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Monday, May 09, 2011

Red Nimbus store opens to offer Toki Doki items, Kid Robot and Vinyl toys

A new pop culture store just opened last weekend in Robinsons Galeria, the new store – Red Nimbus sit on the corner of Jump Street Wing in the mall and they offer and sell authentic Toki Doki merchandise – tshirts, bags and baby clothes, Kid Robot merchandise, Vinyl toys and Harajuku inspired items. Sandy of Comic Odyssey told me about this after visiting him last Saturday’s Free Comic Book Day and he shared that his brother Gerry owns the big store. (More Story Below)

I went to the store as quickly as I can, because I got fooled on the ads that I saw in Facebook and I thought Red Nimbus is a local online store that sells Toki Doki X Marvel comics tshirts, but its my fault for not reading the small text below that they will open that weekend. Its great to see the store with a complete set up and interesting items to check out, Gerry told me that its their soft opening and I saw him very busy carrying boxes and sorting out all of those Toki Doki shirts, just like his brother Sandy, they love to set up and manage the store on their own. No longer need to buy Toki Doki items online, here you can buy and select your design from clothes to bags and even gift wrapper (I think I saw that Toki Doki gift wrapper on a table glass)

I didn’t noticed the Toki Doki X Marvel Comics tshirts, I’m not sure if it is sold out, but I will make plans to visit the store again and chec it out myself, I want a Thor or Wolverine Toki Doki shirts hehehe. I also spotted a cute Toki Doki long sleeve shirt for babies, I saw one design and I like to buy it for my baby boy Ashton, it has a price tag of P1,500. Vinyl toys are also available like the ones from Kid Robot and Dunny, I have little knowledge about vinyl art toys but I recognize some of the designs being sold there. Now we have a new store that offers vinyl toys for hard core art toy collectors, you can also place an order too here, just look for Gerry in Red Nimbus.

I read in their Facebook updates and post from fans, that there are pitches from their fans to have Red Nimbus a tie up with our local vinyl toy designers and urban art creators. Thats a cool idea, but I haven’t heard an update yet from Gerry about that, but I’m sure he is open to support our own creators, but then…he might focus first on establishing the store. I love the store, very comfy to look around on the items, and Red Nimbus is branded as a clothing store and not a toy store, well for me..its a Toki Doki x Pop Culture store.

Here are some of my photos inside the store (take a virtual walkthrough hehehe)

Some of the vinyl toys that I spotted inside

displayed infront of the glass wall

custom Dunny stuff

another customized Dunny

mini Dunny

Toki Doki bag

another set of Toki Doki bags

Toki Doki for baby

my target item for my baby boy

Toki Doki for your kid girl

more bags on display

me inside the store

I like this shirt…. Toki Doki-zilla

Gerry Sansolis, owner of Red Nimbus… with a cool Kid Robot like spike hair

mini Dunny in blind boxes

more vinyl art toys

Red Nimbus
Located at Robinsons Galleria, 3rd Level, Jump Street Wing.

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