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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Picnic Grove again - Tagaytay weekend date part 2

We went back to Picnic Grove in Tagaytay City, and we learned that last January 11, 2014, we got a record for the coldest day in Manila, Tagaytay and also in Baguio, it was so cold and super windy too in Tagaytay and here’s a photo of myself playing around using my shoal as a cape, I’m trying to imitate here a fat super hero hahaha.

Picnic Grove is one of the most visited place here in Tagaytay and sometimes the park is super crowded on weekends, but for that day, we were lucky that there are few people staying in Picnic Grove, so then we decided to check out the other part of the park, it’s the 2nd time for my son to be here, we forgot again to bring his kite and bubbles with us, so we walked down and took the jungle trail going to other side of the park.

I mentioned in my blog post last time that the park was rehabilitated before and some parts are demolished and renovated, I remember that there are cottages and houses inside Picnic Grove, but the park admin demolished after it was handled poorly by the old admins. I’m glad that the park is still here and going better, I really hope that they put up more food hubs in the area, clean rest rooms and also more trash bins around the park. Big signs that teach kids and their parents for not throwing garbage in the field, this will help to remind themselves to keep the park clean. I’m not sure if the vendors or the park visitors do the garbage dumping in the field or grass, but I hope more signs be installed just to educate them to carry their own trash on their way out.

We want to have a picnic session here next time.. but its time to do an ocular before setting up a picnic and also campsite.

below are my photo blog story about our 2nd visit this year in Picnic Grove.

P1113232 P1113233
It was freezing that day, it’s the coldest day in Tagaytay City and we are not prepared for it, my wife bought a bonnet in a store in Tagaytay City, she was looking for some bonnet in a mall, but couldn’t find a nice bonnet for her style, but then I told her there are lots of bonnets and warmers sold in Picnic Grove.


I have this hat….too bad that I left it at home..I got tempted to buy a new one.
and ohhh I forgot to mention, I lost my sunglasses the other night when we went back to Tagaytay, I think it fell from my pocket when we rode the jeep in Olivarez terminal.

wooden guitar keychains

more wooden keychains…. Its funny that I no longer see those wooden penis keychains hahaha.

Stuffed toy horse….its also an electronic toy… shake the horse and you’ll hear its animal sound.

I’m on a hunt for an awesome Tagaytay shirt design, I really don’t like wearing a common design, but I want a souvenir shirt that is unique and artsy.

I bought a new sunglasses for only PHP’s a fake Ray Ban sunglasses..I have no choice that day..because the sun hurts my eyes…that’s why I have sunglasses everyday.

Plants for sale…

ohhh there’s longan tree plant..I wonder if that tree can grow in our garden in Cavite.

Sunny day but its so cold here in Picnic Grove

you can see that there are few people here at the field area of Picnic Grove
hahahaa…more space for kite flying and camping.

This cute inflatable penguins are priced at PHP 60 each, they sway around with the wind.
I want to buy 5 pcs and place it in our garden area hahahaa.

More souvenir stores

Covered picnic table are almost occupied.

spotted a sleeping pony

lots of warmers and sun protectors sold in souvenir shops

Picnic area with nice view of Taal volcano.

Going down….

My view on the left is the jungle trail, you’ll see here the zipline and also the hanging bridge.

gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! zipline.

Here’s the hanging bridge hahahaa, I have tried many hanging bridge before, and this one is very safe to use.

Wooden floors will creep you out, but don’t worry, there are steel supports that can help the wooden floor not to break when you step on it.

The three are scared hahaha.

I just laughed when I saw this vandals…

It’s a poor scene…. I’m sure these vandals are created at night

its also a spot for couples who do MOMOLS at night

nice one Jeff and Lineth hhaha.

Giant trees surrounds the trails here in Picnic Grove.

At the end of the trail, we landed here at the zipline area of Picnic Grove


His wife got scared when the zipline starts to move.

Another viewing deck.

The last time I saw this viewing deck was in 6 years was poorly maintained and lots of vandals everywhere. I’m happy that it was rehabilitated and renovated.

The zipline station is a bit an eye sore for the view…but it’s a nice added attraction here in Picnic Grove.
If you are a zipline beginner, you can start you zipline adventure here in Picnic Grove.

Spotted a new picnic hill

selfie..selfie kung may time.

Spotted my wife in her emo moments hahaha. Its so windy here…its impossible to eat your food and set up picnic camp, because the wind can push you away.

its play time for me!!! here I act as a fat super hero using my shoal as my cape.

Because its windy…the wind blew my cape and It feels like that I’m flying.

hahaah…the man of steel.

and here’s my White Castle whisky pose hahahah

Took a photo of my wife on a hill with a nice view backdrop of the mountains of Tagaytay.

After our walk around Picnic Grove, we spotted this Fish spa center with free foot massage.

You will just dip your feet inside the aquarium filled with fish and small catfish.

The fish will eat and nib your feet and eat those dead skins on your feet. Its an ancient treatment during the old days, I think the Japanese are using this kind of treatment during the old age of Japan. And for this new generation, its now a common fish spa treatment.

Here are the seats…and below are the aquarium

You can get the fish spa with free foot spa for only PHP 199, it’s a 30 minutes session with the fish and a human massage hehhehe.

Inside the fish spa center.

P1113337 Picnic Grove in Tagaytay City
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