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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Incubus concert in Manila 2008 blog post 2 and some 2004 concert photos

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2004 photo of Brandon Boyd concert in Manila.
from the blog of Brutal Grace

I know everyone is excited like me for tomorrow's big event, Incubus band will have a press con tonight at 7pm at Bar One, and I just received the information so late via reading the forum at the people and fans in there are doing a great homework just to meet and greet the band members of Incubus. I'm already getting hyped and its funny that I got this dream last monday and from my dream I met them and we ran away from the crowd and ended up having a great chat out of town and went to a online casino slots and play with them. Just a weird dream and can't believe it happened to me hehheehe.

Tomorrow night at 8pm the concert will start and Up Dharma Down will be having a front act performance before Incubus, (just read the info from the forums). Me, Lace and Misyel will be there in Gateway mall at 5pm and take a quick dinner then line up at 7pm in Araneta Coliseum.

We are recharging a lot of energy for this and we try to prevent in not getting sick.

some other news, there this live telephone interview last friday with Brandon Boyd in NU 107 and many fans just missed it. and Im hoping for a rerun of the inteview the few days, but instead of Incubus, I just heard Click five band live on air hhehehe.

Click the read more link below to continue

There's this online article interview with them, you can read it HERE

there's a short EB for Incubus Fans tomorrow in Gateway Mall
details can be found here

and also Look Alive DVD is now available in Astrovision

a member in the forum just posted this song set list that the band played in Jakarta. We were thinking already that the playlist might be the same here in Manila.

A Kiss To Send Us Off
Nice to Know You
Wish You Were Here
Anna Molly
Favorite Things
The Warmth
Are You In?
Talk Shows On Mute
Sick Sad Little World
Aqueous Transmission

after seeing this Jakarta song list, i'm already happy about it hehhehe.

and below is the concert photo from March 2004, thats one of the rarest photo we can see from their first concert here last 2004.
And the girls go crazy!!

Brandon playin' guitar

more photos here from the album of Elley.

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more photos here coverage by Ratman863

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more photos here coverage by Pating.

Vote Harvey Dent !

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It’s Harvey Dent’s challenge to Gotham. Show enough support for Dent's crusade for change and he’ll run for District Attorney. Gotham’s fate rests on us. It’s in our hands to take Gotham back.
Yes! I believe in Harvey Dent, thats why I'm going to vote for him and support him just to have a big change in Gotham City. Last week me and my brother Denver, signed up to Take back Gotham City and we receive this note ( see below) All of the bad elements in Gotham will be removed. But hey! I just wish that online casino will be spared on this crusade by Harvey Dent.

Citizens of Gotham! The future of our city rests in your hands!

Alone, we are helpless against the thugs and killers menacing our city.

Together, we have the power to take back Gotham.

In just a few days, you'll find out how.

Keep an eye on -- and get ready to join a movement that will transform our city!
In a few days, me and my brother and other Harvey Dent supporters will march down and join the rally just to show a big support to Mr. Harvey Dent. If you want to join the big rally, visit this website and decide now !

The 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention production note 4

I'm back again for another production note for Toy Con year 7

I'm here in Starbucks Podium surfing the net while I wait my partner til 12nn to log out from her office, I will post the next update on our meeting last Thursday on my next production note.

Toy Con postponement rumors

Its funny that I encounter this subject every year whenever we are busy organizing this event. Last year I heard this rumor that Toy Con 2007 will be canceled for that year, but I guess they already hit their heads under the pillow when they saw and we conquer Toy Con year 6 last year.

Same goes to this rumor spreading in some forums that our Toy Con year 7 will be postponed and its funny to hear this people mongering about and creating their own news. wow! I'm not surprised. I just received this report this morning via text message from a friend who are members of this forum group. I was laughing at it and I just told my friend that I'm not worried about it, they will experience a lot of hakuna matata after June 13-15, 2008.

I won't be surfing around in some forums just to seek out these rumor mongers, well its okay, at least the event is creating a buzz.. yup, thats buzz marketing! thanks guys!

Its hard to form this event and we are now going regional, I think this will be the biggest convention for the pop culture scene, because we are now in relation with other asian countries and they will be participating in this coming event. New sponsors are making their way and are interested to join the band wagon.

whew! If you are excited.. then I am more excited than you. I just wished that the time frame will give me more time to organize this because the heavy loads are in my hands.
- production, program, marketing, advertising, technical directing, and a lot more.

and hey! I just purchased a dot com for Toy Com. - check out ->
yeah thats the new mother home and it will be bigger next time! still in beta stage,but thats a teaser page for a what will come for the next weeks. I just acquired it from a friend and the domain registration is so easy, all you have to do is click and read and use your paypal account and buying domain and hosting services.

I still have my day job and I'm starting to balance this, because Its hard to focus on my events when I'm focusing more on my work.

Oh my god!!!!! I'm a Skrull !!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Dark Knight DC Direct statues and Two Face's two cents

Time to rejoice and there's a new DC Direct line that featured the Dark Knight movie Batman, Joker and some prop replicas.

I'm still thinking when will the Dark Knight hype start here in the Philippines, it seems that everyone is quiet and I haven't seen any promos or even a single tv spot for the movie, hmmmm. Maybe because that the hype is still coming next few months with a big bang. hehehe.

click the read more below to check the DC Direct Dark Knight statues

Also theres a Dark Knight exclusive interview in, they interviewed Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent aka Two Face), and he just spilled the beans to everyone that Two Face will have its appearance on the upcoming Dark Knight movie. Is this means that there will be 3 main villains for Dark Knight?, remember that the Scarecrow is still in there. And my guess that Two Face will not be a major problem for Batman.

Have you filmed a lot of scenes in makeup?
I have done scenes as Harvey Two-Face. It’s interesting. I won’t tell you exactly what we’re going for, but I think that I can say that it will use all of today’s technology to create this character. He’s going to be interesting, and I think that’s what makes this character important in the movie—you get to see him as he was before, as in the comic books. Harvey is a very good guy in the comic books. He’s judicious. He cares. He’s passionate about what he loves and then he turns into this character. So you will see that in this film. Read more here in Wizard Universe website

and below is the info about the Dark Knight Statues

visit this website
to check prices and other info of the statues

What the? why Photobucket?

I received a weird email from Photobucket, I almost panic that they might cancel my account, and I have lots of images stored in my albums and I no longer have back up copy on some of the album. They said that there's something wrong on my way of linking images to my blog, using photobucket images link. I said to myself, wtf?!! I don't even link it, because I only embed the pictures in my blog. Then they emailed back and I almost did some short actions, but their 2nd email is a correction of errors that they sent me. wth ?!!!

You can read more the notice below and if you relink the images on the wrong way, its best that you change it and they might cancel your account.

Dear Azrael,
It has been brought to our attention that you are incorrectly linking content from your Photobucket account around the Web. We would kindly request that you please begin making the appropriate changes to your links as quickly as possible as to avoid any future disruptions to your service. You are incorrectly linking to the Photobucket servers instead of the 'i' for some (or all) of your links off-site.

You will need to go in and manually change all of your links to reflect the 'i' instead of the Photobucket servers. Please see the examples below.

Incorrectly linked files look like this:

An example of a correctly linked file should look like this (notice the 'i'):

Note: You should copy the Direct Link code from your Photobucket album in order to resolve the issue.

On March 24th, 2008 at 12pm ET, Photobucket will begin disabling all incorrect links. Please begin correcting your links as quickly as possible as to avoid any disruptions to your service. Even if your links are disabled after the March 24th deadline, as soon as you fix them, your files will display as intended again. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns. Your promptness and assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated!


Your Photobucket Support Team

and then after few hours they emailed back, I was about to check out my account and my link to my blogs, I got tons of posting and I don't even have the idea which post contains the errors. Well it means that Im not talking to a robot. I'm glad that they contacted me before do a lot of changes.

If you recently received an email from Photobucket titled “You are incorrectly linking from Photobucket” please ignore this message. This email was sent to you in error. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Rest assured that all of the links to your images and videos continue to work. Keeping your media safe and secure, and providing reliable hosting of your photos, images and videos is our primary concern. We thank you for your patience in this matter and your continued support.

The Photobucket Team

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Maroon 5 live in Manila concert videos

Whooaaa! bloggers and youtubers are back again in sharing some great coverage material from last night's Maroon 5 concert in Araneta Coliseum, Manila. astig!

Now I'm thinking the same thing for Incubus concert in Manila this coming Sunday. I'm s o excited.

the video above is from badassgail and the shot is great for a digicam. I'm not sure if the venue prohibits people in taking video or pictures, but I'm gonna bring a small camera this Sunday and will attempt a coverage for lifetime memories eehehehe.

there are more videos now in Youtube featuring Maroon 5 Concert in Manila

Check out the blog post of a Music Picks by a music lover blogger, sharing his experience from the concert, theres also a photo of the event in this blog by Ed

and last, check out this video by ax3cfc, he caught Adam Levine singing and counting in Filipino

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Also check the flickr photo set ICEJAMIH for a full photo coverage of the concert

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Heath Ledger - The Joker statue bust

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Why so Serious!!!

I just saw this image at the Dark Knight Facebook group, which the info posted their is so juicy. All of us were surprised when one fo the members posted this image yesterday, we waited all day for a good answer on who made this statue, is it for a wax museum, or is it for sale, or is it a fake image, or something else.

then one of the member got a great investigation and saw this information in one of the Batman blogs in the net. The sculptor is Mike Hill.

MH: “Thank you very much. I was inspired to sculpt him after seeing the trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT. I was a little taken back at first by the ‘changes,’ or should I say ‘re-imagining,’ of the character, I was genuinely excited to see the movie.

The process is an arduous one!

Firstly I gathered reference of Mr. Ledger sans Joker makeup from various internet searches, after choosing an expression I set about sculpting his portrait in clay. Some people are really hard to capture but Mr. Ledger was fairly straightforward."

"This took approximately 5 days. Once I was happy I added the scar/smile after carefully studying what little reference we have yet. Then I molded him with silicone rubber, from this mold I created a silicone rubber version of my sculpture. Then I created a set of acrylics eyes, which by itself is no small feat to get right. Once these were inserted, I cleaned him up and painted his base human flesh. Over this I added the clown white makeup, etc. After this I began punching his hair, one strand at a time! Fortunately for the back of the head I used a wig which I had to cut and style to match the movie. Finally I tinted the hair green and added eyelashes -- there’s a lot more to it but that’s the bare basics." - fron Batman-On-Film Blog

I'm getting crazy seeing that bust statue! hahahahahah! I just wish we can invite Mike Hill to come and exhibit his works in our ToyCon this June.

The Dark Knight full trailer in Philippine Cinemas today

Edit 1:

I just received an email reply from Warner Bros. local here and they said that the full trailer for the Dark Knight is not yet shown today, the trailer shown with the movie 10,000 B.C. is the old teaser trailer.

I guess we really should wait for March 7 for the real and official full trailer of the Dark Knight,
I know a flash trailer will be up soon on the internet.

thanks Warner Bros. for the tip.

The only way you can watch it before the international release and online of March 7 is that you must watch the movie 10,000 B.C. movie now showing today.

Is that cool ?! I completely forgot to ask for a hot tip from the local distro if the full trailer of the Dark Knight movie will be shown together with the 10,000 B.C. movie.

As I read my friend TJ's multiply post about his movie premiere of 10,000 BC , I asked him if the trailer of lil' Batsie was shown.

me: pinalabas ba yung full trailer ng dark knight ???

Yepyep! Kulang na lang may cut to black, tapos fade in na "In loving memory of Heath Ledger, 1979-2008"

me :

translation and some :

me :
did they show the full trailer of the dark knight???

TJ :
Yes! Yes! wish they include a cut to black, and then fade in end title "In loving memory of Heath Ledger, 1979-2008"

adgfidsl fslfdsjdsgjdsgjsd!!! sefsdssdsdSBGDS !!!!!!!!! ! holy!!!! F#WWEF
I'll watch 10,000 BC tonight!!!! thanks TJ !
Its a big yes!!!! The full trailer is out already!! and locally and officially available in Philippine Cinemas with the 10,000 B.C. movie.

image source

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Legends and Villains: The Greatest Super Heroes in One Dynamic Exhibition

Also Published in Komiks News Now Philippines

Sorry everyone that I didn’t post any news update last week, I’m still recovering from a big bad flu, but here’s a great komiks news for all. I just stumble this blog by accident and check out the exhibit happening in SM North. I think this event recharges my energy and I will check this out later.

you may click the photo below to enlarge and see the detail information on the exhibit in SM North and soon in Makati City.

From the images, I see caped super guys, there’s a Batman-ish figure and a Thor like helmet, will we see Pinoy superheroes? hmm.. I’ll brief you out till I checked it myself.

This info is posted in ArtePinas blog

Monday, March 03, 2008

Ne-Yo live in Manila videos

Ne-Yo Live in Manila, video footage singing "Because of you"

If you missed the concert then here's a youtube video from the fans who went at Ne-Yo's concert in Araneta Coliseum. there are lots of it that you can search in

the video above is taken by jeffreycape, its a shaky and poor video, but the audio is awesome!

or you may click the link here to advance search automatically.

thanks to all who took the video and shared it via, it seems that every concert and event theres a routine that someone in our youtubers will document and upload it and share it to all, let's give them a big thanks! hehehehe.

now im gearing up for the Incubus concert next Sunday, were I will attempt to take coverage and record it all! woohohoh!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

LEGO trade show coverage in Philippines

I was invited to check out the trade show presentation of the official distributor of LEGO here in the Philippines, and it was our first meet up after our give and take email conversation for the preparation of LEGO to be part of the ToyCon event this coming June 2008 and also in informing everyone that LEGO is back again here and you can now spot it everywhere in all leading local toy stores. The event was held in Max Restaurant in Tiendesitas.

you may click the "read more" link below to continue

I just saw the first line of LEGO line little kids, and they are so cute and the style of the characters are much more bigger than the character size we know, perfect toy for younglings and the size of the toy fits to the grasp of your little kids. And if you complete the whole set, you can combine a big community of LEGOs. Also there is a LEGO Belville is like the Barbie of LEGO, this playset is for girls.

Other cool set is the LEGO Creator, this set really attracts not only kids, but us adults. The new line features solo set vehicles and also a starter for making your own train set. There is also an electronic operated helicopter and a spider. The one that caught my eyes is the RORO vehicle, and the LEGO City police station set. It was big and it is a great set for kids who wants to have their own city and also adults who like to have their own miniature model of a certain city.

Its great to see this LEGO city and if you have the entire set you can make your own entire city, with homes, hospitals, police station, fire station, bank, and have your own customized Las Vegas with online casino. Wish you can make it if you have a big space in your home, you need a big warehouse to make an entire state in a Lego-lize format.

I'm skipping this short review now, and lets move on to the movie line LEGO set.

There's a Speed Racer Lego, but unfortunately the actual toy sample is not available on that they and they are still in some trade show overseas, but we got a close encounter on how big the box is and what other characters included for the movie line of Speed Racer. Batman LEGO set is so cute! the Tumbler Batmobile, model style inspired from the Batman Begins movie is also materializes into a LEGO!, I'm not really sure if it fits for the upcoming movie the DARK KNIGHT, because the set is labeled as BATMAN only, but if you grab the box set, you can get one toy and a free Joker gang and vehicle, perfect match for the Batmobile, plus! the Joker is included in the set.

Indiana Jones is one sought toy, (personally I predicted) it features Indiano Jones LEGO style with a whip, includes a snake, spider and bonfire toy, villains are also included in the set.

I just saw a big spoiler for the upcoming Star Wars Clone Wars tv series, I just saw some new characters coming up and I'm going to skip for now and not reveal it. In the toy line there's a new look on Anakin Skywalker and also on some Clone troopers.

On the Bionicle LEGO series was shown in its last line (as Mark Cerbo said) and for the first time the villains from the Bionicle tv series is now available on LEGO. A Lego racer is now part of the toy line, its a friction pull power vehicle toy and it includes a exhibition stunt ramp were you can also play daredevil stunts for your Lego racer toy.

And lastly for serious LEGO collectors. They had unveiled to us a Ferrari model LEGO, and its a big item for a car collector. There are 3 kinds of car models and for Ferrari fans, this is a big collectible for them.

We stayed there til the event nearly ends, me, Mark, Mach and Arlene of Philippines Bricksters, LEGO fan community in the Philippines, supported and will help build a community for LEGO lovers/collectors/fans here. And thanks for the official distributor for inviting us to be part of a big history of showing that LEGO is still alive~

You can visit here for the photo album
Edited* Album is locked and disable photo sharing view

for Philippines Bricksters

you can visit the Phil bricksters multiply group for other coverages by Mark and Mach.

2 New Wolverine movie photos

Another set of photos was released by and the other pics were published from the new issue of Empire Magazine. The 1st photo below seems that Logan is ready for a serious head to head fight to... hmmm at first I'm still thinking of the other Weapon X characters will be with him or against him in the upcoming movie X-men Origins : Wolverine.

the 2nd photo below looks like a great teaser photo for the film, instead of making a teaser trailer, images and photos really works in promoting the movie and also its a great buzz for comic fans and also bloggers. Also I know that there will be more photos to be released next month, Will they show a teaser trailer for Wolverine during the Iron man and Incredible Hulk movie?

my prediction is a big yes!.

images from :
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