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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Comic Talk in RX 93.1
One hour of comic talk and discussion last thursday, live in RX93.1's H.O.T. (Raffy Reyes' HEARD ON THRUSDAYS, Comic book artist/writer Andrew Drilon and writer/Master of Comic Quest Vinny Simbulan was interviewed and Edmund Yanga,a toy seller and customizer was also there.

I recorded and uploaded the 1 hour talk for my girlfriends' school paper on comics market and industry.

you can download and listen the radio talk here in my multiply account.

comic talk rx june23 1

comic talk rx june23 2

comic talk rx june23 3

comic talk rx june23 4

comic talk rx june23 5

comic talk rx june23 6

comic talk rx june23 7

or visit my Music download Page here

thanks to Budgette Tan for the head ups in Alamat ML.

Movie Production diaries and journals

I think It all started in George Lucas film journal of the making of Revenge of the Sith, uploading some photos daily and video update weekly in their website and exclusively for view and download only for all member.

but today, Film makers did a good point on having these production blogs, journals and diaries just to update all the fans on whats the latest scoop and a simple peek to the production of the film.

also they included commentary and behind the scenes of the film.,
if you watched some of it you will be get excited on the film. especially. being one of the first to see the raw footages for the movie, coz some of them are a sure hit and will be premiered next year 2006 or 2007.

watching this clips will get you informed on how they film it, plan it, setting, and also the time frame of shooting. and thanks to the great directors and producers to come up their own websites with the help of the fans in informing us all on whats the latest buzz in their movie.

and here are some of the latest movie blogs

Superman Returns
directed by: Bryan Singer

King Kong
directed by: Peter Jackson

and i have uploaded some of the clips I downloaded, and compressed it for fast download and preview and here are some I got. visit the link and then SAVE TARGEST AS on the link of the picture of the video. so that you dont need to watch it streaming, you can download it and view it in your desktop.

Superman Returns in a making - Clark Kent Returns
68 seconds

Superman Returns in a making- Clark pitching the baseball
68 seconds

King Kong teaser trailer for the world trailer premiere on Monday

11 seconds

and hmm...for the local..
i know the full length in a making of Wasted by Gerry Alanguilan and Noel Lim are the 1st to have the production diary, but the film is not yet complete and will be shown soon..

some of the clips I downloaded will be shown at the Toycon tomorrow.

Friday, June 24, 2005

4th Philippine Toy Convention 2005

official website

so come one and come all !

June 26, 2005
SM Megamall Megatradehall 3

entrance fee - Php50.00

we got lots of contest:
Best Customized Figures
Best Diorama
Customized and Best Dressed up Die Cast Cars
Live Action Figure Costume Play
Original Superhero Character Creation
TransFormation Speed Contest
HALO 2 Tournament
On-stage mini games

Booth Exhibitors
Exhibit and Displays
Gundam Caravan
Special Guest
Product Launching
Fan Film Screening
HEROCLIX Championship Tournament
Indie Comics Booth
Live Performers
Raffle Giveaways

ok..the biggest and baddest convention of all is here and it will be the 4th year of conventon fun !

and now the 4th Toycon is now global, we expect more fun and adventure inside the toycon

too bad that we got limited live performers for the event. but the show will be more artistic and visually stimulating.

hope everything will be smooth as planned
and thanks to my great team for making this event happen.

this event will be a success even that without my personal events management.

but my team has already grown and become more aggressive like me..

goodluck to all
see you all tomorrow

and lets have fun !!!

congrats in advance to
Collectibles Unlimited
Arch Guardians
Artists' Den
TransFormers Philippines
Jerry Yan Philippines
all indie comic creators
artists and collectors.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lecture in FEU

Image hosted by
its my first time to have a lecture and talk in my school, and thanks to Diane,my classmate in Differential Equation class for inviting me to their Computer Science Trends class for a lecture talk about animation and the new trends in digital technology.

I'll be having my first talk and I'm not soooo ready coz I got busy while ago making my assignment in Earth Science. Now I'm speeding up my line to make these powerpoint presentation.

I'm trying to transcribe my lecture and hopefully I upload it here, like what I do every lecture talk in school. The topic is not majority about Anime or Animation, but will also introduce to the class about Flash animation and digital film making.

Also her classmates are looking for people who can do lecture about web comics or digital art. If someone is interested to do a 1 hour lecture talk in Far Eastern University, you can leave a message in my comment link or send me an email to azrel @ gmail . com

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

More Batnews...Bat Tea anyone?

Its another Bat-contained entry for my Batweek Blog special, and thanks to Madcatz for the buzz and support in our site, for now we will be on update on the latest Bat-scoop from Batman Begins, and we will be off to the Toycon update and on the road to War of the Worlds and Fantastic Four!

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc., the world's leading third-party video game accessory provider, announced today it has entered into a new licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Comics, to produce specialty video game accessories based on the highly anticipated Warner Bros. Pictures release Batman Begins(TM) and comic book Batman(TM). Batman Begins is scheduled to hit theaters across the U.S. on June 15th.

Image hosted by
PSICOM Publishing will release a local print of the Batman Begins movie adaptation. According to Reg Ting, Editor in chief of PSI COM, they are on the works for the new and different cover of the movie adaptation that will be exlusively release here in the Philippines. Also hoping that the comics comes out on June 26 Toy Con PH.

Image hosted by
Written by Andy Hartnell
Art by Leinil Yu & Gerry Alanguilan
Covers by Yu and J. Scott Campbell

A good one shot story and its a fun read tale of Abbey Chase and her partner from the Danger Girl series went to Gotham City to find out and see what's the deal with Donavin and the Joker, and this Mind Controlling device. During the whole investigation they got bumped with the Dark Knight..

//* its a freaky part to see the Joker his maniacal side and you'll laugh when you start reading the first few pages, and this is one of the good art team up by Yu and Alanguilan. *// eheeh..tnx sa comics G. !!!!

Thanks to Edgar Tadeo, our pinoy comic colorist who done the pages of Silver Surfer, also in X-men and Wolverine, and thanks again for this signatured comic fan art of Batman and Catwoman and i think its some kind of tribute the Batman and Lace as Catwoman, thanks a lot Ed, I know you're sharpening your drawing skills for some tough and big project. I'll send this art to Lace and Yes, I'll print it and add it to my collection and hall of famers hahhahaa. I was surprised to see this art pop ups in my gmail inbox.
Image hosted by
kala ko may lalagay ka din I love you Az like nung kay Gerry ahhahahhaah.

and to the latest scoop someone will be dating inside the Bat Cave this sunday ehhehe.gotcha dude!
goodluck on your date, man!

tomorrow I'll upload the Batman Exhibit and Collectors Display, an event in Gateway mall.
and then next some news about Neil Gaiman's visit here in Manila.

Image hosted by
the Batman Begins Batmobile (tank) in daylight
here's a close up photo of the hybrid Humvee and Lambourgini like , Batmobile used in the movie.
thanks to Oliver Kuy who forwarded this stuff to us from Die Cast Car Philippine Forums

Everyone dreamed of riding this monster car and I'm already dreaming owning one set up!

check out some photos here

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Komikero interview day

Our runaway mission is a succes...
Its a long hour trip from Cavite to San Pablo City, and I'm glad that theres this easy road going to Alabang,. I know that we have a smooth ride going there, we ate choco mousse cake inside Lace's car and sleep sleep sleep going to Laguna.

and this interview is about the philippine comic history, industry and the market side of comics. thanks to Gerry Alanguilan for allowing us to come and visit him to his home-museum, which was called Philippine Komik Art Museum. And i was stunned to see his pinoy comic art collection displayed in the walls, comics and books in a 9 feet book shelf. and after a short rest, Lace started her interview for her school paper.

Image hosted by
Gerry Alanguilan on the hot seat

Image hosted by
Alex Nino comic art compilation

He showed us lots of stuff, and this Alex Nino book art compilation is a great reference and it immortalize the work of our pinoy artist. Lace have to read all these stuff and check it out to have a better knowledge and understad the comic industry during the Golden Age.

Ilyn was there at home and it was fun to jam again with them. I think we caught them up in a middle of work at home before we came in. And I'm glad that everything is fine during the interview, and hmm Lace forgot to buy tape, so we only have 1 hour of Gerry Alaguilan lecture about the pinoy comic industy.

Image hosted by
Silent Dragon...Leinil Yu original penciled pages and inked ones by Gerry

After lunch, (yum! the chicken and cornbeef is delicious! a great partner with Coke and lots of chikahan), He showed us his current work, inking the pages of Silent Dragon, a new mini series from DC comics and Wildstorn comics, a great team up again of Leinil Yu and Gerry.

and after that he showed me Batman Danger Girl comics, and Superman Birthright Hard Cover, and I was surprised when he told me that he didnt read comics that has his works, and I said that Superman Birthright is one hella good comics and he should read it, and he said that its good not to read it just look at the art and he might hmm..criticize his own artwork in the comics...and then I said..ah uhm...ya youre right...that will be creepy, and if that happens it can be annoying, well its good that I got some tips and understand what's his work.

Image hosted by
Mr and Mrs Gerry and Ilyn Alanguilan
with Azrael Coladilla and Lace Llanora

Inside Gerry's home studio and Philippine Komik Art Museum

here's our couple photo shoot after he showed us that Lord of the Ring: Return of the King Easter Egg, and it was a laughing trip to us see Elijah Wood fell victim of a practical joke that nearly kills him of laughing out.

Image hosted by
ahhaha! thanks Gerry ! and i can't leave with out a comic haul from Gerry and a one nice autograph sign... weeeeee !!!!

more photos are now uploaded in ym Yahoo Photo account
visit it here
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