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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blog Contest! Join and get an awesome prize c/o my blog
I'm hosting a contest here in my blog to give thanks to my readers, friends and to my circle in the social network stream, , you can join and there's no need to purchase anything, all I need is your time and space to read this post.

Here are our guidelines to join in my blog contest
1. Post a comment below here in my blog (in my contest post)
2. Any post is valid, just make sure your email is included
3. Anonymous posting are not allowed (your IP will be banned)
4. All who joined with a valid comment post will be included in the electronic raffle
5. I will announce the winner on August 1, 2011

Here are the list of prizes

blog-photo coverage: 30 Seconds to Mars concert in Manila 2011

photos and words by Emerson Sy for Azrael's Merryland blog

The 30 Seconds To Mars Concert Experience
It was a wonderful evening, though it rained so hard before the start of the concert, but this didn't let the fans of 30 Seconds to Mars to falter. So as the band.

When we arrived at the concert grounds at Trinoma, the rain started to pour down, and some of the fans were afraid that the concert might get cancelled due to the bad weather. As we looked upon the stage, the concert staffs are busy trying to wipe the water off stage so that the equipments won't be damaged and the concert can start. (MORE PHOTOS AND STORY BELOW)

Friday, July 29, 2011

press con photos/story: 30 Seconds to Mars (hours before the concert in Manila)

I got a chance to see them in the flesh before the concert, its a nice and lively press con with Tomo, Jared and Shannon, everything changed in me and saw that Jared is an awesome artist and now I'm a new converted fan.

The concert will be tonight in TriNoma's Mindanao Parking


Suplado ako ngayon sa mga Facebook LIKES request via FB chat

sa mga favor favor..alam ko na yung favor na yan LOL

If you are going to campaign your entry of a contest via FB Like, it will be better not to bug people who are online on FB chat, you are just wasting your time and people in your network will be annoyed by random LIKES request.

here's a tip on how to campaign your FB LIKES
1. Post a message in your FB WALL
2. tag your friends that you know personally (and knows you)
3. send a private message to your friends and family (those who are close to you)
4. avoid FB chat posting of LIKES request to any people who are online
5. Create your own FB Page or fan page and you can campaign all of your requests there
6. Go to the brand's FB Page and start doing your own campaign there
7. Do not post your request campaign in your friend's FB WALL

I hope this tip will be helpful to others, especially to some private entities that are annoying already who are heavily spamming via FB chat people in their network - to add like them.. without any proper introduction or formal message.

istorbo kasi minsan e. I like to close my FB chat, but I need to open it to have chat communications with my family and friends .

If you are my friend and we know each other personally. You have my support for FB likes, just send a request in a good way.. send a PM or note me

photo: concert stage for 30 seconds to Mars

Futuretainment Inc. posted this photo of the concert stage set up for tonight's big event with 30 Seconds to Mars, the concert venue is located at the Mindanao parking lot of TriNoma Mall in Quezon City. Thousand of fans will troop down here tonight and watch the band perform live for the first time.

30 Seconds to Mars concert in Manila tonight!

Another concert will be blasting our music souls tonight, don't forget that the band 30 Seconds to Mars is already here in Manila and press con will be later this afternoon to meet the press and also the fans.

30 Seconds to Mars live: Into The Wild Tour in Manila is presented by SMART,
GOLD (Php4,212) and SILVER (Php2,025) tickets are available at TicketWorld 891.9999 and SM Tickets 470.2222.

For inquiries, call Futuretainment at 577.3265 • 586.7275.
For updates, follow @futureupdate on twitter.

photo coverage: Incubus concert in Manila 2011 - Az cam

Here's my photo coverage of Incubus concert in Manila 2011, I didn't bring my dslr and I just used this Casio Exilim digital camera in taking photos of the band on stage, I'm standing at the patron seats beside the tech production booth. I call it Az cam because it came from the camera and I took this photos my self while jumping and singing with Incubus live in Smart-Araneta Coliseum

more photos below

Thursday, July 28, 2011

video: Incubus concert in Manila 2011 - "Pardon Me"

Here's my video coverage of Incubus concert in Manila 2011. The concert ended 40 minutes ago and I'm here back in the hotel to update and post this video for everyone.

Thanks Ovation Productions for bringing in the band back here and thanks to Coca-Cola Philippines for sponsoring me an awesome concert experience

Incubus interview and article for their Manila concert

I'm listening to my Incubus mp3 stuff on my laptop and then received an email update from the Fudge Magazine multiply blog and then Annie Alejo of Manila Bulletin posted an article and might be an interview from a press con earlier with the band.
“I think our fans can expect to hear a lot of music from a lot of different eras of our career,” guitarist Mike Einziger says. “We’ve had a lot of records and our fans like to hear old music, not the old music. We’ll play new songs but we also know we have to cover a lot of musical grounds because it’s not everyday we get to come to the Philippines for a concert.”
Read the entire article here at Incubus now in Manila for a sold-out concert in Araneta

gahhhh!!! I can't work properly here in the hotel with these Incubusmania!!!

My production note for Incubus concert in Manila 2011 part 3

I slept at around 2am and got busy updating my blog that is all about Incubus concert in Manila that will happen tonight in Smart-Araneta Coliseum at around 8pm. I’m already gearing up to watch the concert and do a blog coverage for everyone, I’ll be taking heavy photos and video later, I won’t be bringing my DSLR because it is prohibited inside the concert venue.

video: Philippine invasion @ SDCC 2011 (Balitang America ANC report)

I was about to go to bed and before I turn off the TV I spotted this news feature about our Pinoy comic artist and the Philippine Invasion panel @ San Diego Comic Con 2011. I'm so happy that the news are on TV and features our very own talented artist and writers for international comics.

spotted on the vid: American comic writer Mark Waid, and our pinoy artists - Tony de Zuniga, Alex Nino, Gerry Alanguilan, Ernie Chan, and Whilce Portacio.

I salute and wave the Philippine flag to them and want also to thank them for placing our country on the map and in the comicverse!

My production note for Incubus concert in Manila 2011 part 2

Consider my 1st post awhile as my part 1 for my production note coverage for Incubus concert, I'm sorry that I'll be posting about my preparation and plans to watch and cover the concert tonight. Photo above is from our dinner last night in Kenny Rogers SM Megamall, I'm glad that my sis is nearby and we used the last chicken GC and great timing that we need good food before the big day.

more photos below

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Possible set list for tomorrow's Incubus concert

I have found this post over at the Incubus Street Team Facebook wall and someone posted a link to this site - and it revealed the song set list that the band used to perform live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Some say that the set list might be the same for the Manila concert.

I read the set list posted on the site and it looks like the same on their 1st concert here that the 1st song is "Megalomaniac", but the other songs are like in the set list of their 2nd concert here last 2008. I'm expecting more on the "If not now, When?" songs in their list but here in the Jakarta set list , they performed only 4 songs from their latest album.

What do you think? could be the same set list for Manila?
I'm going to write this on paper and bring it in the concert for tomorrow, just like what Nivek do hahahahah. Hello Nivek of MCS.

Here's my Incubus concert ticket

ohhh yeah! 2 patron tickets for tomorrow's concert!
Unfortunately, DSLR camera are not allowed inside the concert venue, so I'll bring a point and shoot and flip video camera to take pics and cover the concert for my blog.

I'll just post some grabbed of better photos of Incubus here in my blog, if ever we see some good pics floating on the web.

Staying in the hotel for Incubus concert


I’m now staying in a hotel in Manila andI’ll sleep there and also prepare for the Incubus concert for tomorrow night in Araneta Coliseum. I just arrived in the hotel at around 2pm and checked in after being got wet under the rain, its funny that the front desk girl might have thought that I’m a messenger guy for showing him a letter from a company that booked me to their hotel, and she said that if its okay that she can receive the letter, the person that should receive the letter is not around, so I waited and then she thought that I’m going to leave the front desk, then I told her that I’m checking in to the hotel and can you pls. read the letter, and then she said okay and she pass me to a front desk guy to help me sign some stuff and get my key, she left the desk and then I found myself laughing from inside LOL. funny incident.

I’m logging to their internet but I didn’t expected that it will be slow and I think it run a 300kbps speed, but I’m glad that they serve free wifi to all their guests, I’ m excited for tomorrow’s concert and I’ll see Incubus live again for the 3rd time! And then the other day it will 30 Seconds to Mars, and omg! I’m also going to cover it and attend their press con (but for now, I don’t have access to a Incubus press con, but I know someone who’s a official photographer for the concert and press con )


awesome!!! concert experience!

What shoes should I wear this rainy day

Today is the arrival of typhoon Juaning and it already made a lot of damage and flood all over the lands of Luzon, I also experienced its powerful wind and down pour yesterday and the rain is very heavy and a big umbrella is needed to cover you and prevent to get wet. I’m now having problems on what kind of shoes shall I wear today. (MORE STORY BELOW)

I love wearing my Somnio running shoes, because it lifted my foot and heels and it prevent me for planting more pressure on the ground, thanks to their cushion under our shoes, bu the problem is that this Somnio running shoes are well ventilated and there are lots of small holes for air to get in when you walk and run, whenever I wear this shoes in a rainy season, I always experienced a wet feeling under my socks, moist and rain water enter inside the running shoes, so for me, its a big no no to wear this shoe in a rainy season, well its okay if you’re going to use in sports running activities.

What left here in our shoe room is my Adidas TS Heat Check, Nike ID, two GBX, Converse and a Big Boys boots.

Adidas TS Hear Check is a good shoes for the rain, but it is built for basketball and there are lots of foam inside it, but the shoes is so hard and not flexy for my feet. The Nike ID is one of my style and trademark shoes because it has a name under it, but I retired already in wearing sneakers and it gives a pain in my foot and heels, but I already used this under the rain and it works well in shielding my foot to get wet, but not safe for heel high flood waters. The two GBX shoes is a big no no for a rainy season, i love this shoes and its for formal events only, the other one is pang porma, but Its so flat and slippery on the road (there’s no grip under the shoe ), and now the last foot gear is my Big Boys boots, I got this during my high school years and I wear it during my punk zappa years in early college ahahah, full leather, its big and perfect to fight the rain, my only problem is that there’s a platform under the heel.ok..its a little bit heavy and not stylish for my pants and shirt that I’m wearing today.

I also have that Vibram five fingers, but its dirty and smelly, and not good to wear in a rainy season, bacteria can get in easily in your feet. I forgot that I have that old Converse shoes, but I gave it away na pala and my mom sent a new pair of shoes, but its brand new and I don't want to wear it in a wet pavement.

Okay, so what I am going to wear this rainy day?
take a pick and let me know my foot gear for 3 days.
Nike ID
Adidas TS Check
Somnio shoes
GBX Shoes
me wearing Vibram five fingers
my boots is similar to this...high boots, plain black
(image source)

10 Things to do today

1. pack my stuff for a 3 day adventure
2. go to abs cbn (no longer going here as I need to fix the hotel stuff at 11am)
3. go to hotel and check in
4. prepare and work for Incubus concert coverage
5. blog
6. update social networks
7. check typhoon news
8. eat and sleep
9. ohhh use starbucks GC
10. sleep in the hotel

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Laptop battery problems

battery post
I have my Acer Aspire laptop for almost a year already and now I noticed that it shows that the battery pack drains so fast and it jumps to shutdown even if the battery is still in 22%, I encounter some data loss and also interruption whenever my laptop dies out or turned off automatically, this is due to my carelessness to plug it in the wall. But then i noticed too that my Windows 7 notification of battery level no longer update me if I need to charge the battery before it drains out. (MORE STORY BELOW)

JayR spotted wearing Toki Doki "Kaiju in L.A" shirt in Red Nimbus

jayr toki doki red nimbus
Gerry Sansolis, the owner of the Red Nimbus store in Robinsons Galeria sent this photo of RnB artist JayR spotted shopping his authentic Toki Doki shirst inside Red Nimbus store, he wears the Kaiju in L.A. shirt from Toki Doki.

check out Red Nimbus
Located at Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas, 3rd Floor in the Jump Street wing.
For more info on these brands, please visit ,"

FB page -
and you can buy online thru their Multiply store -

Test driving this Hed Kandi Discotheque headphones

I'm listening to my discotech dance music using this Hed Kandi Discotheque headphones, there are lot of bass going on this headphone, perfect for listening music of Hed Kandi, Black Eyed Peas, Flo Rida. The Bass is in perfect boom without using any equalizer and I'm just only using my laptop listening to dance music. I already played around with my flashlight inside the dark room while listening to Flo Rida's "Club can't handle me right now". I'm a music freak and I love listening to mp3 players using my different ear phones and head phones anytime and anywhere.

I'll post a complete review here in my blog this week.

Earthquake around Luzon - July 26, 2011 1:15am

(image source)

I didn't felt the earthquake here in the South area, but the quake rocks the area of Manila, Makati, Paranaque, Antipolo, Pasig, Marikina and nearby cities going to the North Luzon. It was a Magnitude of 5.9 according to this web update of

I posted again my Facebook Earthquake update stat to know the location of other people who felt the quake. According to people who felt it, the quake lasted for about 30-45 seconds. Feel free to post there for you location so that we can map affected areas not covered on the list. Don't also forget to check the walls of your house for cracks if you felt a hard quake in your area.

Did you experienced the quake? what's your location when it happened?

here's an update from Philvolcs

According to Inquirer - Intensity 4 was felt in Clark, Pampanga; QC and Manila..while Makati and Pasig felt an Intensity 3

Monday, July 25, 2011

Captain America collectibles for sale in Marketplace #shopatmultiply @shopatmultiply

Captain America
In line with the upcoming movie of Captain America: First Avenger that will be released this July 29th in all Philippine cinemas, here I am again collected and listed these cool Captain America items and collectibles that are for sale and posted in Marketplace

check the items below

Buy or get FREE Shirts now! #shopatmultiply @shopatmultiply

I'm wearing now my tees, they are the official and exclusive merchandise of, the tees are designed by Team Manila. The shirts are available with two designs – the Multiply logo and the Multiply-neur shirt. You can buy this online at

The tees are now available with sizes for Men and Women. The shirt is priced at P300 and you can buy this via Paypal, credit card, Gcash or BPI over the counter deposit.

But wait!!! WTF!!!! They are giving away another shirt with a different design for FREE!!!! if you purchase an item with a minimum worth of Php 500 using their payment system in . Omg!!! you have to log and grab this shirt at

here are the photos of the shirts

Mini Chewbacca dog at home

The story of this dog started when I received a txt message from my wife that Kuya B found a lost dog here in the village and it stayed here in our backyard and didn’t left and I think it wanted to stay there and the dog got scared to walk around. When I heard that news, I sent a message back that they should bring the dog to the baranggay hall to report it and to see if the owner of the dog is looking for it . (More Story below)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey movie - dwarves photos revealed!

Here's the group photo of the dwarves that will lead the upcoming movie "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey", a movie and story that took place before The Lord of The Rings, this movie will be released on December 2012. They look so cute di ba?! We're going to see Bilbo and Gandalf and their journey. (More info below)

Azkals vs. Kuwait match in full HD by Sky Cable

Sky Cable is back again to deliver HD experience in your Sky Cable HD as they will exclusively air the HD format for your HD cable feed. The game will be on July 28th and the foot ball match against Kuwait will take place at Rizal Memorial Stadium. I know the experience will be the same like the last game I watch on full HD and also on that Pacquiao match, it is so clear and I feel like that I'm there at the venue of the game. Read the full details below about the announcement.

- press release -

Solenad 2 in Nuvali will open on Jul 29

5x7 EDM Web banner-04
Last week, I heard of this new complex in Nuvali and I didn’t expected that this will be opened on July 29th and I’m excited and want to check out the new lifestyle venue for eating and also shopping, yes! It is a mall and it is more different from the Solenad 1, were you can dine in some restaurants and feed the fish in a man made lake nearby. The Solenad 2 is another addition for the great outdoor living in Nuvali and it is more than just eat great food, but also for you to shop cool items. (more info below)

[Announcement of Winners] 30 Seconds to Mars Concert Ticket Giveaways

As promised, we are going to announce the two lucky ticket concert holders who pose with their tickets.
Thank you for joining the contest. [Contest] 30 Seconds to Mars in Manila Concert Ticket Holders 


Louie A. Lopez
Maethel Medina

Each of you will receive (1) Gold Ticket! 
Kindly wait for my email for claiming instructions!

Thank you and enjoy watching 30 Seconds to Mars Concert

Others who joined the contest
Rosana Garcia Ombao
Chris Paragas 
(he didn't pose with his ticket so i didn't include his name on the e-raffle)

Drawing System
ON FRIDAY - JULY 29, 2011
Witness the much awaited concert before the month ends.

30 Seconds to Mars live: Into The Wild Tour in Manila is presented by SMART,

GOLD (Php4,212) and SILVER (Php2,025) tickets are available at TicketWorld 891.9999 and SM Tickets 470.2222. For inquiries, call Futuretainment at 577.3265 • 586.7275.
For updates, follow @futureupdate on twitter.

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