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Saturday, July 02, 2005

thanks for the Az Friday

the Az Friday was a success, and it was the best bday party ever in my life as an adult..and wee..Its fun that everything is aiming at on me.
all the lucky part and fun part. Its just that I enjoyed my bday during the whole day until the late evening of July 1.

thanks to all the people who makes my day happy..

I am very happy..coz this time no need to celebrate my bday alone
or somewhere that i'm alone. I'm glad that everyone is present and used their time celebrating my bday with me.

thanks guys!
to all blog posters thanks!
to all txters!
to all auto-reply bots
to all online party goers!
to all starbucks attendees and guests.
to all my family members
to all teachers and classmates
and to God for giving me always a chance to live and change.

thanks to Tobie Abad for hosting again our online party this year.
This is his 2nd host gig for an online party.

The Az friday started at the morning, Im reading and replying all the txt messages greetings from the evening before the day. and then went online to check mail and promote the online party, after that I went to school, having a good txt conversation with Lace, arriving late at school and our teacher dismissed us too early.

then went back online to reply all emails and messages.
a super thank yous guys!!! and after that when entering the campus ground, theres a promo of free lollipops, I grabbed one and headed back to my class.

but before that I eat my breakfast in Greenwich, a super lasagna supreme, kinda disappointing on seeing the size, but it taste good.

Image hosted by
then during the Differential Class, our professor Mr.Benjamin Concepcion greeted me and announces to our class that its my bday,and then everyone screamed and sings a happy bday song ahahhaha..i feel like a 10 yr.old.

Image hosted by
Then I meet my sis and we went to have our lunch time in an old classic vintage chinese restaurant called 'Cho Nam', we stuffed ourselves of goodie foods that nearly left me black out because of the full packed of foods I took. but it was fun eating..I love to eat.

After eating bought Incubus DVD Live at the Red Rocks, serves as a present for myself. and during my last class I got a 95% score on my Technical Writing quiz, Im so proud of it hahaha.then during the day I'm txting Lace.

I went to Starbucks Shangri La to meet the Artists' Den, I was supposed to go to Greenhills to meet a fellow collector Victor, but It seems that I can't go there on time because of the monstrous traffic jam. So I txted him tru Lace's globe phone and then went to Shang.

Entering Shang. everyone greeted me..thanks to Syeri and Jon for the Frappucino grande treat and Lico for the Dew berry, and also Ariel reveals to us his Palawan vacation, so he gave us each a mini crocodile keychain.

Image hosted by
then Lyndon enters and after that Melchman....
during our talks..Melchman burst into the scene carrying a choco devil cake from Starbucks..and then we sang a happy bday to me.

Image hosted by
wow.celebrating and having my own bday party in STARBUCKS.. Az sosyal ahhahaha

Image hosted by
after the sugar rush, Gigi and Jay of arrived to proposed us a new gimik, also Capt. Paolo Jalbuena showed up, for they will watch War of the Worlds.

Lace called me asking me to go i went home after we finished the talk in Shang.

I was in the nick of time to start the online Party.
Cammy log first and then I invited some and then the party starts at exactly 11pm and ended at 1:27am.

It was a happy go go laughing trip to all of us. thanks to all who went to my online party..this year was the best.I mean every year is becoming at its best.

Tobie our host for the online party. asked the people logged on to PM him 28 questions for me to answer online (28 questions coz it symbolizes my age ehehehe)

then it was a good one..esp. the never before known to believe answers.
I think everyone was shocked to know what will I be if I'm a girl haha.

the Online Bday Party images are capture live!!
and you can view the 20 images here!

here are the 28 questions, some of it are omitted coz its so porn! hhahaha

Question #06 - Ilang conventions na napuntahan mo?
Answer - siguro hmm...10 convention every year

Question #07 - ever... got lucky... in a convention?
Answer--- got lucky????? ya i got lucky...first time ko mag move para sa isang girl.

Question #08 - Would you say ikaw ang Tim Yap ng generasyon natin?
Answer -hmm..........di ko din masasabi..i can use my own label..not the tim yap na lang..and yes....siguro

Question #10 If you were given permission to do a movie, name what franchise (Starwars, Startrek, etc) and what kind of story would it be?
Answer - siguro star wars....and il play darth vader...will rule and be the emperor of the universe

Question #11 - How do you feel about manga-style in Pinoy comics and those who think those artists aren't trying to have their own style or develop a pinoy style? (lalim nito...)
Answer - well.....for me...its ok to copy other art...basta lang ba next time e..may sarili silang style na ipapakita or i share

Question #12 - When was the last time you did a Darth Vader sa phone? (you know what we mean daw)
Answer - last night ahhaha

Question #14 - Baket mo ginawa yung Hello Garci tapes daw
Answer - kasi gusto ko malaman ng tao na si eddie gil ang panalo sa presidncy

Question #15 - Crush mo ba si Eddie Gil?
Answer - hindi...pero mukhang cute yung anak nya ahhhhahaha

Question #16 - if you could be any of the following, who and why: Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Susan Roces, Miriam Defensor Santiago or Kris Aquino
Answer - kris aquino...kasi hot chick..tapos papatol sa mas bata

Question #17 - As Kris Azrealquino, who do you pick and why: Joey Marquez, Vic Sotto, the new Yap guy or Alvin Patrimonio?
Answer - i james yap...kasi mas mas may future pa...di agad mamamtay kasi bata pa eheehehe

Question #18 - whats your weight. HONEST daw.
Answer - 120 kg ata.

Question #19 - would you agree that (Lionel Valdelon) acid42's ass is 120 daw. why?
Answer - ya..i agreee...kasi hes always in his pc...kaya lumaki at bumigat yung ass nya.

Question #25 - ever had trouble daw getting up?
Answer - pag drunk ako

Question #26 - Pag nagsabay sabay yung mga conventions: MOs eisley, ToyCon, Anime, Etc... and they all StARTED and ENDED at the same time, and all simply wanted you to be tehre (no special freebies of one over the other) what would you pick?
Answer - il go to toycon...kasi yung heart n spirit ko nasa toycon..ako kasi pinak boss dun e ehehheehe

Question #27 - What daw is the most number of times in a single day. At alam mo daw yon. Si Acid daw mag-co-confirm. (heheheh, astig to!)
Answer - 8 ????????????? ( im not sure what kind of question is this)

Question #28 - What is the ONE question you were afraid we'd ask you and force you to answer.... and what was the answer to that question
Answer - siguro yung tanong na.....when i was divirginize

host : and so ends our 28 Questions with Az..

and after the 28 questions..Adrian Arcega pops up and joined the party and now he discusses with Acid42 about that Kris Aquino thing haahhaah.

whew!!! it was a online party blast!!
hope we can make it more next year!!

to all...thanks so much ! and the Azrael you know is still the best

see ya next year!

Friday, July 01, 2005

its my Beerday wohohoh!

Image hosted by
whohoh..its July 1 and I declare Az Friday!
see you tonight to my online bday party.

I'll go to Greenhills after my class to get my gift, someone gave me a variant McFarlance toys.
thanks to Vtgalang of Toy Republic. and then at 7pm I'l be in Starbucks Shangri La for a night get together with the Artists' Den. it will be a one night of fun and chika.

then have to go home early for the online party at 10 or 11pm

tomorrow..I'm going to date myself :(
Lace wont be available that day, so the both us are busy in school and work.
so we will just celebrate it on saturday.weee..

im old..and still in college.
but its FUN !!!!

i dont want to grow up!!! - peter pan

Thursday, June 30, 2005

journey to the center of the publishers lair
its like a field trip for me, going to a comic publishing house and interview some people who are into the comics scene The interview was a success, me and Lace with her team finished the day having two kinds of interview.
thanks to the publishers for their kind cooperation for letting us visit them and do the interview and also we went home with some freebies..yey!

Image hosted by
The interview is very educational, I learned something especially about the comics industry. Two kinds of answers from the creative side and the business side, are passed on to us on whats their observation and experience in the field. Also I got confused on this question- Is the comics industry in the Philippines dead?-
about this tag question, Its hard to explain what happend, but they say that the comics scene is still alive and its always present in our time. but some of them says that it should'nt be called an industry coz its not the type of industry the Philippines had grown to and not the kind of industry to lift us up. Its hard to believe if we hear this.

Image hosted by
but for the comics industry is still here, they are quiet and not that aggressive, its so sad that some publishers are already getting others comics to publish here, but thats how it goes. they still keep the people reading comics by getting those liscensed titles.thanks to them for bringing them here and selling it at low prices. While others are still continuing to put our pinoy blood on those pages just to show the world that yes...the Filipino can.

we are creative and we are good into lets continue the fight to survive.


Image hosted by
the team are busy interviewing and getting ready to fill up the puzzle.

Image hosted by
Lawrence Mijares of SIKLAB shares his idea and concept behind the success of free distribution of comics to all, SIKLAB for Free was a succesful hit this month, everyone can own and read comics for free every month.

Image hosted by
Arnel GAbriel and Reginal Ting of PSI COM Publishing
they are having a new set up in their office, right now it is under construction.
they shared to us the success of their liscensed rights to published DC comics title.
its a really good idea to have the same quality and more pages to distribute comics in a cheap price.

Image hosted by
Arnel Gabriel, President of PSI COM shares with us his start up in the comics scene.

Image hosted by
The warehouse.ohh lots of comics everywhere. I saw the Batman Begins movie adaptation comics in process. and it will come out this week.

Image hosted by
after the interview.
its chow time in megamall, and my head hurts after the whole day laughing trip.

Image hosted by
inside Lawrence's office.
its cold inside and we started laugh out after hearing the 90.7 Love radio joke airtime, thanks to Marion for turning the radio off. "kelangan pa bang i-memorize yan?"

Image hosted by
wait but there's more!!

Darna Costumes!!
hohohoh....I saw this inside the store located in Glorietta 3 near TimeZone, a store for kids, they say that they have small, medium and large size, Price of P550 - P650

if I have a daughter I'll buy one set.
but If they have an adult size costume, I'll buy one and give it to my girlfriend.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Az Friday this friday:
Online Bday Party

Image hosted by

July 1, 2005 is my bday!! and every year we have this event called the online bday party. we do it online,chatting, having fun, webcam is open , live music is playing and lots of gimmicks and games, this year we will be giving away some cool stuffs for lucky online bday party attendee.

The online bday party marks its 3rd year today.
you can check out the year 2004 online party here

thanks to Tobie Abad for being our event host last year.
and he said while ago that he can host again for this year if he can finish his work early.

Its a fun activity and we are having a party right inside your home. and attending my bday party online!!!

just buzz me and check my YM status for the official go signal for the YM party. message me so that I can add you to the YM Conference Hall.

this event is free!

webcam will be open.
have your own food at home
strippers are welcome
online live performers are also welcome. no talent fee ha ehehehe

gift and donations are accepted ahhhaha!!!

Mission 2: Comic interview again

tomorrow i'll be accompanying Lace and her groupmates for an interview with PSICOM Publishing editor in chief Reginald Ting and also an interview to their publisher, I haven't met them yet, but me and Reg are active talking online by email. and I didnt know that their office is near in my place.

Image hosted by Image hosted by
PSICOM now holds the rights to republish all DC comics titles, like JLA, Batman, Superman, Teen Titans, and a lot more. Its great to have this, because kids now can have their own comics, instead of buying those original first printing of DC, you can buy the reprint version and have it to fill up your missed comic issue collection.

Image hosted by
They also have this new magazine called OTAKUZINE, hobbyist and anime collectos banded together to form this anime magazine for all fans, I have talked to the main guys of this magazine and I mistaken that this stuff is from the makers of Questors, but Bryan Uy said, one of the guys of OTAKUZINE, that the magazine has no relation to the Questors (now folded), and it was made and contributed by friends and hobbyist who are true anime fans.

Also they will release the reprint of Batman Begins movie adaptation, they buzz us that they will have a different cover, but they will still retain the original USA version cover, as DC comics has requested to make the cover universal to Batman Begins movie adaptation. and I know this comic version is a good read.

Image hosted by
But before PSICOM, we are on sched to interview the man behind SIKLAB Publishing, editor in chief Lawrence Mijares,to interview him about the Comic industry, market and short history. SIKLAB is now available for free. The comic news print (former comic magazine) is now distributed nationwide for free. And this comic newsprint has contirbuted a lot more to the local industry. Lico Reloj debuts here as a professional cartoonist after the success publish appearance of his original title "CAPTAIN SCAM". hoping that we can see more of his work on the 2nd issue.

and also I loved to read that Demonic CAR, which was revived again here in the SIKLAB For Free comics news print. its a nostalgia tripping time.

and then if we get lucky..we might as weel interview Vin Simbulan of Comic Quest Megamall.hoping that we can finish this field work in one hit. Also hoping too to get a email reply from Elbert Or for our next interview about Nautilus Comics.

And this Friday..The Artists' Den will be the next target for the interview. Hope the interview marathon is finished before the weekends. Coz Im going to have a bday party alone with my suzaku no miko. Also then Licofest 3 on sunday..its party to all whoohho..

Alan Moore in Manila (not !!!)
I was fooled by one of my friend cartoonist, by tagging to my blog and pretending to be the Gaiman and Moore guy, ahhaha. I was laughing after I saw this comic strip he did for the Artists' Den in tribute for the Toycon action and the upcoming visit of Neil Gaiman.

Image hosted by
click the image to view the comic strip ehehee

from the comic strip.I know that Lico and Lyndon impersonates the two cool writers
ehehehe..nice one dude ! you got me there !
buti di ako nag email ng thank you kay Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore.

thanks God that I am invited to attend the event on July 11, and you know what I'm talking about.
hay...have to fix my schedule on this one.
and my mom is arriving here in Manila on July 10 ...wohooh..hope she can seat beside Gaiman in the plane when they arrive here. hehehee.. and too bad she didnt know who Gaiman is. eheehe

Extreme Gaming Grounds

Image hosted by

GamesMaster E-play Tour 2005

We're at it again! Troop on over to Extreme Gaming Grounds in Greenhills on
July 1, Friday, from 6pm to 12am, and join in on some multiplayer LAN action! We've got 60 seats that have to be filled up! We've also got 4 networked Xbox's hooked up to 4 plasma TV's for some Halo 2 Fragfest! By the way, if you're playing, please bring your own controller. This is just the first of 6 EB/LAN parties in the coming year. Hope to see everyone there!

For further details, log-on to and visit our online forum.

//* this is one good bday event for me ahaha..yup july 1 is my bday, and im glad that they organized an event that has pure gaming. and look at the number of units that they're going to use and hey..check out the Halo2 frag fest, its an all out war and fun to all gamers, i just got a short talk to Ed Geronia, editor in chief of Games Masters Magazine last sunday at the Toycon, he said that this event will be fun and hope everyone can come..lets all play game!!! *//

win Fantastic Four premiere tickets

click on the photo to advance view and play the game to win tickets and premium items.
this promo is organized by

//* I already tried it and the puzzle is very easy, hope i win tickets for the FF movie, and im excited to see those premium items. try it ! and play the game. you might won some goodies *//

Monday, June 27, 2005

Toycon PH 2005 rocking party fan convention
Image hosted by
Its a one true fan event in the Philippines, combining comics-Tv-movies-toys-music and pinoy pop culture..for me its a 50% dream come true ehehe...its becoming our local version of the San Diego Comic Convention, and I assure you that it will be more explosive and bigger next year. making my incomplete dream a super dream come true.

I was involved in making the 2nd, 3rd Toy Con and this 4th Toy Con was given of my small magic treatment, and with the help of other teams, groups and friend. the magic has been tripled.

thanks to all.
we all enjoyed the event!

i'l upload soon all photos.

Image hosted by
I gave my booth to my sister and ehr group Jerry Yan Philippines.
in their booth they sold lots of F4 merchandise, memorabilias and collectibles.
also the P700!!! PEPSI Hong Kong is one of the eye catchy in their booth.

you can check out their album here

here also im selling Lace's merchandise, Anime and Jtrocker printed shirts.
for only P180, you can be a super cool anime fan and jrocker.

I'l put this soon in my Merryland shopping link soon.

GMA 7's Darna and Engkantadia booth was awesome, you can have a super close look to Angel Locsin's Darna costume and also costume and props of other Darna Characters, in Engkantadia, costume Fairy soldiers are guarding the props set, of Weapons, swords and the robotic puppet of one of the characters., and also check out Jiggs booth displaying life size action figures, Predator, Darth Vader, ET, Boba Fett, Han Solo in Carbonite and many more. all are first to be seen only in Toycon.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

our 6th month

Image hosted by
its the 25th..and we are so happy again..and I know this will continue up to forever.

I baked her cake today and she ate it after her OJT work in EK. and Me gasping for air for the preparation of Toycon. i'll be there selling Lace's Anime and Jrocker print shirts. Hope those shirts sold out! and helping my sis in her booth F4.

and now tonight..a very not so good incident has happend..
oh great..i'll shut up next time..goodluck to me tomorrow.
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