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Saturday, August 16, 2003

A to Z = AZ

Super busy this week. and almost forgot to update my bloggie site. and here are the latest update
i went to Lizzie H. place and we trade videos of morning musume and mini moni stuff. wooohho
got lots of CM and PV and also new videos of the girl band. got lots of photo book of Ai Takahashi
i love her ! i love her !

Azrael went to UST with Ryan to meet up with the organizers and staff of UST Commerce student organization
for their event OPUS 2003, Az and Ryan got a free Coffe drinks and Pasta ! thanks to the head staff.

on the other day, Az and Rai met up with Elbert Or. to talk about the Comic Workshop in Ateneo.
it was a hell of day for me and now i feel super tired.

then...ARtists' Den Meet up..was a total jam ! ang dami namin kanina..oh man.
antokins na talga ako..and while im typing this Mr. Orosco is watching one of my video collections at home..
he' watching Zero Woman..whohoh....its a super sexy Super Cop with erotic taste...its a nice movie !
girls and big guns !

Behold ! my two favorite movie maniacs ! are in one movie ! Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

Fight Club!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

My Sked for this month

Aug 16 - Ala Alcala Exhibit , UP diliman, Fine Arts
Aug 17 - The Talon (Smallville), Glorietta 4 Starbucks
Aug 23 - Plug in! Load in !~ Matrix Phil. 2nd meet up
Aug 31 - Mos Eisley Nights, Millenia Cafe

got a birthday hang out party ..and i forgot the date...oh man

*sked might change without prior notice

Az and Heidz!
she's half german, and she likes to party around..
and geez...she has a twin sister..wohoohhooho
here pic taken in brash young cinema, we are watching some local art films

here are some pics from our past meetings of Artists' Den

Ryan, Ariel, Azrael, Lico

Tin Tin, Sherry
Camy, Tin Tin Noda


Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Message Deleted

I tried to contact some of my online friends. and got 6 returned emails..oh man..i lost 6 girls
anyway...its better that i tried to contact them, hope the others got my email

hey look !
this is one of the first email i sent to a girl i met long time ago...and now we are close friends, as she said.
im the only guy who is close to her... ( that so...)

Mon, 21 Feb 2000 07:58:24
my email :

hey ho.
its balentayns dey...
HAppy V-day...
what else shoould i say??
i-l-u daw???

her reply :
hehe, I-l-u rin!
i like the flowers.

-end of story-

see.. how corny i am

i hope she remember this. got heart struck and fell inlove when the first time i saw her. she's really cool.
hay ~ and one lucky guy is on the go to her......and im losing...its happy for her ya know.
anyway. i'm only sharing to all readers my past. its good to dig up all those happy times. and i hope it repeats again
and end up in a happy ending...hay ~~~ i dont even know if she's reading my entries

check out cosplay pics from the Melbourne, Australia Anime event
its a small event,. but got lots of attendees !

No Face, from Spirited one of my favorite characters

girls in costume playing !

heya look ! that guy looks familiar..hmm..... neurowing? aehehhaeaheh

i love to listen the poetry album...UNIBERSO ! New Pinoy Poets Calling
wohohoh..grab it ! its a great album
Mabuhey !

"Walang Kalabaw sa Cubao"
"Pero sa videoke Fiesta carnival may mga kabayong navy blue at Tyranosaurus Rex..."

Monday, August 11, 2003

Digital Talkies

its time to talk a bath !
yahoo ! just slept all day, and woke up 8pm, and while surfing the net, forgot that i did'nt take a bath. freezing here at home. its cold here in Pasig. im wearing jogging pants and warm sweater every night.

just put up a new tag board in here and also check out the show in Azwebcam, featuring the dancing bouncing boy Ryan Orosco doing the running man during the C3convention last december 2002.

maybe im sick..or got a fever..thats why i feel cold here at home..hmm...
il try to take some aspirins...hmmm

still..i feel not comfortable in my life..i feel empty....i feel numb....
hmm....just wanna get out of this world !
hope aliens come here and abduct me !

hmm..lots of new movies coming . and i haven't dated any of the girls in my list...damn.
Bad Boys II
Finding Nemo
movies in Cinemanila

whoa! have to save more cash for this gimiks. maybe il just go by myself.

Now...reading others blog is now a habit for me
(azrael now looking at the TV..watching Heart Evangelista's MTV)

Nightmare on Azrael's Merryland

last night got another nightmare...ex girl friend jennifer arqueza pop ups in my dream again.
dream was that i found out that she had a new bf now....i got his name...KOI
also saw his face...its a chinese looking guy...or something like that.same hair with me and i found the name of the guy
from the password account of jennifer, yup she's like that. last time it was my name in her password. now its a name of the other guy..gez....i hate when i have dreams like that..

also visit my other blog . Azrael's Magical Twilight for having a nightmare last night again.that might taken my life...

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It can't rain all the time lyrics

from : The Crow Soundtrack (1993)

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Silver Shining...

in the moon ....want to sleep..... want to sleep
wait the silence... you heal me again
through the long and trying day.... you save me
in the moon... I'm just veiled in the sliver shining

there is nothing I want I stay with you
and lose all.... stand still
cross to the moon
lose all we will go
Please stay with me
and lose all ....go and sail the sea I've never gone in the sun

i met a very nice lady while ago...and she's very cool...
and wow...she rock my world !
-end of story-

we finally did a meet up for our club Matrix Philippines and it was fun to meet my 2 members !
rej/aurora and carl.
still we need volunteers for the upcoming New Worlds Sci fi convention on december 2003

doing lots of work here at home..while i update my blog and website, prepare new articles for the Omake Omake News Philippines, im super late for the deadline...
and the Special Child Ryan Orosco is busy in his work..drawing...dancing..aahahahha ! gotcha !
aahaa...parang studio na dito sa bahay.... dancing studio !

check out the article of MTV ink featuring our event Toy Convention 2003
thanks to Ariel for the head ups
Toys R Us, article by Bernie Sims

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