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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Animax Fasion-ability @ Trinoma mall - Live blogging

I'm here live at the Trinoma Mall for the Animax Fashion-abilty event and as of 4:50 pm the crowd had already filled the whole venue, I arrived late at 4pm for the VIP registration, having thoughts of might have a difficulty in entering the venue because it is already too crowded, but glad that there is another entrance near the stage, was greeted by Ms. Dey, manager of Pupil, was surprised that she weclomed me at the entrance although that she mentioned we were Friendster friends! ka-friendster.

I'm here near the stage with my sister and her friends, now I'm preparing for my camera for a big photo shoot on the fashion-ability catwalk. There are interactive games and booth here like the Hackenslash PS2 eye toy game, Animax photobooth and nail polish booth. On the exhibit feature the past winners of the Fashion-ability contest and also they exhibited the raw fashion concept designs in a big panel wall.

just met co-Komikero Henry Arima and Pedz here at the event
will update more and the event will start in a short while.

Events, birthdays, good bye's and a lot of sunburn

Events everywhere!
Lots of events this Saturday and I'm really need to choose one event to attend! and that will be in Trinoma, been upgraded my status as a guest so its really a great pleasure to be included in their list, also there's an Otakuzine 2008 anime event happening today in Megamall so if you want to be animenized, proceed to the Megatrade Hall and have fun!

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For toys, check out this happening at 6pm today at Freshmanila store,
#5 Sgt. Esguerra Street corner Timog Avenue beside The Old Spaghetti House. There will be a Dunny toy exchange, exhibit and launching of latest toy available for purchase. visit this link to know more about the event -

might be there in the late evening.

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for music, art and the underground check out KABUWANAN SA CUBAO EXPO: An Artists' Fair at the ever lovable venue of Cubao Expo aka Marikina shoe expo located at... in Cubao of course! Its a big gathering of artist Experiencing Cubao Expo thru Music, Poetry, Painting, Photography, Film, Fashion

Event will start at 1pm til evening and check out the indie artist bazaar, 20 live bands to perform starting at 5pm, fashion show, exhibit, indie films, bazaar, and..wait did I mention bazaar? wow!!!! the original and unique stuff will be there, its another treasure hunt guys! visit this site for details and

hope I can attend all of it. Also we will be having a family gig event. hehhee..time for booze and party. coz its a Saturday and a long weekend.

Goody Bye Bruce
our pet monster guard dog Papi Bruce died yesterday, and its hard to accept it for me, because I always talk to him whenever I'm at the gate, Bruce was diagnosed to have this dog viral disease that attacks the brain, and our local vet can't do anything about it but give some medication just to make him survive for a month, but after a week of medication, he died. Lace saw him lying on the floor and I just noticed that theres a problem in breathing, I told her that time is running out and let him be at peace. Before I leave the house, I was about to approach and talk to Bruce but he just look at me and I think he said "good bye master!".

no more barking of a monster dog infront of the house as of today. no more playmate for the Pulot-lets kittens.

Happy Birthday Star Wars Philippines
today the geekiest fan group in the Philippines turns 6 years old, and I'm a proud member even that I lurk around in their mailing list hahahaha. Happy Birthday, check out below to see Darth Vader's hidden talent revealed to Luke Skywalker ( its a birthday treat!),
to be a member of Star Wars Philippines, warp drive your ship at

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There's an International Star Wars Appreciation event happening this May 2008.
to know more about this cool celebration visit this Facebook page at

scary...F%$^$%^ movie!
I watched a scary movie with two ladies (that includes Lace) and this movie SHUTTER, the remake version bugs me now!, you see that I love taking photos,but sometimes I have this hobby of looking at photos that show some ghost figures. I don't have one yet, but there's this incident back way in 2004 when a photo I took during our ghost hunting activity in Tanay, Rizal and when RG analyze the photo, 3-4 ghostly images appeared at my back, I took the photo at a super dark, zero visibility area in an abandon area in Tanay, then a funny moment happened, is that when we took a group photo with our team, the camera went crazy and the photo was never been saved in my memory weird. got a full battery that time.

re: the Shutter movie... i hate it!!!!!!, because I'm scared hahahahaa.
story simply show a freaky ghost ex-gf wins the game.

Volks Wagen Guiness World Attempt in the Philippines
Tomorrow is the big day!
good luck to all participants, I'll be there tomorrow to cover the event
for more. info check this page at

Friday, April 04, 2008

Playboy Magazine Philippines edition - out now! ( My short review)

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Just grabbed the maiden issue of Playboy Magazine Philippines edition. and here are some of my photo shot of some pages of the magazine and also a short review.

I went to a local news stand at 11:00am and they said that the magazine is on its way to their store for delivery, just got the news about the launching of Playboy Philippines and failed to attend it last April 2 due to some conflict in my event activities, and I did a research on when will the magazine be available and luckily read it in some blogs that the magazine will be available in our news stand this April 4, 2008.

The magazine arrived between 12:00n and 1:00pm, and got the first copy of it "bueno mano" and I inquired how many copies been delivered, the sales lady says that they only got a few copies for today. I'm still thinking if Playboy Philippines is testing the waters for the release of their maiden issue.

hmmm? well here are the rave and review. ( read more below and see the photos)

Opening the page really makes me like reading another local sexy-for adult magazine, I just been thrown into another page like I'm into another magazine feat. tech stuff, gadgets, video game, movies. All kinds of content seem to be fused into Playboy Magazine Philippines.

There are reviews, features that you will found also in other magazines. Which is very easy to recognize due to the layout.

If you are familiar with other Playboy magazine publication you will see the difference. It seems that the publisher of our local Playboy blended with the same style of other magazines and go with the flow on how our culture goes. its hard to explain, but its easy to understand because you know that we Filipinos are religious and we have moral values to observe, and I know that they will go with it just not to offend the people - readers or non-readers, religious groups and feminists.

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well, how will you react to see Playboy Magazine Philippines without nudity..
hmmm, for their maiden issue, I can see a lot of nudity already, well not all of them. They feature all Pinays who posed for Playboy during their previous issue for the original Playboy Magazine 1968-2005, but the cover girl Priscilla Meirelles is on her sexy photos, while the playmate of the month Weng Santos and Joy Paguran is in a double photo feature with semi nudity. But the interview with them seem so to be less Playboy-ish. I was hoping to see a same interview style like in the original magzine with their profile written with the model's penmanship, with photos from how they started their modeling, and the centerfold is double page back to back - tear if you want to - page.

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For other models photos. glad that there are no Photoshop in any part of their body ( you know what i'm talking about)

This is a raw issue for Playboy, I'm still hoping that they will develop more and more pages in the coming issue. Articles are nice focusing with famous people like Chiz Escudero, gadgets for the big boys, tips on mature situation, music and fashion.
the centerfold page

big toast to the publisher and team for bringing this to our country. Might write more about it, since I'm only here at a cafe.

btw, the magazine is priced at Php 200.

more photos at
Playboy Magazine Philippines edition - out now!!! minus the nude

Animax Fashion-Ability 2008

Tomorrow we will be at the Animax Fashio-Ability 2008 in Trinoma Activity Center as VIP guest, and also I'll be covering the event in video, photo and if possible a live interview video stream, if there's an internet wifi available in the area. It will be a fun event tomorrow watching new custom designed fashion by our young talent and soon to be-fashion designers.

must find a French theme outfit for me to wear tomorrow :)

to know more about the event, visit this website at

The 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention production note 5

Just finished this poster today, and something that we will be using for now in our meeting
The fate of ToyCon will be discussed today and a new partner for 2008 will have its first look on what we did on the previous ToyCons.

time to hit the shower and prepare for a big meeting.

edit : at 12:58pm
Im here in Bo's Coffee in Robinsons Galeria, just chilling out and relaxing after a massive excitement for my meeting, and the meeting this morning is a success and I'm now waiting for a big reply coming from the company next week.

We were supposed to have another meeting this afternoon with an international candy with a toy, but the meeting was pushed for tomorrow afternoon, so it leaves me now here at mall, relaxing and also time to write more for this big convention.

I'm really happy to see and know that many people outside the Philippines consider and recognize our Toycon as the biggest, grandest, most celebration convention in the Philippines. And as part of our career change and growth, we are now targeting regional and the future of this convention will start this year.

its going to be a big bang! Darkn Knight, new toys, new games, new contest, special guests, lots of launching, massive new lifesize figure for added attraction, robots roaming around the hall, booth babes!, cosplayers, comic artists, exclusive items and a lot more!!!!!!!!!

the big change is happening this June 14-15, 2008 at the Megatrade Hall 2-3, take note. we changed venue already. we went back to hall 2-3, instead of hall 1-2.

ok, see you on the next production note.

Project Rolling Thunder production note 2

I just received a note about my other event project and they company says that the project is on hold and they will infom me about the status of it today.

I know they are working on the licensing of the event to have a local version of it here in the Philippines, and using an established name in the global market is very hard to build up and launch it in Manila.

Whatever the news - good or bad, for me its okay.

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hmmm.. I need to try this one just for luck

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Secret Invasion issue 1 - World Premiere

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I thought that the comics will be available on a Saturday, and I'm glad that I went to Filbars SM MOA last Monday to ask when will the Secret Invasion issue 1 will come out in our local store, and the world premiere of the release of the comics is on April 2, our local comic store went on a great schedule releasing on April 3. So I went back to Filbars awhile ago to check if the issue 1 is available and lucky me they still got one copy left, its the nearest mall and comic store for me here in Cavite, so when I arrived home, I read it immediately and was too shock to talk on what I saw here. And I got a variant blank cover for issue 1 - hmmm hope I can get a Leinil Yu sketch for this cover :) wink wink

Its a lot more bigger than the Civil War series, a lot of scary revelations occur for Issue 1 and its a big explosive premiere for Secret Invasion. I won't post any stories for issue 1, but I'll just post some panels for a teaser to everyone. You wont be spoiled here, promise.

more images and comments after the jump

Now I'm excited what will happen next. If you have read the issue 1.

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what is your reaction ?!!! post your comment below

I have some friends started to comment and you can read some here at

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Getting busy again makes me a real human

I haven't think of a good title for this new blog post, I was so busy this week making lots of updates in the websites that I'm working and a total of 20 plus website needed to be uploaded and I take my time editing it because I' m avoiding some errors and glitch for the website and its hard to attend more than 30 plus website to monitor for glitch and also traffic.

Yesterday is a fun gig for me at the office were they hosted a chat event with Paramita band and also me providing the video stream and online chat for my Ustream account.
But during the last hour of the web event, the power charger of my laptop brokedown and short circuited, I'm glad that i brought it to the nearest repair shop in Megamall were they just fixed the wires and reconnect it again. The brand new power charger cost at P4,000 and it was a whopping over price for me, didn't expected that power chargers for laptop are so pricey at this time, and they offer a universal charger and the unbranded ones, they say HP laptop power adapters are hard to find. Which I agree and even that I use the warranty it will leave me hanging for days or maybe weeks of waiting for a brand new stock.

So what I did, is pay a P1,000 for the repair and went home with a smiley face, because web jobs are waiting for me at home and luckily I made it on time finished it.

To cut my story, went to bed at 2am finishing all stuff needed to be done for blogging, my work, and my event projects.

Some photos I took last week, The buko juice, the dog in a sporty look and me with Lace preparing for a big dinner at Juan's Bistro in SM MOA.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Paramita chat event - watch here and chat

and also the official chat board with the Paramita band is at

* chat ended at 5pm, April 2

Chat Transcript

03:05 ustreamer-4443 : hi guys
03:05 ustreamer-4443 : ganda ng name ko.. streamer 4443.. LOLS
03:05 azrael : hi guys!!!!
03:06 ustreamer-65738 : ah chat pala to
03:06 ustreamer-65738 : kala ko kung ano
03:06 ustreamer-65738 : pao bakla
03:06 ustreamer-4443 : di ba pede sitby?
03:06 ustreamer-4443 : LOL
03:07 ustreamer-4443 : cno 2?
03:07 ustreamer-4443 : i mean, who's on cam
03:07 ustreamer-4443 : ?
03:08 ustreamer-89962 : wohooo!
03:08 ustreamer-89962 : azrael
03:08 ustreamer-4443 : c azrael ba ung nasa cam?
03:08 ustreamer-89962 : nope
03:08 azrael : hindi ako yan
03:08 ustreamer-89962 : ay
03:08 ustreamer-89962 : oo
03:08 azrael : andito ako sa laptop
03:08 ustreamer-89962 : hahahaha
03:08 ustreamer-89962 : si cheekie
03:08 ustreamer-89962 : upuan ko yan a
03:08 ustreamer-89962 : hahahahhaa
03:09 ustreamer-4443 : waaaa
03:09 ustreamer-4443 : di naman c ria un
03:09 ustreamer-4443 : hmmm
03:09 ustreamer-89962 : pao
03:09 ustreamer-4443 : paramita ba talga e2?
03:09 ustreamer-89962 : the admin man
03:09 ustreamer-89962 : chowking
03:09 ustreamer-4443 : aus chowking pala sponsor
03:09 ustreamer-89962 : penge
03:09 ustreamer-4443 : ampf
03:10 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
03:10 Virus-4377 : panu change username
03:10 Virus-4377 : haha
03:10 ustreamer-4443 : ganda ng name mo virus
03:10 Virus-4377 : sinu ka
03:10 Virus-4377 : haha
03:10 ustreamer-4443 : kami imported US
03:10 ustreamer-4443 : o recorded ba na paramita or live?
03:10 azrael : sign up kayo sa ustream para may username kayo.
03:11 Virus-4377 : live
03:11 azrael : live po ito
03:11 ustreamer-4443 : later na lng
03:11 ustreamer-4443 : aus na ako kay 4443
03:11 ustreamer-4443 : stripper
03:11 ustreamer-4443 : este streamer
03:11 ustreamer-4443 : hahahaha
03:11 ustreamer-28701 : wait lang, dito na ba tayo?!
03:11 cheftonio : astig
03:11 cheftonio : d na ako ustreamer
03:11 ustreamer-4443 : c ria na yang 287701 na yan woooo
03:11 azrael : hi cheftonio
03:11 cheftonio : az
03:12 ustreamer-4443 : wait lng guys..
03:12 cheftonio : anjan na ba silasi jay2
03:12 ustreamer-4443 : nag ma-make up pa ata sila
03:12 ustreamer-4443 : pwede din ba namin i-on cam namin>
03:12 ustreamer-4443 : ?
03:12 ustreamer-4443 : hihihi
03:13 cheftonio : kkagutom
03:13 cheftonio : daming choices
03:13 ustreamer-87185 : ria
03:13 cheftonio : isang numero
03:13 cheftonio : memorize ko na
03:13 azrael : hhhahaa...dial na kayo sa chowking..
03:13 cheftonio : cge chowking nalang uli
03:13 cheftonio : hahahahaha
03:13 cheftonio : joke lang
03:13 ustreamer-4443 : c 87185 daw c ria
03:13 ustreamer-4443 : maka pag pink nga
03:14 cheftonio : naka longsleeves..sinu yan
03:14 cheftonio : si...
03:14 ustreamer-4443 : may ari nitong room
03:14 ustreamer-4443 : lol
03:14 ustreamer-4443 : cheft hi nga pla
03:14 ustreamer-4443 : di pa kita na-greet
03:14 cheftonio : hi din
03:14 cheftonio : 4443
03:15 cheftonio : jay2
03:15 cheftonio : haha
03:15 ustreamer-4443 : hey jay jay
03:15 ustreamer-4443 : just call me.. isip muna..
03:16 ustreamer-4443 : anberlin
03:16 ustreamer-4443 : lol
03:18 the_magnifikat : o ayan, may nick na rin ako
03:18 cheftonio : galing hehe
03:18 ustreamer-4443 : pucha stick muna ka 4443
03:18 ustreamer-4443 : lol
03:19 the_magnifikat : ayan na yata..?
03:19 cheftonio : si pao?
03:19 ustreamer-4443 : naririnig ko na sila
03:19 the_magnifikat : onga
03:19 the_magnifikat : tatawagin daw sila
03:19 ustreamer-4443 : saan ba itong room na2
03:19 ustreamer-4443 : mapuntahan
03:19 ustreamer-4443 : lol
03:19 the_magnifikat : hahaha
03:19 ustreamer-4443 : baka may pakain sa chowking
03:20 ustreamer-4443 : hahahah
03:20 the_magnifikat : penge din!
03:20 cheftonio : nanginginig
03:20 ustreamer-4443 : putek tagal
03:20 ustreamer-4443 : malamig dyan jay?
03:20 ustreamer-87185 : ahahaha
03:21 ustreamer-30103 : PAO BAKLA
03:21 ustreamer-4443 : nde bakla un
03:21 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
03:21 the_magnifikat : sino ba si pao?
03:21 cheftonio : yan si pao
03:21 cheftonio : ay hindi yan
03:21 ustreamer-4443 : it's not pao.. that's marcus
03:22 the_magnifikat : uy may narinig akong ria
03:22 azrael : andito na si marco and alsey
03:22 ustreamer-4443 : hmm.. ibang pao kilala ko..
03:23 ustreamer-4443 : cute mo marco
03:23 azrael : log kayo sa to chat with the band
03:23 ustreamer-4443 : andun na ata ako
03:24 ustreamer-87185 : hi
03:29 ustreamer-4443 : ria naman sa cam pls
03:29 azrael : dito na sila lahat
03:29 ustreamer-4443 : aun
03:29 ustreamer-4443 : ganda
03:29 ustreamer-4443 : hehe
03:29 cheftonio : ganda nun a
03:30 ustreamer-263 : yan na si ria haha,,
03:30 ustreamer-30103 : hi ria
03:30 ustreamer-87185 : ria ria ria ria
03:30 ustreamer-263 : ria ria..haha..
03:31 ustreamer-263 : pano ba ung chat room na un haha..
03:31 ustreamer-4443 : ria.. miss na kita
03:31 ustreamer-4443 : lol
03:31 ustreamer-87185 : hi alsey
03:31 ustreamer-4443 : hirap naman sa yehey
03:31 ustreamer-87185 : hi marco
03:31 cheftonio : dali lang
03:31 cheftonio : pasok agad ako
03:31 ustreamer-87185 : hi riaaaaaaaaa
03:31 azrael : pag wala pa kayo account sa sign up lang kayo
03:32 cheftonio : la pa 1 min tapus na signup
03:32 ustreamer-4443 : aus apple pala cia
03:32 ustreamer-13375 : hello. try lang
03:32 ustreamer-87185 : hello
03:32 ustreamer-87185 : ria
03:33 cheftonio : masarap ata thumb nya. kanina pa nya sinisipsip
03:33 ustreamer-40339 : lag naman ako sa yehey hmp
03:33 ustreamer-4443 : lahat lag sa yehey
03:33 ustreamer-4443 : ano
03:33 ustreamer-4443 : oo ria miss na kita
03:33 ustreamer-40339 : cute cute ni ria
03:33 ustreamer-4443 : cute talga yan
03:33 ustreamer-13375 : so where do we get to interview paramita?
03:33 azrael : chat with the band at
03:33 ustreamer-4443 : lol
03:33 azrael : interview them at
03:34 ustreamer-4443 : sa yehey
03:34 ustreamer-13375 : ohh ok
03:34 ustreamer-4443 : kaso aZrael bakit lag to the max
03:34 ustreamer-4443 : no offense meant
03:34 ustreamer-13375 : need to sign up right?
03:34 ustreamer-4443 : yep u need to sgn up @13375
03:34 ustreamer-13375 : ok thanks
03:35 ustreamer-87185 : dpa start?
03:35 cheftonio : start na
03:36 ustreamer-4443 : << peyton
03:36 azrael : start na
03:36 ustreamer-4443 : urbandub
03:36 ustreamer-4443 : nasa eastwood kagabi
03:36 ustreamer-4443 : astig!
03:37 ustreamer-263 : nawala na ung sound.
03:38 ustreamer-4443 : oks naman
03:38 ustreamer-4443 : may sound naman
03:39 ustreamer-87185 : hello
03:39 azrael : sound is ok
03:39 ustreamer-40339 : ria - i'll definitely vote 4 u sa NU (subZer0)
03:39 azrael : hello mga vieweers
03:39 ustreamer-87185 : hi
03:39 azrael : to chat and interview the band log on to
03:39 ustreamer-4443 : naks dami fans ni ria
03:40 ustreamer-4443 : diba 40339
03:40 ustreamer-263 : haha..ria is soo cool kasi
03:41 cheftonio : ganda e
03:41 ustreamer-4443 : sooo cool?
03:41 ustreamer-4443 : sooo hot kamo
03:41 ustreamer-4443 : cheft di kayo talo nyan...
03:41 ustreamer-4443 : lol
03:42 ustreamer-263 : haha...soo hot and cool. pero maganda? haha...gwapo.
03:42 ustreamer-4443 : ang cute sobra
03:42 ustreamer-4443 : unga hi kayo sa amin
03:42 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
03:42 ustreamer-263 : hi daw streamer aww...haha
03:42 ustreamer-87185 : hi
03:42 ustreamer-4443 : strippers
03:42 ustreamer-4443 : daw HI
03:42 ustreamer-4443 : lol
03:42 cheftonio : where?
03:42 ustreamer-87185 : hello
03:42 ustreamer-263 : screamer daw oh haha..
03:42 ustreamer-40339 : honga she's a cutie...kras ko sya (subZer0)
03:42 ustreamer-4443 : kras mo xa>
03:42 ustreamer-4443 : ?
03:43 ustreamer-4443 : eh dami pala natin may kras sa kanya
03:43 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
03:43 ustreamer-40339 : nauna ko LOL
03:43 ustreamer-11802 : pampagulo lang po
03:43 ustreamer-11802 : =)
03:43 azrael : hehhee
03:44 ustreamer-87185 : ria hi
03:44 ustreamer-4443 : subzero nauna ako sau
03:44 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
03:44 ustreamer-263 : haha..nagunahan pa kayo kay ria haha
03:44 ustreamer-11802 : gem toh
03:44 ustreamer-40339 : lolz...
03:44 ustreamer-11802 : ria ria ria
03:44 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
03:44 ustreamer-263 : ayun hnarap na kay ria
03:44 human2 : helo from las vegas...
03:44 ustreamer-4443 : ayan kain sila chowking
03:44 ustreamer-263 : mukand seryoso xa haha...
03:44 ustreamer-11802 : ang takaw mo
03:44 ustreamer-4443 : pansit guisado
03:44 azrael : uyyyyyy
03:44 azrael : nababasa nila ito
03:44 ustreamer-4443 : OO KRAS namin c RIA
03:44 ustreamer-4443 : hahahah
03:45 ustreamer-263 : haha...crush namin si ria at lahat kami gurls haha..yiheee
03:45 cheftonio : nag-hi pa
03:45 ustreamer-87185 : love u ria!!!!
03:45 human2 : English please....
03:45 ustreamer-4443 : ay pansit canton
03:45 ustreamer-4443 : pala
03:45 ustreamer-4443 : english daw
03:45 ustreamer-4443 : hi human
03:45 ustreamer-4443 : we said we're CRUSHING ria
03:45 ustreamer-4443 : tama ba un?
03:45 ustreamer-4443 : hahhaha
03:45 human2 : love everyone....
03:45 human2 : cheers...out...
03:45 ustreamer-4443 : 03:56 ustreamer-263 : haha...crush namin si ria at lahat kami gurls haha..yiheee
03:46 ustreamer-4443 : AYAN TAMA YAN
03:46 ustreamer-4443 : hot kami ria...
03:46 ustreamer-87185 : wala na kme marinig
03:46 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
03:46 the_magnifikat : wahahah, kulet!
03:46 ustreamer-11802 : ria
03:46 ustreamer-11802 : makulet ako
03:46 ustreamer-11802 : hahahahahhaha
03:46 ustreamer-11802 : makulet
03:46 ustreamer-11802 : makulet
03:46 ustreamer-4443 : naks binasa post ko
03:46 ustreamer-263 : haha...yihee daw
03:46 ustreamer-4443 : yiheee
03:46 ustreamer-4443 : hehehe
03:46 the_magnifikat : RIA, pansinin mo kame sa friday ha
03:46 ustreamer-11802 : gem gem gem
03:46 ustreamer-11802 : hahahahahaha
03:47 ustreamer-263 : crush namin si ria kaya wag nyo na lagay kay alsey or marco haha..
03:47 ustreamer-4443 : Ria kilala mo ako
03:47 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
03:47 ustreamer-263 : joke lang un. :D:D
03:47 the_magnifikat : katrina!
03:47 ustreamer-87185 : girls kme tlga lahat
03:47 the_magnifikat : ako si katrina! wahaha
03:47 ustreamer-4443 : OO girls kami
03:47 ustreamer-11802 : mahal ko yan si ria
03:47 ustreamer-4443 : ako si anberlin
03:47 ustreamer-4443 : 11802 .. mahal lng?
03:47 ustreamer-4443 : ako mahal na mahal
03:47 ustreamer-4443 : hahahah
03:47 ustreamer-11802 : mahal na mahal ko yan
03:47 ustreamer-263 : iako am steph :D
03:48 ustreamer-11802 : sobrang mahal ni gem si ria
03:48 the_magnifikat : ria, gusto mo ng number ko?
03:48 ustreamer-87185 : ria may bf kana?
03:48 ustreamer-263 : haha...cguro nasusuka na sa atin si ria haha..
03:48 ustreamer-4443 : like gano kamahal?
03:48 ustreamer-11802 : walang bf si ria
03:48 the_magnifikat : wahahaha
03:48 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
03:48 ustreamer-4443 : magnifikat
03:48 ustreamer-4443 : asa ka pa
03:48 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
03:48 ustreamer-263 : walang bf si ria...sonn to be gf lang haha..
03:48 the_magnifikat : selos lang kayo
03:48 the_magnifikat : wehehe
03:48 ustreamer-263 : soon*
03:48 ustreamer-11802 : hahahahahha
03:48 ustreamer-40339 : ria pede share sa 1 million =P
03:48 ustreamer-4443 : owwsss ba't ako maseselos kat
03:48 ustreamer-11802 : mamatay sa selos ang mga nagseselos
03:48 ustreamer-11802 : wahahahaha
03:48 the_magnifikat : hahahahaha
03:48 ustreamer-263 : aw patay.
03:49 ustreamer-87185 : gf? buti nlng
03:49 ustreamer-4443 : eh naging kami ni ria
03:49 ustreamer-4443 : lol
03:49 ustreamer-4443 : joke
03:49 ustreamer-11802 : ows?!
03:49 ustreamer-263 : sarap kumain ni ria haha..
03:49 ustreamer-11802 : talaga lang ha?!
03:49 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
03:49 ustreamer-87185 : naging kayo?aaaaahahahha
03:49 cheftonio : appply ako
03:49 ustreamer-4443 : OO @ 11802
03:49 the_magnifikat : game, ria, unli ako! wahahahaha
03:49 ustreamer-11802 : tanungin ko ba si ria????
03:49 ustreamer-4443 : kat unli ka? globe ka
03:49 ustreamer-11802 : hahahahaha
03:49 ustreamer-4443 : globe c ria
03:49 ustreamer-4443 : hahhaha
03:49 the_magnifikat : wahaha, globe xempre..malakas tayo sa globe eh
03:49 ustreamer-11802 : naka sun si ria
03:49 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
03:50 ustreamer-87185 : ria txt tayo? :)
03:50 ustreamer-4443 : globe yan
03:50 ustreamer-263 : haha..walang cellphone si ria
03:50 ustreamer-11802 : sun and globe yan
03:50 ustreamer-11802 : hahahahaha
03:50 ustreamer-263 : wag na kayo magtalo haha..
03:50 ustreamer-4443 : hoy 87185,,asa ka pa
03:50 the_magnifikat : sun si ria?
03:50 ustreamer-4443 : ang cell nyan
03:50 ustreamer-4443 : samsung
03:50 azrael : to chat with the band log on to
03:50 ustreamer-11802 : wahahahhaa
03:50 ustreamer-4443 : ano ria.. kilala mo na ako?
03:50 ustreamer-11802 : takaw ni ria..penge si gem
03:51 ustreamer-40339 : ria penge :D
03:51 ustreamer-87185 : ria usap tayo sa sun? ";)
03:51 ustreamer-263 : haha...walang cell si ria nanakaw. joke :D peace
03:51 the_magnifikat : globe ba si ria?
03:51 the_magnifikat : hekhek
03:51 ustreamer-263 : ansasama natin lets talk about the two guys naman
03:51 ustreamer-11802 : kilala ko love ni ria
03:52 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
03:52 the_magnifikat : may love na si ria?
03:52 ustreamer-87185 : cno?
03:52 ustreamer-263 : hows alsey and m,arco kaya?
03:52 ustreamer-4443 : eh gs2 ko c ria lng weh
03:52 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
03:52 ustreamer-11802 : \si gem ang love ni ria
03:52 ustreamer-11802 : hahahahhaaha
03:52 ustreamer-4443 : lesbian kami ni gem.. bakit ba
03:52 ustreamer-87185 : ako kaya!
03:52 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
03:52 ustreamer-263 : ako bi lang haha..
03:52 ustreamer-11802 : hahahahahahahaha
03:52 ustreamer-263 : kaya pde kahit cong sa tatlo haha..
03:52 the_magnifikat : wohoo, aminan na o!
03:52 ustreamer-263 : pro more on ria haha..
03:52 the_magnifikat : hahaha
03:52 ustreamer-4443 : magiging les ka pag nameet mo c ria 263
03:53 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
03:53 ustreamer-11802 : pabasa nyo toh kay kita from gem18=)
03:53 ustreamer-263 : nMeet ko na xa sa gig nila..
03:53 ustreamer-263 : kiniss ko nga hnd nkapalag hahahaa..joke.
03:53 ustreamer-4443 : meet lng pla... @263
03:53 the_magnifikat : ano yung kinakain ni ria?
03:53 ustreamer-4443 : owwsss..
03:53 azrael : chowking
03:53 ustreamer-4443 : pansitt canton ng chowking
03:53 ustreamer-4443 : @kat
03:53 ustreamer-263 : hnd totoo ung kiss joke lng un haha..
03:54 ustreamer-11802 : halohalo yun
03:54 ustreamer-11802 : mga shunga
03:54 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
03:54 ustreamer-263 : pancit un.
03:54 ustreamer-11802 : halohalo
03:54 ustreamer-11802 : pg yan eh
03:54 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
03:54 ustreamer-263 : oo rinig namin kayo..rinig ung landi
03:54 ustreamer-263 : haha..
03:54 the_magnifikat : 4443: uy, penge! dapat may mantao na kasama! fave ko yun..
03:55 ustreamer-4443 : ria bat di mo ako cnama sa pagudpud
03:55 ustreamer-4443 : hahahah
03:55 ustreamer-11802 : hindi sya nagpunta ng pagudpod
03:55 ustreamer-263 : pag sinama ka ni ria dun lulurin ka nya haha..
03:55 ustreamer-11802 : hahahahahaha
03:55 ustreamer-4443 : kat hingi ka kay ria..
03:55 ustreamer-11802 : nasa bulacan sya
03:55 ustreamer-11802 : hahahahaha
03:55 the_magnifikat : ria, may mantao ka ba jan?
03:55 ustreamer-4443 : sabi sa yehey nagpunta xa. @ 11802
03:56 ustreamer-4443 : bulacan ka dyan @ 11802
03:56 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
03:56 the_magnifikat : Ria, pengeng mantao
03:56 ustreamer-11802 : gwem ang pangalan ko
03:56 ustreamer-11802 : gem pala
03:56 ustreamer-4443 : 263, lulunurin ako sa halik u mean?
03:56 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
03:57 ustreamer-11802 : isa lang ang gustong halikan ni ria
03:57 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
03:57 ustreamer-263 : haha..hnd kaya.
03:57 ustreamer-11802 : yung mahal nya
03:57 ustreamer-4443 : at cno? !gem
03:57 ustreamer-263 : ayaw sabhin ni ria age nya haha..
03:57 ustreamer-11802 : kilala ko kung sino
03:57 ustreamer-4443 : o cnong mahal nya? @263
03:57 the_magnifikat : 11802: sino?
03:57 ustreamer-11802 : ako alam ko age nyta
03:57 ustreamer-4443 : hay naku di nyo alam age nya?
03:57 ustreamer-11802 : nya
03:57 ustreamer-4443 : lol
03:57 ustreamer-263 : hnd ko alam haha..
03:57 ustreamer-11802 : alam ko age nya
03:57 ustreamer-263 : ung camera pabalaik kay ria
03:57 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
03:57 ustreamer-263 : haha.
03:58 ustreamer-40339 : honga si ria ulit!!!
03:58 cheftonio : RIA RIA RIA RIA RIA
03:58 the_magnifikat : dali, sabihin niyo na kung sino mahal ni ria! huntingin na natin
03:58 ustreamer-11802 : hahahahahaha
03:58 cheftonio : wwoottt!
03:58 ustreamer-4443 : sekwet age ni ria
03:58 ustreamer-263 : yan..sorry marco. mas trip namin tgnan si ria eh
03:58 ustreamer-11802 : pag sinabi ko kung sino
03:58 ustreamer-40339 : kulet lolz
03:58 ustreamer-4443 : pero alam namin ni gem
03:58 ustreamer-11802 : lagot ako sa kanya
03:58 ustreamer-4443 : hahhaha
03:58 ustreamer-263 : swerte ni alsey katabi nya si ria nkikita
03:58 ustreamer-11802 : hahahahahhahahahaha
03:58 ustreamer-40339 : ria pede paotograp naman pakiabot ke paolo =D (subZer0)
03:59 ustreamer-263 : hahaha...nkakatawa ung mga nagbabasa sa chat ntin haha...
03:59 the_magnifikat : sino yung naka-yellow?
03:59 ustreamer-11802 : takaw ng paye ko
03:59 the_magnifikat : nagseselos ako
03:59 ustreamer-11802 : jhahahahahaha
03:59 ustreamer-4443 : lag?
03:59 ustreamer-40339 : mabait yan si paolo pramis =D
03:59 ustreamer-11802 : sapakin ko na yung nakayellow
03:59 the_magnifikat : sino ba jan si paolo?=/
04:00 ustreamer-87185 : sarap
04:00 the_magnifikat : onga, yung naka-yellow, layolayo ng konti
04:00 ustreamer-11802 : wag makadikit dikit
04:00 ustreamer-11802 : tatadyakan ko yan
04:00 the_magnifikat : wahahahaha
04:00 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
04:00 azrael : peace tayo
04:00 ustreamer-4443 : asan na c paol guys.. ung isang paolo...
04:00 ustreamer-40339 : uy bad naman... wag ganun...ala kau otograp cge
04:00 azrael : andito sa likod.. mod ng chat sa yehey
04:01 * ustreamer-40339 behaves
04:01 ustreamer-263 : hi azrael kaw ba ung nagsasalita? haha..
04:01 azrael : hindi..madami kame dito e
04:01 ustreamer-11802 : paki sabi kay ria pakiss!!!!
04:01 ustreamer-11802 : paki sabi si gem
04:01 ustreamer-4443 : cute mo ria.. grabe..
04:01 ustreamer-4443 : hihihi
04:01 ustreamer-40339 : paolo otograp ko ha..*winks (subZer0)
04:01 ustreamer-263 : aww...okay :D haha..kala ko kaw ung nagbabasa eh
04:02 ustreamer-263 : hindi lang sa pwet hawak haha..
04:02 ustreamer-11802 : gem cruz kamo...pakiss
04:02 azrael : si ansley yun
04:02 ustreamer-263 : aww..okies :D
04:02 ustreamer-11802 : paki sabi kay sya ni gem cruz
04:02 ustreamer-11802 : hahahahaha
04:03 ustreamer-2077 : hello?
04:03 ustreamer-263 : hi
04:03 ustreamer-4443 : gem sobra ka na
04:03 ustreamer-11802 : wag
04:03 ustreamer-4443 : marco may number na kami ni ria..
04:03 ustreamer-4443 : hahahha
04:03 ustreamer-11802 : wag nyo ilagay number ni ria
04:03 the_magnifikat : uy yung number!
04:04 ustreamer-11802 : wag!!!!
04:04 ustreamer-11802 : hahahhahaha
04:04 the_magnifikat : huh, biglang nagerror nung sinasabi yung number
04:04 ustreamer-263 : haha...hnd nyo ba narinig sabi ni ria ay 'putsa' haha..
04:04 ustreamer-263 : wag na asa bbgy ni ria un haha..
04:04 ustreamer-40339 : may friendster ba kayo? pashare naman
04:04 ustreamer-11802 : ate ano bang name mo?? yung may pink na font?
04:04 ustreamer-2077 : ilang taon na kau?
04:05 ustreamer-40339 : meron daw pashareeeeeeeeeeee
04:05 ustreamer-4443 : ria...bat kinalimutan mo na ako? LOL
04:05 ustreamer-263 : my fs groups nga cla eh haha..gnwa ko:D infairness inuupdate ko un.
04:05 ustreamer-11802 : ako madaming picture ni ria
04:05 ustreamer-11802 : hehehehehe
04:05 ustreamer-40339 : ung official friendster po sna
04:05 azrael : mailing list--
04:05 the_magnifikat : meron cla friendster..
04:05 ustreamer-263 : meron cla fs pro hnd cla ung gmawa nun kaya hn updated.
04:06 ustreamer-40339 : ay tnx sa mailing list =)
04:06 the_magnifikat : pwera na lang kung fake account yung kinokomentan kong friendster
04:06 ustreamer-2077 : band kau?!
04:06 ustreamer-263 : uwo lebian band kami haha..
04:06 ustreamer-263 : lesbian*
04:07 ustreamer-2077 : ahhh galing
04:07 ustreamer-40339 : uy tnx ke muttdaemon ... *winks
04:07 ustreamer-263 : haha..joke lang un 2077
04:07 the_magnifikat : hala, yung naka-yellow nakadikit ulet!
04:07 the_magnifikat : >C
04:07 ustreamer-11802 : sapakan na toh
04:07 ustreamer-11802 : dikit ng dikit eh
04:07 the_magnifikat : wahahahahaha
04:07 ustreamer-263 : haha..sabhin nyo kapag dumikit ulit ung nkyellow mgagalit na kayo
04:08 ustreamer-2077 : huh?
04:08 the_magnifikat : too late, GALIT na ko..=P
04:08 ustreamer-11802 : galit na rin ako
04:08 ustreamer-263 : haha...galit na daw sila ohh..
04:08 azrael :,
04:08 ustreamer-11802 : gggrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
04:08 ustreamer-263 : hahaha..
04:08 ustreamer-40339 : over naman ... =D
04:09 ustreamer-2077 : hi evryone
04:09 the_magnifikat : ahahaha!
04:09 ustreamer-4443 : marco add ko kau sa myspace
04:09 ustreamer-263 : answerte ni alsey nkikita sa cam.
04:09 ustreamer-4443 : pls approve
04:09 ustreamer-4443 : thanks
04:10 ustreamer-4443 :
04:11 ustreamer-4443 : yan ang url
04:11 ustreamer-4443 : later ko na lng i-addd
04:11 ustreamer-4443 : makikilala ako ni ria
04:11 ustreamer-4443 : mabibisto pagkatao ko
04:11 ustreamer-4443 : hahhaah
04:11 ustreamer-263 : bkit mbibisto?
04:11 ustreamer-263 : haha..
04:11 ustreamer-4443 : kilala ako ni ria
04:11 ustreamer-4443 : hahahaha
04:11 ustreamer-263 : tlga? haha..soxal.
04:11 ustreamer-11802 : ako rin kilala ni ria
04:11 ustreamer-11802 : katext ko nga eh
04:11 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
04:11 ustreamer-4443 : yeah soxal
04:12 ustreamer-4443 : owws katext mo? chaka ka dyan
04:12 ustreamer-11802 : hindi ah
04:12 ustreamer-4443 : we can see her typing..pano ka katext
04:12 ustreamer-263 : ako hndi sosyal..hnd ko xa kilala haha..
04:12 ustreamer-2077 : band ba kau?
04:12 ustreamer-11802 : tanungin mo sya
04:12 ustreamer-4443 : gem
04:12 ustreamer-4443 : hmm
04:12 ustreamer-263 : 2077 hnd kami band:D
04:12 ustreamer-4443 : sounds family
04:12 ustreamer-4443 : hehehe
04:12 the_magnifikat : haha, share niyo naman yung number..hehe
04:12 ustreamer-11802 : nagtext sya kanina
04:12 ustreamer-11802 : hindi mo nakita?
04:12 ustreamer-263 : oi magCHAT naman kayo.
04:12 ustreamer-4443 : di pede kat.. pang elite lng number nya
04:12 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
04:13 ustreamer-2077 : ano kau?
04:13 the_magnifikat : aegis?!
04:13 the_magnifikat : wahahaha
04:13 ustreamer-4443 : niniwala na ako gem
04:13 ustreamer-40339 : mahilig din ba kayo sa games - PSP, wii, ps3 etc...anong games nilalaro nyo?
04:13 the_magnifikat : bakit parang naniniwala ako na aegis influence nila?! wahahahahaha
04:13 ustreamer-4443 : hindi
04:13 ustreamer-4443 : smashing pumpkins like ni ria
04:13 azrael : chat with the band at
04:13 ustreamer-11802 : magkatext nga kami
04:13 ustreamer-4443 : anberlin
04:13 ustreamer-4443 : yan ang bands na gs2 nila
04:13 ustreamer-11802 : tanong nyo si ria
04:14 ustreamer-263 : haha..bkit nppicture mo b si ria kumkanta ng halik? haha..
04:14 the_magnifikat : 443: elite naman ako ah..=P
04:14 ustreamer-4443 : oo na magkatext na kau gem
04:15 ustreamer-40339 : lolz sa game and watch =D
04:15 ustreamer-11802 : hahahaha
04:15 ustreamer-30586 : hahahahah
04:15 ustreamer-263 : haha..para daw hnd mapagkamalan itype daw na ilove boys haha..
04:16 ustreamer-30586 : hahahahahahahhahahahhaahhahahaa
04:17 ustreamer-263 : sana alam nila na nkOn ung mic at rinig haha..
04:17 ustreamer-4443 : marco mukhang nagpagupit ka
04:17 ustreamer-4443 : umiksi ung sungay mo..
04:17 ustreamer-4443 : hihi
04:17 ustreamer-263 : si ria and armi ba? haha....
04:18 ustreamer-263 : bumait xa kaya umiksi ung sungay
04:18 ustreamer-4443 : hindi.. c ria and gem daw
04:18 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
04:18 ustreamer-4443 : ustreamer-11802 = gem
04:18 ustreamer-4443 : hehehe
04:19 ustreamer-263 : haha...hnd na kita si alsey si marco na haha..
04:19 ustreamer-2077 : oh
04:19 the_magnifikat : uy, si paolo na at si marco
04:19 ustreamer-4443 : tagal na @kat
04:19 ustreamer-4443 : hahhahaha
04:19 ustreamer-263 : uwo sila na..mahilig sa litle boys si marco haha..
04:19 ustreamer-2077 : paramita...
04:20 ustreamer-2077 : nice name
04:20 ustreamer-40339 : riaaaaaaaaa otograp ko =D
04:21 the_magnifikat : hala, yung nakayellow ulet..
04:21 the_magnifikat : hekhek
04:21 ustreamer-2077 : cno un?
04:22 ustreamer-2077 : hello?
04:22 ustreamer-87185 : takawwwwwwwwwww
04:23 ustreamer-4443 : marco approve mo ako sa MYSPACE
04:24 ustreamer-27138 : mga aning kayo
04:24 ustreamer-2077 : cno un
04:25 ustreamer-2077 : celebrity ba kau?
04:25 ustreamer-2077 : or band?
04:26 azrael : band
04:26 ustreamer-2077 : oh
04:26 ustreamer-40339 : lolz me naligaw ata d2
04:26 azrael : Paramita
04:26 * ustreamer-40339 natawa
04:27 azrael : visit here to know more about this chat event
04:27 ustreamer-4443 : 2077 ..
04:28 azrael : open chat jam na with the Paramita band here at
04:29 ustreamer-4443 : cute pala ni ria.. sa anggulong profile..
04:29 ustreamer-4443 : hehe
04:29 ustreamer-4443 : gitara daw gs2 ni alsey
04:29 ustreamer-4443 : les paul
04:30 the_magnifikat : lag time dun sa yehey, grabe
04:30 the_magnifikat : o_O
04:31 the_magnifikat : ganda ng hair ni ria noh?
04:31 ustreamer-4443 : kat
04:31 the_magnifikat : baket?
04:32 ustreamer-40339 : ndi na lag sa yehey..ok na po
04:32 ustreamer-4443 : na receive mo pm ko sa yehey?
04:32 ustreamer-4443 : paganda ng paganda c ria.. haaay
04:32 the_magnifikat : kay ba si peyton?
04:32 ustreamer-4443 : saan ba namin mado-download i2ng stream
04:32 the_magnifikat : *kaw
04:33 ustreamer-4443 : kahit may bayad... lols
04:36 ustreamer-1392 : sinong makulet dito?
04:36 ustreamer-4443 : baket? @1392
04:37 ustreamer-4443 : pa-shout out naman ulit sa aming streamers
04:38 ustreamer-4443 : guys, suggestion ko gawa kau commercial
04:38 ustreamer-4443 : chowking
04:39 ustreamer-4443 : that would rock
04:43 ustreamer-87185 : hey
04:44 the_magnifikat : Bye guys..
04:44 the_magnifikat : Chat ulet kayo, say the word, magoonline kame
04:44 ustreamer-40339 : bye ria!!! dont 4get ung otograp =D
04:44 ustreamer-4443 : ria...
04:45 ustreamer-4443 : yngat kau
04:45 ustreamer-4443 : yngat sa pag drive
04:46 the_magnifikat : BILI KAYO NG CHOWKING! Mukhang nasarapan si Ria eh
04:47 ustreamer-11078 : paki sabi kila ria ingat!!!!
04:47 the_magnifikat : Makapag-CHOWKING nga mamya..naks!
04:49 ustreamer-4443 : queen of the damned daw
04:49 ustreamer-11078 : meron bang fries sa chowking?
04:50 ustreamer-4443 : wla @11078
04:50 ustreamer-87185 : ano ung track4?
04:50 ustreamer-11078 : eh pizza??
04:50 ustreamer-11078 : heheheh
04:50 ustreamer-11078 : joke lang po
04:50 the_magnifikat : wahaha, chinese food!
04:51 ustreamer-11078 : sushi meron?
04:51 ustreamer-11078 : ahhahahahahaha
04:51 ustreamer-11078 : papampam lang
04:51 ustreamer-11078 : hehehe
04:51 ustreamer-11078 : uwian na ba????
04:51 ustreamer-4443 : track4 PANAGINIP LANG?
04:52 ustreamer-87185 : sa new album ba pnaguusapan?
04:52 ustreamer-11078 : yup
04:52 ustreamer-11078 : yun nga ang pinaguusapan nila
04:52 ustreamer-4443 : ahh new album
04:52 ustreamer-2077 : hello?
04:52 ustreamer-87185 : bat wala na nagmsg sa chatroom?
04:52 ustreamer-87185 : c ria ang last nag msg
04:52 ustreamer-67262 : ung new album wala pa tayo nun so pano ntin mllman ung mga tracks?
04:52 ustreamer-11078 : kasi out na po sila
04:53 ustreamer-11078 : kaya wala ng nagchachat dun
04:53 ustreamer-4443 : i think they're talking of the 1st album
04:53 ustreamer-87185 : out na cla? d nga?
04:53 the_magnifikat : lag time lang yan 87185
04:53 ustreamer-87185 : dpa kaya
04:53 ustreamer-87185 : aahhh
04:53 ustreamer-11078 : ah hind pa pala?
04:53 ustreamer-11078 : hehehe
04:53 ustreamer-87185 : bat c ria may ka chat?
04:53 ustreamer-67262 : ano sabi nila? hehe...
04:53 the_magnifikat : di pa nga yata
04:53 ustreamer-4443 : pm yan
04:53 ustreamer-11078 : hindi ko din alam
04:53 ustreamer-4443 : lol
04:54 ustreamer-11078 : baka naka ym sya
04:54 ustreamer-87185 : daya! dpat sa chatroom lang wlang pm!
04:54 ustreamer-2077 : 6cyclemind rocks
04:54 ustreamer-11078 : takaw ni ria
04:54 ustreamer-11078 : hahahhaa
04:54 ustreamer-4443 : i dont like 6 cycle mind
04:54 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
04:54 ustreamer-87185 : mr too
04:54 ustreamer-2077 : galing kaya nila
04:54 ustreamer-2077 : lalo na ung song
04:54 ustreamer-4443 : paramita lang talga
04:54 ustreamer-4443 : hahaha
04:55 ustreamer-4443 : SAYDIE
04:55 ustreamer-4443 : un
04:55 the_magnifikat : sawa na cguro si ria sa tanong na "di ba mahirap kumanta habang nagddrums.."
04:55 ustreamer-2077 : sana 6cyclemind ulit sa yehey
04:56 ustreamer-4443 : cguro nga kat
04:56 ustreamer-67262 : hnd nman sanay na lang xa sa tanong na un
04:56 the_magnifikat : uy peyton na-dc ako sa yehey
04:56 ustreamer-11078 : paulit ulit naman na kasi yung tanong na yun
04:56 the_magnifikat : ongaonga
04:56 ustreamer-4443 : ok lng kat
04:56 ustreamer-11078 : sino si kat?????
04:56 azrael : babay na daw
04:57 ustreamer-67262 : hi ria :D:D
04:57 the_magnifikat : Haha, banda yun 11078
04:57 the_magnifikat : wehehehehe
04:57 azrael : thanks guys for viewing
04:57 ustreamer-11078 : pacute si ria
04:57 ustreamer-11078 : hahahaha
04:57 ustreamer-67262 : haha..cute tlga xa noh
04:57 azrael : post ko yung recording nito sa
04:57 ustreamer-67262 : hnd xa pcute.
04:57 the_magnifikat : welcome azrael, it's our pleasure
04:57 the_magnifikat : =)
04:57 ustreamer-4443 : gawa ka commercial chowking ria
04:57 ustreamer-4443 : bagay promise
04:57 azrael : sa next chat uli
04:57 ustreamer-11078 : hindi nga pacute
04:57 ustreamer-67262 : thanks azrael
04:57 ustreamer-4443 : azrael thanks
04:57 ustreamer-11078 : hehehehehe
04:57 the_magnifikat : ayos, salamat azra!
04:57 ustreamer-11078 : makulit lang
04:58 azrael : tnx din sa
04:58 azrael : yehey!!!
04:58 azrael : na ko
04:58 ustreamer-67262 : ownga thanks sa yehey :D
04:58 ustreamer-11078 : salamat po
04:58 the_magnifikat : PAOLO, tapat ka nga sa cam for a sec!=)
04:58 ustreamer-67262 : hi sa guys :D
04:58 the_magnifikat : azra, kaw ba yung nakashades sa ulo?=)
04:58 azrael : yup
04:59 ustreamer-40339 : hi paolo
04:59 the_magnifikat : Hahahaha! Ayos, yun pala si Paolo
04:59 the_magnifikat : Hekhek
04:59 ustreamer-11078 : pasight ulit kay ria bago umalis
04:59 ustreamer-67262 : haha..ownga.
04:59 the_magnifikat : uyy, nagpakyut na..hekhek
04:59 ustreamer-11078 : paki sabi sa kanila ingat sabi ni gem
05:00 ustreamer-87185 : asan na c ria???????
05:00 ustreamer-67262 : yan ba ung copy nun bagong album
05:00 ustreamer-11078 : yup yun yung bagong album
05:00 ustreamer-87185 : hey
05:01 ustreamer-67262 : haba magAutograph ni ria haha,..
05:01 ustreamer-11078 : sino nga ulit yung naka yellow?
05:01 ustreamer-87185 : nawala ung sounds
05:01 azrael : manager
05:01 ustreamer-11078 : si toti ang manager nila di ba?
05:01 ustreamer-67262 : si toti may ari nun terno db?
05:01 azrael : taga terno recodings
05:02 ustreamer-11078 : pero si toti ang manager nila...mali ba?
05:02 the_magnifikat : MARCO, last question..ganyan na ba yung style ng buhok mo mula noon pa?
05:02 azrael : guys..log off na kame!
05:02 azrael : tnx again!!!!
05:02 azrael : bye!!!
05:02 ustreamer-67262 : thanks bye bye.
05:02 ustreamer-4443 : wak muna
05:02 ustreamer-11078 : salamat!!
05:03 the_magnifikat : cge po, shalamat!=)
05:03 azrael : visit din kayo sa blog ko at
05:03 azrael : tnx!
05:03 azrael : kita kits uli
05:03 ustreamer-87185 : bye thank you
05:03 ustreamer-4443 : wer can we download this footage?
05:03 ustreamer-4443 : @azrael
05:03 azrael : upload ko ito sa youtube ko
05:03 ustreamer-11078 : yeah
05:03 azrael :
05:03 ustreamer-4443 : oh wow... great @azrael
05:03 azrael : bookmark nyo na lang
05:03 ustreamer-11078 : saan nag ba pwedeng madownload toh?
05:03 ustreamer-4443 : thanks
05:03 azrael : ok..
05:03 azrael : logging off..
05:03 azrael : 1
05:03 azrael : 2
05:03 azrael : 3
05:03 azrael : 4
05:03 azrael : 5
05:04 azrael : 6
05:04 azrael : 5
05:04 azrael : 4
05:04 azrael : 3
05:04 azrael : 2
05:04 azrael : 1
05:04 azrael : 0

Monday, March 31, 2008

Chat event with Paramita band

If you are online on April 2, 2008 at 3:00pm to 5:00 pm and loves the music and the band - Paramita, then visit if you want to chat with them live, and of course the online chat is free for everyone to join. Also I'll be there at the chat event to host a video stream for everyone. I'll be arming my laptop with webcam and microphone so that everyone can see and hear Ria, Marco and Alsey of Paramita.

for info of the chat event you can check out their page at

we will be posting the video stream page on April 2 and also I'll stream it too here in my blog, but for official announcement log on and sign in to

On personal meet with Paramita, I haven't met them before for the new rock era, but here's a short story that I like to share. ( read more below)

Marco de leon, the guitarist of Paramita. Met him tru his brother, LC de leon (lead man for Reklamo band) it was during the 2007 year hype for Transformers the movie and Toycon 2007.
We hang out and then Marco helped us out in our Transformers Philippines booth at the Toycon 2007 and Transformers movie merchandise launch in Megamall, and together too with LC.

after the hype, I just learned that Marco is the lead guitarist for Paramita, and also one of the original members of the band. I was shocked to learn the news and now Im seeing them perform and also hear their hits on the radio. Haven't told Marco yet that I met the band fromm the year, let me guess time of year 1999 or 2000 or 2001.

flash back to that year when I was still in the rock and roll indie days and I hang out to the art venue called, Oracafe. I did some rock gig productions back then and after I left my studies and roam around in the indie world, i learned a lot from that venue about music, films and some indie philosophies. I went to Oracafe one night and I was enjoying my beer at the bar, then It was a night of band auditions and I got a chance to see some great bands during the fresh years.

but the event manager of the venue is not around and also Khavn (owner of the venue) is not around too, my friendly bar manager-tender told me to screen the band audition for them that night. It was funny and also got serious into it hhahaha.

first band was Blue jeans junkies, after hearing their music and watch their performance they gave an envelope with band profiles, pics, cover song list, history, and original music with lyrics. The band lead man - Nino Mendoza asked me if they are in for the band line up on the next gig, I told them a positive review and I said, "yes youre band is in"

then the next band was setting up while I drink my beer and chat with people inside the bar, I was busy reviewing lots of band audition profiles then I was surprised that the band told me that they are ready, I said, "ok, you guys can play now". then I turned my back at them and went to the bar and make "kulit" to the bar tender to give me some more oatmeal cookies.

while chomping and eating and also drinking, the band played while I'm not watching, because during band auditions and when I'm going to screen them, I always learn first how to listen to their music while not watching. Then a female voice filled the bar, singing and the crowd began busy watching to the stage. I was surprised too, then I stand up and wonder "where the hell is the vocalist!" Then we saw a female in the percussion in her short hair appearance that I mistaken her as a guy, she was behind the other 2 band member coz its hard to see and watch the vocalist from behind the drums, she's hitting the snare and bass drum and then singing. I said, wow! then I check the name of the band it was called - Paramita.

After they play, Ria looked at me and told me how was it, and I said in a positive reply. "Yes! you're band is In" with two thumbs up!, After that I can't remember what happened, can't even remmeber the songs they play if it is a cover or an original, it was a long time ago before digital camera and ipods are popular. Then after months of that year, Oracafe closed down. One by one other venues were closing too. But I'm glad that I saw Paramita again after those rocking years and they are well.

thats a short story, so excited to tell them about this heehhhe.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gary Lising Book Launch - Spend April Fools’ Day with Gary Lising

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yeah! I might be there and meet the Gary Lising dude! Time to meet our greatest comedians, the last time I met a comedian is inside a rainy FX ride going to DLSU, and I lost my PR side when I'm sitting with the great Palito. I know in Gary Lising event this will be more funny, dirty and some say -sexy hahaha.

Celebrity comedian Gary Lising adds three new titles to his list of best-selling humor books, a compilation of the best jokes to have come in and out of this country the last 10 years. Confessions of a D.O.M. (Delightful Old Man), Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown, and Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask Your Children, all published by Anvil Publishing, prove that Gary Lising is without doubt a comedian par excellence, an original who can come up with newly minted jokes at the expense of unsuspecting friends and colleagues. The new titles carry his signature wit and charm, making him stand out among Filipino comedians. Lising's panache for humor, says buddy Poch Borromeo of GNC LiveWell, is 'a rare gift of providence.'

Confessions of a D.O.M. (Delightful Old Man), Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown, and Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask Your Children will be launched on April 1 (or April Fools’ Day), 5 – 7 pm, at Powerbooks Megamall A in Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.

Join us in this one-of-a-kind event and have your copies signed by none other than Gary Lising himself! For inquiries you may contact the Anvil Marketing Department at 637-5692.

source :

sunny sunday and blisters

Its a hot Sunday today and I'm having lots of trouble putting myself inside the shelter, don't know where to go and where to hid my butt from the hot sun. Yesterday I got painful blisters in my right palm and I got it from using the mouse of my laptop while doing some net task for the day, which result me from slowing down, so I did some net task and resume some of it awhile ago.

But the sun is too hot today and I'm fighting for it by drinking lots of water and also ice cold Iced tea. Just watched tv and some downloaded stuff while we wait the sun go away and continue our work here at home in the evening. Still my blister in my right palm hurts and it begins to show some oily part and rubbing or massaging it is not helpful. So I rest my hand in the morning and eat lot of food in order to fight again with the sun.

my butt got blisters too. its so hot and maybe I should take a bath every 1 hour from 12nn-4pm.

now I'm dreaming of hitting the beach and take a cold dip in the water and enjoy the day in the shades. read more below after the jump

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many people are asking or wondering why do I wear shades everyday and why do I wear it and use it as a headband. Well, my good answer is that I always wear sun glasses everytime I go out and if theres any extreme light like the sun, because I'm protecting my eyes from very extreme light that is very harmful to my eyes, you see that Im a PC-person, means I always use the computer daily and the light that bounce back to my eyes at home is very different and the light that comes from my laptop or PC is different than the light outside.

whenever I go out, I wear my shades and I don't go out without them, If I left my shades at home, I go to the mall and buy a new one just for me to protect my eyes from the hot rays of the sun. I only buy UV coated shades and never buy shades that is being sold in our local bangketas, because they are not UV coated and the lens are graded and it is very harmful to our eyes, thats why some people say that they get dizzy when they wear cheap shades.

The bright sun affects my vision big time!, and it will result a big headache later on after going indoors, thats why you see me wearing reading glasses because the lens in my glasses makes my eyes get a correct focus and filters the bad UV rays of the sun.

So thats my answer today for those who still wonders why I wear my shades while Im indoors, next time I'll post why I wear the same shirt or why is it that I carry a big back pack hahaha. some of my old friends already know the answer.

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