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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Discovery Kids’ Wild But True host Robert Irwin visits Exploreum in Manila to promote wild life conservation and science for kids


The only son of the late croc hunter Steve Irwin is here in Manila! the young and brave 11 year old Robert Irwin just met a some kids who loves science here in Exploreum inside SM Science Center. Robert is much a like to his dad Steve, because both of them are a wild life warrior, actually their entire family is an advocate of wild life conservation.

here's a video sample of Robert Irwin

and here's his dad Steve Irwin


Robert Irwin is here to promote their tv show at Discovery Kids, the brand new series of Wild But True is hosted by Robert Irwin and Isabel Yamazaki. The show is about science, modern tech, mother nature and its embedded with lots of info that are creatively presented for kids. The show will premiere on December 2, 2014, every Tuesday at 5PM and with replays every Saturday at 930am and 130pm.

for more info of Discovery Kids, visit

Robert will be on tour around South East Asia, to get more info about his next visit
check out the list here at


Here’s Robert Irwin in an interview with the media, I went inside to cover the activities and short program with the kids, but I missed the whole program. But I was lucky to get in and was allowed to shoot during the interview with Robert. He’s so cute and energetic kid and when I saw him in person for the first time, the only image that flashes into my face is his late dad Steve Irwin.

Steve Irwin was like an icon for wild life encounters, adventures and a promoter of wild life conservation. I’m really happy that his family took over after he died (he got stung by a stingray during his marine adventure)

DSC_0106 DSC_0107DSC_0112 DSC_0122

He said that he visited the Philippines so many times and he loves to stay longer, like a month or a year, because our islands are very diverse and with lots of marine and wild life animals. Robert said that he was in Palawan to visit a crocodile farm and he is amazed that we have our very own Philippine crocodile, he is also amazed when the biggest and largest croc ever recorded is from the Philippines.

He mentioned that he loves our Philippine bear cat, because the fur smells like pop corn.. yeah I ‘ve smelled it and its smell like a pop corn perfume.

He also love to eat our Pinoy dish, but he can’t remember what kind of food, and then he confessed that he is a food adventurer, he eats what ever is served infront of him. hahaha! awesome kid!


During my grade school years, I’m a big fan of science and zoology, I read books in the UST library and also watch those documentaries on TV. Today, my son is 4 years old and I observed that he inherit some of my interests…. science…

He now asked me questions like..what are the inside of fish and horse..what’s inside the molecules..and stuff like that. I told him about Discovery Kids and how I met the awesome kid named Robert Irwin.

We watch some clips in Youtube and he is amazed on how Robert deliver those info about animals and his adventure inside the Australian Zoo.

I saw some animated series on Youtube, but its just a short clip, we saw the animated series – Sid the science kid and my son really love the show

Our next plan now is to add Discovery Kids in our local cable.. ahhahaha.. yup! promise.


During Robert Irwin’s interview with the media, I spotted his mom and his sister Bindi, so proud of Robert’s passion and following his dad’s foot step.


Its my first time here in Exploreum and I’m a bit clueless on what’s inside. It’s a science room for kids located inside SM Science Center.


They are located at the 2nd floor of the SM Science Center. But you can enter right away at the 2nd floor. There’s a separate entrance fee if you want your kids to use their science exhibit and activity center.

”Now, fully renovated, what used to be SM Science Center has rebranded to the EXPLOREUM which offers 118 child-friendly all-new interactive exhibits and over 100 interesting nuggets of information situated in eight major interactive galleries namely the Natural World, Human Adventure, Zoom, Connect, Cyberville, Space Camp, the Living Earth, and Science Park.With all that the new science center offers, the Exploreum is surely a place “where science becomes fun.” The EXPLOREUM is located at SM Mall of Asia and SM Lanang Premier. For more information, visit

Oh wait…the whole SM Science Center is now officially rebranded now as Exploreum.


Meet and Greet with the Irwins


Media guy met the Irwin family.


Here’s my moment --- meet up with Robert Irwin
I’m an instant fan!!!

After the media interview with Robert Irwin, me and my fellow bloggers roamed around the Exploreum complex.


Here I met the old PC computer hahaha. the unit still works.


Earth Rullan tries her new career as a weather report girl


Here I just shared a whisper via the whisper dish


Rain de Ocampo got my chika minute wishper hahhaa. da who!!


We also watched a short animation here in Planetarium 360 degrees screen cinema


Its about aliens, time machine and how the Earth evolved


Inside Planetarium


Earth meets holographic Planet Earth


The Science bloggers team of Exploreum hahaha~

thanks Ferds!
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