Juan Earth 5th anniversary event celebration with eco heroes

If you want to help the preserve the environment and protection of animals, the easiest way to do it is do a baby step, or do help Juan step a time. It means that you do small things that can give a big impact for nature preservation and animal protection. That’s the main awareness drive of Juan Earth, they want to teach everyone the basic and by practicing it regularly, the effect will be big.

Just like in the animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers, with the combined strength of each eco heroes and warriors will help to lessen the pollution to our environment.

At the event which was held in BGC, Juan Earth invited some NGO and school org to help them educate the people about the protection of marine animals,  advocacy of adoption of pets, practicing zero eco waste and the habit of if you can’t re-use that material, refuse to use it.

The event ended with the live performance of Silent Sanctuary, that’s the best way on how you can end a party with the Juan Earth Heroes.

Here’s my photo coverage