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Friday, December 08, 2017

PBNET (Philippine Bloggers Network) Christmas Party 2017


This is our 4th annual Christmas party for our PR, brands and corporate friends and partners  who have helped us in our projects and collaboration for 2017. The party is organized by my group -- PBNET or the Philippine Bloggers Network

who we are:

We are a group of more than a dozen of at-home entrepreneurs and independent online media publishers, producers and bloggers that not only have been in the online publishing and marketing segment of the this media for a decade but have successfully used digital marketing to drive our respective businesses and clients up the digital marketing ladder. Our unique ability to mass market as one coherent entity is already established.

All we need to do is drive the right message at the right time and in the right way. In addition, we all have had our corporate and street-smart experiences in the fields of information technology, sales, marketing, finance, human resources and manufacturing, to name a few. We know how to connect the real world to the virtual world, and vice-versa.

Thanks to Ron for spearheading the party in getting a venue at Treskul music and records in Mandaluyong City, Raffy Pekson for this awesome party poster and for inviting our guest, and the rest of the members for helping us with the hospitality and making sure everyone get drunk haha


Here's what I've missed for 2 hours, I arrived late and I'm glad that some of the guest and PBNET members arrived late too ---due to massive traffic in EDSA and the Christmas season is starting to heat up the rush hour


Thanks to our lovely guest that night for coming early..we're happy to see you and party with us this time---as we are the organizer hehehe. I think we need to do more events and party for our PR and brand friends.

Ron... sa 2018 mag organize ka uli.


I arrived at past 7pm and I realized that I forgot to bring my REEF cap, it was raining that night and I searched for a nice cap in a tiangge market near the Boni MRT station.

I found a store and I bought that purple cap for PHP 150.

It was a nice cap! its my favorite already and it nicely fit into my head... but then I gave the cap to Athena Tria that night when she left the venue, because she got sick and it was rainy.

Now Im thinking of buying some more of these PHP150 cap, have an embroidered lettering of -- AZRAEL or BLOGGER or VLOGGER


After my dinner at our party, I invited Enzo Luna to sing live again for the guest, then I borrowed Eli Villagonzalo's electric guitar to play some OPM songs.... holy smolly!  Enzo sang that Rivermaya song -- "Umaaraw, Umuulan", a song that I never play in a guitar, but Im glad that the guitar chords are so easy -- thanks to Google for the chords hahah.

Then our guest performed with us --- I played guitar for Kim Vargas' song of "Crazy For You", then Trish Perez performed too, then we we're surprised by Ice Antonio's ukelele performance and also she sang that night too.

So my role that night at the party is to entertain our guest---same thing that we did last year, me and Enzo performed at around 15 songs that night hahaha Parang gig na din

But for this year, me and Enzo performed around 5 songs, I think.


So I gave a short speech and invited everyone to raise their glasses to celebrate our awesome partnership and camaraderie for 2017, our duty is not yet over, we still have more to do for 2018.


After the toast...we invited our guest to come forward to accept a certificate of appreciation.
They are corporate, PR and brands who helped us for our series of DSR or digital service responsibility. We successfully launched 3 DSR for 2017 --- in Baguio City, Cavinti, Laguna and in Urdaneta, Pangasinan

Photo above is TJ Panganiban of Globe GCash, representing to accept the certificate for Globe


Kim Vargas from Voyager Inc,  representing to accept the certificate for Smart


Ruchelle Salas of Cloudfone


Kai Palaganas of Petron

and also we gave a certificate of appreciation to:

Gadgets Magazine

And finally..the most awaited part of the progam is the grand raffle!!
Thanks to our sponsors for sending some goodies and GC for our grand raffle.

Thanks to our guest for coming and hope to collab with everyone again this coming 2018.

Our party is a blast!! and we ended at around 12am, I see that our party is getting better and bigger every year, and I hope we can organize it again for next year. hahahah

Once again. as Badong says "thank you for coming!"

More pics below

























#SINAG Financial Literacy Digital Journalism Awards YEAR 4 - aftermath


Sun Life Financial's 4th Sinag Award for financial literacy digital journalism has found new advocates for helping the Filipino be inspired to be financially responsible towards the brighter future. We've waiting for this and we're happy that Sun Life Financial is very active in spreading the news and sharing information to better understand why is it important to learn how to be financially secured.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Resorts World Manila opens their Christmas and New Year events and attraction


Me and my family got a chance to visit Resorts World Manila again and see the 1st ever lighting of their giant Christmas tree, the opening of the Lumina  and also get to know their Grand Fiesta events and New Year celebration schedule for the end of 2017 and start of 2018.

Estancia Mall's Vast Imaginarium Mirror Rooms - an instagramish selfie secret room


The secret rooms in Estancia mall in Capitol Commons are no longer a secret. We visited the 4 rooms..a magical rooms that they Vast Imaginarium Mirror Rooms, its a new attraction of Ortigas Mall at Estanacia for the Holiday Season. The best part here is that in each room, you'll enter a very instagramish designed room that you can stay for some minutes and do whatever Photo shoot or you can just stay there for a while, appreciate the colors, the magic and illusion projected by the lights and mirrors,  feel some good vibe, beauty and love.

Monday, December 04, 2017

IZAKAYA KENTA: A Taste of Japan in Malate, Manila

Izakaya Kenta - Sushi Stand

Japanese cuisine has always been a favorite of mine. Tasting ramen, yakitori and sushi gives excitement as I remember during younger years I’ve watch my Japanese cartoon or anime characters eat and devour their favorite Japanese food. 

Finding a place where authentic or close to authentic Japanese food in Manila can be hard if you don't know where to look.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Google Philippines and Virlanie Foundation's Holiday Project



The Christmas season brings a lot of joy and happiness to people all over the world especially here in the Philippines. Google Philippines and Virlanie Foundation partnered together for a holiday project that brings Maker Space Popup to underprivileged kids. This project aims to bring the magic and joy of building and creating cool stuff with tech to kids under the Virlanie Foundation's care. A fun day filled with workshops about tech and arts and crafts which encourage and inspire kids to create and innovate.

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