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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Benilde workshop cancelled

sorry guys for the info had came in here late in my blog

the committee members had a difficult time in managing the whole workshop,
so the admin decided to cancel it and re-schedule it on the next term


Filbar's anime and porn piracy

someone txted me today and said that Fil Barbasa owner of Filbars will be filed a case of piracy and distribution of pornography by the OMB and PNP, it was printed in the Entertainment section of Philippine Daily Inquirer, at first I need to confirm it coz its an anonymous txter, but I forward this txt message to my friends and partners in the collectible industry and said that it was true.

I haven't read the article and I always searching the article in, but it seems that it was deleted or not yet updated, but earlier, Lace had read the news and she confirmed it was true and she taught that if it was my relative,. hahaha..I told her "we are not related" hehehehe.

but then...
while doing this blog.
we found the article !!!

Makati, Cubao raids net pirated software, pornographic anime
First posted 05:46pm (Mla time) Jan 25, 2006
By Erwin Lemuel Oliva

A RECENT government-led raid in Makati and Cubao, Quezon City has confiscated about 6,000 CDs containing pirated software and pornographic anime movies worth 1.4 million pesos, the Optical Media Board (OMB) said Wednesday.

Agents from the OMB, the Anti-Fraud and Commercial Crimes Division of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group of the Philippine National Police conducted the raid in the branches of the magazine store Filbar's at Glorietta 2 and Greenbelt 1 in Makati City, and branches of Pro-Con Computer Center and Genex Mediatech in AliMall, Cubao, Quezon City.

The joint OMB-PNP operations were part of the Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team, the government campaign to promote awareness of intellectual property rights and curb piracy in the country.

OMB Chairman Edu Manzano said in a statement that criminal charges are being prepared against the owners of the raided stores.

Sale of pirated software, music, and movies is punishable under the Optical Media Act and the Revised Penal Code.

"We've been repeatedly warning business establishments that pirated and pornographic materials have no place inside malls," said Manzano who joined the raid.

"Some of the stores raided are popular hangouts for children and teenagers, and it was really sad to see sacks of anime porn material present inside at least one store and presumably being sold there. Parents are probably not even aware that their children could have access to pornographic materials so easily, simply by disguising them as cartoon videos," Manzano added.

He stressed that there is no excuse for pirated and pornographic materials to be sold by licensed business establishments inside malls.

Since last year, the OMB has been filing cases against store owners and has sent written warnings to owners of malls that are well-known sources of pirated goods.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA), a non-profit trade association promoting the use of licensed software, lauded government's effort.

"Business owners should not engage in unfair business practices such as selling of counterfeit items like pirated CDs. It is our duty to enforce the law and we hope that the raids serve as a wake up call to those establishments that continue to engage in piracy. Dishonest vendors that will be caught will not only face risk of paying hefty fines but also possible imprisonment," added Police Senior Superintendent Noel Delos Reyes, AFCCD Division Chief.

Arts and music fest posty
I'm glad that the Artists' Den and Guhit Pinoy made a successful booth event last week in Arts and Music Festival, I was supposed to attend the event but I have to zap to Lucena to attend my cousin's first child baptism. Its a good food for the stomach, joy ride and pain in the butt for riding back to Manila.

I don't have much update about what happened to the event, but I'm glad that it was a success even that theres a crisis happening in the metro.

thanks to Jay and Joann of Backdoor for the buzz about the event and il make sure that next year will be another blast..

the Artists Den and Guhit Pinoy booth,
hehehe..this is the first time I saw there booth so colorful

Guhit Pinoy

pics are from

Kiko Machine

Wawi Navarroza of The Late Isabel

all photos by

charms tianzon of the band matilda, with chinchin gutierrez, danced to the music of percussionists nityalila, pinikpikan, and the child advocates of museo pambata, during the recently held 2nd backdoor ventures' music and arts festival

print model, photographer and vocalist of late isabel wawi navarroza strut her stuff by dancing to the beats of percussionists in this arts and music festival...

child advocates of museo pambata jam with the country's most talented musicians, alongside saxophonist from the band reklamo, nityalila, carol and friends of pinikpikan, richard of liquid ginger/elemento...

photos and captions by

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

no mo'
i have limit internet access today and i dont have money, coz I no longer have my allowance for this week, so here I am wandering in the streets of Taft looking for a way to earn money, maybe i should think of getting a side line and start saving money for my summer class, coz I got the feeling that my roots won't support me, well they don't support me at all. so I'm glad that there are people who still believe in me, so have to make a big Yatta!!! and gambatte ne for my self survival.

I have my mission orders today,so I have to go the bank, robbed it and pay lots of debts of someone and after that go to the mall - spot some new stuff to buy, dont eat but will drink, take the souls of people and objects.

visit the national momument of the rich and famous, snoop on some memorabilias of foreign items... wait for rallies and coup de etats...

wait for me dream come true.

wait for me real life

wait for the long and winding road to be come short.

the washing machine that I loved to have.

the mp3 player that won't work coz its a discman silly you!

my batteries are recharged and ready to go
feel like a mafia boss or a pimp
pimping my self to world!

pls give me money!!
My stomach is acting crazy!!!

im hungry ...thats all folks!!!


pretty crazy post noh?
well I just thought that i should continue my writing career on publishing my two old short novels, and thinking of making a new one, like "I married a prostitute" , the "the sun under the toilet sink" and "EDSA XX99".

ohh.sounds weird noh.
well..just dont believe in me

have you heard of a caterpillar with 8 legs?????


Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Because of Trese
a short comedy film by Gerry Alanguilan

// whoa!!! hahahaha...
this piece is very funny! as i told you...Gerry is turning into a good director..
and a good comedy actor too hahahahah.... he's a Charlie Chaplin of the Philippines-in-a-making, hehhehe...coz Charlie Chaplin is a director and also a comedy actor hahaahahah....

click it and watch it..
and ready your loads of tissue heheheheheheh //

Black Spidey in Spider-man 3

the news is everywhere, and this is the first of the photo press release and teaser for the upcoming movie, thanks to Super Hero Hype

as for the new look of spidey, many fans complained that they didnt liked the costume and they said that they just colored black on the original costume of Spidey.

for my point of view, i think they did that just to show and never confused some non-comic reader-movie viewers for they might not recognize spider-man in the film, so thats why they colored black on the original costume.

for those who asked questions, why?
research on Venom, the new villain for Spiderman 3

sked are
8am-11am for the basic sketching workshop
2:40-5:40pm for the advanced sketching and lots of activity.
room m402 and m406

Innovative Benildean Development Program

we will be in DLS-College of St. Benilde tomorrow, for I was invited to do a lecture in SKETCHING, but the problem is that I'm not that good in sketching, so what I did is that i invited someone who can fill in for me, the group that I like to invite didn't responded for the activity, problem 2, that theres no space for exhibition of artworks, coz its a classroom activity for a day.

so thanks to Nicolas Trinidad for taking my invitation
and he's one of the artists I know that is good in sketching.

and here's a sample art from his Deviant ART.

"According to Plato, the world we see is not the real world itself, but rather, just a reflection of the real, perfect world. This is the world we see in our minds.

Compare our world to the inside of a cave. What we see are just shadows of that perfect world, cast upon the cavewall, while we are shackled...

But suppose that one person is able to break free and see the truth outside that cave? Will his fellowmen believe him?

Anyway, really worked hard on this, especially the anatomy... "
- Nicolas Trinidad

and here's a way and mechanics on how to enlist for this class

Innovative Benildean Development Program (IBDP) Implementing Guidelines / Mechanics:

1. Currently enrolled day-program students are qualified to register in the Innovative Benildean Development Program scheduled on Feb. 23, 2006. Alternative classes on that day are clustered into four (4) three (3) hour schedules to wit:
Cluster 1: 8:00am-11:00am
Cluster 2: 11:30am-2:30pm
Cluster 3: 3:00pm-6:00pm
Cluster 4: 6:15pm-9:15pm

2. The total number of alternative classes, each student must register in, should be equivalent to the number of hours he or she is taking-up every Thursday. For example, if a student attends a sum of 4 hours of classes for that day, then he or she must be present in atleast (2) three-hour alternative classes; or if it is 7 hours, he or she must be in atleast (3) three-hour alternative classes.

3. Likewise, all full-time or part-time faculty members, who have scheduled classes on that day, are required either to enlist as evaluators or participants in the topic areas of their choice. A maximum of three (3) faculty evaluators will be accepted in each alternative class; on a first-come, first served basis.

4. Orientation / Briefing, for students and faculty members, regarding the Development Program is scheduled January 18 and 20, 2006, from 1:00-2:30PM (U-Break), at the CSB Theater for the Main Campus students; and on January 20, 2006, from 1:00-2:30PM (C-break), at the Multi-purpose Hall 6F, AKIC Campus for the AKICC Campus students.

5. Registration of students and faculty members will be from January 23 to 27, 2006, 9:00AM-6:00PM at the LRC Main Lobby 2/F, Backdoor Lobby G/F and Registrar’s Lobby 2/F for the Main Campus; and at the ICC Student Lobby G/F and 8/F Lobby for AKICC Campus. Upon registration, they are required to present their EAF to determine the appropriate number of alternative classes they are required to register.

6. Issuance of Confirmed Registered Class Schedule to students and faculty members will be on January 30 to February 2, 2006, from 9:00AM-6:00PM at the LRC Main Lobby 2/F, Backdoor Lobby G/F for the Main Campus and at the ICC Student Lobby G/F and 8/F Lobby for AKICC Campus.

7. In case of closed or dissolved alternative class/es, Adjustment period will be on February 2 to 4, 2006, from 9:00AM-6:00PM 00PM at the LRC Main Lobby 2/F, Backdoor Lobby G/F and Registrar’s Lobby 2/F for the Main Campus and at the ICC Student Lobby G/F and 8/F Lobby for AKICC Campus.

8. Students, who did not register or attend the alternative class/es they registered at, will be marked absent on all their classes for that day and reported to their concerned professor. Faculty members, who did not register or attend the alternative class/es they registered at, will be marked absent on all their classes for that day and reported to the Registrar’s Office.

9. All provisions in the Student Handbook with regards to student and faculty attendance will apply on February 23, 2006; including the rules on proper decorum, behavior and dress code.

10. All students and faculty who actually enrolled and participated in the alternative class will be given a certificate of attendance.

and here are some skeds

Section 2:40 - 5:40PM
W2A W2B Photography
Dressing-up and Accessorizing
W4C W4D Film-Making
Beads at Work
A1A A1B Painting
A2B Sketching
A5A A5B Guitar Lessons for beginners
Street Dancing
O1A O1B Song Writing
O2A O2B Pasta and Sauce Preparation
O3A O3B Brownies and Bars
Different Chocolate Cakes
Cheesecake Gallery
Sushi Making
P1A P1B Bartending
P2A P2B The Art of Effective Speaking
P3A P3B Creative Writing
P4C P4D Speech Power
P5A P5B Personality Development
T1A T1B Time and Stress Management
T2A T2B Dealing with People
T3A T3B Proper Investments
T4A T4B Money Does Matter
T5A T5B Gaining a Career in Advertising
S1A S1B Export Operations & Decision Making
S2A S2B Adobe Photoshop Workshop
Cartoon Animation
Graphic Design on Web
L1A L1B Badminton
L2A L2B Volleyball
L4C L4D Fencing
L5A L5B Business Etiquette
Modeling Techniques
Principles of Social Graces
Love and Relationships
Sex Education
Y1A Y1B Gender Talk
Y2A Y2B Adolescent Drug Dependency
Y3A Y3B GMA's Resignation
R1A R1B Da Vinci Code VS The Bible
R2A R2B Magic Tricks
R3A R3B Spirit Questing
B1A B1B Fun d' Mentals (Game Boards)
B2A B2B Signs of Times
B4A B4B Basic French
I1A I1B Basic Spanish
I2A I2B Basic Japanese
I5A I5B Basic Mandarin

Sign Language
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