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Saturday, April 17, 2010

iBlog6 : 6th Philippine Blogging Summit 2010 today!

I woke up late and now fixing my gear and will travel 3 hours going to UP Diliman. I'm still here in Cavite and charging my cellphones and camera, and will leave and might arrive there in time for lunch, hope they can save some food for me. hayyy I kinda suck that i failed to be a speaker here, and miss the deadline last January, anyway, there will be another iblog next year and i will prepare early.

and YOU!

you should attend the summit today!
see you later

here's a photo uploaded by
Juned Sonido of shows his camera collection and gave tips on how to use photos and camera for blogging

Inghinyero posted some notes of the talk here in his blog
just visit

also, there's a same blogging summit happening in Richmonde hotel, Pinoy Blogfest is also taking place at the same time and day, I will check out that later in the afternoon.

and if you are outside Manila, or just at home feeling lazy or sick
you can watch the live video stream of the summit here at

It’s Judgement Day for Losers!

and I haven't touched the weighing machine, but I can call myself a loser...double or triple loser. it happens only to me and a series of food event. so.. workout and diet fail!

The final weigh-in is just a few days away!
A month ago, thousands of college students hopped on the fitness bandwagon. Now, only the Top 10 barkadas are left to compete in the Del Monte’s Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks’ - Fit ‘n Fab 4 Challenge. The winning barkada will get P100,000.00 and a free adventure in Boracay. How’s that for a hot incentive to lose those extra pounds?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Movie Bloggers at KICK ASS movie premiere

thanks to our movie bloggers, I know we are around 40 attendees today
and also to Viva International Pictures  for the premiere
ok, next will be the movie bloggers screening of Working girls! and then SM Cinema's new interactive theater, and hopefully Losers and Iron Man 2.

movie bloggers, post below here your movie reviews!

more photos below

MOVIE REVIEW : They can KICK ASS even without super powers

Superheroes originates in our fantasizes and in comic books, but here in the movie Kick Ass, our superheroes are not the ordinary type and not the common type, they are the superheroes who try to be super and with no super powers, they don't have x-ray visions, power of slight, super strength, can bend metals, shoot heat rays,or become a hulk, even without these super powers they can still kick your ass. (more below)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

COVERAGE: Russ Swift at the 6th Manila International Auto Show 2010

P4146326 P4146219
Russ Swift is back again and he's here to perform another precision driving exhibition like the parallel parking, donut spin and the famous car wheeling. I didn't got the chance to ride with him again, and he jokes on me that he wants a sexy girl to ride on the car. hahahaa he wants a sexy one and not a fat one hahaha. Its great to see Russ again and check out his show at around 130pm and 330pm daily here at the show

more photos below

COVERAGE: Car show girls at 6th Manila International Auto Show

P4146309 P4146279
Here are the photos of car show girls at the 6th Manila International Auto Show. I know that there will be more car show girls on weekends and it will be a jam packed event here the biggest car show event in the Philippines. I met also Playboy and FHM girl Abby Poblador at the Foton car show booth. I saw Jahziel Manabat earlier but she was gone after a few hours, Binibining Pilipinas girls are here during the ribbon cutting and other car launching.

more photos below

COVERAGE: The 6th Manila International Auto Show 2010

Here are my live photo blog updates from the  6th Manila International Auto Show 2010, event was held here at the World Trade Center. The event is now open from April 15-18, 2010. Entrance fee is P50, and if you want to watch a live precision driving exhibition by Ruff Swift, entrance of that show is P100.

P4146092 P4146113
more photos below

Yahoo! Meme Challenge of the Week contest - win some ipod and gadgets starting April 21
After the big 1st year birthday of Yahoo! Meme few weeks ago, comes now a contest and challenge to all Memers! (I just call it for Yahoo! Meme users hehehe, and didnt expected they use Memers too.). And they will post a challenge in their event website and you will take the challenge and post your most creative content in your own Yahoo! Meme account. Blogging, reblogging, photo upload, video upload, mp3 upload in Yahoo! Meme will have a new meaning ----> win! gadgets like Ipod nanos bi-weekly. Read the details of the contest below

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TV NEWS : THE PACIFIC now number 1 English drama series in the Philippines!

This series made me go back watch cable tv! A must watch HBO series, You can check my review here and my feature here

PHILIPPINES, 9 April 2010 – The premiere episode of THE PACIFIC, HBO's most expensive miniseries ever made in history, was the most watched English drama series on television in the Philippines (TNS Media Research, target demographic: all cable television viewers, 1 February 2009 – 4 April 2010).

Not only was HBO the English channel of choice this Easter (1 – 4 April 2010), for a third consecutive year, HBO remains the number one English channel among cable viewers in Mega Manila during Easter weekend.
(read more below)

MOVIE FEATURE : Jennifer Aniston, Woman on the Run in THE BOUNTY HUNTER

From TV’s “Friends” to “Marley & Me,” Jennifer Aniston has displayed a delightful flair for comedy. Now, she gets to make audiences laugh and smile all over again as she plays a woman on the run in Columbia Pictures’ new romantic action-comedy “The Bounty Hunter.”

“Jennifer is really very quick on her comedic feet,” says director Andy Tennant. “She would play with co-star Gerard Butler, but also kind of throw him off a little bit. Watching their scenes together was like watching two people playing a really good game of tennis.”

MOVIE FEATURE : A new breed of superheroes is coming to KICK ASS on April 16

(movie bloggers! see you tomorrow at the premiere)

kick ass 27x40 poster
This Summer, a new breed of superheroes will be revealed!

Teen geek and comic book fanatic Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) makes a totally bizarre but brave decision--- he is going under disguise as a superhero, minus the superpowers. And he’s going to be known as Kick-Ass. Donned in a green and yellow wetsuit bought online, he prowls the city to fight crime. However, he’s not the only superhero out there. The fearless and highly-trained father-daughter crime-fighting duo Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and Hit Girl (ChloĆ« Grace Moretz) have been slowly but surely taking down the criminal empire of local Mafioso Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong). Another fledgling superhero joins them by the name of Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), who happens to be Frank’s son.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MOTORING NEWS: 6th Manila International Auto Show 2010 this April 15-18


The biggest annual motoring is here again, the Manila International Auto Show 2010 or MIAS is now on its 6th year for bringing a large car exhibition, show, attraction, and car launching, the event will be held at The World Trade Center in Roxas Blvd, Pasay City. Gates will be opened at 10am. I will be there on April 15 at 930am, so see you there!. Read my full story below.

MOVIE FEATURE : Jackie Earle Haley is Freddy Krueger in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET

Jackie Earle  Haley is known as Rorschach from the Watchmen movie, and now he is back with the new character from a horror and suspense movie - A Nightmare on Elm Street, a reboot movie of the movie series we know about a claw wielding Freddy Krueger who terrorize the youth during their sleep and into their dreams. After watching the trailer, I began to realize that this is a new Freddy and much more serious and creepier than the first Freddy. Check the movie feature below

TRAVEL NEWS : EU ban on RP carriers triggers tour cancellations

The Department of Tourism (DOT) urged the Civil Aviation Authority in the Philippines (CAAP) to work out a speedy resolution to the European Union’s (EU) ban on Philippine carriers which has already triggered an alarming number of tour cancellations from Europe.

The EU included the Philippines in its 13th updated list of countries with carriers banned from EU airspace, as a precautionary decision based on the US Federal Aviation Administration’s (USFAA) downgrading of the country’s safety rating to Category 2 and the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) concerns on aviation safety regulators.

Monday, April 12, 2010

TECH NEWS: Apple Sells Over 300,000 iPads First Day

That's the official news from Apple, and I'm wondering how many units will be sold if ever they launched it here in the Philippines. I already asked for the official launch and they told me that they don't have yet an official date, but I''m sure the launch will be the next coming weeks.

TECH NEWS: Apple Previews iPhone OS 4

I just received this PR and news about the iPhone OS 4, I'm not an iPhone user, but this info will help to those who are curious what's in store for the new OS.

Includes Multitasking, Folders, iBooks, Unified Inbox & More
CUPERTINO, California—April 8, 2010—Apple® today previewed its iPhone® OS 4 software and released a beta version of the software to iPhone Developer Program members. The iPhone OS 4 beta release includes an updated Software Development Kit (SDK) with over 1,500 new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and over 100 new features that will be available to iPhone and iPod touch® users this summer. New features include Multitasking for third party apps; Folders to better organize and access apps; improved Mail with a unified inbox, fast inbox switching and threaded messages; enhanced Enterprise support with even better data protection, mobile device management, wireless app distribution and more; Apple’s new iAd mobile advertising platform; and iBooks, the delightful new ebook reader and online bookstore recently debuted on the iPad™.

TECH NEWS : InFocus launches Zoom in series projectors for 2010

InFocus  just launched their new series and model of projectors few days ago and American Technologies Inc is the official distributor of InFocus here in the Philippines.  We know that most office, school, companies and events uses Infocus projectors and it's a brand that can easily be remembered because we usually see them on screen during its stand by mode. InFocus Corporation is the industry leader in digital projection technology and they have announced their new innovation and technology such as the Screenplay projector, InFocus Zoom series includes SP8602, IN2100 and IN3100 models.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

TRAVEL & ADVENTURE : Birdwatching on Saturday, April 17

I'm happy that Mike Lu of Wild Bird Club of the Philippines group is having another event for people who have a hobby of bird watching and also for bird photography. I haven't tried to attend their event, but every year they conduct bird watching activities for FREE. All you need to do is contact Mike and then meet them in a location were there's a transpo that can take you to the bird watching site. This is also a good activity if you want more adventure in your life, also a good practice in photography if you have those 300mm zoom lens. 

Read the full details below and welcome to the world of bird watching.

TECH TIPS : How to choose air conditioners wisely

With summer well and truly upon us, many Filipinos are again thinking of buying air-conditioners for their homes. The current “El Nino” weather phenomenon makes us more convinced to really get one.

Then again, when one owns it already, chances are he or she would feel the problems brought by unforeseen aspects that need to be carefully considered before buying an air con unit.

The Pacific - HBO 10 part mini series - my war journal and series review

Here's my review of the most expensive HBO mini series - The Pacific, I already saw the back to back premiere episode last Saturday and then last night I caught the 3rd episode on its replay edition at HBO. The Pacific airs its new episode every Saturday at 9pm at HBO and also a replay of it at 1:30am of Sunday at HBO.

I feel the war and tension infront of my tv set, and this HBO mini series about the Marines in the line of World War 2 around the Pacific. Read  more my review below

Date Night movie - a review and a lesson of taking someone's table reservation
I decided to watch Date Night movie in the afternoon and I got lucky to find a cinema that is not crowded, well I guess people are still lining up to watch Clash of the Titans, but the rave of the week is the movie of Steve Carell and Tina Fey - Date Night. |

Here's my review below over a yummy hotdog sandwich at SM Cinema

Super Junior in Manila 2010 - concert videos

my sister took some photos and videos of the concert, wow! check out that stage set up! the whole vip section is part of the stage!

for videos, visit her blog here at 04-10-10 Super Junior SS2 Manila - MOBILE UPLOADS
04-10-10 Super Junior SS2 Manila - Siwon's solo (Who am I)

04-10-10 Super Junior SS2 Manila - Sorry Sorry Remix

Super Junior 2nd Asia Tour PRESSCON - Manila

Public Display of inhaling Liquid Nitrogen
I just saw this photo from Fran's album, and you'll see here that there's smoke coming out of my nose and mouth. I just ate here a frozen pop corn, the chef just used a liquid nitrogen chemical to freeze the pop corn in just seconds and the result is a crunchy and cold pop corn melting directly in your mouth. The Zenses Neo-Shanghai Cuisine at the A.Venue Hall has this out of menu specialty were they treat some of their meals with liquid nitrogen. Here at the pic is Vince of shooting a video for his video episode. Thanks to Vince and Zenses for the foodie trip with a twist of X-files tunes.

sleeping blogger inside the ferry
Photographer Randy Marasigan took this photo of me sleeping inside the ferry boat few weeks ago during our trip from Corregidor to Manila, he caught me sleeping and having my own quality time resting after getting dizzy of the large waves and rocking of the ferry boat. I'm glad my seat Trix of didn't got disturb during my snoring habits.

I'm totally wasted here! hahahaha. Fellow blogger Joriben was there too, hope I have a photo of him sleeping.

lazy weekend
i'm so lazy this Sunday and woke up super late and then I cook some pasta and helped Lace to prepare it for our Sunday lunch. It's a good Sunday for me because I woke up and never end up facing the computer early in the morning. I'm making all of my deadlines with a little bit of delay, because bloggers like me needs to rest and enjoy watch tv with the family. The coming week will be busy, with attending events, product launchings, blogger events, food events, beach trip, tv guesting and fixing some papers.

Photo above was taken inside The Boutique in Tagaytay City few weeks ago, me and Lace checked in there after our wedding event. I hope we can stay in a remote place and lock our self inside a nice room with freezing air condition ambiance.

omg. I haven't finished doing that toy design and practice for an upcoming fashion model shoot in Tagaytay, and arghhh my application for that food photographer and blogger for a big food company. I guess, its time to work that out and finalize everything after my slacking off hours.

Thanks to all my blog readers who I've met yesterday at the E-games Domination IV. I'm very happy that you give feedback on what I'm blogging here.

how's your Sunday?
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