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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gotham Concerned Citizens Progress Report

just received this news from the campaign group of Harvey Dent, I browsed their schedule of the Dent mobile in some areas in the U.S. and saw that the Chicago, IL is already over, they went to IL last March 13, my plan is to tell the news to my brother who lives there and take photo coverage of their mobile partol roaming the area. hope they have a Philippines version.

the official email can be read below after the jump.

Hello, Dent Believers!

It’s been great to see the response from all of you! We knew that citizens of Gotham would rally behind Harvey Dent and you have! (It was inspiring to see some of you on TV!) Gotham citizens have come out to meet the Dentmobiles, many of them using the Dentmobiles as an opportunity to meet up with other Harvey Dent supporters in their neighborhoods and build this grassroots campaign.

The momentum is building!

There have been sporadic reports of rallies being broken up by police, which is disturbing. Does it indicate a bias on the part of the men in blue? A backlash against Harvey Dent because of his campaign to stop corruption?

Harvey Dent is expected to make his decision whether to run for Gotham District Attorney within days, and seeing all of you out there with your signs and banners can only tell him that Gotham needs him! Gotham is asking for change! That we believe in Harvey Dent!

Spread the word. Make an impression! And don’t forget to check out the latest submissions at . We’ve been told that Mr. Dent may be close to making a decision – so your efforts can make a difference!

Finally, don’t forget to check to see if a Dentmobile is coming to a neighborhood near you this weekend.

Take Back Gotham!


and some supporters received this item from Harvey Dent via Fed Ex. Im wondering when will I receive mine?

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and it says that the election will start on June 2008.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dark Knight figures and statues again

Here are some photos of the statues and figures for Dark Knight.

click the link below to see more!

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I haven't research yet if this one is a figure or a statue

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Definitely this Joker is a figure, as you can see its full body photo armed with a knife, the coat seems real.

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many reviewers are still bugged by Batman's neck

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I thought this one is like the Crow statue.

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Gambit will cry when he sees this.

me and Pulot guest star in Andoy's World comic strip

thanks to Andre Estillore for the strip! hehehe, this comic strip appeared last week in a Monday issue of LIBRE. So if you have a copy of the newspaper, keep it! haahaha, its a cool collectible!

for more Andoy's World comic strip visit this link

Its funny that Andre captures my features, with a sling bag and a camera. the cat sitting on top of a garbage can is my pet cat Pulot, his first ever comic strip appearance. And oh.. thats me in a yellow shirt

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Project Rolling Thunder production note 1

This is a new production note for my new upcoming event and I'm tagging this project as Project Rolling Thunder, I'm just labeling it because the project is confidential, I'll just blog some stuff that I'm doing in order for me to document the status of this project.

Had a meeting yesterday and met for the first time the organizer of an upcoming event, My ideas are still fresh and still in hyper mode since last night because I can't sleep properly and I need to download all of this idea out of my mind. So my next step is to create a concept and present it before this Good Friday.

There are a lot of stuff that I need to research and formulate things first before going to the building of that concept, its fun, its hard and I enjoy it. Its a big next event after ToyCon and I'm so excited for this and will give special treatment because its a new thing here and it will be its first time.

I used Rolling Thunder for the tag of this project, well I leave you from there and try to guess what I am talking about hehhehe :)

And also after my meeting I meet up with my sister and we ate snacks in Mediterrenean Cafe at Robinsons Galeria. Its a great spot to check my email and also surf the net, been monitor my work online and check if there are tasks needed for me to do. There's an electric socket on the wall and you can plug your laptop there.

During our meal, I discuss some notes to my sister and later on with Lace while we eat a bolognese pasta and cold drinks at Mozu cafe, thats behind Linden Suites Manila. Its a great venue and haven't found out yet if they have wifi. Caffeine drinks are great and they have this big plasma TV, so while we eat, chat, we also watch this Black Eyed Peas concert. cool venue!

its day 2 after my meeting and now I'll try to write down some stuff and finalize it by tomorrow.
then tomorrow I'll go back again for ToyCon and my work.

Glass House Graphics Europe Launches with U.K. Office

New venture coincides with the commemoration of Glass House Graphics 15th anniversary

Expanding on its growing presence in the international comic book, illustration, and animation scene, Glass House Graphics opens its first office in Europe this month located in Bristol, England, which is managed by Trevor Landolt, best known as editor-in-chief of Praxis Comics,

Under the guidance of GHG's founder and C.E.O, David Campiti, Trevor Landolt plans to bring the diverse culture of comics and media services that Glass House Graphics has long offered. This will be important to European artists, who will now have an enhanced pipeline to top comics publishers, characters, and titles. It will also be important to European companies who wish to take advantage of the wide range of services GHG offers.

GHG Europe also ensures an active presence at the largest Conventions, Shows, and Exhibitions of related/relevant media, broadening their range of visibility and creative opportunities through the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and beyond.

Landolt says, "I've already begun scouting and coaching European talent for Glass House Graphics. I feel privileged to be able to represent GHG in Europe and, given their track record with artists in other parts of the world, this truly is of huge significance for artists in this continent. This new milestone marks Glass House Graphics as the leading comics agency in the world."

GHG Founder and CEO, David Campiti

"To our clients, we sell the experience of working with the best-trained, most creative comics professionals in the world, explains GHG's David Campiti. "No other agency on the planet puts the hours, months, sometimes years of training that we put into our people, most notably outside the U.S., but with American talents as well. Now we're able that's exactly what we want to carry on doing in Europe."

(photos : Manila-International Comics Creation Seminar 2006 and 2007 )

Trevor Landolt has been working with Comics since 2004 and, during this period has developed the reputation as one of the upcoming International Editors -- accomplishing licensing deals and creating innovative and successful marketing campaigns, both in and out of comics. Trevor also services as a translator for GHG Europe, and is fluent in 4 languages.

Landolt was in communications with GHG's Brazilian Director Vitor Ishimura regarding the translations of various project; following a very good working relationship, Ishimura had the foresight to approach Landolt regarding a new position within Glass House Graphics.

Ishimura states, "I have no doubt that this will be a another success expansion for GHG. This a satisfying way to celebrate GHG's 15th anniversary, and we would like to welcome Trevor Landolt to our Company."

To reach Glass House Graphics in Europe, please contact:

Glass House Graphics Europe,
Trevor Landolt,
17 Bramble Drive,
Dursley -Bristol
GL11 5PX, England.

Email :

More information regarding Glass House Graphics., its members, services, properties and other projects can be found at

Monday, March 17, 2008

Privacy Policy for Azrael's Merryland

The privacy of our visitors to is important to us.

At, we recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and collect when you use visit and how we safeguard your information. We never sell your personal information to third parties.

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Azrael D.C.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Comic Art of Bong Dazo

I just updated Bong Dazo's portfolio and website and I like to share to everyone his comic art, He's now known for taking comic pencils on Doom, Prey, Killer 7 (2006), Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic and the new Star Wars: Force Unleashed for 2008. He's known also for some Filipino komiks titles such as KAPITAN AKSYON, PI JOEY, WARRIORS OF THE NIGHT, TAKIPSILIM. In my previous blog post here you can see a cover of PI JOEY.

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you can check out more artworks after the jump below.
I'll be posting more cool artworks of artist in the coming days.

more artworks here in his Glass House Graphics portfolio

and official website

and check this great mash up pin up below

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Pacquaio Vs. Marquez live radio and video
Click below to hear,watch and join the chat
about the hot match of Pacquiao and Marquez.

Manny Pacman Pacquaio wins!!!! wohhohoh.
the fight is really hot and it shows that both boxer really give it all they got.
both of them are hurt badly but the fight is a close match that nearly KO one of them.


thanks to BoxingConfidential.Com for hosting a live broadcast commentary of the match.

I'm also listening to our local live radio in AM station

12:04 azrael : round 12 na!!!!!
12:04 ustreamer-30120 : sbc_leics619: u c leading c pacquiao sa hbo
12:04 ustreamer-83978 : y lami tnan
12:04 ustreamer-66808 : sa sports and tech sa pilipinas
12:04 ustreamer-62715 : go pacman
12:04 ustreamer-25913 : round 12 na??????
12:04 ustreamer-39652 : last round na
12:04 ustreamer-20801 : marquez blooded w/ nose
12:04 ustreamer-39652 : mga ulol
12:04 ustreamer-17862 : good
12:04 ustreamer-66808 : panoorin noy
12:04 ustreamer-20248 : has ther b knockdowns
12:04 ustreamer-17862 : lol
12:05 ustreamer-516 : ang gulo nyo panalo na c pacman
12:05 ustreamer-45008 : go pacman
12:05 ustreamer-25913 : GO PACMAN
12:05 ustreamer-83978 : wla tai labot oi og kinsa mkadaug
12:05 ustreamer-45008 : go
12:05 ustreamer-98678 : sino bang panalo tlga?
12:05 DavidDiazFanboy : pacmans gonna wi na decision
12:05 ustreamer-45008 : panalo c paquiao
12:05 ustreamer-32193 : c marquez nga nanalo e
12:05 ustreamer-56250 : di nga???
12:05 ustreamer-83978 : go pacman go
12:05 DavidDiazFanboy : close decision
12:05 ustreamer-83978 : nope
12:05 ustreamer-76046 : ilang beses na na bumagsak si marquez?
12:05 ustreamer-45008 : pacman hes the new champ
12:05 ustreamer-516 : may comision sa paalo ni pacman
12:05 ustreamer-32193 : 1 beses
12:05 ustreamer-83978 : oh yha
12:05 ustreamer-84838 : manny won whooooooooooooo
12:05 ustreamer-91754 : yehey talo si pakyaw
12:05 ustreamer-56250 : di nga??????????//
12:05 ustreamer-32193 : talo,talo
12:05 ustreamer-98678 : si pacman
12:05 ustreamer-45008 : go pacman
12:06 ustreamer-35794 : hhahahaha
12:06 ustreamer-39652 : round three ba bumagsak si marquez
12:06 ustreamer-20801 : pacman loser
12:06 ustreamer-91754 : yahoo talo si pakyaw!!!
12:06 ustreamer-83978 : yehey panalo c pacman
12:06 ustreamer-30120 : sbc_leics619: manny's winning this last round
12:06 ustreamer-32193 : talo nga
12:06 ustreamer-98678 : uy round 12 na poh....
12:06 ustreamer-62715 : go manny go go manny manny gooo!!!!!
12:06 ustreamer-62715 : c'mon baby manny
12:06 ustreamer-20801 : marquez gogogogogo
12:06 ustreamer-45008 : k.o marquez
12:06 ustreamer-30120 : sbc_leics619: go manny go, go batter him
12:06 ustreamer-83978 : my darling manny gooooo
12:06 ustreamer-32193 : talo!!!!!!
12:06 ustreamer-62715 : hit him manny!!
12:06 ustreamer-56250 : anu n??
12:06 ustreamer-516 : knck out c manny
12:07 ustreamer-32193 : talo c pakman!!!
12:07 ustreamer-30120 : sbc_leics619:wla man
12:07 ustreamer-56250 : corny ng anoucer
12:07 ustreamer-83978 : panalo wuiiiiii!!!!!
12:07 ustreamer-56250 : hahah
12:07 ustreamer-20801 : pacman bangog na mga do
12:07 ustreamer-32193 : ang ingay nya,nkakarindi!!
12:07 ustreamer-39652 : oo nga
12:07 ustreamer-62715 : thank you mr. announcer
12:07 gasp-one : Awesome job
12:07 ustreamer-62715 : ur so nice
12:07 ustreamer-30120 : sbc_leics619: tapos na
12:07 ustreamer-27170 : hahaha
12:07 ustreamer-20248 : who won
12:08 ustreamer-56250 : cnu nanalo???
12:08 ustreamer-45008 : hahahaha
12:08 ustreamer-32193 : o.a. ang anouncer!
12:08 ustreamer-20801 : tapos na si pacman
12:08 ustreamer-36072 : great play by play ricardo
12:08 ustreamer-39652 : sino si ricardo?
12:08 gasp-one : awesome job
12:08 warrenow : very good job ---seriouly
12:08 ustreamer-4136 : who won???
12:08 ustreamer-83978 : manny
12:08 ustreamer-98678 : talo na si pacman
12:08 ustreamer-20801 : juan won
12:08 ustreamer-45008 : manny win
12:08 ustreamer-98678 : tolo na si pacman
12:08 ustreamer-30120 : sbc_leics619: gorilla na c marley 450 pounder hehe
12:08 ustreamer-32193 : c marquez ang nanalo!
12:08 DavidDiazFanboy : good fight
12:08 DavidDiazFanboy : should be a draw
12:08 ustreamer-51153 : hoyyyyyyyyy
12:08 ustreamer-516 : hhhahahahaha mga ulol
12:09 ustreamer-4136 : manny won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:09 ustreamer-51153 : pagtarong mo oi
12:09 ustreamer-20801 : o what a good fight
12:09 ustreamer-39652 : mga gago
12:09 ustreamer-83978 : daug na c pacman
12:09 ustreamer-51153 : ambak pa mostulay
12:09 ustreamer-51153 : hahaahhaahaah
12:09 ustreamer-83978 : ambak sa kahoy
12:09 DavidDiazFanboy : lederman gave the 12th to pacman HAHAHA
12:09 ustreamer-20801 : daog sa imo kunot
12:09 ustreamer-62715 : it is a good fight. int it??
12:09 DavidDiazFanboy : BLIND IDIOT
12:09 ustreamer-62715 : inst it
12:09 ustreamer-83978 : samok
12:09 ustreamer-59009 : bbcccbncbncnbcbnccbncnbcb
12:09 ustreamer-30120 : sbc_leics619: c manny cguro by split decision, lets just wait & c...
12:09 ustreamer-83978 : daug na oiii
12:09 DavidDiazFanboy : its either 6-6 or 7 5 marquez with knocdown
12:09 ustreamer-39652 : sna nga
12:09 ustreamer-51153 : kinsa man nakadaog?
12:10 ustreamer-20801 : pacman is an idoit
12:10 ustreamer-83978 : c manny
12:10 ustreamer-4136 : yeah ur right is a good fight
12:10 ustreamer-59009 : cnu n nanalo???
12:10 ustreamer-83978 : manny
12:10 ustreamer-20801 : 115-112 by marquez
12:10 ustreamer-72285 : panalo c manny
12:10 ustreamer-20801 : pacman daog
12:10 ustreamer-39652 : mga ulol
12:10 azrael : putang ina!
12:10 ustreamer-30120 : sbc_leics619: daug ta...!
12:10 azrael : panalo si pacman
12:10 ustreamer-32193 : yahoo!
12:10 ustreamer-72285 : astig ka tlga manny
12:10 ustreamer-39652 : panalo si pacquiq
12:10 ustreamer-83978 : yehey
12:10 ustreamer-21543 : wala pa ko kabalo
12:10 ustreamer-25913 : yeah men!
12:10 ustreamer-45008 : panalo c pacman
12:10 ustreamer-83978 : daug nami
12:10 ustreamer-30120 : split decision lagi...!
12:10 ustreamer-72285 : yahoo!
12:10 ustreamer-62715 : sabi ko s inyo e
12:11 ustreamer-35794 : aw
12:11 ustreamer-72285 : manny galing mo!
12:11 ustreamer-62715 : thank youuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:11 ustreamer-25913 : awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
12:11 ustreamer-83978 : datu na sad me ani
12:11 ustreamer-72285 : hahahaha
12:11 ustreamer-40716 : lllll
12:11 ustreamer-45008 : woooooooooooooo
12:11 ustreamer-45008 : pacman
12:11 ustreamer-83978 : wahahahhahaha
12:11 warrenow : whats your opinion
12:11 ustreamer-4136 : yesssssssssssss
12:11 ustreamer-62886 : wohoooooooo!
12:11 ustreamer-40716 : kkkl
12:11 ustreamer-66808 : spilt decision
12:11 ustreamer-62715 : yesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:11 ustreamer-516 : dato na sad c mnny
12:11 ustreamer-66808 : congrars to pacman
12:11 ustreamer-72285 : praning mga mexicano
12:11 ustreamer-40716 : who won
12:11 ustreamer-62715 : thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
12:11 ustreamer-72285 : manny ang galing
12:11 ustreamer-95492 : panalo c pacman
12:11 azrael : batiin nyo na si manny
12:11 azrael : haahaha
12:11 ustreamer-83978 : mga palho
12:11 ustreamer-95492 : yehhhhhhhhh
12:11 ustreamer-45008 : manny won
12:11 ustreamer-62886 : congrats to pacman he made pilipino proud again
12:11 ustreamer-72285 : kumain nanaman ng tae ang mga mexicano
12:12 ustreamer-6120 : manny wins!!! great!!!!!
12:12 warrenow : how are they taking it-maqz people
12:12 ustreamer-60317 : Hope you guys enjoyed
12:12 ustreamer-60317 : My voice is dead
12:12 ustreamer-40716 : nooo
12:12 ustreamer-30120 : daug ko a William Hill hehe nitaya ko ug £400
12:12 ustreamer-40716 : oo
12:12 ustreamer-20248 : taking it bad
12:12 ustreamer-62886 : great fight im gonna watch it on tv
12:12 ustreamer-6120 : hahahahahah MANNY PA RIN ANG WINNER!!!!!
12:12 ustreamer-40716 : yeah
12:12 BC_RicLois : maqn it is hard to do play by play
12:12 ustreamer-6120 : THANK GOD!!!!
12:12 BC_RicLois : lol
12:12 BC_RicLois : never do that again.
12:12 BC_RicLois : NEVER
12:13 DavidDiazFanboy : lol
12:13 BC_RicLois : lol
12:13 DavidDiazFanboy : i missd your play by play
12:13 ustreamer-62886 : wohoooooooo! i also won
12:13 BC_RicLois : lol
12:13 ustreamer-6120 : WHAT A FIGHT!!!
12:13 BC_RicLois : you did not miss much
12:13 ustreamer-4155 : marquez got robbed lol
12:13 BC_RicLois : nah
12:13 BC_RicLois : close fight.
12:13 ustreamer-4155 : yep
12:13 ustreamer-30120 : sbc_leics619: pla imong gitaya bai...!
12:13 ustreamer-4155 : couldve gone either way
12:13 DavidDiazFanboy : rematch plz
12:13 ustreamer-20248 : i lost hundread dlz
12:14 BC_RicLois : IIII for sure
12:14 ustreamer-4155 : that kd won it for pacman i had it 6-6
12:14 BC_RicLois : i had it for JMM 115-112
12:14 ustreamer-30120 : sbc_lics619: no way 4 a remath...! David Diaz, here's Pacan coming... lets get i on...!
12:14 DavidDiazFanboy : yeah i think i had it 7-5 marquez
12:14 DavidDiazFanboy : with knockdown
12:15 ustreamer-4155 : 1,3,4,9,10,11 pac rounds on my card rest marquez
12:15 ustreamer-83978 : babushhhh
12:15 ustreamer-62886 : wish manny dont talk english that much again for interview

here's the video.
credits to

Round 1

Round 3 and 4

Round 5

Round 6 and 7

Round 10

Round 11

there are also videos posted at

here are some photos from Yahoo! Sports

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