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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Henry Cavill in Superman costume for Man of Steel movie

Its a long journey and a long wait for July 14, 2013 and I don't even know where will I be on that year, it will be 2 years of fan speculation and wishes for the upcoming reboot movie of Superman. Are we that ready to accept that the Superman Returns movie sucks and no more Brandon Routh in Supes costume? Now we have here is the 1st ever promo photo of the movie and we see Henry Cavill wearing the iconic Superman costume, many people are complaining already about the costume's texture and Superman's hair, When I saw this photo I got my geekgasm and then wondered that it looks like a Superman version art by Ed McGuiness.

I think this is test movie again if fans will accept the costume design and look for the new Superman, remember what happened to that Wonder Woman tv series and debate about her new costume, I hope that will never happen to this movie, I hope Superman still wear his underwear under that belt.

hmmm. anyway, check out the PR info below about the movie

Ayala Museum exhibits the MANGA REALITIES: The Art of Japanese Comics

For the 1st time ever that we will have an original artwork of manga creators here in Manila and that will be for the exhibit event hosted by Ayala Museum and Japan Foundation. The exhibit -" MANGA REALITIES: The Art of Japanese Comics" will feature 9 mangaka / artist from Japan and their manga or Japanese comics artwork of BECK, Solanin, Sugar Sugar Rune, Children of the Sea and many more will be up in Ayala Museum in Makati.

more details below

Red Horse Muziklaban 2011 rocks the video streaming

I joined with my fellow rocker bloggers in a live video streaming event of Red Horse Muziklaban 2011, we watched the rock event online via their official website . I missed the press conference session at around 7pm, we experienced some problems logging in to the site and  it seems that our log in name and password are having a hard time getting the right key to watch the secured access website of  Red Horse Beer. After 1 hour we successfully got the access and logged in to their streaming webpage.


Cooking with the SM Master Chefs in SM Molino

P7199461 P7199473
P7199514 P7199529

SM Hypermarket celebrates its 10th year anniversary by hosting a cooking session with the different master chefs in every branches of SM Hypermarket and mall nationwide. It’s a free viewing of the cooking show and there’s also free food tasting after every cooking sessions conducted by the master chefs. I got invited to experience the cooking show and I chose to participate their activity in SM Molino here in Cavite. I selected that area because it is near to our house and its just a 20 min drive from SM Bacoor to SM Molino.


Friday, August 05, 2011

Animax K-On! Weekly Trivia Game (Part 4 FINAL)

K-ON!! - 02 - Large 37
From all 13 entries that joined the trivia game last week , only one winner was chosen in our weekly lucky pick, congratulations to Ilen Rina V. Biong for our week 3 winner. The winner will be contacted via email on how to claim their Animax goody bag.

Here's our week 4 trivia game and this is our last game with Animax's K-ON.

here's our question of the week posted below

Philippines to host the 1st Asia Pacific Hockey Summit

This is an exciting news for all hockey fans, the Philippines will be the1st to host a summit event for hockey, the big stage for learning and training for hockey will be at SM Mall of Asia Ice Skating Rink. The big decision came from the Asia Pacific Hockey League Commissioner, Mike Condon, he chose our country to host the 1st summit for hockey that will kick off on August 25-28, 2011. SM Mall of Asia already upgraded their ice skating facilities and added more equipment for those who want to train and learn to play hockey.

New hot Lunch Sandwiches in Starbucks starting Aug 9

Lunch Sanwiches Omnibus P7250258
P7250257 P7250193
Starting August 9, 2011, there will be a new addition of sandwiches in all branches of Starbucks nationwide. We’re going to enjoy their sandwiches that are made perfect for our lunch meal, also I heard that sandwiches that are being offered before will no longer be available, so I have more time to say good bye to my yummy turkey and that chicken cream sandwiches. But its okay, the new roster of Hot Lunch Sandwiches are much more yummier and plus with high quality ingredients. Its my lucky day that I’ve tried first the lunch sandwiches before they will launch on August 9, so me and my taste buds are back in some food tasting action.

more story below

Rise of PH HQ and meet up with Founder and CEO Peter Pezaris #shopatmultiply @shopatmultiply

P8040585 P8040605
I visited the local office of Philippines in Ortigas Center and I was invited to check out their local office for the Philippines and its the blessing day and I didn't know that there's a party going on all over the room and office space. I' m surprised that the founder and CEO of Peter Pezaris is present at the office blessing and then my knees got shaky and got so excited to meet him personally. (more story below)

Im trying the Foodie Delivery of Mercato Centrale @ BGC

mercato delivery SAM_8669
I’m trying the home delivery services that is now provided by our fave weekend foodie market at Bonifacio Global City. The Mercato Centrale @ BGC is now offering home delivery of yummy food that can be bought directly at the Mercato Centrale @ BGC weekend market. I’m surprised that it is the 1st time I heard a local market that can deliver freshly cooked food to your door step and this home delivery service is powered by City Delivery, our reliable food delivery service that covers all major cities in Metro Manila.
(more story below!)

I'm here at the office

I visited the office of in Ortigas center and I attended their office blessing and party, I arrived late and didn't know that it was a super party to all staff and also Multiply users. Awesome!! First office here for Philippines.

I'll post a photo blog entry tomorrow and you'll see what's their office look like. Inside the office I spotted a cool wall artwork doodle by Wewilldoodle team.. astig! To record my visit, this is the 3rd social networking site office that I visited here in Manila.

wearing a wrist splint

It is not an actual splint but its a wrist guard that I use for inline skating, we're using this to relax our wrist and hand whenever we feel a pain sting, they say that it is one of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, my mom told me to wear one just to prevent having a bad case of carpal tunnel, she got that already and her wrist and palm was operated to loosen up those clogged veins, that's a real pain because it will take years to recover after operation and I dont want to experience that and I'm going to listen to my mother.hehhehehe .

I'm going to wear this over night and while I'm sleeping, it feels great when I wear this.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Another wrist cramps and mouse burn


I’m having another painful wrist cramps and it I felt if after working yesterday for the whole day in my laptop without using an optical mouse, I used my laptop’s mouse track pad to surf, blog and attempted to edit a page layout of magazine, but then after I took a rest and ate my dinner last night, I felt this numbness and painful thing going on to my wrist and on the top of my hand. (more story below)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Party and the Voice - coverage

This is how AXN introduce to us the new contest singing show - The Voice, they created this mini Voice singing contest and all of us are the judges,we turned our backs and if we like the voice of the singer, we will face to the stage and be counted as vote. The big tsismis is...who are the bloggers who joined the singing contest? Okay hint: SOON


SHINee "Replay" Japanese debut single launch event

shinee launch 1a
PolyEast Records announces that there will be local event for the Japanese debut single of SHINee on August 14, 2011. Check out the poster above for the venues and see below another poster that contain a list of freebies when you buy their CD album on August 14.

more below

The Voice – not your ordinary reality singing contest (on AXN this Aug 21)
This is not your ordinary signing contest show on TV, and not the kind of a Rockstar or American Idol contest or even the America’s Got talent show, this show requires more skills and art of singing and less on the looks. Yes! You read that right… they want your talent and not your look. (more story below)

Shopping for a new optical mouse @ Marketplace #shopatmultiply @shopatmultiply

A Family of Mice...
I'm some problems at home because we're running out of a good running and working optical mouse, we only have this Fujitsu optical mouse and it is the only perfect optical mouse that I use for my online work. But then my wife's optical mouse broke down and same goes to the other extra optical mouse, she now uses my Fujitsu optical mouse and now I'm having problems using this laptop's mouse trackpad because it is not good to use it for blogging, editing photos and lay outing an advertorial page for a local magazine. My deadlines are coming and things to publish online are starting to grow, I'm not very comfortable using a laptop's mouse trackpad and it hurts my wrist and my finger tips. So here I am logging in to my account and search for the best optical mouse that they have for me, I search and saw some good optical mouse over at the Marketplace, let us feature the optical mouse that is being sold by trusted online sellers of, I'm  going to feature it first here and later on reveal what kind of optical mouse that I ordered online.

more news below

review: Hed Kandi Discotheque headphones

Hed Kandi reminds me those energetic and moody club music that can make my feet stomp all the way until the music are finished, it also reminds of those vector artwork of Jason Brooks, and that popular song Ever After. But this time Hed Kandi take us more into music as they releases this cute and fashionable Hed Kandi Discotheque head phones, these colorful music gears are inspired from Hed Kandi’s name, style, groove and fashion. We tested it and used it for a day, and loaded my mp3 player with some club music and also Hed Kandi albums, it’s a long time already since I played those music, but I’m glad I went back to it again listening with the use of these cool Hed Kandi headphones. (MORE STORY BELOW)

A night of airports and Krysten Ritter


I’m posting here in my blog about a tribute for a night about airports and Krysten Ritter. We just had a great moviethon here in our home and its funny that all comedy-drama-romance films always ended a scene in an airport, we just saw two movies tonight – “She’s out of my league” and “How to make love to a woman”, both are into the comedy-romance film category, I just discovered these two films after reviewing some titles on a movie blog site and pick it up as our titles for our daily movie nights here at home. (MORE STORY BELOW)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Interesting spidey news!

Revealed in Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Fallout Issue 4, out Wednesday, the new Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe is a half-black, half-Hispanic teen named Miles Morales. He takes over the gig held by Peter Parker, who was killed in Ultimate Spider-Man Issue 160 in June. - source
I think its the right time to dig in some comics and see what's going on in the weird universe of the Ultimates, I'm sure killing Peter Parker in comics is not about that Clone Wars thing.

Hello draft!

I’m writing and drafting lots of write ups that are needed to posted here in my blog, I’m managing some photos to be uploaded in my Flickr and also videos that are needed to edit. I got busy for two days here. At..

Oh wait. Lace sent a Gtalk message and she told me that we’re going to watch this movie titled – “She’s out of my league” inside our room...okahhhyyyy

Ok.I’ll update this blog later na lang

Monday, August 01, 2011

"Crazy, Stupid, Love" movie with Emma Stone

Its a love story...with drama and comedy, oh wait! Emma Stone is part of this movie and Steve Carell too, but there will be more fun to see Emma in acting with her unique charm to capture all men for this new movie. Lets see if the movie blends well with Emma Stone- Ryan Gosling tandem.

more news below

Disney's John Carter - movie poster and trailer (not a He-man movie)

I saw this movie photo in a broadsheet few days ago and it captured my attention and I thought that it was an another full length film about He-man and the Masters of the Universe, I read the article and it is not about He-man, its a different movie about a guy transported to another world and he becomes the savior of their world. The story is based on the same writer who created Tarzan. The action star for this film is Taylor Kitsch (remember Gambit in the Wolverine film ?)
Watch the trailer below to check out what we can expect for this new Disney film.

more news below

New Year's Eve movie - (just like that Valentines Day movie)

We're going to see another story that will connect the entire cast for one day just like the movie they had in Valentines Day, this time the story is about the life of many people who will have a big part and change for their life this coming New Year's Eve. Great to see a powerful cast for this movie, that also includes Lea Michele and Bon Jovi.

more news below

3rd Cinexpo 2011 is back

CINEXPO 2011 Ad for SM Monitors Final

Cinexpo, the country’s first ever cinema convention is back for this year, and its their 3rd year to hold another event that is scheduled on August 18-20, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia Centerstage. The event is in partnership with ABS-CBN and organized by SM Cinema, This year’s event has a new line up of speakers and experts that will transfer their knowledge to make the tv and movie industry more lively for the coming years. (more story below)

Smart launches the “Always On” Internet packages

Smart announces their new service and plan for their subscribers, I just receive this PR from a Smart rep and the article contains rates per data you use and an instruction on how you can apply for your mobile internet using their Always On plan. I'm aware of this already beaue I read the news before fro Jim Ayson's blog. (more news below)

New revolutionary social app experience with BBM 6

Here’s a news from RIM as they announces the release of BBM 6, this is for my readers who are BlackBerry users, check the updates here and see how this can connect and interact you from within the BBM connected apps. Check out also some good reviews about BBM 6. I know you want it, especially the FourSquare app for your BB.

More news below

Daniel Craig as a cowboy Jake Lonergan in Cowboys and Aliens movie

Daniel Craig shares his excitement and experience as a cowboy for the movie "Cowboys and Aliens",this shows that Daniel can fit into different roles even that he is not a true blue American cowboy but can still be fit to be one that can fight aliens in the old west as Jake Lonergan. I feel excited to see this film, I love sci movies blended with the old west and this is the first time I'll see a movie with lots of technology and weird alien fighting style during the 1800s. We can also see if Daniel Craig can be more a cowboy than a Bond.

more story below

Why Everybody Loves Gardenia

by Daomisyel of Glamour Moments

No exemption! Admit it or not, everybody loves bread! you can substitute or accompany it with any meals or snacks you've wanted. From traditional loaf to other variants, breads are always present in supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants. Quoting from what I've read online, they said the color of bread indicated a person's social status. The lighter the bread, the higher the status. Oh well, now we knew why some breads we couldn't afford but somehow see similar breads on store that has the same flavor. Thousand years ago, we knew that the whole bread was made from flour and water like a tortilla until Egyptians added yeast to the dough.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Animax K-On! Weekly Trivia Game (Part 3)

K-On!! S2 Keyart (Large)
Congrats to our winner of week 2 of this K-On trivia game and our lucky guy for week 2 is "Marlon So". A rep. from Animax will contact you on how to claim your goodies for having the correct answer to the triva game's question of the week. For week 3, read the details below for another trivia game round up all about K-On.

Lazy and play time

Lace's home baked banana muffin - baon ko last Thurs sa hotel

I’m home last Friday and I got tired and beaten up for going home on a rush hour Friday traffic-rainy madness and I rode a bus filled with commuters going to our town with a travel time of 3 hours, I’m glad that I survive standing inside the bus for those hours and carried 3 big bags - my gadget bag, my clothes bag, and a bag full of Gardenia breads. I tried to relax inside the bus but I forgot that I’m not wearing my Somnio running shoes that gives cushion to my legs and heels, I’m wearing my Nike sneakers that time for 3 days and then the horror started after arriving home. (more story below)

Omg! Free coffee in McDo

Coffee is now trending in the news today after it was mentioned by PNoy from his SONA, but let us move on and check out this great deal that you won't find in any group buying sites hhhehhe. I just spotted this online ad in my blog minutes ago and sympre! I'm a coffee addict, I click and found out that McDo will be giving away free coffee! wohoohoh.

Here's their mechanics in order to get the coffee freebie
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