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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Digging in some geeky stuff at the 3 day sale of SM Cubao

I'm such a lazy shopper, but here in SM Cubao's 3 Day sale, which started yesterday gave me the boost to check out some items and things that I need, sympre I got the time to check out the men's department and saw lots of cool stuff that I need and yeah, the hunt for a new boxers and briefs started. But I'm more interested in checking out and buy some geeky stuff, like toys, gadgets, computer accessories and geeky shirts.
PA019123 PA019112
PA019144 PA019098
check out my post below and see the jackpot items only at SM Cubao (read more below)

Project Igloo production note 4

The big day is near for this big project I'm working today, and I need to deliver the whole thing by Monday, and I got reminded by my self that I'll be out of town this Monday, and looks like my whole Sunday is a work day and must start conceptualizing more today (Saturday) so that I'm ready for that big presentation on Monday. I'm very happy that my concepts were approved and this will be revealed soon.

I feel sad that my contact and project director is sick today and the only way we can talk is thru sms and google talk chat. I just got the go signal yesterday and I'm warming myself up to use a lot of creative juice to materialize this crazy, wacky, and super fun project event for the coming month. But first, I need to compose an important document and submit it along with the product of the project.

I'm going to be like a college boy again working projects and present it to our professors and defend it, but I'm glad that there are classmates now that are defending it for me, couple of days ago, a project team mate just presented my blog and myself for an upcoming project, and wow that's two projects and the other one is this week, yikes! I need to get a proper hair cut and wear nice clothes so that I won't look like Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and the movie The Social Network. But its funny, because I was like that before hahahaha. Omg, I must watch that movie.

4thTanduay Rhum Rockfest 2010 at SM MOA
The big event will be on October 15, 2010 in SM MOA open grounds, I've been hearing this event in our fm radio, and they got a cool roster of pinoy rock bands. I miss going to our local rock scene, and now Im looking for a way on where or how to buy tickets for this. I like to take photos and cover the event for my blog, and its been years to see a big line up of rockstars in one concert event, and to share something.. lucky that my sis and my mom was there when Explosion at the Big Dome concert was first held in Araneta Coliseum during the 90's, and I miss that too because I'm not that interested to watch rock shows that year.. im a comic book geek that year and loves rollerblading hahaha.

event: Globe Lucky 0917

I thought mama will attend this event, and then I just learned that it was Lace's phone number who got the 0917 hahha. August 1994 is the start of Globe to distribute this number, and today they have 1,723 people who still uses the number 0917, and now branded them as the pioneer customers of Globe. To celebrate their 16th year, they are throwing out a party for the 1,723 people. astig!!!! I want that BB white :)

Now I need to bug my wife to attend this, because I'll be coming home on the event itself after hiding for 3 days in a hotel resort out of town.

for 0917 holders, na invite ka?

Friday, October 01, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The SM Eco Bag Photography Contest of SM City Taytay

(The SM Eco Bag Photography Contest)


1) The competition is open to all the shoppers of SM Supermalls - professionals, hobbyists or amateur photographers.

2) Take a shot of your most creative and interesting photo with SM Eco Bags. The subject and focus of the photo is limited on the said bags that include: Breathe (sky blue bag), Spark (orange bag), Renew (beige bag) and Flow(navy blue bag). In this regard, one photo may feature any of the said Eco bags. You may also use more than one (1)Eco Bag on 1 entry.

3) The participants may take their photo outside the mall but the subject should focus on SM Eco Bag/s.

4) Send the photos in JPEG compression (format) at and submit a copy of the photo-print (8x10 inches) at the Mall Administration Office of SM City Taytay. Kindly include the following details on the e-mail and the printed copies:

Name of Photographer:
Complete Address:
Contact Number:

5) The competition shall acknowledge top 3 scorers based on the criteria for judging:

Composition = 30%
Technical Quality = 30%
Creativity = 30%
Over-all Appeal = 10%

6) The printed copies of the photos shall be displayed in SM City Taytay from October 22 to 29, 2010 for the SM Eco Bag Photo Exhibit.

7) The prizes for the winning photos are as follows:

Winner – P3,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates
2nd Prize – P1,500 of SM Gift Certificates
3rd Prize – P500 of SM Gift Certificates

8) The participating entries will also be uploaded on the Facebook Fan Page of SM City Taytay. The most number of likes shall be known as the “The Shopper's Choice Award” that will win special prizes. The final day of counting the “likes” is on October 20, 2010, 8:00 A.M.

9) Deadline of submission for the printed entries is on October 21, 2010, 12:00 NN. at the Mall Administration Office. Then, the announcement of winners will be on October 29, 2010, (4:00 P.M., Event Center) after the SM City Taytay Photo Walk.

10) The entry should be original and refrain from writing or dressing-up the SM Eco Bags.

For inquiries, call 661.2033-37 and look for RODEL ENRIQUEZ or email

SM City Taytay - Home of the most exciting events in Rizal!!!

check out entries here

SM City Taytay celebrates Children's Month with: "ANGEL EYES" Child Photography Competition and Exhibit
Open to amateurs and professionals, share your most beautiful moments with your little angels through this exciting and memorable photo exhibit and competition.
Exhibit & Competition period: October 01-31, 2010

For inquiries call 661.2033-37 or email

check out the entries in this album




Pet events and Pet Blessing at SM Marikina on October 3

SM Marikina invites all pet owners to come and attend the annual pet blessing on October 3, 2010 from 10am at the SM City Marikina Atrium and Canopy Walk. Its a free event for everyone, if you are interested read the details below
Pet blessing at SM City Marikina after the 9AM Sunday mass this coming Sunday October 3, 2010!

A special area in the Canopy Walk of SM City Marikina will be arranged for those who want to attend the Sunday mass with their pets.

Pets, generally referring to dogs and cats, shall be allowed within the mall premises under the following conditions:

1. Pets which are to be hand carried or placed in a pat carrier are allowed in the mall interior.
2. Leashed pets are allowed only in the mall perimeter, and arcade.
3. Large dogs are not allowed inside the mall interior, but are allowed in the mall perimeter if they wear mouth guards.
4. Pet owners shall be responsible for the sanitation of their pets.

for details and inquiries email :

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

event: EXPO KID 2, for kids by kids at Rockwell Tent this Oct. 2

FA-Expo Kid-Flyer
hey everyone! pls check out this event for kids and parents, its the 2nd year of EXPO KID on October 2, 2010 at the Rockwell Tent, there are lots of activities, games and booth for everyone, pls. check out the news and update from our event organizer and friend

more below

thank you for attending my baptismal event -ashton

Ashton is very happy that everyone made it to his baptismal event, thanks to all for the greetings, wishes, gifts and blessings.

This momentous event is made possible by Josiah's Catering and Lancaster Hotel

Thanks to our family, ninong and ninangs, and to our friends.
more pics to be uploaded in my facebook tomorrow







Thanks to Josiah's catering for our food, to Lancaster Hotel for our reception venue, thanks to Sai Verano for hosting the party, Joy Mendiola for organizing the program, Joriben Zabala for offering a nice live song performance, Joney Uy for the goodies, ninong and ninangs for their blessings, friends and family for the support and love, GMCI for helping us in this event, Red Ribbon for our cakes, Edsa Shrine Church, Mama Sally and to my Deasis and Coladilla family for being there always, and esp. thanks to our Lord.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ocular inspection at The Peak in Lancaster Hotel

This momentous event is made possible by Josiah's Catering and Lancaster Hotel

I decided to drop by to Lancaster Hotel yesterday to check out the venue for Ashton's baptismal party, and I didn't know that the venue will be located at the 41st floor of Lancaster Hotel and thought that it will be at the ground floor, kasi nakikita ko lang yung hotel pag nadaan ako sa labas, and kala ko venue yung baba and hindi pala, the ground floor is a cafe pala.

I met Anna, one of the people incharge and she guided me on going up to The Peak and saw a nice venue and a top view that you can see already the mountains and lake in Rizal, galeng!!! I now imagine that this place will be filled with family and friends that will welcome our baby Ashton to the Christian world.

I'm now excited and this is Ashton's first party,that me and Lace, his parents, crammed a lot and do last minute organizing stuff to make it a bongga party. so sorry Ash, babawi kami sa 1st birthday party mo and it will be the best ever in the world!

and to everyone!!! see you later at 5pm!

more pics below

MOVIES: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (greedy review)

douglas_shia WALLSTREET2
I saw the movie last night in a blocked screening of MAXXX channel in Powerplant Mall, thanks to 20th Century Fox Philippines of inviting me and the movie bloggers for another round of movie screening for us who went to Baguio last week during its red carpet premiere. The Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps is a sequel movie of the 1987 film "Wall Street", and it star Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen, but the focus of the story in there is Charlie Sheen as Buddy Fox, and Douglas as Gordon Gekko, this movie continues after Gekko was thrown in to jail for doing illegal insider trading and business. This movie will be shown in all Philippine theaters this September 29, 2010.

This movie started the release of Gekko out prison and served 8 years inside, the story follows in present time of 2008 and he released a book about "Greed is Good", and the story started with new characters out from the 1st film, Winnie and Jacob (Carey Mulligan and Shia Lebouf), and the busy office of a banking inst. and trader office. (more notes below)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Luck Daddy Az

The title says it all, that will be the message of my baby boy to me, because I'm cramming in organizing his upcoming baptism event on Tuesday, and I didn't know that there are lots of things needed to finalize and buy some stuffs needed for the reception. I' m very thankful that Josiah's Catering and Lancaster hotel will sponsor our reception venue and food, its a big life saver for us in our budget, and now I'm making some things para bongga ang reception ng baptism ni Ashton.

Tomorrow, Monday.. will be a busy day for me to finalize everything, so here we go again, organizing and feel like a college boy cramming for a thesis paper and prepare for its big final defense.

I'm going to make it a fun event and this is for everyone who will be there and for my baby boy..
btw, happy 4th month baby Ashton!

I'm home now

I'm home now and taking a day off from blogging and need to rest after a tiring road trip to Baguio City and spend the day with my baby boy Ashton, playing and sleep together, cant stop kissing my baby boy because I miss him big time after I was gone for nearly three days. I'm organizing myself here and managing my back logs and lots of pr materials is now sleeping in my inbox that needs to be published online. I'm going to publish all of it tomorrow, write new blog entries, and also finish those documents needed for 4 events that I'm working on til the end of the year. Expect new updates this Sunday.

let me share you this photo
phoot taken by Jeff or maybe Jen Aspacio
I was here in the middle of the Kennon road, infront of that giant lion statue and this is my photo when I took the bloggers group pic. It was a fast 6 photo shots and focus carefully my Olympus E520 and get the right frame, I'm very careful as I look on both side of the roads for incoming vehicles, I even sat and almost lie down to get a good shot hahahaha.

and here's another photo
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