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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cliffhouse Tagaytay–Tagaytay weekend date part 1

I’m having a hard time which photo cover should I use for this post, if its about the restaurant, the food or the view here in Cliffhouse Tagaytay. Its my first time here and I didn’t know that they have a new spot for resto, hotel and a nice view deck for all Tagaytay staycationers , I just heard about this new resto strip on top of a cliff from our travel and food blogger friends. We’re running out of places to visit in Tagaytay because we visit the city every weekend just to chillax and have a nice family weekend date. It’s a good month to visit this January because the cold season starts to get stronger til the end of February.

Cliffhouse Tagaytay is located along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu road, just before the Mahogany Avenue (if you are coming from Laguna or Cavite area) going there is just easy, take any jeep in Olivarez Terminal that goes to Mendez, Nasugbu or Robinsons Summit Ridge.

Here’s the welcome sign at Cliffhouse Tagaytay. The super winner here is that the parking is free is you dined in with minimum PHP 200 purchase from any resto at Cliffhouse Tagaytay. You’ll receive the free parking coupon after paying your bill in a restaurant.

The wonders of Cliffhouse Tagaytay is that they will do anything that you get more closer to nature, it’s a new establishment along the highway, but the location is set far away from the highway, this will give you a nice quiet ambiance and less noise pollution.

Here’s my view on top of hill and on the highway, you have to go down via a stairs just to reach the main Cliffhouse Tagaytay venue.

List of restaurants are featured in this wooden sign

They have 6 food hubs here in Cliffhouse Tagaytay
1. Buon Giorno
2. Fire Lake Grill
3. Cafe Platito
4. Fling: frozen yohgurt
5. Cafe Breton
6. Fruits in Ice Cream summer cafe

Also make sure you read the simple courtesies posted on the wooden signboard, this will give you an idea what they want to have here in Cliffhouse Tagaytay and to make sure that all guests are comfortable and safe.

PWD ramp….awesome!

Here are the restaurant structure within Cliffhouse Tagaytay, it’s a wooden type house and its like your common bahay bakasyunan in the US or those camp house in Baguio.

Here’s the hotel entrance of Cliffhouse Tagaytay. You can book your stay here for an overnight stay.
you can check out the photos of their rooms here at

small pond here in Cliffhouse Tagaytay

Open garden area

Follow the gray and red bricks heeheh

Restaurant infront of the viewing deck

Wooden chairs

Lace and Ash

The view of Taal Volcano

One of the dining area here in Cliffhouse Tagaytay



My view…

close look of their mini pond

whoaaa that’s a big koi fish!

We ate our lunch here in Café Platito atbp.

I want to try and also eat in other restaurants here in Cliffhouse Tagaytay, but my wife wants to eat some good pinoy food, that’s why we chose Café Platitio.

P1113178 P1113179P1113180 P1113183
Time to order our food..

After ordering your food, you have to wait for some minutes for your food to arrive in your table. The chef at the back will cook it in and will give later on a freshly prepared meal.


While were waiting for our food, I stayed in our table to wait for the meal and then my family went to the garden to do some photo ops. I brought my own wifi with me so while I wait for the food, I search for the next place to visit here in Tagaytay.

and here’s our food!

Pure beef burger steak ( PHP 245)

This is my meal, I’m happy with it because the beef is very tasty and I like the overflowing gravy hhahaa,it reminds me of KFC because of the gravy and I just hope that burger steaks in Jollibee will get the same treatment like in Café Platito, if ever I will eat back here, I will still order this + extra rice.

Boneless Bonoan Bangus (PHP 225)

Ate M, ordered this, she told me that the boneless bangus tastes good, also we’re jealous that she got three sunny side up fried eggs, she gave to us the two eggs, because she said that its too many for her meal. Next time, I will try to order two additional eggs for my burger steak.

Crispy Chicken Fingers (PHP 195)

Ashton’s meal…well..he didn’t like it.because the chicken fingers are hard for him to chew, so he ate the french fries and we gave him some slice of burgersteak, rice and some eggs. I took a bite of this chicken finger and its rock solid. thumbs down for this meal.

Longganisa “Alaminos” meal (PHP 195)

Lace ordered this because she wants to eat pinoy food and she haven’t tried the Alaminos longganisa.
And my same reaction – I’m jealous that she got two eggs in her meal hahahah.

This friend jumped into my chest while I ate my burger steak hahaha, I think he wants to take a bite too. Remember that Cliffhouse Tagaytay brought in more nature to their area, so expects lots of insects lurking around your table and chairs…check out for some big ants, butterflies, moths and maybe there’s crickets and fireflies at night.

P1113218 P1113221
And for the dessert…there’s no need to go out of the venue, because they already have a dessert station nearby, I think it’s the only ice cream station here in Tagaytay.

Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Café will not disappoint you…because its all natural fruits mixed in ice cream. the flavors of the fruits will take you to heaven.

Here’s my wife and son buying their fruits in ice cream, they bought one Avocado ice cream.
Great choice!!! Avocados are the best!

Here are the ice creams with different flavors

P1113216 P1113222
Choose your toppings…. candy sprinkles or marshmallows

I super love their plastic ice cream scoops…. its very unique hahaha.wala lang.

Avocado fruits in ice cream!
Super sarap!!!

And here’s our free parking ticket!!!!! given to us by the server of Café Platito.
We didn’t use it because we don’t have a car with us that time hehehe.

Awesome experience here in Cliffhouse Tagaytay. We will visit this again and do more photo ops in their garden and view deck area, I also want to visit the place at night and see if it’s a good venue for stargazing.

Cliffhouse Tagaytay
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