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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Tiger's Lair

wahoo...once in UST !
i'm here..fixing our artwork exhibit and i went there all by myself. I escape the security guard. and pretending to be one of the students ahehahehhae

there i meet Marian, our contact for the exhibit and after fixing the exhibit we dine our lunch in Favotiras...sarap ng Curry Beef..sobra anghang nga lang.
okay yung Bottomless Ice tea nila..P15 bottomless nakakabusog na din..woho...

sarap gumamit ng DSL internet.sobra na miss ko na ang DSL. napaka smooth and hm...yummy..
kaya ito..sarap i load yung mga flash animation sa internet.!

see ya guys.
have to go to Jac's office . watch kame ng Eiga Sai Jap Film Fest sa Mega,
i recommend Sonatine, Kids Return, Violent Cop...all films of Takeshi Kitano.
Movie is Free. in Cinema 6

Sonatine (Takeshi Kitano)

Hope that such a brave and inventive film-maker might make the occasional Hollywood production, and give a kick up the bum to the American action movie" Impact

"An inventive and hilariously deadpan
Yakuza-thriller" Time Out

"The real state of a gangster movie" For Him

"A genuinely innovative experience" Evening Standard

"He is in a class of his own" GQ

"Superb" Premier

Mos Eisley pics

here are some mos eisley night pics from RG's website

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Utiini! Utiini! at Mos Eisley

at last!
our event Mos Eisley is finished. and its a total success.
we like to thank all the people who went to our event, and all bands who performed that was a totally cosmic-inter galactic experience...i was doing the hosting/emcee stunt once again...and the crowd wooed! at me..when i started to sing at the end of the event...
talk about instant fans...ahhhaaah!

i came at the event in costume..hmm..trench coat and a red shirt with white Cobra emblem (remember GI JOE)...i like to be a contrabida..thats why i like Cobra !

it was a busy day for me before the mos eisley nights.. and it kills me..the pain in my body and in my feet..but its okay...the run of the event is smooth...and all of the people enjoy it.

Stormballs Y-O-D-A (YMCA tune)

Mos Eisley scene..rej and Rachelle

R2D2, one of the Mos Eisley guest.

visit Rainwalker photo blog

Ariel Atienza's Exhibited Comic strip in Mos Eisley

click here to read
visit Ariel's blog for more strips

check out my new hair!

UST Invasion

finally.. our first Artists' Den Campus Tour (suddenly Azrael stares at the TV and watch Hillary Duff's MTV 'Why not') Lyndon Gregorio, Ariel Atienza, Wilson Tortosa, GRound zero, newbie Alain and me..posted and lift the Artwork exhibit in UST Commerce Bldg. exhibit will run sept 1-5, and a booksigning and bookselling on sept 5 9am.


finally after all of these event. time for me to rest and relax. my body might fall after all of these works. i decided to watch movies and eat foods that i regularly missed last week. watch out Pastas!

hello to my sis joisu...she's now reading my blog..
and this time ..i got caught ! now my blog is wholesome !

whats for dinner?
its Pure Milk, Cinammon and Garlic breads

Happy Anniversary to !
Star Trek Philippines Via-Astris
Gerry Alanguilan's Komikero
and J.R. Tolkien's death
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