Cadbury Dairy Milk using less milk and donates a glass of milk for charity

Last May 2, 2019, we learned that Cadbury Dairy Milk launches the Cadbury Dairy Milk Generosity Bar, a kind of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar that uses less milk.

Yes, you read it right...less milk

But why they use less milk ?

Because many kids today are suffering from malnutrition, and one of the things we can do is help them get the right nourishment, by donating some milk with the help of Cadbury Dairy Milk Generosity Bar.

How does that work ?

With every purchase of Cadbury Dairy Milk Generosity Bar, each bar can help donate a glass of milk to a child with nutrition problem, and with this generosity bar, it also help Feed Philippines for their advocacy efforts.

Cadbury Dairy Milk wants you to get their Generosity Bar, if you spotted it in a store, you grab it right away. Because with your help, you are helping not only Cadbury Dairy Milk, but also a kid who will enjoy a glass of milk.

A pop up store in Glorietta 2 Activity Center was live for days for the launch of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Generosity Bar, and they sell one bar for only PHP 155

We’re not sure if they will do another round of the pop up store. But I do hope that Cadbury Dairy Milk can do more pop up store or make the Generosity Bar a mainstay product in store shelves.

But still, we thank Cadbury Dairy Milk and Mondelez Philippines for this one of a kind advocacy in helping the less fortunate kids to get the right nourishment.