Hawker Chan in Manila - taste and try in SM MOA


Hawker Chan - the name of the resto is not familiar to me, but I know the word "hawker" when I heard about it, then this resto or fast food maybe from Singapore. Then the word or name "Chan" comes next, and I figured that this might be the name of the chef.  --- yeah I was right.

But when Hawker Chan's name pop up in social media, some of the netizens are so excited about its opening here in Manila.  I re-read again the email invite for a food tasting, I learned that this resto is a big deal,  because Hawker Chan is hailed as the most cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world.

I gave it a go and went to Hawker Chan last July 2018 for a private food tasting.


I learned that a Malaysian chef named Chan Hong Meng, opened up a hawker food stall "Liao Fan Hawker Chan " in Singapore in 2006 and his food products became popular - Soya Sauce Chicken and Noodle is one of the best seller and was awarded by a Michelin star. He received the award after around 9 years of business operation in Chinatown Complex, the largest open air hawker center in Singapore.

Recently this August 2018, Hawker Chan was brought here by Foodee Global Concepts, the industry maverick that has transformed the Filipino dining scene with groundbreaking offerings such as the Michelin-starred Tim Ho Wan, FOO’D By Davide Oldani, Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles and  Llaollao’s unique Spanish frozen yogurt.


According to Foodee Global Concepts, the most cheapest food that Hawker Chan will offer will start at a price of PHP 100, and for the most expensive set will start at around PHP 180.

Wow! that is so affordable!


A newspaper on a frame highlighting Chef Chan Hong Meng as one of the 1st hawker stall operator to receive a Michelin Star.


“We’ve seen how Filipinos try to visit the top-rated restaurants whenever they travel, so we thought why not bring these restaurants to the country? Since Pinoys love to visit Hawker Chan in Singapore, we thought we’d bring it here, and offer the same combination of great food and affordable luxury to them,” said FOODEE Global Concepts CEO, Mr. Rikki Dee.

Located at the Ground Floor, Entertainment Mall at SM Mall of Asia Complex, the restaurant seats 86 and is perfect for those who want a great, affordably-priced, hearty meal.

WATCH. My Hawker Chan VLOG on YouTube


The story and the awesome skill of Chef Chan in creating a flavor and taste that will love by many people is finally reached the Philippines.  Now the taste is a challenge, because we pinoys have a wide taste and we know which one is good and the best tasting food on the table.


The most funny thing, I was amazed when I tried their Chili Sauce, its not really a chili or spicy or hot sauce, its just a mild chili sauce that you can add in your Hawker Chan food, When I tried it as a dip to my soya chicken and roasted pork, There's a new taste that exploded in my mouth and this was recognized by my brain and declared that it is really good....tasty...and a new taste that I haven't tried before.

If you will try Hawker Chan for the first time, I suggest you use the chili sauce as a dip to your food.
Its the best condiments ever and can be found only at Hawker Chan.


Here's the menu -- just click the photo to enlarge it

And here are the food that we tasted during their soft opening.


Hawker Chan's famous soya sauce chicken
You can order this - Half - PHP 299 / Whole chicken - PHP 598

I thought it was a peking duck, but it was Chef Chan's signature recipe -- the soya sauce chicken. I think he marinated the chicken in  soya sauce and then roast it like a peking duck.


Seasonal Vegetrable
PHP 99


Chef recommendation
Combo platter - soya sauce chicken, char siew, roasted pork rib
PHP 270

Rice - PHP 25

The 3 kinds of meat here at Hawker Chan is the must try food on the menu. Dont ever skip tasting everything -- try the chicken, roasted pork and pork rib. For the combo meal, you can order it with an additional rice.

For a chicken meal with rice, you can order this at PHP 128 only
For the Char Siew with rice thats PHP 148
For the roasted pork with rice, priced at PHP 148
Then the pork rib is priced at PHP 168 and it comes with a rice

Then you can also add around PHP30-50 if you want to get the noodles instead.


Chef recommendation
Combo platter - soya sauce chicken, char siew, roasted pork rib
PHP 270

noodles - PHP 60

The Hawker Chan noodles is also the best seller here, did you know that the noodles and chicken got the nods of the Michelin star reviewer. The noodles is a self recipe by Chef Chan, and it taste good because its not over cooked and they want to serve the noodles chewy thick.

Btw, dont forget the chili sauce dip for your meat.


Thai style tofu
PHP 160

Its a soury sauce and a tasty tofu, I love it and I like the combination of taste, but look at the name of the food - its  Thai style, so expect a bit of spicy kick and freshness of some veggies on top.


Roselle Tea
PHP 60

Its a flowery tea flavor, but reminds me of our sago't gulaman. Its good and very refreshing after every sip.


Its our first time to try Hawker Chan and we super love it.
We super recommend you try the taste from Singapore.

Visit Hawker Chan at the ground level of SM MOA - they are located near the IMAX Theater