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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

DZMM TeleRadyo guesting on 12/13/08

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Hey there! True Believers

Check out in our local AM radio DZMM TeleRadyo, I'll be a guest today (12/13/08) at 5:00pm, the show Pasada Sabado with Mr. Henry Omaga-Diaz and Ms. Nina Corpuz. I think the show is also live in their TeleRadyo TV channel, just check your local cable listing for the channel if you like to watch us. This will be my first time to be in a radio and tv appearing at the same time hahahaa.

the topic of the show is "Toys in demand"

Maybe I'll bring some toys for tomorrow, so that we have some samples for everyone.
Also Vic Yap, my Toy Con partners will be there and as guest too, and Mika of the Manila Toys and Gift Show.

TV5 pioneers biggest game show: You & Me Against The World with host Gretchen Barretto


Brimming with a lot of fresh and innovative shows, TV5 unveils another first in its exciting roster of bigger and newer shows on its second season. Offering a variety of drama, reality, kids, and gag shows, TV5 comes up with a brilliant addition to its program line-up that is a game show.

But it’s definitely not the ordinary kind of game show where contestants are used to being offered the top prize only on milestone or anniversary episodes, or when previous contestants fail to win and the amount of pot money piles up. This time, TV5 mounts the biggest, most spectacular game show in Philippine TV, wherein what other game shows dangle as a grand prize will be given away as just a weekly prize.


It’s the most fabulous game show ever. It’s You & Me Against The World—the game show glamorously and freshly hosted by the equally fabulous and feisty Gretchen Barretto. Also the first ever game show with the most number of participants winning in every episode, it promises to give away a whopping P1, 000,000 grand prize every week to winning studio contestants and home viewers. Still not contented with the tremendous cash prize, Gretchen will also be personally giving away lots of glamorous and luxurious items—signature bags, jewelries, and other precious whatnot that truly attest and add up to the show’s overall extravagance.

Mechanics. There will be P1, 000, 000 every week in Gretchen’s Bank. All participants will be requested to register through text as either a studio contestant or as a home partner, wherein 50 people from the pool of applicants will be selected every week to comprise “the World.”

The “World” will be asked a trivia question to filter out two contestants who will play as “You” and “Me.” The “World” is asked survey-like questions, with “You” and “Me” simply having to guess what the majority of the “World’s’’ answer could be. During the show, a home partner is selected and given the chance to win whatever is left of the P1, 000,000 in Gretchen’s Bank.

You & Me Against the World is set to shake and sparkle on your TV sets this November with its first exciting primer episodes featuring celebrities ranging from Gretchen’s closest and most beloved friends to her formerly controversial foes. Truly, who better to host a show of this magnitude but the glorious, outspoken, and fabulous-personified La Greta, whose booming return to TV as a glamorous game show host is something that will definitely be much-awaited by many.

TV5 - Shake mo! Blog mo! ( bloggers event)

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Tv5 just hosted a bloggers party and launching of their 2nd season tv show and programs at Chilis in Greenbelt 1, Me and Lace were there to celebrate the big launching and party the night with our blogger friends. We just learned that TV5 is now on the top 3 of the best TV network here in the Philippines. We even joke on the side with my friends that TV5 should be in top 2, because we have two top 1 TV networks ahaahha. Okay, at the launch party we were treated by drinks, food, pasta, chicken chili and some beers. Mykapalaran one of the marketing guys of TV5 and also a blogger, tease us for some raffle draws and some of us win items like Ipods, GCs, DVDS, and our brod Fritz just won a JVC TV, ( which we joked that the tv is locked in only for TV5 hahaa) (read more story and photos below)

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the night didn't stop after that big raffle draw and the launching of their tv shows, the launch is also for the new look of their website, the community forums and their On air promo game such as the Kalog Ka-Load wherein viewers can win more than P10,000.00 load daily and P5,000.00 cash.

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me with Cherry Mercado of TEN ( The Evening News), I love their news show, and I just saw it before the station become TV5, and the good part is that they featured my blog Azrael's Merryland last August 2008, in the hype, buzz and news about the Eraserheads reunion concert.

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me with Jove Francisco, the host of TEN's Sidetrack, I like his segment and its my favorite, because Jove features the I.T. side, tech and gadgets, the social media buzz and blogs.

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Lace here is showing off on a DVD swags of Shakugan no Shana eps. 1-6. Also TV5 has four new anime series—Shakugan No Shana II, Mai Hime, Noein, and the award-winning Anime Code Geass—are sure to fire up every anime fanatics’ weekday afternoons. There are buzz already that TV5 anime time slot is dominating pretty well according to anime fans and the Code Geass anime sparks a lot of mecha fans and anime lovers to watch and hunt for DVD in the market. According to Mark Santos of Robot Pilipinas, the show is uncut and it is good that Tv5 got the rights to air it in free TV.

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We just watch the AVP of lots of new tv shows such as fabulous game show—You & Me Against The World hosted by Gretchen Barretto, plus the situational comedy entitled Everybody Hapi starring John Estrada, Eugene Domingo, Alex Gonzaga, Matt Evans and Roxanne Guinoo.

There is also a weekday primetime shows with edgy and amusing storylines including Hahahayop, hosted by Eugene Domingo; OMG, with Iya Villania as host of this “heightened reality TV”; Kiddie Kwela, hosted by funny man Bayani Agbayani, Video Zonkers, Rescue Mission with TJ Trinidad, and Baikingu with an eclectic mix of hosts—Gabe Mercado, Brod Pete, and Richard del Rosario. To wrap up your day are late night entertainment shows Weakend News with Ramon Bautista, I Am Ninoy, hosted by Bianca Gonzales, FLO—the all-new teen magazine show, and TOYZ, a magazine lifestyle show with gadgets, cars, and lots of bling.

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Also at the party, we meet new blogger friends and Tv5 people who are also bloggers. The night ended after we watched the live airing of Tv5 's The Evening News (TEN), and they aired some footages of what happened at the launching party, for the top ten news, the launching event for bloggers made it on top 3. And we enjoyed watching ourselves appearing on TV and it was like celebrating New Years Eve, we do a countdown and this is the first time we experience a different event and fun of a bloggers event.

video by Coy Caballes

Thanks to TV5 for giving importance to us Bloggers and thanks for throwing a party just for us and for everyone, I am a big TV5 fan and after the big revamp, I'm still amazed on how they pull the show for us, the content is fresh, teen friendly, pop culture intense and also its 24/7 !!!!

more pics at TV5 - Shake mo! Blog mo! ( bloggers event)

other coverages at

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wendy's Baconator is here! and we conquered it

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Last night, we decided to drop by to Wendy's in Park Square in Makati, just to try the ultimate buzz burger of Wendy's, the Baconator just caught the public attention and it's been talking about in the internet, blogs, plurks, facebook and twitters. I failed to attend the launching event that afternoon, and I heard every visitor and participant ate all kinds of Wendy's food and the Baconators for FREE. There are also contest and Baconator eating race... which for me is the craziest contest ever! hahaha but It's a fun activity, so I just missed it that afternoon..

(read more below for the stoy and photos)

And then our friend Carl Valenzona decided to treat us with his P1,000 GC he scored from that event, and all of us went there in Wendy's to try out the Baconator. I was talking like Arnold Schwarzenegger from the Terminator movie, and after arriving at the venue at 12:30AM, we are happy to know that the store is still open and they offer the Baconator sandwich.

We ordered 4 Baconator and it is priced at Php 199, drinks is not included, we waited for 6 minutes for the sandwich and then boom! it is now in our table. Me, Ed, Monch, and Chris got the Baconator, but Monch just shared the burger to his two companions hahaha. Its an eating fest for us.. and all I can say is that the beef patty is so tasty and I didn't got intimated from its looks, you see that anything you see in the picture is not actually what you think of in real product.

But for me, the burger is big, the patty is big. hmm okay, let me describe more on the taste. The bun taste like your delicious pandesal, so soft and yummy, the beef patty is juicy and not salty, and the bacon is heavenly, so crisp and it added more spice for the Baconator.

So the Baconator is now available in all Wendy's branch, if you have tried it. Post a comment here and share your experience if you enjoyed it or not

I conquered the Baconator!

If you have conquered the Baconator, now add yourself to the "I conquered the Baconator!" Facebook fan page

more photos at Wendy's Baconator and bloggers

and photos from Carl, from the launching event at SIZE DOES MATTER

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mcdonalds Happy Meal - Dragon Ball Z and Cinnamoroll

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Mcdonald's Happy Meals are back with a better and great toy items for kids this December 2008, and its cute to see these Cinnamoroll mini stuff toys and fruit pouches, a perfect item for kids and also to ladies who collects and loves Cinnamoroll. Lace saw it and I think I saw from her face a word "collect them all", and also perfect for boys who loves anime action, Drgaon Ball Z mini action figures are in store for the December 2008 Happy Meal.

I love Dragon Ball Z, characters available are Vegetta, Son Goku, Son Go Han and Super Saiyan version of Son Goku. Im now wishing that should release a big version of the figure or add more characters on their next happy meal. check out more photos below.

more photos at Mcdonalds Happy Meal - Dragon Ball Z and Cinnamoroll

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3rd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2008 production note 2


Time now for another update, and this is a very long update for everyone.

I got in time for the event briefing and I fired up my laptop inside and get ready to finish those layout designs for the newpaper print ad, tarps and event ad boards to be posted in Megamall. I connected myself to have a hidden meeting with my colleagues inside the conference center, so while they are having the briefing for the booth exhibitors, we just stayed at the back of the room and discuss everything some updates and plan for the activities that we will be co-producing for the event. And glad that Alma of Jujuuri J Culture is there to assist me every time I have an event, RG was there too..for I gave him some updates about the cosplay program we are preparing, Mark Santos and Mark Cerbo is also there representing each other's toy group, Lace is there also fixing some blog layout for Mark Santos.

So here are some updates that might help you on what's going on.

Cosplay Christmas Catwalk Show
the program for the cosplay show is not a contest, its an exhibition of all kinds of costumes and cosplay models blended with Christmas theme, the catwalk show will start at 4:00pm in the stage of Manila Toys and Gift Show inside Megatrade Hall 2. The main audience will be kids from the Bantay Bata 163, and also events visitors and cosplay fans. There's also a foot parade before the catwalk show, and it will be leaded by Santa Clause walking from the ground floor and up to the top floor of the Megamall, the foot parade is an activity for the event and also raise awareness of the program. Cosplay models are invited to join the foot parade with Santa Clause, I suggest that light weight costumes must not join, because the foot parade will use the mall stairs only and not the escalator.

There will be items to be given away to lucky selected cosplay models who has an attractive cosplay theme for Christmas, so better armed your costume with Santa Hats, Christmas decor and funny signs, maybe that will work for having a Christmas theme.

Toy Auctions
there will be a toy auction and I know that everyone is waiting for this, the auction will be for two days only, December 19-20 only, items for auctions will be available for viewing online and will be posted here in my blog, the ToyCon multiply site and our mailing list. For exhibitors of the event who likes to join the live auction, please send me the details of the items to my email at AZRAEL at GMAIL dot com, with the image, details, and bidding price of the item. A partial 10% of the final bid price will be donated to the Bantay Bata 163, ( but will double check if it is 10% )
just coordinate or ask Vic Yap about the live auction, you can email him at VIMYPH at YAHOO dot com.

check out this video during our meeting, see my reaction on hearing the call time of our tv guesting this Friday.

Toy groups and community games and program for kids
Our Philippine toy groups, clubs, organization, association and community will have a program on Dec 21st in the afternoon, they will be conducting games and program for the kids of Bantay Bata 163, the kids will be there to join the fun and play games. The program will be hosted by each of the toy groups and community members, with each of their own gimiks and program style for the kids. Prizes of the contest is courtesy of the Manila Gifts and Toy Show.

The charity event
Also our local toy groups and community members of the pop culture scene will be there to hand out their donation for the Bantay Bata 163. Each group will have one box full of clothes, books, toys, school supplies, food and etc that will be helpful for the kids health and education. The donation giving program will be on stage hosted by Tina Monson Palma and followed by the toy groups and community. for the local toy groups, participated by Transformers Philippines, Zoids Philippines, Robot Pilipinas, Pinoy Toy Kolektors, Die Cast Car Philippines, Action Figure Philippines, Toy Soldiers 1:18. For other groups who are interested to join the charity event, please email me at azrael at gmail dot com.

TV guesting on December 12
I will be in Umagang Kay Ganda on December 12, 2008, its a morning show in ABS CBN, and I think the show starts at 4:30am, because our call time for the entire morning show is 4:00AM.
The tv guesting will be joined by participating booth exhibitors, cosplay models and our toy groups community, they will be there to exhibit their items for sale and feature each items and prices for the Manila Toys and Gift Show, while toy groups and collectors will be there to feature their collections and sharing their joy of the hobby and their participation for the charity event. Also Cosplay models will be there to add more fun of the show. To booth exhibitors, toy groups and cosplay models, if you are interested to join, just email me and let's put you on the list :)

It will be a busy week for us...and hope this production note update helps you for some details we have. see you on the next update

If you have read this blog post somewhere, the main blog is Azrael's Merryland, a blog website that is maintained and author by Azrael Coladilla.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - new 2 photos

The photo above is one of the best promo photo for the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And another photos is posted at the website with the unedited of Empire magazine's cover. For the complete set of photos visit my previous blog post here

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The search for the World of Cars toys

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We just visited 5 toy stores today and we fit the visit in our schedule today and it was a success toy hunt in ortigas city. Lace is searching for this die cast metal Disney Pixar's CARS, and in the toyline of World of Cars, baby Anya, Lace's niece is collecting all of the Cars characters. The only characters she wants for Christmas are the characters from the toy line World of Cars, they are Luigi, Guido and Boost. ( read more below)

Unfortunately, all toy stores in the mainstream malls are stocks of the characters are sold out. I just think that maybe someone is hoarding again, but we were with Mark Santos, who joined the fun and helped us in searching for that toy.

Funny that we saw this Cars photo op board and we took photos and in the advantage of that no one is using it. I just didn't expected that the World of Cars toylines will be rare now, and it seems that they very hard to find items are no longer in the stores, our last bet is to visit Greenhills, Shoppesville, we got a hot tip that there's a store in there who sells a lot of CARS characters.

check out the link below to see other photos hahahh

if you have those characters in stock in your stores or private collection, just contact me here and let's see if we can buy it from you.

more photos here at

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Marvels 2 comics signing at Comic Odyssey

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Jay Anacleto (Marvels 2) doing the thumbs up

This is what happens if I failed to attend a comic book event, and I know that everyone will be there and I didn't expected that it will turn like a mini comic convention ehhhee, congrats to all and nice to see that everyone is getting busy doing comics and fans being active in these events. Jay Anacleto was there as the main highlight of the event for the promotion of the sequel of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross's Marvels, and its Jay Anacleto's turn to wear the crown as the artist for the Marvels 2. And the comics is already SOLD OUT...and I don't have my own copy. Me and Mark decided to check out in Planet X comics, but failed...still copies are sold out.

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Gerry and Tony de Zuniga, Leinil Yu signs comics of Secret Invasion 8

Also Gerry shared to us photos of the event, and wow! Tony de Zuniga was there to sign comics, Leinil Yu was there too for Secret Invasion 8, Gerry Alanguilan for Elmer comics, and Edgar Tadeo. It was a local avengers meet up and I failed to attend it. check out Gerry's blog for more photos and videos of the event.. hope I can grab my copy of Marvels 2.. or else.. hmm no..I won't even download it hahahaha. (all Photos by Gerry A

check out Gerry Alanguilan's coverage at Jay Anacleto Marvels 2 Comic Book Signing

3rd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2008 production note 1

This is my 1st production note for an upcoming event, and its a event for toys and collectibles, this event was also dubbed as The Christmas Toy Con, the only fair+bazaar+festival for toys and collectibles during the Christmas season. The best grab for your collection, gifts for love ones will be available here hehehehe.

I got late in to update everyone about this event, and the photos and video above is from November 2008, during our meeting in Megatrade Hall Conference Center, and I got surprised to see the new interiors of the room and it kinda look like I'm in SMX.

The event will be inside the Manila Toys and Gift Show in Megatrade Hall 2, the small portion of the hall will be the venue for the Christmas Toy Con, while big activities like games, cosplay and performance will be in the stage area of the Manila Toys and Gift Show. The Christmas Toy Con has an entrance fee of P30, while the Manila Toys and Gift show is free admission to everyone.

The Manila Toys and Gift Show will be on December 16-21, 2008, while the Christmas Toy Con is on December 19-21, 2008 inside Megatrade Hall 2, located at the 5th level of Mega B, SM Megamall.

For the cosplay guidelines you may read it here, you also need to register in order for us to measure how many will join the 3rd Christmas Cosplay Catwalk Show. REGISTER HERE

infos about the Manila Toys and Gift Show, you can READ IT HERE

while for the 3rd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair, just visit our Toy Con website for updates.

There will be an exhibitors meeting and briefing tonight, and I'll be there with my crew for the production of the cosplay and also with the organizers and exhibitors. Btw, check out our booth at the event because we will be selling Adrian's Geekerie t-shirts.

and after wrapping up the meeting, we just got discussed for the 8th Philippine Toys, hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2009.

ok till the next production note update.

Twilight soundtrack launch party blog coverage

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Fudge Magazine just organized a Twilight soundtrack launch party in Glorietta 3 Park then, and as usually, my Saturday is not good and got stuck in the traffic again, arriving late and just got in time to see and watch Urban dub's live performance, lots of Twilight fans stayed till the end of the event, and more of the participants are females, and I can still count the male fans from my fingers, booths were placed inside the tent like the Olympus booth, Pony, Levis, Red ice tea and Fudge Magazine. ( read more below)

The sountrack was sold in the venue, and it is one of your ticket in order to enter the party. They also gave away giant Twilight movie character posters like Edward and Bella, they awarded these posters to the best dressed and costume of Twilight characters, I heard that they have two models who posed as Edward and Bella, and too bad that I missed it, they say that it is a look a like version and I know people will get crazy if the real actors are in there. But I will post a pic here soon after I got photos from my friends at Fudge. Thanks to Ana Gan for inviting me, and glad that I didn't fail and nice to talk to the Olympus camera club member Sandro.

I just hang out with my friend MayZ, we met at the party with his friend Jaycee, and we ate in Reyes BBQ chicken, then while we chat and eat we listen to the soundtrack played from my laptop. hmm..sayang sana pala na press ko na yung rip CD para na copy ko na sya hahaha, then after a short minutes, Mark Cerbo appeared and joined the fun, and scored a Sony expo bath towel from one of his event swags ahhhaha.

zero points for me for haven't watch the film, and still curse the movie Quarantine and the traffic jam last Saturday. I should watch the film before another film hit theaters this week.

more photos at Twilight soundtrack launch party

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