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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Heller Stern explodiert und fand sein neues Leben

check out my title!
its German....

last night i saw a bright star explodes and it losses all its energy and gases and after a while... it vanish into the space. then suddenly a new star was born from the explosion, and receive new life after its death. and a new star has emerge from the blackness of space and gives new light once more. I Hope that light will be forever. its sad to see that bright star losses its light again.

Its was a hell of Lazy friday for me.. and after i woke up. and i thought it was Sat.... damn! i think i came from the future!
i went to a bday party in Marikina. it was a bday party for my friend, and they are twins ! also 7Thursday band was there. and all of there fans was there too....and after eating ,, chatting ..watching all those jpop to F4 videos...we are taken as hostages by them...the only ransom is...sing a song for glad that it was not my part to do...but the band did it.singing...3 jrock music from Larc en ciel and Lucifer...astig !

then I came late for the Artists' Den meet up in Starbucks Shangri La. and then after that..i super typhoon came in my face...whooshhhh!
i grab the chair and take my seat...and...hello guys ! sorry im late..
then...after that..i was struck by lightning .after hearing some announcements..regarding some..labidabidabs....

the meeting was great ! and planning mode for the upcoming events.
like Mos Eisley nights and the UST comic event.
also we discuss some new gigs for the group. and transfering to a new venue..hope we get Shangri La Hotel ..

Je les tuerai tous !

and now its...French.

and now..again...again...i heard another news about me..
and still there are some people who want to pin me down.
i dont know why they want to bring me down..
im just quiet here..and minding my own business.
whats their agenda? destroy me? want me dead? having a thought that it looks that im turning to a bad guy for them...and also to the eyes of people who dont know me yet..just because of the rumor roaming about me...(some stories and digging my negative part)

when are they gonna stop?
sometimes..i think about...saying that..okay okay
im the bad guy! ..they want me to be the bad guy..
so be the bad guy..
il just go to the all those gun tooting bandits.
and join to their forces....just turning to a bad guy..and an enemy of the society..

baka ganun gusto nila...and after that...Je les tuerai tous !

Im un amoureux de fille et une joueuse de fille

the issues still rages on..
and now for the otherside of other people they say that im a chickboy and a babaero...well to tell the truth im not like that.
just because they say it that i have lot of girls....
well..its not my fault....girls do come to me at their own...
and its not my fault that i became their friends or boyfriend.

and i dont have a girlfriend! can say im a babaero if i got a girlfriend and still flirt around with other girls and hanging out with them.

maybe...soon...MERRYLAND will close...
and my other stuff will soon come to an end..
and because of these . i might hibernate once again...for 2 months or a year....and return with a pay back note for all of them...

Don't mind China Boy!

heya all..I'l be having a new look !
I'l have my new hair style ..
and my braces will be remove ! yey !at last! not sure..what will i look like.without my braces..
hhuhuhuuhhu....i think im no longer cute.with out it..ahhhhahhahaheha

Just like a dream, don't know what I should say.
Being depressed like this is not your style.
Even though I poke at you for a while
Sadly, don't hear look away.
Even though I didn't let it show
Ever since I first met you........I love you !
Energy that you spend so free
It's me who loves you, you know.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Siao Pai Lung

its a very messiah !..

watch again Macross the movie : Love, Do you remember?. but before that i dated myself and we watch movie ! LXG ! wahoooo! its just me....Solo me ! ahahhha!

Song is one of the most powerful weapon, and it showed in the animated movie of Macross, Lyn Minmay the popstar sing a song and defeated the evil aliens and save both human and the whole race of aliens, for discovering their one origin.
its a love story-mecha action ...and i've watch it for almost 20X in my life..geez..

LXG kick ass ! i watch it 2X and the movie house of Robinson Metro East froze me to death because of their aircondition, luckily we have our jacket and raincoat. just expecting a rain, ....
Mina Harker the vampire so hot ! wow ! jeez...i want her to bite me on my neck!

heya just finished half of the website of omake omake news phil.
you can check it out
the layout is very simple. and still im experimenting and researching for the new layout of the website
you can comment on the website I made! just email me at

heya Rain Garcia !
i forgot to post my baby pics! nyaehhehh
maybe il post it next week..ahhhhhaha....

Azrael is reading

written by koji suzuki, art by nagai koujirou. originally published in 1996, this version is the reprint with a different cover than the original publication. this title is basically a manga version of the original novel that started it all...

download the ring novel manga - chapter 1 v.2 here

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

White Comet of Akagi

I stay home for a moment, have to finish all these web layouts and some desktop stuff. its great. because this stuff are the only way to keep me busy, just forget whats happening around me. seems that i just dont care. have to finished it before the deadline.

just watched the anime Initial D movie and Battle Stage, and watching all by myself, its a solo flight kind of thing. but hey. its great noh....i can concentrate clearly on my own....also watch a DVD ripped of Amelie. ohhh...i was touched again by this movie 2 times already. and i really miss those heavenly feelings, holding hands and lots a kiss and hugs.

I learned a lot from that movie, and it keep my nerve flowing and make my brain alive...whoohohoo...

whats on! whats on!
i must reset my sked for i will watch some films in UP ...hmm...
dates ! dates ! no dates yet....i will go out by myself.and watch LXG wahooo.

things to do !
have to get result and reply from our prospective sponsors for our even Mos Eisley Nights happening on Aug 31, Millenia cafe. hope everything is on set.......
and also for the UST comic campus tour on Sept we have lots of activities

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Supernova listen

After the whole super holy badtripness yesterday. I feel better now. and I stayed home for awhile and sit in front of my PC and finish all of the layout for the website that i should upload long time ago.
having a hard time doing the layout. im doing some research and experimenting some stuff fro the website. MY blo is turning into a guinea pig for that website, name of the site is Omake Omake News Phil., its been running for almost 3 years and still continue to deliver online alternative news for all Filipinos around the world.
Omake Omake News Phil. is one of my baby, and I will continue to make it big. Im glad that there are people who recognize my work and gave me a "job well done" remarks. maybe in the future, the online magazine will come up its own magazine, for last months I have release its 2nd Fanzine issue. its a good start again,maybe soon it will have its 2nd appearance on some local Magazines.

While doing some of my stuff, Tintin noda called and sked to meet up. we watch Dark Water, i havent watch LXG, BadBoys II and Nemo, but Tintin already watched it, poor me, im the only person in the world who did not seen the movie!....anyway..Dark Water is fine..and a thrill,,,it gives me the creeps on some scenes..i can say that it doesnt much scarier than The Ring, hey..Koji's story is great...and the direction of Hideo Nakata limit the use of SFX.
also..looking for to watch another Jap horror.."Uzumaki"..

hey look on the bright side
got 2 fan girls who likes to talk and meet up with ! Aki and Taz!
we talk on the phone often. and its cool have these fan girls at my side..ahehhehheh..
Never met them, but they saw me during our PUP Anime Campus Tour.
and they got my cellnumber from my assistant.

Merryland is online again! yey !

Monday, August 18, 2003

Never say "die" even it kills....

anak ng pitong puting tupa...may naninira na naman ng pangalan ko.bwisit. kakabadtrip na naman,. kasi naman nanahimik na ko in quiet. doing my own job, work, and tumutulong sa tao. tapos may maririnig ako na may naninira ng name ko. grabe talaga itong narinig ko na ito, grabe ! as in badtrip na talaga mga tol' .

Mga inggit kasi sila, di na ba sila kuntento sa buhay nila, may sarili silang buhay tapos ako tinitira nila. Mamatay na sana sila. they pinned me down once...pero di na ko the upgraded version of Azrael..tarantado sila ako pa kakalabanin nila....mga gago sila....Di na ba sila tapos sa paninira sa akin last year. T' ina nila ...

Ganito pala mangyayari pag kilala ka na ng mga maraming tao, tapos may maninira bigla..bwisit ! buti na lang at medyo nakakayanan ko pa ang mga ito ! dahil sa ginawa nila lalo pa lumakas loob ko !
When Azrael becomes angry....the Stronger Azrael can get.

di na ko papatalo. dahil sa ginawa nung mga humhang na yun, itatanim ko sa lupa mga pangalan nila. at ibubuhos ko mga makati at nakakalusaw ng buto na acid. Hirap talaga ang buhay. Paano yan pag nag artista pala ako..di pa ko sumiskat may mga intriga na ko na sumusulpot.

kung porket nasa linya na ko ng comics at hindi na sa anime ay ganun pa din ba ang paninira nila sa akin.
eh gago pala sila e. di ko masabi kung inggit sila o ano na.....kasi ako yung taong marunong tumigin sa pinanggalingan. eh sila puro mukhang Pera ! syet o man..galit na ko ! ggggrrr....

buti na lang at may mga kaibigan ako bagong mga katropa...
grabe na toh ! wala na nga ako gerlprend at ganito pa nangyayari sa akin...damn....F**k them !

-end of story-

Azrael is in GALIT mode !

heres a new post para maiba naman

One night while the lady doctor was on her
way to the fifth floor to check
on her patient (she was on the basement)
sumakay sya sa elevator.
May babae din dun... silang dalawa lang. Then the
door opened on the
3rd floor, they saw a young girl running
towards the elevator as
if sasakay sya. The lady doctor closed the door
immediately. Then
tinanong sya nung babae... "Doc, bakit nyo
sinara? mukang sasakay
yung babae?"

The lady doctor replied.."I know her, she was my
patient and she died

The girl asked, "Doc, pano mo naman nalaman na
patay na eh tumatakbo
pa nga?" The doctor answered: "Did u see the
red tag on her wrist?
Pag dead na ang patient, red tag na ang
kinakabit sa wrist nila."

The girl replied while raising her wrist to
the doctor....

"Doc, parang ganito?"

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Dive to blue......

im gearing up for the Talon meet up later at 5pm in Glorietta 4, and it will be my first time to meet all the members of Smallville ML.

will experiment some new features for the blog site.and still i can't get the perfect code for the sms service..aehaheaeh
so maybe you might expect some errors on the site. my blog site is turning into a guinea pig.

having a blog hopping and stealing some pics from other site..
i found out that one girl I know has already her comic strip published in
im happy that one of her works already published online...... I met her when i think she was in she's in College na...I met her in LEARN...
check out comic strip of Caroline Dy

Strip 13-26 click here
i like the pics in ....i feel that im back in UP !
looking on past pics of UP fair, lantern parade, oblation run, edsa power 2, concert etc.
baka kasi na extra ako dun sa mga pictures.aehhahehae..covers my face sa oblation run..nyaahahahah

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