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Monday, March 31, 2008

Chat event with Paramita band

If you are online on April 2, 2008 at 3:00pm to 5:00 pm and loves the music and the band - Paramita, then visit if you want to chat with them live, and of course the online chat is free for everyone to join. Also I'll be there at the chat event to host a video stream for everyone. I'll be arming my laptop with webcam and microphone so that everyone can see and hear Ria, Marco and Alsey of Paramita.

for info of the chat event you can check out their page at

we will be posting the video stream page on April 2 and also I'll stream it too here in my blog, but for official announcement log on and sign in to

On personal meet with Paramita, I haven't met them before for the new rock era, but here's a short story that I like to share. ( read more below)

Marco de leon, the guitarist of Paramita. Met him tru his brother, LC de leon (lead man for Reklamo band) it was during the 2007 year hype for Transformers the movie and Toycon 2007.
We hang out and then Marco helped us out in our Transformers Philippines booth at the Toycon 2007 and Transformers movie merchandise launch in Megamall, and together too with LC.

after the hype, I just learned that Marco is the lead guitarist for Paramita, and also one of the original members of the band. I was shocked to learn the news and now Im seeing them perform and also hear their hits on the radio. Haven't told Marco yet that I met the band fromm the year, let me guess time of year 1999 or 2000 or 2001.

flash back to that year when I was still in the rock and roll indie days and I hang out to the art venue called, Oracafe. I did some rock gig productions back then and after I left my studies and roam around in the indie world, i learned a lot from that venue about music, films and some indie philosophies. I went to Oracafe one night and I was enjoying my beer at the bar, then It was a night of band auditions and I got a chance to see some great bands during the fresh years.

but the event manager of the venue is not around and also Khavn (owner of the venue) is not around too, my friendly bar manager-tender told me to screen the band audition for them that night. It was funny and also got serious into it hhahaha.

first band was Blue jeans junkies, after hearing their music and watch their performance they gave an envelope with band profiles, pics, cover song list, history, and original music with lyrics. The band lead man - Nino Mendoza asked me if they are in for the band line up on the next gig, I told them a positive review and I said, "yes youre band is in"

then the next band was setting up while I drink my beer and chat with people inside the bar, I was busy reviewing lots of band audition profiles then I was surprised that the band told me that they are ready, I said, "ok, you guys can play now". then I turned my back at them and went to the bar and make "kulit" to the bar tender to give me some more oatmeal cookies.

while chomping and eating and also drinking, the band played while I'm not watching, because during band auditions and when I'm going to screen them, I always learn first how to listen to their music while not watching. Then a female voice filled the bar, singing and the crowd began busy watching to the stage. I was surprised too, then I stand up and wonder "where the hell is the vocalist!" Then we saw a female in the percussion in her short hair appearance that I mistaken her as a guy, she was behind the other 2 band member coz its hard to see and watch the vocalist from behind the drums, she's hitting the snare and bass drum and then singing. I said, wow! then I check the name of the band it was called - Paramita.

After they play, Ria looked at me and told me how was it, and I said in a positive reply. "Yes! you're band is In" with two thumbs up!, After that I can't remember what happened, can't even remmeber the songs they play if it is a cover or an original, it was a long time ago before digital camera and ipods are popular. Then after months of that year, Oracafe closed down. One by one other venues were closing too. But I'm glad that I saw Paramita again after those rocking years and they are well.

thats a short story, so excited to tell them about this heehhhe.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gary Lising Book Launch - Spend April Fools’ Day with Gary Lising

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yeah! I might be there and meet the Gary Lising dude! Time to meet our greatest comedians, the last time I met a comedian is inside a rainy FX ride going to DLSU, and I lost my PR side when I'm sitting with the great Palito. I know in Gary Lising event this will be more funny, dirty and some say -sexy hahaha.

Celebrity comedian Gary Lising adds three new titles to his list of best-selling humor books, a compilation of the best jokes to have come in and out of this country the last 10 years. Confessions of a D.O.M. (Delightful Old Man), Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown, and Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask Your Children, all published by Anvil Publishing, prove that Gary Lising is without doubt a comedian par excellence, an original who can come up with newly minted jokes at the expense of unsuspecting friends and colleagues. The new titles carry his signature wit and charm, making him stand out among Filipino comedians. Lising's panache for humor, says buddy Poch Borromeo of GNC LiveWell, is 'a rare gift of providence.'

Confessions of a D.O.M. (Delightful Old Man), Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown, and Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask Your Children will be launched on April 1 (or April Fools’ Day), 5 – 7 pm, at Powerbooks Megamall A in Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.

Join us in this one-of-a-kind event and have your copies signed by none other than Gary Lising himself! For inquiries you may contact the Anvil Marketing Department at 637-5692.

source :

sunny sunday and blisters

Its a hot Sunday today and I'm having lots of trouble putting myself inside the shelter, don't know where to go and where to hid my butt from the hot sun. Yesterday I got painful blisters in my right palm and I got it from using the mouse of my laptop while doing some net task for the day, which result me from slowing down, so I did some net task and resume some of it awhile ago.

But the sun is too hot today and I'm fighting for it by drinking lots of water and also ice cold Iced tea. Just watched tv and some downloaded stuff while we wait the sun go away and continue our work here at home in the evening. Still my blister in my right palm hurts and it begins to show some oily part and rubbing or massaging it is not helpful. So I rest my hand in the morning and eat lot of food in order to fight again with the sun.

my butt got blisters too. its so hot and maybe I should take a bath every 1 hour from 12nn-4pm.

now I'm dreaming of hitting the beach and take a cold dip in the water and enjoy the day in the shades. read more below after the jump

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many people are asking or wondering why do I wear shades everyday and why do I wear it and use it as a headband. Well, my good answer is that I always wear sun glasses everytime I go out and if theres any extreme light like the sun, because I'm protecting my eyes from very extreme light that is very harmful to my eyes, you see that Im a PC-person, means I always use the computer daily and the light that bounce back to my eyes at home is very different and the light that comes from my laptop or PC is different than the light outside.

whenever I go out, I wear my shades and I don't go out without them, If I left my shades at home, I go to the mall and buy a new one just for me to protect my eyes from the hot rays of the sun. I only buy UV coated shades and never buy shades that is being sold in our local bangketas, because they are not UV coated and the lens are graded and it is very harmful to our eyes, thats why some people say that they get dizzy when they wear cheap shades.

The bright sun affects my vision big time!, and it will result a big headache later on after going indoors, thats why you see me wearing reading glasses because the lens in my glasses makes my eyes get a correct focus and filters the bad UV rays of the sun.

So thats my answer today for those who still wonders why I wear my shades while Im indoors, next time I'll post why I wear the same shirt or why is it that I carry a big back pack hahaha. some of my old friends already know the answer.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

3rd MYX Music Awards 2008 nominees and winners

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Zelle with VJ Sanya of Myx (left)

Here are the nominees and winners for this year's MYX Music Awards held at the Meralco Theater last Wednesday, March 26.

Congratulations to the Zelle band for receiving the Favorite MYX Bandarito Performance award! and also to all the winners, congratulations!

thanks to Jeman and Talenfolio for sharing this info and also the photos

info and photos below after the jump

Favorite Music Video: Probinsyana by Bamboo; Magbalik by Callalily; Vampire Social Club by Chicosci; Sundo by Imago; and Tuliro by Sponge Cola

Song of the Year: Magsasaya by 6Cyclemind; Vampire Social Club by Chicosci; Ikaw by Sarah Geronimo; Ikaw Lamang by Silent Sanctuary; Wag Kang Umiyak by Sugarfree

Artist of the Year: 6Cyclemind; Callalily; Chicosci; Sarah Geronimo; and Sponge Cola

Favorite Male Artist: Christian Bautista; Erik Santos; Gloc 9; Janno Gibbs; and Piolo Pascual

Favorite Female Artist: Jaya; Kyla; Rachelle Ann Go; Sarah Geronimo; and Toni Gonzaga

Favorite Group: 6Cyclemind; Bamboo; Callalily; Chicosci; and Sponge Cola

Favorite Rock Video: Tatsulok by Bamboo; Vampire Social Club by Chicosci; Seksi Seksi by Kamikazee; Will You Ever Learn by Typecast; and Guillotine by Urbandub

Favorite Mellow Video: Is It Over by Jaya MMA; Love Will Lead You Back by Kyla; Only Reminds Me Of You by M.Y.M.P.; Alam ng Ating Mga Puso by Rachelle Ann Go; and Catch Me I'm Fallin' by Toni Gonzaga

Favorite Urban Video: Summertime by 7 Shots of Wisdom; Back into You by Amber Davis; Ikaw (Humanap Ka ng Pangit Part 2) by Andrew E; Like That by Billy Crawford; Lando by Gloc9 & Francis M

Favorite Collaboration: Christian Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go in Pag-ibig Na Kaya; Gloc9 and Francis M in Lando Mcoy and the Spaceflower Show in Salawikain; Regine Velasquez and Piolo Pascual in Paano Kita Iibigin; and Rivermaya and Raymund Marasigan in Inosente Lang ang Nagtataka

Favorite Remake: Tatsulok by Bamboo; Mahirap Magmahal ng Syota ng Iba by Hilera; Is It Over by Jaya; Love Will Lead You Back by Kyla; and Ale by The Bloomfields

Favorite New Artist: Julianne; Lala; Sam Concepcion; Silent Sanctuary; and The Bloomfields

Favorite Indie Artist: Ciudad; Felepinas; Kjwan; Radioactive Sago Project; and Updharmadown

Favorite International Video: Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne; Teenagers by My Chemical Romance; Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus; Umbrella by Rihanna; and Jenny by The Click Five

Favorite Guest Appearance in a Video: Alfred Vargas in All This Time by Rufa Mae Quinto; Bella Flores in Dear Kuya by Sugarfree; Jake Cuenca and Roxanne Guinoo in Haplos by Shamrock; Kaye Abad in Director's Cut by Kamikazee; and Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson in Love Team by Itchyworms

Favorite Media Soundtrack: Aiza Seguerra, Para Sa `yo in Ysabella; Bamboo, Argos in Rounin; Gary Valenciano, Sana Maulit Muli in Sana Maulit Muli; Nikki Gil, Gotta Go My Own Way in High School Musical 2; and Sponge Cola, Tuloy Pa Rin in Pedro Penduko at ang Mga Engkantao

Favorite MYX Celebrity VJ: Judy Ann Santos; Kjwan; Parokya ni Edgar; Rufa Mae Quinto; and Sarah Geronimo

Favorite MYX Live Performance: Gloc 9; Jed Madela; Pupil; Regine Velasquez /Piolo Pascual; and Sugarfree

Favorite MYX Bandarito Performance: Bagetsafonik; Duster; Reklamo; Quadro; and ZELLE.

note: more photos at Zelle's official multiply site:

more photos at MYX Music Awards 2008 nominees and winners / Congrats to Zelle

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Zelle with Apl d ap

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VOICEWORX 4 :Voice Acting and Dubbing workshop for Telenovelas and Anime!

Lets be Great in 2008!

Join VoiceWorx 4!

Its the most comprehensive workshop on Voice Acting and Dubbing for Telenovelas and Anime!

Starting this April 12, 2008 you can be part of an 8-week long seminar that will do wonders for the way you speak and perform. If you've always wanted to become a dubber for telenovelas and anime, or improve how people listen to you speak, then this is the way to go!

Jill Fernandez as Nana Takahashi and Jeff Utanes as Yano Motoharu

click below to read more

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What is a Voice-Over?

" A voice over is any recording or performance by one or more unseen voices for the purpose of communicating a message" – James Alburger. Any message you hear without seeing the performer is considered to be voice-over. This means voice-over is all around us! Whether you are listening to the radio, watching movies or television, dining at your fast food restaurant or riding the rail transit, voice-overs can be heard!

Is doing Voice-overs hard?

Voice-overs can actually be done by anyone! And it's a very rewarding job indeed. A lot of Voice Talents are being paid to play and many professional voice-overs get their kick out of the industry just by enjoying what they do. Anybody can do a voice-over, but not everybody can do voice acting.

So what is Voice Acting?

Voice acting is an art. And like all other art forms it has tools and techniques which must be mastered in order for you to succeed in the level of success you want to deserve. Its about finding the kid in you. It requires dedication and passion for doing Voice-over jobs, and lots of patience to master the skills. True, not everyone can do voice acting, but anybody can benefit from learning how it works. In fact, many of the students in Creativoices Clinic don't pursue voice-over jobs, but need the voice acting skills to further themselves in their chosen field.

How do I benefit from Voice Acting lessons?

If you want to break into the world of voice-overs, then voice acting is a must for you. By knowing how to express yourself properly, you can create real and believable characters for commercials, narrations, radio drama and most especially animation. With voice acting you can liven up a conversation and get the attention you want, whether its on a business or a personal level. If you or your job requires you to:

1. Communicate with other people on the same or higher business level.
2. Prepare Scripts, Write-ups or Citations for Productions
3. Talk to customers or clients and close business deals fast and efficient.
4. Constantly talk to other people and associates by way of declamation, speech or impromptu performance.
5. Or maybe you love to sing, host or perform for an audience.
6. Express yourself in a creative and entertaining manner.

Who can do Voice-Acting?

Anyone who needs to talk can communicate better when he/she uses voice acting techniques. Which means that even salespersons, promodizers, carpenters, engineers, attorneys, teachers, draftsmen, doctors, nurses, utility personnel, front desk officers, etc.. can learn voice acting, and benefit from expressing or communicating properly and creatively, with their peers.

What about Creativoices Clinic?

Creativoices Clinic is one of the departments of Creativoices Productions – the premier voice over solutions provider in the country. And it is now offering the Creative Voice Acting Workshop, the only one of its kind in the Philippines today. There are many voice acting schools abroad and many Voice talents offering "experience" based teaching, but none offers a detailed and thorough application and training by book and modules like Creativoices Clinic.

What do I expect from the training?

In Creative Voice Acting Workshop, you'll get:

1. Personalized, one on one voice coaching and training throughout the workshop - from real and credible Voice Acting Professionals
2. Information you need to know to become a successful voice actor and communicator.
3. Create real and believable characters from within you and learn how to bring them back when needed.
4. Training materials and assignments to keep you at pace with the workshop and rapidly develop your voice acting skills.
5. Professional Critiques to hear and identify your voice qualities and problems.
6. Knowledge on how to self-market and promote your talent, professionally.

How does it work?

The workshop lasts for about 2-3 intensive hours each session, once a week. There are 3 training modules divided into 8 sessions and categories:

Session 1: The Voice That Works
Session 2: Starting Over – What it takes to be a voice talent
Session 3: Accents, Dictions, Variety, Articulation and Movement. How to Create Voices.
Session 4: Translation and Effective Dubbing delivery
Session 5: Creating interesting and unique character voices for Dubbing
Session 6: Actors acting. Working with Dubbing dialogues and multi-voice copies.
Session 7: Fine tuning your performance, Dubbing Sessions and Voice TAlent Best Kept Secrets
Session 8: Mock Auditions with Critique board and Q & A forum

How do I Join?

Sign-up now by clicking on the link below:
Or copy and paste this link to your browser:

You can also drop by at our office and pay in partial or full. The P1000 reservation fee will be deducted from your Seminar fee of P8000.00.

Visit us:
Creativoices Studios
If the link doesn't work, copy this to your browser:
There is a google map of CreatiVoices studios at the page link above, so you can easily find the exact location of the seminar area.
For directions on how to get to our workshop you may call: (632) 729.7274 or 970.0971 (from 9am - 6pm, Mon-Fridays only)
Visit our website at and

How much does it cost?

For the whole program the total cost is Php 8,000 only. 50% down payment and the remaining balance on the 4th session. It includes fees for the instructor, venue and training materials. A one time, non-refundable reservation fee of Php 1000.00 will guarantee your seat. Students may also take advantage of the referral program.

What is the referral program?

For a limited time only, students can now avail of this special program. Please review the terms and conditions carefully.

1. Applicants must be 18 years old and above and residing in the Philippines.
2. Application forms for the referral program must be fully completed.
3. Only Workshop students may apply for the referral program.
4. Applicants will get Php 1,000 per successful referral.
5. Incentives may be in form of cash or deferred through the candidate's course. Which means if you get 8 successful referrals, you study the whole program for FREE.
6. Incentives can only be claimed if the referrals has paid in full.
7. There are no limits to referrals, and students may still avail of the program even after the course.
8. Creativoices Productions reserves the right to terminate or revoke any referral program at any given time.

Schedule of Training and Workshop

Start of Classes will be on April 12, 2008 (Saturday) and every Saturday thereof:

1st class – 10:00 am to 12:00 noon
2nd class – 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm


Brian Ligsay
VoiceWorx! Director

Turning your Voice into Gold.

Much has been said about the skills and talent one must posses to entertain anyone with their voice. Some of us for years, have adored cartoons, anime and telenovela without noticing the most important factor in the show – the voice actor. Many of us dream to take part in a role that will define a popular koreanovela or anime series in television.

So what do you do, to find your way into the business of voice acting? How do you even start auditioning for the roles? What can you do to make your voice silly and make a living out of it. Fortunately there's an easy and effective way to learn this.

From the creators of the Philippine Center for Voice Acting that gave you the first International-based Voice Over Acting Clinic.. CreatiVoices Productions present: VoiceWorx! Basic Voice Acting Workshop.

The seminar features some of the Philippine's best Voice Actors converging into one comprehensive and targeted VO seminar for the voice actor at heart, enthusiasts and those who wish to explore their potential in the arts.

It covers 8 intensive sessions about 2-3 hours each on the art of voice acting, managing your vocal investment, characterization, trade history, and skills and techniques to jumpstart your career in voiceovers. This seminar highlights dubbing for anime and telenovela, taught by leading experts in the field of Television Dubbing.

Participating in this workshop is the father of Dubbing in the Philippines, Danny Mandia who teaches voice acting for dubbers, his direction and supervision includes some of the most beloved animated films in Filipino including, Inuyasha, Zenki, Dog of Flanders, B'Tx, Rorouni Kenshin, Starship Operators, Capricorn, Saber Marionette, and hundreds of others.. Industry experts say you cannot be a "real" dubber without passing through Manny's direction.

Also appearing in the workshop is Alexx Agcaoili, the very talented voice actor and Director for Filipino anime productions like, Fruits Basket, Rave Master, Mobile Suit Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Beast Machines, Supergals, Babel 1 and 2, Green Rose, and many more. Taking the role of Dr. Smith in the original Filipino Voltes V and Sanosuke Kagara in Samurai X (Rorouni Kenshin). His contribution to the workshop will be in direct supervision of the recording process and applications of voice acting.

The two is teamed up with writer and translator for television, Neil Tolentino. A well known veteran writer in the industry of dubbing. He will cover familiarity with translation, writing skills and techniques for anime and telenovela. As he says, "You should not only know how to act, but to write what you're supposed to act.." Directing in Fortune Quest L, and Saber Marionnet J to X, is just a few of the hundreds of animes and telenovelas he has helped become a success.

Leading the seminar is veteran Voice Performer Brian Mathew Ligsay, who started out as a deejay when he was just 16. Now turning 29, he is the Marketing Director and Chief Operating Officer of CreatiVoices Productions, a company with a platoon of 200 Voice over talents at their disposal. He adds, " Voice acting is an art.. it's a passion. You speak by heart and you work by heart.." He has done thousands of voiceover jobs for narrations, live events, AVPs, the internet, original animation, gaming, multi-media, radio and television dubbing. Credited to his work in anime is his role in the animated series BECK wherein he took 18 character roles in the show. Brian is also a director, producer and writer for original content. He has recently directed and voice casted 2 international animation films in Korea and India.

Pocholo Gonzales steps in as the moderator of the group - a multi-awarded voice talent who outlasts the number of voices he can make. Whenever you hear a Mike Enriquez, Mark Logan, Babalu, FVR, Erap, Juan Flavier sound alike on radio, expect that to be Pocholo. He can do more than 100 voices at any given time and is the CEO and Managing Director of CreatiVoices Productions. Saying, "This seminar is a US-based Voice Over training workshop, localized to fit the Filipino Market.." His exposure to Commercials for Radio and Television provides an extensive source of industry norms and practices one must understand in order to break into the business.

The Workshop which is limited to 10 students per class and starts this new year on April 12, 2008, for the regular classes which is held once a week for 8 Saturdays. Pilot classes are also offered for group attendance, which compresses the entire workshop to about 1 session per day, Mondays to Fridays, so you can finish the seminar in 8 consecutive days. Both offer the same content, but they recommend you take the regular classes if you are just starting in the industry.

"Whatever your skills are, voice acting can help you out..." Ligsay adds. "Any form of verbal communication can be effectively delivered with the use of voice acting. If you constantly work and meet people, write scripts for events, engage in sales or you just want to boost your speaking performance... then this workshop is a must."

Enthusiasts can call 729-7274 for registration, drop by at their office at the

3rd flr Left Wing (Lightblue bldg) 1745 Dian St Palanan Makati City. You can visit their website at or email for details about this exciting event.

But hurry, time and seminar slots are running out

Comic Art of Ariel Padilla

I just update Ariel Padilla's comic art Portfolio, check out below some cool new artworks for comics, chidlren's book, manga and poster. The Moonbeam bronze award artist had done pencils for Maze Agency, Tomo, Contract and other local comicbook novels and stories.

view more after the jump

for Ariel Padilla's portfolio, pls visit

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Designed by you, For You. - HP Artists edition laptop party @ EMBASSY

its the design in their skin

We were invited to a big party celebration at the Embassy, The Fort for the Designed by You, For You - the HP Artist edition laptop launching and also the launch of the winning laptop skin designed by an artist from Portugal.

there are more photos after the link below

After we arrived at the Embassy, we proceed to the registration and we filled up some forms and then we went up at the hall and we saw my friend TJ managing the photo op area for guest, he told us to pose for a camera shoot and then we did that photo pose infront of the event wall. Then got a vodka drink, met some old people from the art community (sounds like one of those deviant art meet up) hahaha, yup there are a lot of art people - because the event is like meet up fusion of party and art people.

there's a HP raffle at the end of the event, but we left early that night in order for us to sleep early for a morning work the other way. me still got a mild hang over from last night, although that I didn't dance or jump on the crowd, I'm still checking out the other entries from the past contest of designing a laptop skin. There are pinoys who joined the contest, but the competition is very difficult, and all of them are great!

hope they can release a sticker skin for my laptop

more photos at
Designed by you, For You. - HP Artists edition laptop party @ EMBASSY

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the crowd started to move at around 10:30pm

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Victor Basa host for MTV interview a rep from HP

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Embassy entrance, check out the Red guard bouncers

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wewilldoodle demo a doodle in a wall

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some doodles

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the venue

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Lace and her classmate from DLSU

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thats me and TJ, former band-room mates ahahaa

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the star of the night

here's the invitation I received last week.
thanks TJ!

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Party the night away at The Embassy, with live art and music performances from the fresh hot DJs of Zouk!
Celebrate the launch of the HP Pavilion Artist Edition Notebook, which features the winning imprint pattern created and voted by the youth through "Take Action. Make Art." --a global design competition organized by HP and MTV.

Click on the photo for more details about the party.
To know more about the new HP Pavilion Artist Edtion Notebook and to see the winning designs up close, visit

and TJ's mobile blog post
HP Artist Edition Notebook @ Embassy

Friday, March 28, 2008

Az gag video blog - Jollibee mascot funny time inside the elevator

On this incident, I forgot that Jollibee is only a mascot and went to shoot this moment and me feeling like an 8-year old kid who loves burger yum and jolly spaghetti. After going inside the mall, we saw people crowding up in a small area near the elevetor and then we saw Jollibee mascot doing some funny moves, like pretending that he's a statue, call and uses a public phone, hides himself behind the crowd, but when the elevator opens the people inside were surprise to see him going in. I took a video to record some of his funny gags and made fun of him doing some "alembong" actions.

you can view the video below by continue reading this post.

10 page preview of Marvel's Secret Invasion

I'm already getting crazy since last month about this upcoming Marvel comics new cross over and Its time to go back the old ways of playing hide and seek. Look for the unknown enemy in your own backyard! Oh boy, I'm sure I'll hit the comic store next week for the first issue. Don't miss this comics, penciled by Pinoy artist, Leinil Yu.

what are we expecting from this series? here are some of my 1 peso load points.
1. revelation of who are the skrulls disguising as our superhero characters.
2. infiltrating the Marvel universe, time frame will be revealed
3. Where in the world is Elektra and Blackbolt
4. Captain America alive?? or really dead
5. Tony Stark is a skrull! hahahaha
6. Who else is a skrull
7. Will the skrull make friends with the humans and pay a rental fee for staying on Earth?
8. How long is this series?!!!!! i just hope that it will last til November 2008.
9. ok I'll shut up!, I'm a skrull!

read the preview by visit this link.

check out also below for a animated web episode feature on Secret Invasion.
and also a link for the Secret Invasions Prologue comic preview that shows some great clues on where to find Skrulled superheroes. This is a great lead to start speculating.

for the Prologue of Secret Invasion, visit this link.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

taking a day off

I'm taking a day off and no one can stop me from having a day rest. I was so confident yesterday that I can make a lot of stuff today but later on my body becomes so weak after taking 6 hours of sleep last night. Went a lot of bus horror moment and also jeep ride that you will curse the day in your life, Im talking about my travel yesterday, but I was rewarded after that when I finally arrived in my aunt and uncle's house in Laguna which gave me a lot of boost up for the last 3 hours going back to Manila and to Megamall for a business meeting, which is very successful and made it and everyone in my meeting is happy to see me made it to shoot that ball before the shot clock.

I've learned a lesson too, I will never ride a jeepney going from Pasay to Alabang ever again. The service road almost killed me and that waiting hours of the ordinary bus going to Laguna, which drained my energy for that day, and also don't take a quick bath when you arrived home. I was so tired when I arrived home at 12 midnight from my meeting and dinner with my colleagues and my body is tired and hot , so I decided to take a quick cold bath. which result some body pains and aches after a few minutes of my shower. asar! napasma ata ako!

but even that I'm so tired that day, I'm happy that I met again my relatives, finished a closed door meeting, ate a great dinner, met a great comic artist in Kenny Rogers, the Palabok and puto meal in Laguna, watching White Chicks movie inside a new aircon bus going to Manila, even that I don't like the movie it left me laughing with the bus passengers, drinking hot coffee today, eating a super jumbo size siopao from MXT and misses this carrot cake baked by Lace (photo above)

now I'm excited on the coming events that I'm participating the coming days and next weekend.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Graphic refresh

I'm here in the mall and refreshing my mind, I got a dead mind a while ago during my working hours, just got bugged by this gross news from the radio, and I can't avoid it, I placed headphones on my ears and listens to rock music just to make myself not get distracted what I hear.

Its a great aura here in the mall because I just helped a friend who has a rock gig productions for April and I did a fast layout on their rock poster, which resulted to a kick ass one, heheh, just downloaded some images in stock photo sites and use that in the background and grabbed and cut some free royalty images and use it as one of my components for the poster. I enjoyed the layout hahaha, its been ages for me to design a rock poster and my last was more than 10 years ago.

good to refresh again and now I'm going back home to do some other works I left while ago. For other designs needed for my event, I haven't think of a great concept for that. It is still not coming to my mind and it is plain difficult to think an idea. maybe i'll try out later after doing some web task for my work.

beep! beep! thats my cellphone beeping, just received from a friend that we will have a meeting tomorrow night and I need to bring some images needed to be attached on our letter. and oh my! forgot that I'll be making the marketing kit ..yikes! need to cram before midnight heehe. I'm glad that the new best web hosting I got is performing nice and I'm thinking of getting a new one for the next month for another personal web project.

lots of events coming this weekend, and yeah! and also a big presentation awaits for me this Saturday.. need to pray.

hi to Tom Pomplum, he's reading this blog, or maybe my other blog Komiks news Now.

ok, thats all and I might post more comic related entry here in Azrael's Merryland!
wooosshhh!!! -end credits rolls-

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

beat the heat @ Digman Halo Halo

Last Thursday, after having a great tour in Oceanarium and play with the sea creatures, then we went to Gerry's grill for a grub and after that, we visited Digman Halo Halo in Cavite, its a minute drive from Home and we decided to buy lots of set of Halo Halo cold meal. I took photos inside the eatery and also our cold item!
And also I featured Digman in my 2006 blog post which attracted lots of visitors asking where Digman is located.

more photos below after the jump.

The Sto. Nino in the middle of the eatery is our landmark for the best Halo Halo seller in town, because there are lots of Digman halo halo store in that place and according to people that this is the real deal.

I think these came from customers tip.

the menu! check out the Halo halo price and other special food

thats our 10 pcs. short order of Halo Halo

the eatery, there are lots of customers when we arrived, most of them came from Manila.
And the parking outside is a horror! hahahaha.

thats one Halo halo ordered by a guy

celebrities who visited the Digman Halo Halo

the original home made ingredients, Leche flan, ube, sago, nata, beans

our take home order, 10 pcs of Halo Halo, 20 pcs crushed ice (with bonus crushed ice as requested by the owner of Digman) and 2 cans of milk.

that's me carrying the goodies

at home.

the Digman Halo Halo, one great cold drinks! the best of this drink is that the taste is a lot more different than commercialized halo halo sold in restaurants and fast food. and the taste is good!

more photos at beat the heat @ Digman Halo Halo

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