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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gourmet Farm and Dining Room - Tagaytay weekend date part 3 END

Day 3 - For my last blog post of our Tagaytay weekend date blog series, its sad that it only got a 3 part blog post of our 3 day adventure part 3 in Tagaytay, but that’s okay, we will be back there again this week for more food, travel and attraction discoveries. I’m excited because we discovered another cafĂ© and our itch for exploring Talisay, Batangas is very near. But first I want to post here my blog post and experience at Gourmet Farm and its Dining Room restaurant in Silang, Cavite. I’ve been here before, but the last time was that we drop by to buy some veggies and also bottled gourmet goods. I didn’t even know in the first place that they have a restaurant and also a free tour around the garden and farm of Gourmet Farm.

My wife arranged a plan for the three of us here in Gourmet Farm, we just rode the jeepney from Tagaytay going to Silang, Cavite, I used my Apple Maps just to make sure that we never get lost or might missed Gourmet Farm along the highway.

So here we are….hello again Gourmet Farm

its also the first time of our son Ashton to be here….

P1113339 P1113340P1113341 P1113342
The main entrance and front view of Gourmet Farm is a bit boring, but when you enter their store, the garden and restaurant, you’ll realize that there’s something specialty with it…something that is not available back home or in Manila.

Although…we are sad that the playground area are so dirty and broken….I hope they use metallic playground and not the plastic ones…because they rot under the heavy heat of the sun… my son is kinda sad when he saw the plastic playhouse dirty and broken… with lots of broken floors and with holes.. its not safe to play here..I just hope they removed it out of the garden.

P1113347 P1113349P1113352 P1113354
The best place to chill out here in Gourmet Farm is the garden area and the field area where they host some events of wedding.

And again..we forgot to bring our kite, toys and some balls, so we just hang around in the field area and play some photo ops. My son at the back enjoyed viewing the trees and birds while viewing it using my binoculars..the funny thing is that he views the binoculars backwards hahaha.

P1113371 P1113372P1113373 P1113375
When I see flowers, mollusks and insects…and spiders..I can feel that we are very close to nature, here it’s the first time that my son saw a snail…and upclose with a big spider.

If your eyes are sharp….look for the golden lizard in this photo….also known as bubuli.

Ashton did an awesome jump shot here….. too bad my photo is blurry

The Dining Room @ Gourmet Farm

While we stroll around the garden, my wife went inside the restaurant and placed a reservation for three. Then we learned that there’s farm tour at around 2pm. But too bad that we can’t stay long and we have to go back to Tagaytay after our 12nn lunch meal.

P1113388 P1113390P1113391 P1113394
I’m a bit snobbish when it comes to unfamiliar restaurant scene….but as I opened the resto’s door…my aura changed and transformed into something…hm…classic… and it feels like I’m home in my province.

Piano man plays live music while we dine here at the Dining Room..
awesome piece is that he played some music from Les Miserables…I can’t help myself..but to sing along hahahaha…. “on my own…”

P1113398 P1113399
Time to order our food… my wife is incharge when it comes to food ordering.


Here’s their menu…
the price is just right…

P1113402 P1113403P1113404 P1113411
just click the link if you want to view it in big version.

Lemongrass iced tea
the waiter told us that this is their best seller…and wow!! it tastes good..and super tasty…

Veggie chips
it’s a healthy snacks for all ages!

P1123419 P1123421
small bite and big bite hahaha


Our table number….

My wife is big fan of humus and roti
I told her that she must visit Malaysia, because they have this in every corner of the street.

Margarhita pizza
we ordered this because our son loves tomatoes…. ohh boy… super hands down to this pizza.
its so tasty and crispy juicy delicious.

take note that all ingredients, especially veggies, all came from their farm at the back.

Lace ordered this beef meat balls with tomato sauce.. I don’t what it is called..but I will label this photo soon with its name,

Seafood pasta.
I read in an old blog post that their squid pasta is good.. but when I read their menu, the squid pasta is no longer there…I crave for seafood that I ordered this seafood pasta…

super pop na pop!!!

Ohhh lunch of the food monsters!! its great to see that me, my wife and with our son…now join in our weekend food trip

Thanks Gourmet Farm!!! you didn’t disappoint me…

I super recommend this to my friends to visit you

At the parking lot

hahaha..wearing my pam bahay clothes.

Since we can’t join the 2pm farm tour, the waiter and the resto guard told us that we can check out some of their farm animals at the back

we went at the back of the resto and saw that they have some lambs in the garden.


My first time to see a live Civet cat, this forest cat eats coffee fruit and they roast the beans inside their belly…then they will dump the beans and this will be harvested and roasted to be the most expensive coffee beans in the world.

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