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Monday, August 19, 2013

World Food Expo 2013–my photo coverage

Aug 2, 2013 – We got a time to visit the the 13th World Food Expo 2013 in SMX last Aug 2, it was the 3rd day of the food expo and the only schedule we have is Saturday, and that’s a day before the last day of the food expo. I went there to cover it for the 1st time and I’m with my blog partner-my wife, we got lucky that we scored some complimentary pass and an all access ID of the WOFEX 2013, the event is taking place in two kinds of venue - in SMX and also in World Trade Center. Our plan that day is to visit both venues, but we got tired after strolling around the booth area and talks to some franchising experts at WOFEX 2013.

Our main agenda is to check out the food business trends and also consult for a franchise business.

I posted a blog about WOFEX 2013 here at

Just having a nice food tour here at WOFEX
my wife and me….. spotted a giant French Fries hahaha
details of the expo:

and the competition details at and

Schedules of the Philippine Culinary Cup -
Seminar details -
The SMX venue is big, I took lots of photos and documented the booths at WOFEX 2013, there’s also the Philippine Culinary Cup and also exhibit of entries for the food styling contest and recipe contest.

I will place a caption on each photo line to describe what’s in it.

P8025310 P8025311
The ticket booth and gate to WOFEX 2013. You need to fill up a form and then line up here to get your ticket. Then you’ll wear a printed sticker label of your name and your company. All info will be recorded for the WOFEX database of visitors.

P8025312 P8025313
Program schedules are posted near the entrance, and there’s my first view inside the food expo.

P8025315 P8025316
We got attracted to this booth of Barista Choi, they offer franchise business starting Php10k,the will provide the coffee machine unit and also some ingredients for making coffee, they also installed a nice store concept on where to place your Barista Choi coffee vendo.

P8025318 P8025319
Barista Choi machine and a rep .of Barista Choi answering all our inquiries. I just learned that they can offer profit sharing scheme and instead of buying the franchise unit, they just need to study first if your area is good for the coffee vendo.

P8025320 P8025321
Coffee vending machine started a new trend for SMEs, for a price of Php5 each coffee, one coffee vendo can earn up to Php 1k per day.

P8025322 P8025323
mock up set up of a sari sari store and a coffee vendo machine, here’s a close up look of the machine, it’s a bit organized and not look DIY coffee vendo.

P8025325 P8025326
After checking out the barista coffee machine,we started to roam around the WOFEX 2013 venue, here I spotted C-Lium Fibre offering a free gulp of their stomach cleansing product, and at the right side I spotted a Sotanghon mascot statue….which scares me to death hahaha, kala ko kasi gagalaw.

P8025327 P8025328P8025329 P8025330
At the end of SMX, we spotted more food booths, this is one of the busiest area here in WOFEX.

P8025331 P8025332P8025334 P8025335
Chocolate mochis for sale at Php 50 and that Blanket sandwich concept….its like a hotdog wrapped with fried bread.

P8025337 P8025338
We also found a booth of Arny and Dading Peachy Peachy, they have a former branch here in Bacoor, Cavite, but they closed it down years ago, we inquired for a franchise but they told us that they are no longer giving franchise offerings and it is now operated by its mother branch. Its kinda sad that one of the best pichi pichi in town is far from our home. We bought two boxes after the talkies with their staff.

P8025340 P8025341P8025342 P8025343
Lots of franchise business up for grabs here at WOFEX. Its better to check out the mock up of food carts for business and also the food they offer. Its better to be a fan of that food first before you grab a franchise business from them, bec. a fan of a food will give win-win situation in the business. Just Love what you do.

P8025344 P8025346
Spotted a live cooking demo and show conducted by Chef Laudicho here at WOFEX, he got lots of fans here.

Dilmah booth selling good quality tea
I heard that they supply tea to this high end tea store. Can you guess what it is ?
check out the details here at

P8025350P8025351 P8025352 P8025356
Here at Global Strategic Partners Distribution Inc. we got convinced to buy and try this Soya milk tea package, its affordable for a price of Php 85 only. We tried a taste test and it reminds us of that Starbucks naicha drink.

P8025357 P8025353
They also sell that Cheez Balls..
and here’s a booth that sells Chef uniforms

café business franchising booth…
and here I also spotted a booth that distributes Palm Corned Beef here in the Philippines, its super expensive and this is my favorite brand, I inquired if they have Calderata flavor, but then the staff told me that there’s no such flavor being offered by Palm, I told them that my family from the US supplies me this corned beef and I received a Caldereta and Adobo flavored corned beef. They still don’t believed in me and I just told them that they should google it..

check this --

I told them..I will buy if ever they have those flavors

We saw also an Indian food booth here at WOFEX, its like a treasure jackpot for us, but the sauce that we are looking for is already sold out, there I learned that Masala mixture have different kinds for the chicken meat, beef or other cooking style.

P8025362P8025363 P8025364P8025365
sad to hear that…but I forgot what distributor company that sells this Indian food ingredients.

P8025367 P8025368
At the back of the SMX venue we saw this Ellie’s Roasted Calf booth, they offer to-go roasted calf here at WOFEX, I’m so tempted to buy but I need to move forward for the next agenda.

P8025369 P8025370P8025371 P8025372
Roasted Calf in different cooking styles

roasted calf in display….

I inquired here at the Philippine Barista and Coffee Academy about their course, I just remembered that someone offered me to try a short course..and ohhh I so love coffee..I need to explore more and also perfect my technique in preparing a nice good coffee at home.

The metallic coffee grinders and pour overs kit are shining infront of my eyes…grabe!!

here’s a machine that mix your chocolates..

Middlleby Worldwide Philippines distributes top notch machines for roasting and cooking

here’s an example of a finished product after cooking..ohhh yummy roasted chickens and liempo!!!

Breville is also here, they do some demo on how to make your own fruit and veggie juice

They also showed this cake that was mixed and baked using their Breville machines.

P8025390 P8025392
we just arrived here at the Philippine Culinary Cup arena, too bad that the competition were over and we saw lots of people waiting.. I think there will be another wave of contest after some hours.

P8025393 P8025394
Display of art design cakes by chefs… I think this is for the competition.

P8025395 P8025396P8025397
lovely cakes…

P8025398 P8025399
my wife loves this cake…she started to request that we should have this cake every year…I said…ohhkay..I will try..but having wedding cake every year at home is a nice idea..!

Tower cakes in cute designs….they are all real ….made from edible ingredients

I ‘m just disappointed that this area is not well guarded, there’s no staff present in the cake display area, I saw many event visitors who are eating some parts of the cake and it ruined the design. I hope they can have a better display area next year.

P8025401 P8025402
here’s one of my favorite cake designs – Kratos from the God of War game vs. Predator

P8025403 P8025404 P8025405 P8025406
They sculpted it very nice in detail.

P8025407 P8025408 P8025409 P8025410
I thought that it is an action figure…but its all sugary molded fondant

P8025411 P8025412 P8025413 P8025414
more sculpted cakes

P8025415 P8025416 P8025417 P8025418
art deco cakes

P8025419 P8025420
I also spotted a plating contest exhibit here at WOFEX

P8025421 P8025422
the plating is nice and I got hungry already hahaha

ore food plating entries

P8025425 P8025426
I saw the contest entries for the ice sculptures

P8025428 P8025427
this is a dragon and the other is like a sea serpent or a sea horse ice sculpture.

list of judges of the culinary cup

P8025430 P8025431
and I think this is an entry from the culinary cup – all are pinoy food concepts

P8025432 P8025433

P8025434 P8025435

P8025436 P8025437

P8025438 P8025439




I saw a lady photographer here doing some food shots

I also spotted an exhibit of tea set design, it goes for the contest I think…

The staff who are guarding this area are “masungit” I’m standing away from the table but they shooo me away and told me not to get close, I suggest they should include a yellow line on the floor or a stanchion to divide the exhibit and the spectators..I got annoyed and left the venue.

after this WOFEX 2013 visit, I invited my wife to eat ice crean at Swenzens…which will be posted in my next blog post hahaha

Did you visit WOFEX 2013 this year? how was it for you ?

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