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Friday, October 22, 2010

my coverage: Viewing party of The Amazing Race Season 4 at Embarcadero in Legaspi City

tara party collage
The viewing party and a concert inside a mall by the bay and infront of a great view of Mayon Volcano, the event was held last night at Embarcadero de Legazpi and it was well attended by teens and adults who gave support to our Philippine team for The Amazing Race Asia season 4. The night opens with a viewing marathon of past episodes of The Amazing Race Asia season 4, It was a chance for me to watch the 1st episode, because at home, I usually go home late night and miss the show after arriving infront of my tv set.

I started to become a fan of our Philippine team and as well to other teams who are competing for the race and challenges of season 4. The viewing party event is a celebration for everyone for the success of the show and including the Philippines as one of the pit stop of the race, people in Legazpi City are happy to see that their city was shown on regional countries and heavily promoted by AXN, wow! ganda ng tv ad ng Misibis Bay and Embarcadero at Legazpi City.

for more photos and story, read my coverage below

PA211755 PA211757
The event is hosted by Rovilson Fernandez and Kat Alano, we know that Rovilson is one of the team Philippines from the season 2 of The Amazing Race Asia, he teamed up with Mark Nelson on that season. Here they introduced to everyone our Philippine team, Richard and Rich, also known as the Richards.

The Embarcadero de Legazpi is a mall by the bay, they have restaurants and stores inside, the light house-like structure above the building has a zipline that crosses over the sea into another area.

Watching the previous episodes of The Amazing Race Asia

embarcadero pano 2 copy
panoramic photo view of the venue

embarcadero pano 1 copy
and a version filled with people

PA211792 PA211804
Stephanie Henare was there with her male host from their tv series X-life at QTV 11. And after watching the previous episode, we watched the live airing of the new episode of The Amazing Race Asia, and everyone cheered up as they saw the landmarks and view of Legazpi City.

the riches PA211899
Rich and Richard with all smiled face as they saw their performance and audience's cheer for the Philippine team.

calling up the Team Philippines on stage, Lani Pillinger was there and the Richards.

PA211824 PA211840
Lani said that it was a good advantage for her team with Jess as Philippines is the next pit stop, and Rich told us that they are the only team that tried and finished the pig challenge, catching pigs in a muddy ground is difficult and Im glad they Rich finished it.

PA211841 PA211845
Rich explains how he catch all those pigs

PA211849 PA211855
and Richard tells everyone how hard are the challenges and still say that they will not quit, because they are in Philippine mother land and must face the challenge, and here we have Lani Pillinger screaming that she's a Bicolana, her mom is from Bicol.

PA211888 PA211886
Planet Zips performs a hot fire poi performance after the viewing session.

Jeff of thums up

The Amazing Race Asia Team Philippines - Richards, Rich and Lani with the hosts of QTV 11 X-life

Ely Buendia rocks the stage after the viewing party, it was a special performance as a solo artist, he perform sets from the Eraserheads album and also a song that he collaborated with Francis M. The crowd went wild after Ely sang those Eheads song, and went back on stage to do another encore Eheads song.
PA211904 PA211966
Enter Ely Buendia... he looks like Jim Morrison of the Doors. check the hair, the singing style, and the suit :)

PA212049 PA212058
I like his keyboard performance, on top of the keyboard is sync with an Apple iPad

PA212062 PA212151
Magasin.....Sembreak..Huling El bimbo, the songs he performed

PA212153 PA212243
the crowd went wild and stormed in near the stage.

and this event coverage is brought to you by.... me ahaaha

thanks to The Amazing Race Asia, AXN, PR Asia Worldwide Communication, and Misibis Bay.
congrats to our Philippine team racers.
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