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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Monster's Trip

we are going to San Pablo Laguna!!
weee...and at last it will be fun to go out of town (at last),

but we're not going swimming or go on vacation. we will visit and do an interview with Gerry Alanguilan, for a school paper. And I'll accompany Lace and her groupmates to do the interview and help them in their research, and its about comics! (its for their OJT)

and it will be a busy day for all of us..

Fete na!

its the day of Fete dela Musique, and thanks to God that it will be going to be held in El Pueblo.

i'll be there and going out with my sis...hehehehe..

too bad that I didnt make it as Production Assistant for Fete, they already accepted me, but going on a super nano minute short notice meeting for the briefing got me a little loss of interest to join.
coz its hard to commit on a meeting annoucing it 3 hours before the meeting starts. not a superman or flash.

well...its a good music tonight!!!!

see you all there!

Fête de la Musique

Introduced in France in 1982 by then Minister for Culture Jack Lang, the Fête de la Musique is an all-day, all-night celebration of music to welcome summer. Musicians, amateurs and professionals perform freely in public places, from parks to street corner

It became a very popular event, and through the network of French Embassies and French cultural centers and Alliances Françaises, it easily spread to many countries worldwide. It is now celebrated in simultaneously in more than 120 countries every 21st of June.

In Manila, the Fête has been celebrated since 1994, from Malate to Fort Bonifacio, to El Pueblo and Eastwood, gathering some 10,000 music-lovers in a street party that appropriately closes the cultural season, the French Spring in Manila, and where more than a hundred bands perform in ten stages simultaneously, offering the full spectrum of musical genre from World Music to Rock, Alternative, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Electronica, Acousitic, Hip Hop and R&B.

In 2005, while the center stage in El Pueblo - Ortigas Center will showcase a selection of musicians of these musical categories, several poles of the city night life join us, like Greenbelt 3, Shangri-La Plaza, Eastwood, The Podium, SM Megamall. Thus, the Fête de la Musique reaches all corners of the capital.

For sked of line up visit my sis' multply here

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Legend of the Dark Knight Begins

Image hosted by
We just the movie and it was a boom boom bam bam bat swing ride!
I like the movie and for me it tops the bat-movie franchise and it trashes the Tim Burton Bat movie. For me Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins tops the chart and followed by Tim Burton's Batman Returns.

dont worry, no movie spoilers in this entry.

Everyone watched it as the cinema opens, and i got a hard time that day to watch it, its like a land before time scene. its a real journey to make it to watch the movie.

and that day burns me after the movie, im glad that the angel likes the tamarind sweets.

by the way... Fudge Magazine will give limited posters of Batman Begins if you bought the new BATMAN BEGINS cover, of June issue, Fudge Magazine. Avail the magazine and get your free limited poster on June 26, 2005 inside Megamall's Megatradehall 3.

and now on to my movie review.

In this film, a different and new Batman was introduced, Christian Bale really becomes Batman, and everyone agrees after they saw the movie, I was surprised to see him in full costume, very mysterious and scary. If you read the comics and liked it, you will definitely adore this flick.

A young and aggresive Batman was born and still lives on its genesis stage. If you watched Spiderman, you can think of a pattern like Spidey movie, and this movie will be more explosive if the sequel of Batman-Nolan film was release on the next year.

film setting and production gives a new Gotham City, some part of it were filmed I think in New York or in Chicago. its the real thing...and not that the gothic side semi comical background. For me it really attracts new movie goers and non Batman reader or fan.

Some says its boring, but hey, if you like the comic version more,. you better stick to something like some old bat films, but if you want more beyond the comic version., watch this and you will understand why Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, and why is it that saving the city gives him a very big obsession.

Bat tools and Bat cave..well its a little bit more non-hitech. but as i said earlier this is the genesis stage, and dont expect to see the Batcomputer and the Batjet, Bat couch and the Bat-room. :)

but you will love!! the Micheal Keaton says on the first movie "Chics digs the car". Riding one of these will give you a big word up saying "I JUST WANT TO HAVE ONE LIKE THIS!"

this movie shows a really strong BATMAN, and a younger one too..
the playboy side of Bruce Wayne and the revelation of the one true mask.

everything gives explanation, and the beginning of all.

just dont blink an eye during the epilogue of the film..
i know you will be exited on the next.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bat-day today

Its now playing in all theaters!
Batman Begins...begins today! and its a holy bat day!!

and the bats is all in the papers today..
grab the article in Inquirer, they have a really good article about the film, the comics and the bat legacy. and grab the batmobile article in the motoring sports in Philippine Star, a really interesting take about the semi tank car.

and now...

grab this magazine!
coz it has a very hmm...rare poster for all.
thanks for Fudge magazine for releasing this info.

Image hosted by
For every purchase of a Batman issue of Fudge magazine (only P100!), you'll get a special limited edition Batmam Begins 25inx38in poster for free. Lilmited stocks and we assure you the posters rock! And they are numbered so they will soon be rare.

Fudge on!

and also..check out the Bat-goodies in KFC. i just want that Bat buckle belt

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Fear is your weapon

thank you IFILM ! i just seen some clips of Batman Begins, and now im super excited in this movie, hope our plans in watching this film tomorrow is smooth.

here in this link
you'll see the first meet of Batman and KAtie Holmes, Bruce's first try on the Batmobile, the history of the symbol, the all terrain car chase er batmobile chase., and wow..this is the best batmobile action I ever seen!

visit this link in IFILM

Star Wars Costuming and Prop-Making

Image hosted by

this information was sent to me by Meann Ortiz, founder of Star Wars Philippines.
everyone is invited if you are interested in Star Wars costumes, light saber making, rhe science and tech from the one of the best sci fi movie.

Session 1 of the Star Wars Philippines Costuming and Prop-Making
Forum is scheduled for Saturday, June 18th, 2pm-6pm at Brash Young
Cinema. BYC is located at The Basement, S&L Building, Esteban corner
Dela Rosa Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City. There will be a
registration fee of 80 pesos. Premium members get a 30-peso discount.

Please visit the Via-Astris website for the vicinity map at this URL:

The topics that will be covered in Session 1 are as follows:

I. Jedi Costumes
- Costume Background and Lore
- Research and Reverse Engineering
- Materials Selection
- Accessories and props
- Putting your costume together
- Case study: Prequel Trilogy Jedi, Luke Skywalker (Episode VI)

II. Creating your own lightsaber

III. The Costumes of Royalty
- Costume Background and Lore
- Research and Reverse Engineering
- Materials Selection
- Accessories and Props
- Putting your costume together
- Case study: Queen Amidala Coruscant Kimono (Episode I), Senator
Amidala Pastel Lake Gown (Episode II), Senator Amidala Green Velvet
Robe (Episode III).

Attendees are encouraged to be at the venue on time, since we are on
a strict schedule due to venue reservation restrictions. Attendees
are also encouraged to bring pen and paper for note-taking. Lecture
handouts will be available for download in the SWP website after the

Also, watch out for Session 2 of the Costuming and Prop-making
Seminar, which will tackle Imperial costumes and armor, and a taste
of other Dark Side regalia, coming soon.

For inquiries and sign-ups, please e-mail:

Monday, June 13, 2005

2 days and boring

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here I am fooling around and playing as the new model for BENCH that will replace Jerry Yan next month ahaahahaha (halatang bored ako noh?)

its been a boring and lazy day for me, sunday is a very relaxing and stomach full day and also today monday, its a national holiday..and


we are free and we are indie ahhahaha

what I did all day is eat, sleep, internet, phone, eat, eat, tv, eat, and eat.

its fun to be inside our house that has lot of foods!
wow...i ate 12 pcs of siomai for lunch, bento box of ika fry and tonkatsu for dinner, 3 pcs of Little Miss Muffin and while ago.. 4 pcs of jumbo hotdogs..

and the latest.I baked a super moisted choco icing cake..
which is my very 1st perfected cake ehehe.

its my 2nd time to bake a cake so this one really kick you into a sugar rush

and check it out my 5th online journal

check my accout

and its very very raw for a moment and i'll surf and play this online blogs.
and thanks to Kat for adding me to her friend in LJ. hehhehhe.
nakiki LJ na din ako wohohoh.

(now i can post comments to all LJ users eheh)

using Yahoo 360 gives me a good idea for my new blog gimmick and i hope it will turn out a good hits to all readers..

and now the road to BATMAN BEGINS in my blog BEGINS !!!!
I dont have yet any Batman stuff, I'm absent tonight for the premiere, but will watch it my girlfriend this wednesday, crossing my fingers that we watch it after our work.

I dont have the toys or happy meals goodies.

Image hosted by
but I have this Batman poster at home, thanks to Vic Yap and organizers of the Batman Exhibit in Gateway Mall.

BALE: Batman needs more sex

got this scoop from the THE BEAT

According to CONTACT MUSIC

BATMAN BEGINS star CHRISTIAN BALE is urging producers to release two versions of the next Batman movie, so that the Caped Crusader's sexuality can be explored.

The actor, who has already signed up to star in a second Batman movie, believes it's time for the powers that be to show the comic book superhero's R-rated side, while also releasing a film for younger fans.

Bale says, "I do think there is a lot of room for, like, an R-rated Batman. It's a little bit tricky to broach the sex aspect of the story when you want kids to come see this as well. I mean, we still like for a 12-year-old to come see it and enjoy it.

"I think it would be very interesting, myself, to do maybe one version, which can be both PG-13 and R - two different cuts of it.

"The (Batman) graphic novel certainly dove into his private life because it's fascinating. He's got to do something sexual at some point. I think it could be an interesting storyline to take somewhere."

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Finger Missiles!
Image hosted by
our photo last month in a geeky event

its a fun day again with Lace, my one and only pizza monster and my C2 drink buddy girlfriend. Been busy in school lately and failed to attend Lico's Artists' Den meeting at his place, and i missed all the guys and food there. So I'm here stuck at home and waiting to finish this term.

went our with Lace after her EK OJT, and its a dine in and out in House Blend and McDonalds, killing again that Sundae Caramel and French Fries, the two food monsters alwyas go out and never leave food in their minds.

while going home..its the night attack of the finger missiles.. been fooling around and pretending our fingers are missles and will land in our ticklish body..aahhaa. i'm the loser in this game, coz im very ticklish! eheheeeehe

during the day can I describe it,..

Cold, Heavenly and suffocating.

may L J na ko
check it out!
I have finally got my Live Journal account, and I know everyone have their own LJ, now i can say to them that I have also my own LJ. you can visit and here's my link

check out my super lazy entry ehehhe.

and i think my new account will run a long time like my multiply.
and again..Friendster Blog sucks!!!!!!!

Maskarado online

MASKARADO re-print.
finally Reno Maniquis, the creator of Maskarado, has uploaded and reprinted online the orig pinoy superhero comics in his blog .

I am a fan of his work, and read all of it in TEMPO newspaper, this was our newspaper daily during my hmm..late elementary to early Highschool. and wow! Maskarado really got me and after reading his indie comic release...I want to read more!

also Reno Maniquis works are available for viewing in his website -

and what's cool about this...for the past years.finally i met the creator of this comics that i read during my early young age (im still young pa din! eheheh)

Personal Messages
Get Well soon to Liza , for she has fever yesterday
Happy Recovery to RG, he got a serious head injury (with er..six stitch on his forehead)
Best Wishes to the guy who likes carbonara, pucha married ka na!
Congrats to all Graduates
Happy Bday to all June Babies!
and Happy Bday to my DAD !!! (teka june 10 and 20 bday mo di ba?)
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