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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Burger Battle Royale part 1

I call this post –the Burger Battle Royale. I love eating burger in different resto and fast food, I also tried the burgers in hotels with expensive price. I also heard about the biggest burger in town, but I’m not convinced to try it because they just sell the size and not the flavor, there’s nothing special about those giant burgers, But in the future, I’ll give it a shot and try if it is indeed yummy. Burgers are introduced here when Americans invaded the Philippines during the WWII and the absorption of the style and American culture became a common and regular food meal in almost all local and international fast food and resto.

Its just a bun with fried patty meat with pickles, onions, lettuce, mayonnaise and catsup, it’s a regular style and taste the same in the past, but I still miss those old burgers sold in mini fast food joint like Burger Machine, Pac-man, Tropical Hut Hamburger, Scott’s burger and also I miss that P10 burger sold in our canteen in UST when I was in elementary.

I remember when I was with my Grandma Epang and mom during the 80’s and we dined in to this mall in Makati, from the basement of the mall, they have this mini restaurant in “sosyal” theme, the serving and style is like in a hotel, I forgot the name of the mini resto but it’s not fast food joint, the mall is still there but the mini resto is already gone.

My mission on that year is to eat the biggest burger in town! My Grandma Epang is happy to see me craving for the biggest burger, then she shared to me that the burgers in the USA (she lives there) is so big!!, I started to imagine how big it is, but then I look on the other side that the burger in the US is much bigger than the Jollibee Yum that I know from their Carriedo branch. We ordered some food and then I ordered a burger, it was weird that their burger is served in a plate with lots of French fries, the fries are big and it places Jollibee and Mcdo’s fries to shame and also the burger is big!!, it was my first time to eat a burger using a fork and knife, my Grandma taught me on how to eat it, because I complained that its too big and I don’t know how to eat it. I discovered from there that the burgers comes in different sizes and has different way to eat it.

Transport back to our town in Sampaloc, Manila, there I discovered the yummy burgers of Burger Machine, the only burger stand we know that exist during the 80’s in the corner of Dimasalang St. and Laon Laan st. in Sampaloc, Manila. People line up there just to buy a burger, there’s also an opening promo that they gave out coupons and get a discounted burger price. It was chaos for me and I felt that I was ignored by the staff of Burger Machine and then I didn’t know that they are taking too many orders and my order is after 40plus orders more. I stopped ordering and went home, I told my mom and dad that I want a burger, there we went to Jollibee Carriedo after attending a mass in Quiapo Church.

Burgers are already a part of my life, and they are evolving, from yummiest form up to the weirdest form. I still hunt for the yummiest burger in town, the most affordable and the rarest burger of all. Also joining Burger eating contest is fun!!! but deadly hahahaha

Here I start my Burger Battle Royale and this will be a new blog series. enjoy!

Chili’s Big Mouth Burger - Gourmet Burger
A peppercorn crusted creation with fried pickets, gouda cheese and Dijon aioli. This is my favorite in the line and I love the gouda cheese on it

Ultimate Mushroom Burger
With mushroom sauce, swiss cheese and crispy onion strings, the winner in all sizes and heavy fillings, with the title as the ultimate, we should respect this due to its size

Smoke Meatloaf Burger
The title says it all, the meatloaf is like an embutido,but a lot more tastier. The burger is laoded with shredded letture, tomato, pickles and onion strings.
obviously, I just lifted this post from my old food blog

Chili’s Big Mouth Burger is a big eye popping and mouth watering delight, the bigger, the better theme will satisfy you. I encountered this way back 2010, and I’m not sure if Chili’s still offer this. Hmmm I think I need to visit Chili’s again.

2012-06-22 19.11.51
Jollibee Champ
Its my all time favorite burger for a fast food joint, I complained years ago that their Champ is getting smaller, you can tell the difference if you order this regularly, but when the burger battle started last 2011, I noticed that Jollibee is honest that they make The Champ bigger again. I enjoyed eating this and its my messy nature to eat as all the catsup and burger juice flows from behind the burger.

KFC Cheese on Top burger
I like to give KFC an award for innovating an original style for their chicken burgers, 1st was the Double Down and the Tower Burger, now they have this kind of burger with cheese on top and they placed the cheese on top of the burger and instead of inside the burger. They re-cooked the burger again in an oven just to melt the cheese. It was a disappointing look when you saw the actual burger, and when you compare it to the poster ad they have, the cheese on top burger on the ad is much yummier. But then, I found the KFC Cheese on top burger delicious!! thanks to the cheese that melted on top of the bun.

KFC Tower Burger
watch my video that I ate this in 2 minutes -

2012-07-05 19.16.07
McDonald’s Big N’ Tasty burger
It’s a late offering to us to have this Big N’ Tasty burger, its one of the most popular burger in McDonald’s, I still prefer the Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger and the Quarter Pounder burger, I don’t know why… maybe because the 100% pure beef didn’t sink in too deep to my taste buds and prefer the regular burgers. They say its big, but there are some parts that are tasty. It is still small for me, but not messy to eat it. I still enjoy the Big Mac with lots of lettuce, tomato, pickles and cheese, but here for the Big N’ Tasty, I can eat it in 5 bites only.

2012-07-05 19.38.46
Tokyo Tokyo Baa-gaa - Godzilla burger
Tokyo Tokyo launched the very first burger line of this Japanese fast food. I tasted their 5 kinds of burgers, the 1st three burgers are available in the market, but the other two are not yet available, I think they just did a taste test to us that time during the launch of Tokyo Tokyo Baa-gaa burger line. I believe that the last two burgers will be a hit, just watch out for it. As for this Godzilal Burger, its my new favorite burger of the generation, its 100% pure beef, with lots of cheese and check out the thickness of the burger patty..its really a Godzilla burger!, its tall and it can match the size of that small catsup in tetra pack. Did you know that I ate this after I got disappointed when I ordered Mcdo’s Big N’ Tasty. It’s the yummiest burger for me, but I just wish that Tokyo Tokyo will also offer catsup for their burgers, I just don’t like teriyaki sauce being poured on my burger, its messy and makes the burger salty.

2012-07-16 17.05.40
my 2nd order of Godzilla burger after two weeks

Tokyo Tokyo - Shitake Burger
Shitake burger is one of the 1st burger line that comes along with Shogun burger and Godzilla burger. I like the taste of this burger with shitake mushroom on top of the burger beef patty, I think I need to eat this again because I forgot the taste of it.

Big Better Burger – Double Dare with Cheese
I read online about this new burger joint in SM North EDSA Annex, I visited it after a month and then I ordered the biggest and most expensive burger from their menu. The Double Dare with Cheese. I didn’t expected that it is big and heavy! Its like meeting a saint and you go out with them and play golf or bowling for the entire day. I thought that I can’t finish this, but I’m glad my iPhone 4S keep me company and as I update my Twitter and Instagram, then check my emails…and do lots of mobile internet jobs, I noticed that I finished this burger around 20-25 minutes. Its heavy because of the thick double dare patty and I love the melting cheese, I think next time I’ll try to have an additional cheese to this burger.

my version of Darth Vader Burger
The concept came from Quick fast food in France, in line with the promotion of Stars Wars movies back to the big screen in 3D format. Here in Manila, I re-heated my Johnny Rockets burger in the oven and it turns black.

Wendy’s Son of a Baconator
I thought that the Son of a Baconator will be bigger than the regular Baconator, but then it was like a medium version of the Father Baconator. I’m not sure why they call it the “Son” and the Baconator maybe the father of it. I heard that there’s a mother and I can’t spill the details here because it will come out really soon in Wendy’s. Kudos to Wendy’s for battling head to head with other burger joints.

Wendy’s The Baconator
It’s a 100% pure beefy burger double patty top with lots of cheese and some bacons. The Baconator reigned the burger throne during its 1st launch, and it dethrones all fast food who serves The Baconator. It’s a dare burger, because you might have an heart attack when you eat this. Its one of the best burger that was ever made. Big….and crazy! I still love this,but its so pricey for me. But what the hell… I always enjoy this when I ate it.. omg.. I’m going to buy one now.

So that’s the end of our Burger Battle Royale party 1, expect more burger battles here in my blog. I like a head to head battle between the Godzilla burger vs. The Baconator and see who will win. But for me,
the Double Dare Burger, Godzilla burger and Baconator burger stands out!

Watch out as we will try new burger concept and new burger venues.

But then..I’ll be waiting for this…..


and this...
McDonald’s Japan – Mega egg and Mega Tomato burger

happy eating!
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