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Saturday, May 01, 2010

World Bloggers Day on May 2, 2010 (Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines)

World Bloggers Day will be on May 2, 2010 in Mandaue City, Cebu.

Thanks to the organizers for inviting Manila Bloggers Network to represent at the World Bloggers Day in a program in recognition of the different blogging communities in the Philippines.

Boracay day 2 : summer trip 2010

its my 2nd trip here and I enjoy the hot sun, blue skies, beach and the sporty activities we have here. I'm going to suspend blogging some stuff for awhile, I'll try to go back online again to post some updates and try to bring my work here at night, it depends if my body can survive all these activities. its fun fun fun. i;l try wall climbing later after the dodgeball.

i love that melon shake drink at the Philips : wellness in paradise event and booth.

Boracay day 1 : It's good to be back!

I'm back again here in Boracay, and I'm here in the resort room and fell asleep hours ago when I upload this photo, I'm glad that the cable internet is faster. I'm back here to cover an event, and also join this Nestle Pops dodgeball tournament, and attend a tech fair here in the middle of the beach. I think the dodgeball will be today at 10am, so I'm going to eat a lot of bacon and eggs after a few hours. Will upload more pics for day 1 tonight. wohoohoohhh.

check out for more photos below

Friday, April 30, 2010

Earthquake felt today April 30, 2010 at 12:48 AM (Manila, Philippines)

I just saw Spanky posted a message in his plurk that he felt an earthquake minutes ago and then I posted and call for confirmation to all my plurk and facebook network to share their experience if they felt it and post their location. We found out that the quake rocks the center of Manila and going to the East side. Our friends also shared that their pet cats and dogs are going crazy during the quake and then became silent after the quake.

Valenzuela-Sucat-Pasay-Ermita-Manila-Makati-Cainta-Rizal-Lucban-Daet, Camarines Norte-Camarines Sur

here are our reference, posted by my network friends
in Facebook
in Plurk

if you felt the quake on that schedule, pls post your location here.
we are still waiting for news and no immediate flash news available in the web as this moment.

it went to the East, that's why I didnt felt it here in Cavite.

update: 1:40am
it seems that many people felt the earthquake today, I see in my referral links that many people are reading this post via google search about the earthquake dated april 30 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tv guesting aftermath in Tek Tok TV (GNN) with the triple A's (Azrael, Alodia and Ashley)

Here are some pictures from my tv guesting yesterday, and omg! I'm with Alodia and Ashley in the same room hahaha! Thanks everyone for watching our tv guesting, expect a youtube video soon. Thanks to the Tek Tok Tv crew and host for inviting me, I'm kinda enjoyed going live on tv and geeking out to the max. Watch Tek Tok TV every Wednesday at 1030am-1130am at Destiny Cable channel 21. check their Facebook for the behind the scene

P4278820 P4278840

P4278848 P4278832
I was there to talk about my career and life in events and blogging, also I gave tips on how to be a blogger. Hope to go back there again and feature some techie and gadget stuff.

hahaha natatawa ako sa pose ko dito. feeling sexy

P4278924 P4278936
Alodia and Ashley promoting the OtaCool book, if you want to buy the book, just visit Alodia's website and yeah! just arranged a book signing event on June 19-20, of course it will be in ToyCon 2010.

BLOG EVENT: Attend this event, join the blog contest and win a laptop

Inviting all Manila bloggers to attend the SM Cyberzone event this April 30, 2010 in SM Southmall, 4pm-6pm. Event ground will have gaming booths, photo booth, booth games, music booths, internet booth and art workshops.

Bloggers who will join should have a blog site that is available for public viewing.

submit your name and blog url here and i'll include you in the guest list
pls. send it til midnight today, bec. I'll be in Boracay tomorrow morning.

prize: Asus X58Le for grand prize and 10 mobile phones for other winners

Iron Man 2 - my movie review without my arc reactor battery (SM Mall of Asia IMAX theater , Manila Philippines April 28, 2010)

my post in facebook after stepping out of the cinema, post 1, post 2

I finally saw the movie at the "grand world audience premiere" of Iron Man 2 at the IMAX Theater in SM Mall of Asia, the Philippines is the first screening of the film and the US release will be a around May 7.

I say that it was the craziest idea to enter the cinema 1 1/2 hour before the show and it was my plan to get the good seat in the house and you know that watching the movie in IMAX theater in a lower eye level is very uncomfortable to my eyes, so my best recommended seat in IMAX is letter J18 (obviously, that's my seat).

The movie started so fast and didn't noticed that I'm watching already the intro of Iron Man 2, I didn't mind the short intro and heard voices in the background, I thought it was only a movie trailer, and when I heard the name Tony Stark, I started to seat properly and ready myself to watch the most anticipated film this summer. And after the voices, comes the flipping comic book pages and that big Marvel Comics logo appearing infront of me. I won't discuss the whole movie here and I like to inform you that THIS IS NOT A SPOILER MOVIE BLOG and REVIEW.

I will make myself careful and never spill too much details of Iron Man 2. I'll just post my comments and slight review of the movie, and after a few weeks after I arrive in Boracay, I will post some hidden clues or something that will make the year 2012 more exciting, it was like looking for the hidden Mickey, but as Selina Gecolea, General Manager of UIP Philippines told us in her opening speech, "dont leave the cinema, or take a fast bathroom break and come back, because there's a clue at the end of end of credits and this is the most important part for the upcoming movie projects of Marvel".

So after the movie, and the end credits, nobody left the cinema, and I even clap my hands after few end of credits and then the screen went black...and there!!!! omg omg! ~ end of my fanboyism moment. Okay, lets quit that, and lets go on for my 52% of my blood in this movie review.

The short review
The movie is starting to get serious and I left like watching that Spider-man 2 movie, but the different side for Iron Man 2 is that the emotions and feelings of each character will have a tremendous effect to you, it means that the situation is real in life and it is not just a story for a superhero or villain, there's a message about family and the so called - in having great powers comes great responsibility, but Tony Stark is not Spider-man, he is Iron Man! I really like the intro of the movie and this will raise question who is the real villain in the movie and who is the hero behind the armor.

The movie is like a moving comics again, with lots of dialogues and for me it was like reading the Super Secret Ultimate Origins of Iron Man..and etc!

I have a feeling that the Iron Man 2 movie took place before Incredible Hulk and if you don't believe me, then I dare you watch the movie and check out the last part after the end of credits. I noticed some continuity errors in the film, but I won't reveal it here and I will watch it again and check it out after one week and will confirm it in my next movie review. The action is like WAR! yeah! in the tv spot trailer we see in YouTube, the Iron Man and War Machine back to back battle with some droids is a sure winner! we finally see them in the flesh and that's what we've been waiting for since the first movie.

For the acting of the new actors, I don't have any complains, Don Cheadle as Lt. Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes did a fine acting and it made me forget Terrence Howard from the 1st movie, Don really fits to be War Machine and I want to see him back again. Scarlett Johansson as Natalia Romanova / Black Widow is the eye candy in the movie, I won't spoil you, but just keep your eye on her. Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia "Pepper" Potts lost its glow, and I think she got beaten by the Black Widow, I'm more interested to see her again in the next movie. Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko / Whiplash will make you understand his character and never think that he is bad or trying to be like Iron Man, Mickey Rourke's body built is not useful here and his looks is more appreciated, but his character and that Russian accent make me wobble my head and think! that's a fine script, and finally, Robert Downey, Jr., as Tony Stark / Iron Man is still the perfect actor to be Iron Man, I heard that the story line for part 3 is from the comics "Demon in the bottle", but after watching part 2, I can say that the story is no longer fit for part 3, I feel that he is ready to battle The Mandarin.

Through out the movie, I'm not sure if Stan Lee is present, there are too many people in the movie, if you saw him, please tell me what scene, and I will watch it again. hmm hey! I'm going to watch this again.

Watch it in IMAX! there are some scenes that blows up the whole screen of IMAX and it was lovely, not even sure if the whole IMAX screen was used for 3 or 4 times. But I love it! esp. the sky diving scene. About the film rating, don't worry.. the movie is kid friendly and it is perfect for the entire geek and non geeky family.

My rate and grade for Iron Man 2 is
4 out of 5 - for the excitement
3 out of 5 - for the movie
5 out of 5 - for the story ( fantastic and brilliant move to have a comic-movie-tie in, because the entire movie is not yet done, and let's wait til 2012)

Watch Iron Man 2 on April 30, 2010, showing in all Philippine theaters

Thanks to Solar UIP for the awesome invitation!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CNET ASIA feature : Pinoy Movie Bloggers Have Got it Good

movie bloggers at the press screening of Clash of the Titans movie last March 2010

Why? Advance and free screenings of course! And yes Iron Man 2 will be showing on Friday already, and it just so happens that the movie and entertainment bloggers will get first crack at the showing. Rawr.

And this isn't just a one time deal. For almost a few years now, Movie Bloggers have been key to a Hollywood movie's local release. In fact, fellow bloggers and movie enthusiasts Jori and Azrael have grown in reputation by leaps and bounds because of their involvement in the business as entertainment and lifestyle bloggers.

read the full article here at Pinoy Movie Bloggers Have Got it Good

hhahah thanks iggy!
read here more about our movie bloggers

BRAVO! Songs For Every Filipino in Ayala Malls

I'm going to post this now, since I'm present on the Filipina Bravo!, hope I can cover one of the events after I arrive back home from Bora.

BRAVO! Songs For Every Filipino at Market! Market!

Bravo! Celebrating the Filipino!
Let your heart soar with songs for every Filipino

Be enthralled by a memorable journey of homegrown melodies featuring Rachelle Ann Go, Jed Madela, Jett Pangan, Jon Joven, Anna Fegi and Apple Chiu.

April 30, 2010 . 5:30 PM
Activity Center

Bravo concert at Glorietta
May 1, 2010 . 7PM
Glorietta 4 Park

Iron Man 2 - my digital invitation for a movie screening

iron man tx
I'm sharing you my digital invitation for a movie screening on April 30, and thanks to LG for inviting me. this is my 3rd invite for Iron Man 2. But its so sad that I won't make it, because I'll be in Boracay this Friday.

I have invite also from Jollibee for May 1, since I'm still out of the island, my sister will use the ticket. I'm still looking for a rep. for the April 30 screening. I hope one of my movie blogger team is available on the date.

I'm live today in a TV guesting at Tek Tok TV (GNN)

I'll be on TV and it will be my comeback after a year in appearing to a live tv show, and this time a tv show for gadget fans, bloggers and pop culture is now running for months. Tek Tok TV starts every Wednesday 10:30am-11:30am at Destiny Cable GNN. Tune in later and see us, I'm not yet familiar with the show, but I heard its sounds like our own version of Attack of the Show.

Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao will be there too as guest,and wow! that's a big cast of guest today. Thanks to Tek Tok TV hosts and blogger Vince and Hannah and to the producer of the show Pocholo Gonzales for inviting me. Will upload the guesting in YouTube later.

if you want me to greet you live on air!
post your message below! hehehe

(photo above by

You are invited for the Microsoft bloggers party on May 6, 2010

sign up here at
you need to register fist an account for windows live! in order to register in to the event

May 6 2010
6:30 PM onwards

you need to print also the invite ticket after signing up and bring the hard copy at the event to enter the party.

event will showcase all the new stuff from Microsoft including Office Web Apps and Office 2010, Bing Travel, Windows Azure and IE 8.

lots of goodies for everyone, and dont forget to bring cameras

check the poster for details of the venue

Join us for cocktails and drinks as we showcase our new technologies.
Get a chance to win a Windows Mobile Phone, Flip Cam and many more!

post below if you plan to attend. see you there!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nestlé Pops Summer Dodgeball Games 2010 @ Boracay

I miss playing dodgeball, I just tried this game last year and we have a team called Blog Ballers team. We lost in the semi finals, but it was a fun game that requires fast movements and a sharp target skills in throwing the ball to your opponent. A dodgeball game by Nestle will take place in Boracay this Friday and looks like I might play again with a new team.

Summer is irrefutably here and that means one thing—it’s time to hit the beach. The searing heat of the season provides the best excuse to set off for the country’s best summer hotspots for fun in the surf and sand.

The season also is the best chance to take in some friendly competition on the beach. Leave your Frisbee at home though, because this summer, the sport to play is dodgeball.

Coming on the heels of last year’s incredibly successful inaugural tournament is Dodge N’ Pop 2010, the Nestlé Pops Summer Dodgeball Games. To be held on April 30 at Ti-Braz in Boracay, Dodge N’ Pop 2010 is set to bring the global dodgeball phenomenon to the hottest venue summer in the country. (more new below)

TECH: NTC is planning to filter and monitor all internet activities of users

After the OMB plan of registering our hard drives, now comes NTC for their plan to monitor our internet behavior and also filter illegal sites such as pron and movie downloads. I'm not sure how they can pull it off and as I read in an online discussion, the question was : how will they do it and who will fund it. Our country is not yet ready for this and many people will agree and disagree on the web filter with the help of local ISP and networks. I just heard this news while ago in a local mailing for tech and IT, and its a little bit disturbing.

In the USA, they do monitor their users and I heard from a friend who lives in Chicago that he lost his internet connection after a few minutes of clicking a new James Bond movie via torrent and later on a letter from the ISP was delivered to his home and informed that their account is banned from the connection for illegal download of movies.

I guess monitoring it will work here in the Philippines, but how will they monitor users who uses wifi and that internet stick. I guess the plan is already too late. Or maybe a new system will apply to new users who will apply a new internet connection to their homes. They really have a good intention, and me as starting parent, I really want it, but not everyone will allow them to be monitored and loss privacy.

what's your take on their plan?

link : NTC checks child porn on websites

photo above by Cybergabi

Iron Man 2 - close look and anatomy of MK IV Armour

high res

I got one day to go! and I'll watch the movie premiere tomorrow!
I'm sharing this image to you and know more about the parts of the Iron Man MK IV Armour.

thanks to a fellow geek for sharing this image

Iron Man 2 opens on April 30, 2010 in all Philippine cinema

for more Iron Man goodies check out these updates

Tim's toy review on Marvel Select War Machine -

and a tv spot of Iron Man first time to battle Whiplash

and if you have seen all new trailers of the movie, then you might have missed the Iron Man 2 interactive movie trailer, watch and view it here at -

I Am Iron Man 2 - Augmented Reality from PPC Interactive on Vimeo.

if you want to try IRON MAN armor and helmet and see what's inside the computerized helmet's visor, then try this Augmented Reality Experience.
try it here at
and a final gimik. don't fail to grab these cool Iron Man 2 tumblers from SM Cinema
pic by Zapzuu of via slangards@plurk

TECH: Rise of the iPad clones reported in their blog that the iPad clone is here and it is made in China. The iPad clone now runs in Windows and it has the same ability like the Apple iPad to have slim body, touch screen features and the screen flips too. But the difference is the OS and it has USB port.

oh wow! when will this thing arrive in the Philippines hahaha.
The thing should be called netPad.


the first customer

I'm here in Makati at Krispy Kreme, and I'm their first customer of the day.

I was suppose to attend a meeting, but I got late and the meeting ended before I arrive and decided to re-route the cab I'm riding and transfer to another location.

and I'm here found my peace and eat my snicker doughnuts

and stare at happy people eating as a complete family

Movie Bloggers: Don't stop believing!

on pic:Carl Valenzona, Mark Cerbo, Chris Aquino, Earth Rullan, Sarah Cada, Omar Itay, Cher Cabula, Ria Tirazona, Flowell Galindez, HabagatCentral and Mark Vincent Nunez and of course me as the camera photo guy.

okay! the title is just a joke, here are our movie bloggers at the press screening of the Losers movie in Glorietta 4 cinema 1. Thanks to Warner Bros. Philippines for inviting us movie bloggers.

we are the losers!
Official blog page of the movie bloggers club will be uploaded soon, in line with the Manila Bloggers Network home page. Yeah! its time to get to know the people behind it.

It kinda sad that we don't have a screening for Iron Man 2 for the movie bloggers, but I have other screening invites and I'm sharing it to them, although I got one and two ticket invite only.

Winema : SM Cinema's first ever interactive cinema in the Philippines

winema winema2
SM Cinema just launched the first ever interactive cinema in the Philippines, the gimik is called Winema, its Weeeeee+cinema. They installed a motion detecting camera and turned the whole cinema screen and let everyone play the game wireless, its like playing Nintendo Wii, and the game involves everyone to raise their hands and move it in order to run the game. Special prizes will be awarded to the audience who have many points, I missed this launched last week and I saw that all our movie bloggers enjoyed the cinema game. The game runs for 3 mins and I think they have 3 kinds of game. The Winema will run in all movie premieres and special screening booked by special groups. Companies can also brand a game by sponsoring a spot in the game.

I think the raffle game in all movie premieres will be off ahahaha,and the battle of the Winema just for the special item or token begins! Winema will be available in SM Megamall Cinema 1 starting April 30, 2010, in time for Iron Man 2. oh yeah!

check out Iris's blog for a video rec of the Winema game -

thanks and congratulations to SM Cinema and Ms. Sharon Yu for inviting us movie bloggers.

TRAVEL: Six Giant Inflatable Pools Launched at Enchanted Kingdom Biki Waterworld

another event that I missed few weeks ago, but I heard our blogger friends enjoyed the launching and pool is around 3-5 ft. EK did another finest attraction perfect for summer. Enjoy the rides and later on get wet and swim!

Kids at EK Biki Waterworldedited
In anticipation of the extended summer season and in response to a lot of guests' clamor for water attractions at this time of the year, Enchanted Kingdom, the Philippines’ premiere theme park, and BiKiWorld of South Korea have agreed to set-up the first and only world-class inflatable water park in the country, the EK BiKi Waterworld.

"Focused on achieving our vision to be the leader in wholesome family leisure and entertainment and to be a tourism destination of choice in the region, we shall continue to introduce rides, attractions and facilities that cater to the needs of all family members, regardless of age, and regardless of the season of the year,” said Cynthia R. Mamon, Ph.D., EK’s VP for Sales & Marketing. (read more below)

COVERAGE: One Big Green Park for the Philippines

One Big Green Park (49) One Big Green Park (28)

One Big Green Park (18) One Big Green Park (104)
A tree planting event was organized by the Zoomanity Group of Yupangco Group of Companies in line with Earth Day 2010, they invited the Boy and Girl Scout of the Philippines to help them in the tree planting activity in Paradizoo in Tagaytay, they also invited bloggers to come and join the planting activity and also experienced a zoo tour afterwards.

I was included to join, but I failed to attend it due to client call for work, but I'm hoping for another activity on May 2010. Tree planting should be encourage to everyone and we must remember that our planet is a one big green park, we can also plant trees or vegetables even that is not on Earth day event.

check out Alex Dizon's coverage at

(all photos by Alex Dizon)

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