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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Trying out the new Provincial bus scheme in Coastal via Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal

I tried taking the bus yesterday on the way to BGC, I prayed for some good luck that I won't be stuck in traffic in Baclaran, you know that yesterday was Wednesday, it means its Baclaran church day - there's traffic infront of the church and also lots of private vehicles blocking the other side of the road, that prevents the bus and public transport to drop off the passengers there, so instead, they drop off the passengers along the highway - that gives big traffic for a bit of 20-30 minutes depends on the flow of vehicles in Baclaran-Roxas Blvd. Also one big problem that I tried to face is the new provincial bus scheme that was launched last Tuesday, all provincial bus coming from Cavite and Batangas will have their last stop only at the end of the Coastal road highway, this opened up a new terminal in Coastal mall, the new terminal is called - "Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal" (SITT).

news item:
The SITT is the first of the three terminals MalacaƱang has ordered set up to keep provincial buses to the outskirts of the metropolis and decongest major roads, especially Edsa. Two more are opening soon near Trinoma mall in Quezon City and in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

The intention may be laudable to those caught in the daily traffic jams, especially private motorists, but the new system left commuters like Del Rosario confused, their rush-hour travel more unpredictable and their wallets more depleted.

(read news here )

I've been ranting for the past weeks about the new scheme, this prevents us commuters to travel to Manila riding in one bus only. For those who will go to Pasay, Lawton or Vito Cruz area, they need to ride two bus and instead of one way bus coming from Cavite.

For the first time, I have tasted yesterday the new scheme, my plan is to go to BGC, so I usually ride any bus going to Manila and drop off infront of Baclaran, there I ride the taxi going to BGC. Yesterday,  it was just the same, but instead of dropping off in Baclaran, I noticed that all passengers went down the bus during the stoplight at the end of the coastal road, so instead of waiting for the bus drop us off at the new SITT terminal, we took the advantage of the stop light traffic and walk away out of the highway, and yeah we were in the middle of the highway with lots of vehicles waiting for the "go signal" sign.

I don't like taking the overpass going to the other side of the road, because its dirty and smells bad, but I have no choice but to use it and walk so fast along with other commuters.

Yesterday at around 3pm, it was peaceful and not like the scene from the photo below.
 I think that's the scene during its 1st day launch of the new scene and hope not every morning in Coastal road.



My travel yesterday is quite okay, it was peaceful and I know that there will be public transport nearby, I didn't used the new bus terminal, because we went out of the bus before it reaches the terminal, I know there are many bus waiting there, but I just don't know yet how the manage the passengers in order. I'm sure there will be long lines. I just hope that they have more public bus for us waiting there.

And last night..on the way home.
Lots of passengers took the shuttle bus in SM MOA going to Cavite, I think that added more passengers there because there are no Cavite bus traveling from Manila and EDSA, there are some like Jasper Jean bus and Saulog - that came from Ortigas and Olongapo. But its a small perfect of bus that arrives in EDSA and its always full of passengers. So lots of commuters like me got the idea of taking the bus going to SM MOA and ride the shuttle vehicle there, yeah it was a bright idea me and 500 more commuters waiting in line in SM MOA terminal. Instead of arriving home at 9pm, I arrived at 10pm.

and here's my experience during the 1st day of the new bus scheme, last Tuesday, we know about the new scheme so we decided to bring our own car going to BGC.

We always take the Macapagal road coming from Coastal road, because there's no traffic there and we take the road whenever we learned that there's traffic in Baclaran. But here's our view when we reach near Coastal mall in Macapagal raod. -  TRAFFIC!!

I just learned that many public bus takes the U-Turn in Macapagal road to drop off the passengers and also park inside the new terminal. I see lots of passengers are walking from the highway going to the bus terminal. Its kinda freaky walking at the back of Coastal mall. I hope that there will be more security guards there. That place is mostly a  hang out for informal settlers.

And here's the intersection connecting the Airport road, Coastal Road and Macapagal Road. In the past, public bus takes the right turn here and drop off all passengers infront of Coastal mall. With the new terminal, all public bus should pass the intersection and drop off the passengers right after the coastal terminal. So there's no traffic here, but more traffic build up after this intersection if you plan to take Macapagal road going to the other side of Coastal road.

As a commuter, I like the new bus scheme and also the new terminal, I think it gave a small percent of a solution for the traffic problems in Manila and EDSA, they say its just 800 provincial bus that was banned from entering the city.

For the terminal, I hope they provide more security.I will use it once I learned that it is safe and secured.

And pls.. add more TAXI BAY in the area.
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