. Its the 2nd time i saw my logo in their sponsors..and Im surprised that below my logo is a tagline included that it says "The Anime-Comic Alternative Pop Culture News Maker in the Philippines", whoooaa! now i have to work on that website....

to all my readers here in Azrael's Merryland, thank you so much for the humongous support, thanks for the emails, messages, tags, love mails, hate mails, txtmate invites, friendster invites, EB invites, SEB invites (sorry im not allowed for this), party invites, freebie invites, overnight invites, and bday invites...and more.....whew...

2005 will be blast...for Azrael's Merryland will invade the MAGAZINE WORLD !!!!!! just brace very afraid...

are you willing to buy a magazine with a 2-page article of Azrael's Merryland?, written by me !!! of course...who else will write that.

expect more adventures,stories and educational tour in that 2 page feature every month....coming this year 2005.

Incubus makes Az happy new year is fine..i just spent all day at home waiting for the clock for New Year, always online, chatting to my Girlfriend and surfing reading the net, listening to my Girlfriend's gift - Incubus CD album, and remember that Lace really makes my life happy..every minute..seconds..nano seconds...

My New Year is welcomed by a phone call from Lace.. Heart pumping and im so in love with this girl..and as I hear her voice in my cellphone,my voice began to turn soft..being the cool me... im glad that theres technology that we can communicate in an instant...thanks God for internet, mobile communication and etc.

Check out this video i download yesterday morning.its the 2nd thing that makes me happy this New Year.

Incubus does The Police

It all happened last dec 12th at the 2004 kroq almost acoustic xmas in los angeles. Incubus played these Police covers featuring Andy
& Stewart

Stellar/De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Message In A Bottle

view the 16 minute performance (35 MB)

or download my convert uploaded low res file of Stellar/ De Do Do, De Da Da Da
download it here, click Save Target As (900KB)

G2 Games and Gadget Show
Jan 7,8,9, 2005
SM Megamall, Megatradehall 1,2

entrance fee P25

click here to view poster

Azrael the video game exhibit at the G2
Azrael Adventures in Merryland the video game
produced and developed by: WAA' Soft
visit the WAA booth (near the stage)

Deviant ART Manila meet -
all Deviant ART Manila community are invited to come and have a meet at the G2 Games and Gadget Show

Assembly will be at the Artists' Den Booth (near
the stage)

bring your artworks, art materials.
and lets have our first DA meet for the year 2005

Artists' Den @ G2 Games and Gadget Show
Artists' Den group will be there at the G2 Games
and Gadget Show, and they feature their latest
comic and art works to the public.

some of it are for sale.
the latest comic release, merchandise and art

Live Demo at the booth
-character creation
-comic creation
-coloring techique
-comic strip contruction
and more....

live demo will be conducted by members of the
Artists' Den, professional and fresh artist
members of the group

watch our for the official release of their website
at the Games and Gadget Show

Cosplay contest @ G2 Games and Gadget Show
visit the event website and you can register your
costume entry online

TransFormers Philippines joins
TFPH will join the booth and will feature the latest hi tech toys of TransFormers, featuring the 2005 release of TransFormers Galazy Force.
visit the Artists' Den or WAA-Omake News Booth

Philippine Hobbyist Magazine
PHM will give a big signal to all hobbyist and collectors, for the Premiere Collectibles and Hobby Magazine in the Philippines will resurrect after its 4 years of sleep, and it will be the best Hobby Magazine in our country.
visit the Artists' Den or WAA-Omake News Booth

Tantra Eyeball!
What: 1st Grand Eyeball @ the Games and Gadgets Expo
When: January 8, 2005 6PM onwards
Where: Tantra Booth - Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall

January 8, 2005
6:00pm to 6:30pm – Registration and Body Art
6:30pm to 7:30pm – GM Interaction
7:30pm to 8:00pm – Raffle of Prizes
(source: TOP official forums)

Get a chance to finally meet fellow Tantra players!
Come with your Ashram members and avail of exclusive Tantra prizes!
This is one awesome gig not to be missed!

2004 Gamers' Choice MMOG/MOG of the Year
Awarding will be at: SM Megatrade Hall 1 & 2 on January 9, 2005 Sunday, at the afternoon. Courtesy of WeAreAnime, Omake Omake News, and of course the convention organizers MMOG Philippines, Inc. - Games & Gadgets Show or G2 Show - January 7~9.

organized by: MMORPG
co-organized by:
We Are Anime and Omake Omake News
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