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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Another visit at Kung Fu Kitchen –birthday foodie part 3

Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday
My birthday blow out and celebration is just simple. Eat in a restaurant, especially eating in my newly fave resto like the Kung Fu Kitchen. Its our 2nd time to eat here in their new branch at the District and it’s a 2 day plan for us to eat here for my birthday and we went here even that the weather is bad, typhoon Gorio just landed near the area and we’re experiencing heavy rains and strong winds. But we’re glad that the rain stop and it was a bit of sunshine in the afternoon, it’s a signal for us to go out and enjoy the sun for a bit of hours.

After visiting the toy stores, doughnut store, Daiso store and playground for kids, I call it off a day and decided to eat our dinner here in Kung Fu Kitchen. I’m surprised that there are many customers dining in that Sunday and we are excited to eat here because we are fans of this mixed Sichuan and Hunan cuisine restaurant.

Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday
Time to order!!!

Here’s what we have on our table for my birthday hehehee.

Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday
Xiao long bao
a good starter for your heavy meal

Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday
Spicy Chicken feet
I super miss this….

Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday
Sausage rice
my favorite rice in Kung Fu Kitchen because its spicy tasty and mixed with lots of sausage bits

Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday
Kenya Bean

Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday
Garlic spare ribs

Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday
Spicy minced pork with eggplant
I don’t like eggplant, especially when they are cooked or boiled, but I love Kung Fu Kitchen’s recipe for their eggplant, the minced pork and chili added great flavors to the eggplant.

Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday
Happy Birthday to me!!!

Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday
Time to eat!!

Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday
Hahaha Misyel and Ashton having their own selfie photo with the Kung Fu Kitchen food

Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday
Here’s another family pic! hahahahaa Ashton is so funny when it comes to photo ops.

There’s no Pata Tim on table. I decided to skip too many pork that day and try some veggies for the moment. In my next visit, I should try their seafood menu, the crabs, fish and lobster.

Our bill for that night…. ohhh forgot how much..

For reservation and (046)-543-0690 / 0917-6247749
you may visit their Facebook page for updates -
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