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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Batman Is Back
Christian Bale as Batman in Warner Bros. Pictures' Batman Begins
the Dark Knight is back and everyone is preparing for his return, so grab your reserve ticket and watch this dark and mysterious movie of the dark hero, as they say,... prepare for Bruce Wayne's transformation..for becoming Batman...(again)

a friend already watched the 1st premiere last week and he txted me that Batman Begins is a lot more good and better than the Batman's Tim Burton, a very more serious type of Batman movie.

and here are some of my updates

Batman Begins Super Advanced Press/Partner Screening

A theatrical poster for Warner Bros. Pictures' Batman Begins
I got this email from the organizers of the Batman Exhibit, and thanks to them for getting me a premiere ticket, but too bad that I can't watch the movie premiere with them.


We have been able to get 8 tickets to a special screening of Batman
Begins on Monday, June13, at 7pm. at Glorietta 4- cinema 3.

I have instructed Vic to confirm the 8 lucky DC Guild Members who can
go to the screening. priority goes first to the Batman collectors (especially those who helped with the last exhibit at Gateway).

Thank you so much guys!!!!!

Vic, please give me the list of attendees so i can inform Warner
Theatrical who are entitled to the tickets.

//** it will be fun to watch, and hmm..the ticket is a collectible
but its okay, I'll watch the bat-flick this sunday with Lace. *//

Batman #608
hope they can make it the same insert here, I'l be happy if it is a re-print or any copy of batman, or hope they insert some batman movie guide with character images and profiles, or some sort of back side of the production of the movie. Its good that they have this kind of marketing in NY.

On Monday, Gotham won’t be the only city Batman calls
his own.

DC’s Dark Knight (who also has a movie coming out, as
you might have heard) will get major exposure, thanks
to the inclusion of a special edition Batman comic
being given away in The New York Post. As you can
probably guess from the cover illustration, DC Comics
has confirmed for Newsarama that the special issue is
a reprint of Batman #608 by Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee and
Scott Williams, the first part of the “Hush”

read more here

Friday, June 10, 2005


book i want to buy, and damn....out of stock!

another one I want to avail..ehehhe..

I read this and it is a fun read book!, (tnx ariel nasa akin pa yung book)

The question now is, are they going to return the artwork entries after the event?
I think we have to wait for InPrints response, every submitted artwork is very important and have a lot of sentimental value created by the artists, so I hope that they return the artworks back to the contestant after the event.

and now for another update from

Hi Everyone,

We know you've been waiting for this! The time and schedule of the
events are as follows:

JULY 9, Saturday:
- Doors to "The Gathering" at the Rockwell Tent will open at 3:00pm

JULY 10, Sunday:
- A Reading and Book Signing at Fully Booked Promenade Greenhills
(opening July 8, 2005) will start at 2:00pm

JULY 11, Monday:
- A Press Conference (by invitation) and the British Council Writers
Forum at the Music Musuem will be from 1:30-3:00pm
- A Reading and Book Signing at Fully Booked Gateway Mall will start
at 4:30pm
- Winners Dinner (Raffle and Art Competition winners) at 7:00pm

More details to follow....

All the best,

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Neil Gaiman update

here are some update on the book signing and visit of Neil Gaiman in Manila, read carefully and hmm buy a book on June 15 so that you can have that coupon for the book signing.

all info are from the InPrint Neil Gaiman ML
Hi Everyone,

To clarify and answer of the inquiries about the raffle, please see
more detailed mechanics below:


1. Every purchase of a Neil Gaiman book bought in Fully Booked from
June 15 – July 8,2005 (cash or charge) entitles the customer to one
raffle coupon.

2. The customer will have to fill in their name, address, telephone
number, and affix signature on the raffle stub and drop entries in
the designated dropbox.

1st Prize - Complete "Sandman" series (1-10), signed by Neil Gaiman
AND dinner with Neil Gaiman on July 11,2005 (together with winner of
the Art Competition).
2nd Prize - "Marvel 1602" signed by Neil Gaiman
3rd Prize - "Creatures of the Night" signed by Neil Gaiman

4. Raffle draw will be on July 9,2005, 6pm at the Rockwell Tent,
Makati City to be witnessed by a DTI representative. Deadline for
submission of entries is July 8 at 10:00pm.

5. Winner will be notified via phone and registered mail. Winner
will claim the prize from Fully Booked, Powerplant Mall, Makati City.

6. To claim prize, winner must present his/her raffle stub,
notifcation letter, one (1) valid ID with photo. Prize is non-
transferable and not convertible to cash.

7. Prize can be claimed as early as July 9, 2005 right after raffle
draw, up to 60 days validity (for the signed copies). Should prize
be unclaimed, it will be forfeited in favor of Fully Booked with
prior approval from DTI.

8. All employees of Sketchbooks, Inc. and its affiliates, their
advertising agencies and relatives up to the 2nd degree of
consanguinity or affinity are not qualified to join this promotion.

9. The promo organizer's decision is final with the concurrence of

Per DTI-NCR Permit# AI-472 Series of 2005

See you on July 9!


1. From June 15-July 11,2005, for a purchase of ONE Neil Gaiman
graphic novel or TWO Neil Gaiman books in any Fully Booked (The
Powerplant Mall, Gateway Mall and the Promenade Greenhills -soon to
open), Bibliarch (Glorietta, Waltermart (Pasong Tamo)) or
Sketchbooks (Greenbelt) store, you will get a book signing pass.

2. You can use the book signing pass in any of the book signing
venues (July 9 in Fully Booked Rockwell, July 10 FB Greenhills, July
11 FB Gateway).

3. The pass will entitle you to have two items signed by Neil.
Every person in each book signing can have max of 2 passes (equals
to 4 items). Should you have more than 2 passes, you can go to the
end of line after your turn or use the passes in other book signings.

4. Each pass has a one-time validity. (It will be marked and
returned to you so you can keep it as a souvenir)

5. Each pass will have a corresponding raffle ticket too, with a
chance for you to have dinner with Neil Gaiman on July 11, 2005!


This is the Main Event that you should all go to! It will be at
newly opened Rockwell Tent (we did need a big space for all of
you! :>). There will be a Reading and Talk by Neil Gaiman, a Q&A
Forum, and a Book Signing. Neil will also choose the winners of the
Raffle and announce the winning entries of the Art Competition. It
will be one big Gaiman party!

You do not need tickets to join the event but you will need the book
signing pass if you want to have your items/books signed Neil (Check
out "Book Signing Pass Mechanics" in the Files).


Sorry we cannot consider old purchases from Fully Booked. As per
the mechanics, only purchases from June 15-July 11,2005 will be


The prizes of the Raffle and Art Competition are non-transferable
and not convertible to cash. Prizes may be claimed right after the
announcement of winners at the Rockwell Tent and also from the main
Fully Booked store in Rockwell and will have a 60-day validity -- of
course this only refers to the signed copies. The "winners dinner"
with Neil will be on July 11.

That's all for now! Til the next batch of queries and answers....


Artists, both professional and non-professional, graphic designers,
students, and all fans and enthusiasts are invited to join 'The Neil
Gaiman Art Competition'!

Contest Rules and Mechanics:

• The ARTWORK may be anything inspired by the work of Neil Gaiman.
• The contest is open to anyone regardless of age or citizenship so
long as they are currently based in the Philippines and will be in
Manila during the announcement of winners.
• Each contestant may submit only one (1) entry.
• Each entry must be done in:
Size: Minimum AE size (double bond paper) on paper or canvas
Medium: Any art form – pencil, ink, oil, charcoal, crayon,
graphic design, or any other art material
• Deadline for submission of entries: July 6, 2005 at 10:00pm.
• Entries must be submitted to any Fully Booked branch, packaged
appropriately and addressed to the Marketing Manager, Fully Booked.
• Together with the entry, the contestant must submit his/her name,
address, telephone number (BOTH landline & cellphone), email address
and a brief bio-data (school, profession, achievements, etc)in an
• Announcement and awarding of top 3 winners will be held in "The
Gathering" event at the Rockwell Tent on July 9, 2005.

**NEIL GAIMAN himself will judge and choose the 3 winning entries!

Judging Criteria and Prizes:

• Criteria for Judging: Creativity (25%), Originality (25%), Skill
(25%), and Impact (25%).
• First Prize – Original Artwork from "Last Temptation" signed by
Neil Gaiman AND Dinner with Neil Gaiman on July 11, 2005 (together
with the winner of the Neil Gaiman raffle)
• Second Prize – "Mirrormask" signed by Neil Gaiman
• Third Prize – "Murder Mysteries" signed by Neil Gaiman

Submit Your Entries to:
Level R1, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City
(632) 756-5001
Level 2, Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
(632) 913-4543

(632) 756-5001


Hi Everyone! We have been receiving tons of messages on book signing
guidlines and this is what we've received in an e-mail from Neil.
(It is also posted on his site

1) It can be a good idea to call the store first and find out
if they have any specific ground rules. Some do, some don't. Will
they be handing out numbers? Will you have to buy a copy of American
Gods from them in hardback to get prime place in the line or will it
be first come first served? What about books you bought somewhere
else? Can you bring your ferret?

2) Get there reasonably early if you can. I'll always try and
make sure that anyone in line during the posted signing times gets
stuff signed. At evening signings I'll always stay and make sure
everyone goes away happy, but on this tour there will be several
places where I'll need to go from a signing to another signing,
don't cut it fine.

3) You may own everything I've ever written. I'm very
I'm probably not going to sign it all, so you had better simply
out your favorite thing and bring that along.

4) As a rule, I tend to tell stores I'll sign 3 things people
bring with them – plus any copies of the new book you buy (if you
have six brothers or sisters and buy one each, I'll sign them
But stores may have their own policies – and we may wind up
the rules as we go in order to make sure that everyone gets stuff

5) Eat first. I'm not kidding. If it's a night-time signing
the kind that can go on for a long time, bring sandwiches or
something to nibble (some signings with numbers handed out may make
it possible for you to go out and eat and come back. Or you may be
first in line. But plan for a worst-case scenario of several hours
of standing and shuffling your way slowly around a store). (If
a daytime signing somewhere that a line may snake out of a store
into the hot sun, bring something to drink. I always feel guilty
when people pass out.)

6) You may be in that line for a while, so talk to the people
around you. You never know, you could make a new friend. I've
books for kids whose parents met in signing lines (although to the
best of my knowledge none of them were actually conceived there).
And while we're on the subject, bring something to read while
waiting. Or buy something to read – you'll be in a bookshop,

7) Don't worry. You won't say anything stupid. It'll be
My heart tends to go out to people who've stood in line for hours
trying to think of the single brilliant witty erudite thing that
they can say when they get to the front of the line, and when it
finally happens they put their books in front of me and go blank, or
make a complete mess of whatever they were trying to say. If you
have anything you want to ask or say, just ask, or say it, and if
you get a blank look from me it's probably because I'm
brain dead after signing several thousand things that day.

8) The only people who ever get short shrift from me are the
people who turn up with tape recorders who try and tape interviews
during signings. I won't do them – it's unfair on the
other people
in the line, and unfair on me (and I was as curt with the guy from
the LA Times who tried it as I am to people who decide on the spur
of the moment to try and tape something for their college paper). If
you want to do an interview, ask the bookstore who you should talk
to in order to set it up.

9) Take things out of plastic bags before you reach me.
Firstly, it speeds things up. Secondly, I once ripped the back off a
$200 comic taking it out of a plastic bag, when the back of the
comic caught on the tape. The person who owned it was very sweet
about it, but tears glistened in his eyes as I signed, and I could
hear him wailing softly as he walked away.

10) Yes, I'll happily personalize the stuff I sign, to you, or
to friends. If it's a birthday or wedding present, tell me.

11) Remember your name. Know how to spell it, even under
pressure, such as being asked. [If you have a nice simple name, like
Bob or Dave or Jennifer, don't be surprised if I ask you how to
spell it. I've encountered too many Bhob's, Daev's and even, once, a
Jeniffer to take any spelling for granted.]

12) No, I probably won't do a drawing for you, because there are
300 people behind you, and if I had to draw for everyone we'd be
finishing at 4.00am – on the other hand, if you're prepared
to wait
patiently until the end, I may do it then, if my hand still works.

13) If it means a lot to you, yes, I'll sign your
lunchbox/skin/guitar/leather jacket/wings – but if it's
strange you may want to make sure you have a pen that writes on
strange surfaces legibly. I'll have lots of pens, but they may not
write on feathers.

14) At the start of the tour the answer to "Doesn't your hand
hurt?" Is "No." By the end of the tour, it's probably
going to
be "Yes."

15) Yes, you can take my picture, and yes, of course you can be
in the photo, that's the point isn't it? There's always
someone near
the front of the line who will take your photo.


16) I do my best to read all the letters I'm given and not lose
all the presents I'm given. Sometimes I'll read letters on
the plane
to the next place. But given the sheer volume of letters and gifts,
you probably won't get a reply, unless you do. (On one previous
I tried to write postcards to everyone who gave me something at the
last stop on postcards at the next hotel. Never again.) If you're
after a reply or to have me read something, you're much better
not giving it to me on a tour. Post it to me care of DreamHaven
books in Minneapolis. (And although things people give me get posted
back, on the last tour FedEx lost one box of notes and gifts, and on
the tour before that hotel staff lost or stole another box. So
smaller things I can put into a suitcase are going to be more
popular than four-foot high paintings done on slabs of beech wood.)

17) No, I probably won't have dinner/a beer/sushi with you after
the signing. If it's a daytime signing I'll be on my way to
the next
signing; and if it's an evening signing I'll be heading back
to my
hotel room because I'll be getting up at six a.m. to fly to the
city. If there actually is any spare time on the tour it will have
been given to journalists, and if there's any time on top of that
old friends will have started e-mailing me two or three months
before the tour started to say "You'll be in the Paphlagonian
and Noble on the 23rd. That's just a short yak-hop from my yurt.
must get together," and would have got themselves put on the
schedule. (Still, it never hurts to ask.)

18) If you can't read what I wrote, just ask me. After a couple
of hours of signing my handwriting can get pretty weird.

19) If I sign it in silver or gold, give it a minute or so to
dry before putting it back in its bag or closing the cover,
otherwise you'll soon have a gold or silver smudge and nothing

That's about it for now,


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

First day of class

my class has started last monday, and its been a busy day for the 1st day of class, lots of stuff is coming on, and I think I'm going to miss everything and hello weekends is the only day free for me, school is here and have to be serious about it and just in preparation for my upcoming future with her.

Its funny that I like to dub my title "attack of the freshmen" coz lots of new comers flooded our university, and its nice to see them chose our school, as they say, FEU wil l make you a better person, (nyak), hahhah. and now my tambayan is now occupied by new students, so i just let them stay there coz they dont usually stay there forever , (except me).

"excuse, is this building going to SB 404?", this is one question i encountered,but I do help them reached their room as I feel this funny feeling, that i am also a student. but with a dead smile and suplado back in being suplado.
thats what I am in school.

so I might be gone for few months, I think, I have to burn my soul for the moment in school, but you can catch me in where the action is present.

The Pink event

Wong Kar Wai's "Happy Together"

i just missed again the film festival of the 3rd sex, and mind you all Im not gay!, I just want to see all those art films done by great artist and see this --> movies are now used in educating people about the 3rd sex, gays and lesbians are now accepted, and in some way people are still having lots of misconception about them, I too have misconceptions on the past...

but thanks to my past girlfriends who are former lesbians and bi-sexuals, I learned from them what's the story behind their lives and understanding them is a good turn point in my life. and also gay friends i know and met, also share their experience and educate me for what their life is, and damn they are so smart on this and funny too, Im glad that the society has changed a little bit in accepting these people. and thanks to the Pink Film Festival for giving them an event like this.

for sked of the shows visit their website at

and there I didnt know that they are accepting film submissions.
next time I have to ask my friend who done an adaption to Carlo Vergara's "One Night in Purgatory", an indie short film of his graphic story about two guy friends ended into a nice twist of life, and oh yeah ! I'm involved in making this film too, though its very weird that we got actors who were straight and ended up kissing their lips each other..ahahahah!! it was funny... and glad that the actor are real artist.

oh well..have to go again guys.hope ya like my entry for this day.

and the Pink Film Fest is at GAteway mall cinema until June 12.
check the website for the sked.
advance click here for the calendar list of films until June 12

I think I'm going to watch the LESBYANADRAMA, if i have the moolah and time.

next update..will be about Neil Gaiman and Batman Begins..

see ya after one day!!!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Sin City
we watched Sin City yesterday, I was so happy to watch it, coz I prepared my self again to watch a very good and artistic movie, Its a Frank Miller based comic and I admit I haven't read the comics, but I know a little story about it and knew the characters, espcially Marv, back in early college.

they did a really good team up in this movie, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez successully made the graphic novel into life by making it a live action movie, and also with some treatment from Quentin Tarantino, every part of it is like reading a comic book, I check out some pages and damn! it really looks the same in the comics and movie.

I read some notes that they dont use any scripts, but they use the comic format of Sin City, and also they use the images in the comics as their storyboard. here are some examples.

it really gives a hard time to some movie goers on what the movie is all about, everyone is silent during the 1st chapter of the movie, but hey. Im glad that Marv's chapter really gives a good entertainment for movie goers and non comic readers, as the movie is in black n white or gray, with some colors treatment like in the comics, Frank Miller's Sin City is a comic turned to a moving comic movie.

as I post this...I will add this movie to my collection!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Pasta thon,Floodway and Spiders

Image hosted by
the pasta party was great! we stuffed our stomachs with pasta as the event organizer promised us, and oh yeah! there were 3 different kinds of sauce and 2 kinds of pasta, I enjoyed the day even that I'm late, I found them out all watching Lord of the Ring DVD and then after the pasta we drowned ourselves of coke and then I'm figthing with a ninja using a fork to eat that cake. its was a yummy and 'busog' day.

while on the other side of the land, Lace has her own Pasta Party, she went to the dentist with her sister and have this pasta job on her tooth,. ahaahha...look at that. we have our own pasta party and day..and yes..its a pasta pasta pasta day!

and for that...I like to say thanks to you dude for the party.

Image hosted by
after the and the carbonara monster went to his place to check out some stuff there and then went to Gateway mall, our invasion of Gateway mall was great! we visited the Batman show, too bad my colleagues left already and then was invited to a packed up tomorrow. and then drinking..and eating.

Image hosted by
while walking I saw this poster..and ohhh boy, too bad I cant come to see this, but if some lucky dude read this...go out and go to Gateway this Sunday!

The rain poured like hell, and every place in Cubao is flooded both of us are like going to act like Spider-man climbing walls just to avoid those stinky floods, lucky us that theres this brave tricycle to pick us up out of the sinking pavement.

and then I went home with my stomach like in world war 3, so stuffed with foods and after that Beef ramen treat out by the carbonara monster. and glad that im home

and meet my pizza monster partner tomorrow for a movie day out before my back to school blues..weeee..i miss her so much
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